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Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage In Reno By Secret Service – Pictures Of Man Detained By Police – Video – Updates

Mac Slavo
November 5th, 2016
Comments (216)

UPDATE 8: Washington Bureau Chief, Al-Hayat reports

UPDATE 7: New Photo Emerges 

Via The Daily Sheeple, courtesy The Associated Press:


UPDATE 6: CNN reports no gun was found on suspect involved in Trump security incident in Reno

UPDATE 5: Second Video of security incident in Reno emerges

UPDATE 4: The Man Who Threatened Trump Before Secret Service Rushed Him Off The Stage In Reno

Via The Daily Sheeple


UPDATE 3: Trump releases statement on Reno incident…


Trump returns to stage in Reno after Security Incident.



Donald Trump has been rushed off the stage in Reno by Secret Service agents. It is unclear exactly what happened but unconfirmed reports indicate that an anti-Trump protester in the crowd flashed a gun.

Crowd response and Secret Service activity immediately following Trump’s evacuation from the stage shows at least one individual being restrained just feet from where Trump was speaking.

Has the Secret Service thwarted an assassination ?


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: November 5th, 2016
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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    • talon1776 says:

      Fearless, committed, and amazingly brave.
      Extremely Presidential.

      Live Free or Die….don’t mess with Trump if you know what’s good for ya!

      • sixpack says:

        IMO this was a (1) a test run to see how tight Trump security id, and (2) an attempt at intimidation. I think they might find this provocateur is linked to the people in the project Veritas investigations.


        • KY Mom says:

          I agree with Daisy. I too think the Democrats “scenarioed it”, as described in the Project Veritas videos.

          No One Tried to Assassinate Donald Trump…But Austyn Crites Shows Up in Wikileaks 7 Times

          “However…these aren’t the Podesta Emails. These are the Global Intelligence Files.”

          “The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.”

          “And the man who disrupted the Trump rally is in them. To find his name, you have to open the Excel files attached to each leak.”

          ht tp://daisyluther.com/no-one-tried-to-assassinate-donald-trump/

        • Braveheart1776 says:

          Sixpack, welcome back and I agree. Maybe a member of Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter. BTW, if you haven’t heard, Eppe died of a heart attack on Oct. 27 and his funeral was on the 30th. We’re reciting jokes as a memorial to him. I’m at the BOL in GA since Wed. It’s almost down to the wire now.

        • TEST says:

          Excellent point, 6 Pack. This is EXACTLY what the fascist left does, in their world of corruption, lies, deceit and junior high level intelligence. Dress the guy up as a Republican to conduct reconnaissance.

          Recall, Alinsky’s gods are P-O-W-E-R and (literally) Lucifer (per the dedication of his book, which I have read and own), so everything and anything goes. There is NO basis for ethics or morality in their world, as if we are evolved from slime, ethics are ultimately only **preferences***

          This MAY be nothing more than another Gleiwitz incident, where the National SOCIALIST (Nazis) dressed up German soldiers in POLISH uniforms to attack a German border post as a false flag.

          Lies, deceit, fraud, corruption. All part of a modus operandi for the vile, evil, disgusting, amoral left (cf. Hilary).

          Remember: All these people believe in is power, power, power. It then corrupts their souls, and they become truly evil. THAT is exactly who and what Hilary is.

        • TEST says:

          Mark Twain on Hilary voters:

          “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.”

          • Hoosier says:

            Twain also said…”They wouldn’t let us vote if it made any difference…”

            also…Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” J. Stalin

      • john stiner says:

        Extremely Presidential

        Agreed. Funny how these bad these can make candidates look good.

    • BlackMoe says:

      There was no gun. If there was, everyone would have been evacuated out and put through the metal detector again before they brought Trump back out so quickly.

      This is a BS article.

      • talon1776 says:

        You are in no position to conclude what happened…therefore you have a new moniker blackmoron

        • --Bill says:

          You are no better. YOU have made snap judgements about others WITHOUT knowing the facts. There may not have been a gun but there was something or some reason why this event occurred. WE DO NOT YET KNOW THAT ACTUAL FACT. Wait and I’ll bet it wasn’t half as bad as was originally thought. The thing is that the Secret Service does not have the option to make assumptions short of the most extreme at that moment. The Secret Service does not deliberate, they react. That is why they are so effective. Not always right but always react to prevent ANY POTENTIAL problem.

        • Braveheart1776 says:

          BlackMoe, let’s just say an INCOMPLETE article. and I’d like you to explain to us how the hell can an auditorium with THOUSANDS of Trump supporters be evacuated in short order because of a possible assassination attempt? I’ll give the Secret Service the benefit of a doubt. They did exactly what they were supposed to do. On the other hand, it would’ve been nice to let the crowd have that boy and tear him apart.

        • john stiner says:


          But you are right. If there had been a gun, everybody would have to go through the security screening again before he returned on stage.

      • We’re going off incomplete information when a story breaks, but the report of a gun was based on numerous eye witness reports that were also carried by various mainstream media outlets.

        As noted in the article update above, CNN is now reporting no gun was involved in the incident, but no official confirmation for this statement exists at the moment.

        Perhaps the gun report itself was BS, but as the videos shows the Secret Service CLEARLY believed there was a threat to the life of a Presidential candidate.



        • Braveheart1776 says:

          Mac, I just finished watching the report. I agree there’s some other info not yet being released but it was reported that no weapon was found on the suspect. I smell FALSE-FLAGS coming over the next few days. One of the pictures in the article showed the suspect as a black male. I’d bet a dollar to a doughnut he turns out to be a member of Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter, but the MSM will never say one way or another.

        • SmokinOkie says:

          From the California Hwy Dept: “There will be no sand trucks this winter. Black Ice matters.”
          On a more serious note- Yeah, Trump is okay. No gun was found (according to latest reports). And the dog and pony show that has become Election 2016 continues. (Personally, I’m voting for pony)
          But, in all of this, has no one yet remarked on the “police” officers on the scene? Flak jackets, rifles, helmets, etc. Doesn’t this look like exactly what you’d see in a Police State? Not that I’d expect the cops to show up in sandals and Bermuda shots or anything, but this is a bit much.

        • Anonymous says:

          All you are going off is fear porn. Get a life.

        • Dante says:

          With no more information than anybody else here has, but based on my gut instinct… this was a setup to make Trump supporters look bad.

          The guy is a ‘registered Republican’ who is voting for HRC?

          -even when I was positive I could never vote for Trump, voting for HRC wasn’t an option.
          -the left has been registering Republican for decades to mess with the primaries, because their primaries are a fraud, as we all now know as a fact.

          The guy was slowly moving toward the front with a sign?

          -that is exactly the method recommended in certain training scenarios to get close to somebody. Hell, they used the ‘hidden in a newspaper’ method to conceal assassination weapons all the back during WW2, if not earlier.

          The guy was ‘happy when the police arrived’?

          -He moved like an assassin, acted like an assassin, and when security and the crowd reacted like they would to an assassin, he complained that he felt his life was threatened.

          Like I said, no evidence, just a gut feeling. But this feels like a total setup. The left is playing a long game, and convincing their useful idiots that Trump supporters are violent, intolerant thugs is part of that long game.

        • Mac:

          This video from You Tube is about news.

          Rothschilds’ CFR & the Ukrainian Holodomor
          of 1932 – 1933



          Although it has been on YouTube it has only been seen
          By less than 3,000 people
          It would be particularly useful for educational purposes
          As it touches lightly on a myriad of subjects.


          • Blam says:

            B from CA just so you know, anything dealing with (((them)))has their view count reduced by (((you tube))) you know just like fake polls. I have a screen shot on a video about the protocols of zion and it had well over 2,000,000 views came back to it a year later it had like 900 and all the comments were erased.

      • smokey says:

        Are you disputing the facts laid out in the article?

        It clearly says that no gun has been found, although someone did yell ‘Gun’.

        • Genius says:

          FIRE! FIRE! THERE’S A FIRE! 😛

          • Warchild Dammit! says:

            Well,put it the fuck out genius!Did you replace the mouse traps with rat traps to keep me from finding the hidden door in your shed?

            • Genius says:

              I pee’d on it and put it out. Saved yer butt again! Good thing I was drinking lot’s of beer! I have a new place to stash my goods, but if you want you can still try and find the hidden door (with a nasty surprise lol). Ahh life in the mountains, doesn’t get much better. What will I think of next? A tannerite road cone at the gate? A boomstick with gas on top? More beer/wheesky fueled mayhem? I love being an anarchist 🙂

            • Braveheart1776 says:

              Warchild, I pissed on the fire and put it out. LOL!

              • Warchild Dammit! says:

                Genius,yah,Eppe died.He had a heart attack last week and,well,that is that.Go back to the Mike Moore story here,I believe Oct. 26,his daughter told the site and next day told us he died in hospital,had family with him and went peacefully,plenty there for goodbyes ect.

                I have on Fridays(Nov.4) post a line of jokes running from us all,face it,Eppe would love a memoriam of humor,so,go thru em and add one of yours or a Eppe classic that you remember.His service was last Sunday,while I don’t want to put up obit without family permission if interested will work a way to e-mails it to ya’s.

      • TEST says:

        Thanks for the post from the Hilary black ops side, Black. Your name is aptly chosen, and presumably reflects who you are as a person, as well as your mora status.

    • Anonymous says:

      Word on Drudgereport.com is that FBI Director is allowing Hillary Rotten Clinton another pass.

      ***James Comey, FBI Director, needs to be investigated and charged with INTENTIONAL Obstruction of Justice.

      Write your Congress-Senate-State Reps.-Governor.
      Let them know the consequences of FBI Director being allowed to cover up is that these Politicians Loose their Jobs. Who ever runs against them. No matter the Party. That your funds and vote go to their competitor.

      Believe it or not congressman actually pay some attention to the letters and phone calls. Politicians know that people are really PISSED if they bother to write/call. They also know that for every call or letter another 10,000 other voters are also pissed but not contacting.

      Side note: I used to work for a well known congressman. He was good at not doing anything useful. Other than milking the FED feed/money trough for the district. No useful jobs. But he got lots of free FED money to pay off the people on the Dole… so he retained his job. That is how they work the mentally challenged want something for nothings, Lazy. Entitled, class. Your President is who this class of people put in office TWICE. A Traitor that HATES America put in office as President by want something for nothings.

      Like Your “change”. The Riots. Killing of Police. On the EDGE of a NUCLEAR exchange with Russia, PROVOKED by USA President and CRIME family company he keeps.
      Or how about your open border. Gangs, drugs, terrorist allowed to come in unchallenged by Obama. You got your “change”.

      Obama encouraging ineligible Illegals to vote.
      ht tp://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/11/criminal-president-obama-encourages-illegal-aliens-vote-promises-no-repercussions-video/

      • TEST says:

        Hope you will consider forwarding this….

        1. Re. the Sunday Comey announcement about not pursing Hilary’s latest scam, supposedly Comey just reviewed 650,000 emails over the past 9 days – which is 770,000 seconds. Yep, he supposedly reviewed/studied each one (just about one per second, if done 24/7); then, if there was anything in these emails about gov’t activity, he would have had to check with the relevant gov’t agency to confirm if at the time that email was classified or not, or if it had been subsequently classified.

        2. Earlier this year, when the State Dept. had discovered 20-30,000 emails, they announced it would take SIX MONTHS, or 1.577e+7 if you want to calculate the seconds, for review. Yes, 264 or so months if we apply that to the emails in (1.) above.

        3. Recall, the person who is Comey’s boss is Peter Kadzik, a Best Friend Forever of sleazeball John Podesta who was Hilary’s campaign chairman and the same corruptocrat who arranged for Monica Lewinsky to get a job at the UN to shut her up (better than being another Clinton disaparacideo) Ken Starr looked into this and Podesta later said Kadzik “kept me out of jail” (exact quote) Same thing for the fraud pardon of Mark Rich – they hired Kadzik to get him a get out of jail free card too.

        If you believe this the above, then you probably also believe Hilary really made those miraculous cattle future trades, or the FOURTEEN sex assault Bill did, and Hilary acted as the Bimbogate eruption manager for, were non-events.

    • --Bill says:

      No. I”M #1
      I’ll let your be #2

    • Daily sheeple dot com is down..?

    • TEST says:


      1. Re. the Sunday Comey announcement about not pursing Hilary’s latest scam, supposedly Comey just reviewed 650,000 emails over the past 9 days – which is 770,000 seconds. Yep, he supposedly reviewed/studied each one (just about one per second, if done 24/7); then, if there was anything in these emails about gov’t activity, he would have had to check with the relevant gov’t agency to confirm if at the time that email was classified or not, or if it had been subsequently classified.

      2. Earlier this year, when the State Dept. had discovered 20-30,000 emails, they announced it would take SIX MONTHS, or 1.577e+7 if you want to calculate the seconds, for review. Yes, 264 or so months if we apply that to the emails in (1.) above.

      3. Recall, the person who is Comey’s boss is Peter Kadzik, a Best Friend Forever of sleazeball John Podesta who was Hilary’s campaign chairman and the same corruptocrat who arranged for Monica Lewinsky to get a job at the UN to shut her up (better than being another Clinton disaparacideo) Ken Starr looked into this and Podesta later said Kadzik “kept me out of jail” (exact quote) Same thing for the fraud pardon of Mark Rich – they hired Kadzik to get him a get out of jail free card too.

      If you believe this the above, then you probably also believe Hilary really made those miraculous cattle future trades, or the FOURTEEN sex assault Bill did, and Hilary acted as the Bimbogate eruption manager for, were non-events.

  1. rellik says:

    We had better get used to this.
    There are some really stupid Americans out there.
    They are know as Democrats. Though they say they hate
    guns, that is the first solution they go to,
    when they don’t get their way. Then it is knives,
    sucker punches, Machetes, and whatever else.
    Until we instill fear in the animals, they will
    consume our energies, and we will be a house divided
    which will fall.
    Russians got rid of their junk, Chinese got rid of
    their junk. We make ours into welfare queens and kings.
    Beyonce, Jay Z, West, Jlo, Perry, Streisand, et al.
    Go figure. We deserve to die, as we will not defend
    ourselves from this filth that consumes our culture.

    • Nailbanger says:

      Its going to get much worse, Atlas shrugged worse

      • Genius says:

        Yes it is my man. You may have to change your name to nailbiter… Hang in there.

        • Nailbanger says:

          Already got that down!

        • Braveheart1776 says:

          Genius, good to hear from you. Eppe died of a heart attack on Thursday of last week and his funeral was this past Sunday. We’re reciting his jokes as a memorial to him. I arrived at my BOL Wed. to avoid the shitstorm I know is coming. Been shopping with the family all day to top off supplies. WWTI finally got his ass beaten by Mac after the way he’s been treating Eppe and everyone else here. He definitely had it coming. I think the balloon will go up any day now. Best wishes to you and yours. MOLON LABE

          • Genius says:

            Well that makes 2 of us that are in position. Damn so sorry to hear about eppe 🙁 Nothing like his humor to lighten things up here. Just goes to show how fragile life really is. He will be helping us from the other side I’m sure! Lock and load…

            • Warchild Dammit! says:

              OK,so,what traps have you set now for me Genius,the dreaded”Havaheart”x-large?!?Sneezing powder on the door?!

              As Brave seems to want to end with Latin will leave you this:

              “Auribus Tenere Lupum”,do a little research and look it up!My guess is you have been rotting your brain with home made rot gut up in the hills long enuff,time to learn some Latin!

              • Genius says:

                “lupus non mordet lupum” hows that lol. The internet is such great tool. As far as the trap, just go and look at the empty boxes as the door slams shut and locks and I have you as my prisoner he he he. With only my rotgut to drink and a bowl of gruel (you would be glad to eat gruel for the pleasure of drinking my 5 star wheesky!

                • Warchild Dammit! says:

                  genius,have me quality #7 when it hits the fan,no home made rot gut at end of the world,will just at that point go back to being sober!That,and as a carpenter will easily get out of any shed built by a hobbit!

                  I have been studying very slowly Latin on web.Oh,and a rabid wolf will bite anything,including another wolf!

                • Genius says:

                  WD, but I am a “deo lupum”. and “manu tenere mare supremus”. By the way,thats some funny shit about hobbits lol.

            • Braveheart1776 says:

              Genius, I’m already locked and loaded. What we’ve all been dreading may be just around the corner now. batten down the hatches and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Best wishes.

          • john says:

            Hate to Tell you brave, but Mac got his ass handed to him back but the punk wont post WWTI’s responses. You are sheep if you believe that balony. Fricken hypocrite

            • Braveheart1776 says:

              John, who the f#$% are you calling a sheep? This is Mac’s site so it’s his decision what to do concerning anyone’s particular posts. I support what he did to WWTI’s posts. The guy brought it on himself. I’ll grant you that he was a gold mine on prepping info and tips and gave a lot of it, but he just didn’t know how to deal with people. So you claim Mac got his ass handed back to him? Let’s see you explain that one. I dare you to tell Mac that directly and see what happens to your post, dufuss, so go f##$ yourself.

  2. Godsoldier says:

    Thank god trumps ok and I do hope the secret service repeated over and over again “stop resisting” as they beat the holy hell out of him.

  3. Lone wolverine says:

    In unity we stand . In diversity we fall.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Lone wolverine, I agree. What they call ‘diversity’ means eliminating white people once and for all, so yes I’m opposed to ‘diversity’. It’s the same anti-white campaign originally perpetrated by a certain ‘tribe’.

  4. Citizen31 says:

    No one tried to assasinate Mr. Trump. Secret service found no weapon. Makes for good headlines though. Will probably help secure a few votes.

  5. Godsoldier says:

    Its getting close to show time. HOpe everyone got the last minute items cus there are way too many irons in the fire and one of them is bound to get hot if not all IE election,stock market,social unrest, terrorism or just plain old revolution oh yea and hillarys pedophile treasonist arrest yea that would be good

  6. Godsoldier says:

    Remember hose clamps and a big kitchen knife can make a bayonet on any rifle or shotgun. DOnt want to run out of bullets if you dont have to.

  7. soulson says:

    how did the guy get out of there alive ???

  8. rednek101 says:

    I would bet the guy had an accomplice. Yelling “he’s got a gun” was designed to disrupt the rally. They know full well what the response would be. Commie tactics 101. Disrupt, disrupt, disrupt.

    • Plan twice, prep once says:

      Bystander may have seen a gun carried by plain cloths secret service. Reports are someone yelled “he has a gun” after secret service tackled him.

      I’m thinking also of DNC dirty tricks. Is this the big story that will let CNN and MSNBC ignore the next Wikileaks dump?

  9. anon says:

    Who yelled out, He’s got a gun.

    Was this a setup to have a person killed at a Trump Rally?

    What would be the fallout from that?

    Two more days. Let’s see how crazy it can get.

  10. Braveheart1776 says:

    Anon, I think it’s about to become more ‘interesting’ than we want it to be. If my city blows up on election night, at least I won’t be there. I knew I was right to leave when I did.

  11. Braveheart1776 says:

    Everyone get everything you can NOW while there’s still some time. Top off ALL of your preps: food, water, medical supplies, ammo, gun-cleaning supplies, etc. I’d been out shopping with the family all day long, especially for AMMO. Had that been a REAL assassination, the balloon would already be up. I smell FALSE-FLAG in the air, any day now.

  12. false alarm

    Just another fool whose record just got black mark.

  13. sharon in NV says:

    We all were saying this would happen!

  14. Sharon in NV says:

    We’ve all been saying this would happen. Expected it sooner. Hang on everyone!

  15. NBCNazisBackingClinton says:

    Anyways reporting for NBC (Nazis Backing Clinton) along with the Pedophile ring with Her… The Assassin who was clearly sent by Clinton or other Nazis aligned with her… Was there to try to kill Trump just like other failed Assassin attempts including the illegal alien from UK going for the police officer Gun… The breaks that didn’t work on Pence’s plane was not a mistake either… I heard that the black or whatever the guy is going to claim as his race stated he was going to shoot Trump in the live chatroom… Watching the vent on the live stream I could tell something wasn’t right. I seen other idiots claiming they would risk a riot by trying to evacuate an overflow crowd showing they are Leftists Nazis or maybe they are Commies… The Left is all about this stuff from the Brown Shirts, Storm Troopers disrupting Communist or other rallies for the Socialists who we know today as Nazis… Clinton likes to mention people who were assassinated as reasons for not quitting the race… Look up the Kennedy shooting where nobody was evacuated from the place after he was killed… So reading comments its easy to see who the NBC related people are…

    You think a Nazi murderer like Obama who supports Clinton that would kill a baby an hour before birth will admit a weapon was there? If there was no real threat they would not have rushed Trump off the stage putting in security wearing helmets… Just to inform the ignorant trash, they probably feared he had a bomb as reason for rushing him away. I’m sure if the angles of the cameras showed the crowd from the stage Trump was on it would be easier to understand. This is at least the 3rd assassination attempt, so I guess it wasn’t the charm.

    Notice the leftists cried how Clinton had people rush the stage claiming they were Sanders supporters? Funny the same people yelling Animal Liberation Now got beat with metal clubs protesting Sanders several events… The worst beating seen on camera was likely the outside Oakland rally for those wanting to look it up… Any reports from CNN Communist Nazi News has no merit… If anything them stating there was no weapon confirms there was a gun. The left must be afraid they can’t rig all the machines they own or voting 10-20 times per Nazi. Look the Democrats are the Nazi party in every way shape and form… If you want to support Pedophiles vote for Clinton, if you are a Nazi she is the option too… Negan is a Nazi or socialist since he takes 50% or more of everything people own… So that ginger Nazi who called Trump Negan is clearly a worthless piece of trash… Remember Gingers are the most likely to be terrorists. All these celebs for Clinton are part of the Socialist Elite who do what the Ruling Class tells them…

    Any doubt they are behind violence look at the DOW Jump to 18.4K the second they had the days of riots in NC. They could have ended that without calling in the national guard rather quickly. Look how fast the sound machines come out when the WTO or some other globalist group is meeting where they have real protests… They don’t even let the people near the event much less the Ruling Class… #DTO #NBC #CNN #NazisBAckingClinton #CommunistNaziNews signing off…

    • Blam says:

      Dont call them Nazis, nazis were fighting what we are fighting now but on a global scale. Listen to Hitler’s speeches and you hear a man trying to free his people from the international bankers.

  16. Asshat says:

    People trump is for the police state with his law and order talk. Vote for him if you like I’m gonna but you don’t have to suck his dick. The guy is an arrogant piece of shit thinks only he can solve our problems. I smell the antichrist. I know hiliary is no better. I think this will keep happening with trump. If you think trump is putting his neck out for the American people your nuts the guy talks about all the great shit he’s done. He’s gonna get burned one day. There will never be another republican pres again. The republic is finished.

  17. Sgt. Dale says:

    Just heard that the FBI agent that found and has all the SHIT on the Clintons was found dead. “Murder suicide”. My ass! Hitlery has another mark in her lipstick case. I’ll bet she had them killed and made it look like a murder suicide.

    • Genius says:

      Sarge, Yes I’m sure it was another clintoncide of course. On another note, I was puled over a while back by a young man (early 20’s at most) for no tail lights. He was from a nearby small town. After the usual license etc. thing he informed me of the problem. I told him I was aware of it from someone a way back. I had 40 miles to get home and there was nothing I could do (late night). This outstanding young man actually gave me his flashlight to check the fuses etc. and offered advice and assisted me as much as he could. I couldn’t find the issue and he just said I have another call, I have to go but I can’t stop you from driving away so do what you will and be careful. How’s that for public service? I made it home and found the issue and fixed it without any shit whatsoever. Now that’s what every cop should do. HELP people not look to suck every nickle out of them. I am thinking of going to his dept. and finding him and giving him a dinner certificate and going to the chief and commending him for doing his real duty. This incident gave me a glimmer of hope for the new generation….

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        That would very kind of you to do that. You see not every cop is a TURD, just some. If that happens again run with you emergency flashers until you get home. If you get stopped tell them an Old Police Sgt. told you to do that.

        There is still hope for the younger Cop!!!

        • Warchild Dammit! says:

          Sarge,agree with you that young dude was nice,but a little naive and needs some time under belt!I mean come on,he thought by lighting the way Genius could actually figure out/fix the problem?!

      • TEST says:

        I have two police friends, both extremely professional, conservative, constitutional and ethical. There are a LOT of good police out there. Don’t conflate the leftist police state with the police. Just like when the USSR fell (think the protest in Leipzig), a lot of police will side with liberty.

        Don’t believe me? Then you are obviously unaware of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, https://cspoa.org which you need to be aware of and start supporting immediately. I asked our sheriff if he would join. No response, but imagine if ten thousand people got off their azzes, turned of today’s meaningless NFL game or Kartrashian show, and made a 30 second phone call just saying “Sheriff, I would like you to support/join the CSPOA. Thanks, bye.”

        American is going to hell because people are just to freaking ignorant and lazy. Previous generations of Americans would be embarrassed to say we are their progeny

    • Warchild Dammit! says:

      Sarge,why the fuck are not cops/agents just doing a dump!Fuck it,once out there killing to cover up not worth it and seems very weird agent with perhaps a career case on hands would do this!Fuck the doj/higher ups ect.,cover this and if billary gets in all folks involved at lower levels will have accidents.You know between 2 agencies NYPD/FBI they have copies/thumb drives/sticks ect.Worried about career/pension,the public will all kick in a buck,will be pensions for life,just do it now!

  18. Brian says:

    The man they arrested is claiming to be a lifelong Republican and that he was just reaching for a sign that said “Republicans Against Trump”. Someone thought he was reaching for a gun. Also, they are saying that Hillary was forwarding her emails to her home and was requesting one of her housekeepers to print these out for her! The housekeeper had no clearance and the emails included classifed information! You can’t make this up! I thank God that I have lived most of my life before now. The crazies have arisen and the zombies are next!

  19. anon says:

    I am in a holding pattern. Waiting to see what happens next. A couple of more days and we will know for sure. As Braveheart1776 said, I hope that the newbies have put something away for a rainy day. Some is better than none.

  20. Darkwing says:

    Total staged to make Tramp, sorry Trump, look good and is a victim and that people are out to kill him.

    • TEST says:

      Thanks for the fascist trolling, arzehold Yes, you and all your leftist fascists are indeed DARK in all you do. You leftists are so utterly ignorant I’m shocked you even know how to type.

      Staging? The whole freaking FRAUD that is Hilary is one big staged scam.

      Go back to your fascist left troll hole in mommy’s basement. You leftists disgust me.

  21. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    The sources that i am taking to is telling me that a false flag of some type is what to expect that it may happen and may not happen and that if the cabal back off and let’s Trump win. The cops are in agreeance that a false flag is possible, since the jihadist have threatened Texas. If Trump wins, the American people will experience, a Mass consciousness shift and will feel empowered and unstopable, a literal nightmare for the cabal.. this is when things get extremely dangerous because the time frame is now extended between November 8th and the elections inauguration of Donald..this is when the UN, and the other rogue elite elements of the global community will try to trigger ww3, launch the chinese soldiers on Texas, activate the one that are currently here, you know em when you see them in the city, they are all muscled up in their early 20’s, and all the other Houston.. The events that economist V told us, that freaked out the 4 star general, made him pack up an run the hell out of the country, since the general told his sources that 2017 is when they wipe us, the people off the map, with bio weapons, etc… so if Trump wins, Thank God.. if that sick woman wins after election rigging, then expect a massive militaristic patriot, veteran, police, and white hats military insurgency..this is when the chi-coms will deploy and cross the Mexican border with the jihadist allies, since China is a sponsor or terrorism and so is Russia..this is when we get attacked and invaded..So it’s not looking good folks, it’s not good good. When I asked my source what he taught he is telling me that it can go in any direction and this means that you alls guess is as good as mine.. I don’t even know what the fuck is about to go down?..
    Who knows maybe I will be vaporized by next Tuesday..To be honest withe you. I am still trying to figure out what will happen? And what extent and to what level is the question?


  22. Old Guy says:

    On facebook there is a poll. with about 200,000 votes Trump is leading by about 40,000 votes. That’s a 20% lead.

  23. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Something just went down, see stevequale.com the link is not working..cab someone post it so that we can sew what the hell just happened. Something serious just happened.


  24. Warchild Dammit! says:

    I can hit the site easy,only thing I see is a video,guy talking about internal struggle in govt. over billary/e-mails and such.This has all been out a few days,nothing shockingly new by any means.

    The only thing that will truly change this nonsense if for either charges to be filed or the FBI/NYPD/Wiki/Anon dump all they have on public,otherwise,just rumors,so,enuff already folks,you want to help/dump the info. now.Sure,will cause chaos if proof dumped but so what,might be enuff to try and shut down net,so what,then,no living person can deny though the reality and is game on.,anything else bullshit and will not waste my time with it.

  25. TEST says:

    Another campus speech police classic: handing out Constitutions the day after Constitution Day is not free speech, but peddling a “commodity.”
    https://youtu.be/zUtdySG9-9w?t=11 Just under two minutes.

    Obviously, Officer Opie here didn’t complete junior high….

  26. TEST says:

    Note to the fascist left media, Goldmun Sucks elite, campus communists and the “I’m with Zir (can’t use “her” in NYC, as that is now illegal according to the gay Brownshirts and Mayor Bolshevik Bill):








    Nor the president of at least half of America.

    We’re here, we’re NOT queer, and we are never, ever, EVER going away, nor accept your fascism/Communism (yes, National SOCIALISM – Nazism – and communism are cousins).
    Get used to it.

  27. anon says:

    Those of you which have a C.B. unit.

    Will broad cast on Mid Range, Channel 21. If things go south.

    There is no communication at all on C.B. at this time. Of course we have cell phones. ;0)

  28. still playing in the mud says:

    Off subject but everyone needs a reminder. Tis the season for the pill heads and crack heads to be cruising for Christmas gifts. Need to secure 4 wheelers, lawn mowers, chain saws, carpenter tools etc., you get the drift. Will start soon, does every year.
    Good luck with the election and be safe!!

  29. TEST says:

    In some ways, this is reminiscent of 27 February 1933 an Marinus van der Lubbe, in that, as KYM notes, above, this *may* will turn out to be a set up job of some sort. If you don’t recall who van der Lubbe was, you need to google it, as while history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes.

    Would LOVE to see what the report of his background is – but of course, if it turns out he is yet another of those vile, violent fascist leftists in Hilary’s black ops team, you can be 100% assured the evil lamestream media will never report it.

  30. anon says:

    On Drudge

    Obama encourages illegals to vote in the election

    If this is true. How come there is NO CONGRESSMAN or WOMEN objecting to this kind of behavior of the President.

  31. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Public Service Announcement:

    Folks,in these trying times,please remember,spay or neuter a progressive liberal today!

    How you go about it,including a “final solution”,tis up to you!

    • TEST says:

      WD, I hear Xyclon B is available at all Planned Parenthood abortuaries.

      Just another Public Unservice Announcement.

      Extra Credit: Anyone citing Planned Parenthood founder’s Margaret Sanger’s calling what she considered “human weeks” (yep, she was a racist) get 50% off their next abortion.

  32. Godsoldier says:

    Been out side for a few hours never seen a single plane in the sky or trail and no clouds anywhere. IS there a no fly going on?

  33. Godsoldier says:

    Im 180 mi s of chiraq and 70 mi w indianapolis and 160 mi e st louis so we have air traffic trails all the time but not a single one today

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      I’m in the flight path for Midway. I’m 75 to 85 south and west of midway. I don’t see anything at all. I’m going to be outside for a while, so if I see any planes I’ll let you know.

      • TEST says:

        GS, and Dale,

        No, false alarm. I am sitting outside the flight path into both O’Hare and Midway. I am just now watching a passenger plane high level heading west over Aurora, IL. (1:30 CT) Heard two twin engine prop planes (no black helicopters either) also over the past few minutes. http://www.flightstats.com/ shows nothing unusual

      • TEST says:

        Just went outside again, another single jet which appears to be the same altitude, type, etc. as any normal passenger jet at ~ 12:40 heading west; immed after another low level jet I didn’t catch sight of due to trees, but sounded like the typical jet coming in to Midway. Finally, a few minutes later, what looked to be a corporate jet coming out of DuPage County Airport

        OK, maybe Mentally Il Kim Sung has hired dozens of pilots to conduct a false alarm, but with all due respect, I don’t think this dog is hunting.

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        Outside for around 1 1/2 hrs. Very few airplanes in the air. Very strange???
        Most of the time I see or hear one every 10 to 15 minutes.


  34. Godsoldier says:

    Go see what it is where u at

  35. Godsoldier says:

    After hours i finaly seen 1 but it was flying low and heading east towards indy it was a big one and dark not like the shiny white commercial ones

  36. Godsoldier says:

    Hicks, go look out side see any air traffic TX? Any air traffic in GA??

  37. soulson says:

    if something were to happen to Trump at the last minute, the election could not take place because it would take weeks to restore order. And who would benefit from that ?

  38. conrad says:

    It was my impression from a picture at iotwreport.com yesterday that he was holding a gun. Blurry, and of his hand only, but convincing enough.
    It looks like they disappeared it, and that ain’t right.

  39. Godsoldier says:

    No shit just went to global incident map and it shows bombs all over East half of US. Wtf usually its different diseases reported but is showing bomb incidents. Check it out

  40. Upstate New Yorker says:

    ****** – ☆☆☆☆☆☆ – ******** Steve Quayle has an excellent post on Ahmed Ademin, Hillary’s right hand assistant. It gives a thorough and logical step by step series of how Ahmed and Hillary are up to their eyeballs with Muslim terrorists, the Saudi’s gave Hillary 125 million to the Clinton foundation, and Ahmed

    • Blam says:

      What terrorist, muslims didnt do 9/11, they didnt do Boston, they didnt do paris. there is only one guilty party and thats Israel. If you want to call people terrorists, its the Mossad and Israel and whatever parasitized alphabets are in the US. These muslims havent done anything to us but have oil and we murdered millions of innocent children and women. over the lies of that usurious and treacherous state Israel and its spawn, WTFU. GTFO here with your bullshit. I am so sick of people calling muslims terrorist when israel has been behind EVERY single terrorist attack since 1947. you moron do you not even get that Israel grooms our politicians by filming them have sex with minors, no because you are a moron. There is only one path to freedom and that lies through destruction of Israel.

    • smokey says:

      You mean Huma Abedin. She is as evil as they come. No one stays married to a deviate like Weiner unless they have no soul.

  41. Upstate New Yorker says:

    mother and father are deeply involved in Muslim terrorist groups / connections. It is a 8 minute video. NO fear porn, just cold, hard facts. Worth 8 minutes of your time. – I know many do not like Steve quayle, but please check this video out. No drama music, or dramatics, charts and links given to substantiate their statements

    • Blam says:

      Yeah that is why every ISIS commander we capture or gets captured ends up being a mossad agent. Muslims are behind jack shit the only terrorists I know are attached by the hip to the federal reserve

  42. Upstate New Yorker says:

    Sorry for the 2 posts, I was not allowed to put this in one post here. In fact, my cell is struggling to put this information here. Going to turn off the cell, will check back later. Thank you for listening. Can’t hurt to check it out.

  43. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Just for the record before shtf commenses, I will stop bashing you Old Guy., good post, that’s the shit right there. I don’t think your a troll anymore, your comments are pissing of the globalist because what you posted is a fact..Trump has already won this election..it’s the what if between now and February got me scared shitless..they can rig it all they want. Those numbers are the latest bitch slap to those pedofile, rapist assholes who are trying to hold on to power..


  44. anon says:

    After the election, no matter which way it goes. Half the country will live in fear of something.
    One side will fear that their free benefits will be taken away and the other side the Constitutional Rights and even an installation of a New World Order. Plus all the stuff that comes with it. Whatever political party loses they will not cooperate with the winning faction.
    So be prepared for anything. Political, Legal, Conspiratorial and Tyrannical. Cause it could be headed our way.

    Just a matter of time.

    • TEST says:

      “One side will fear that their free benefits will be taken away…”

      Actually, they aren’t free. They are out of my pocket. Such as my next door neighbor, on “disability” who goes out jogging most ever day a mile or two. I’m sure this fraud will be upset that she can’t live off me, as well as a family member who retired at 56 from a regular teaching job making $110k/yr (working 9 months a year), and is now pulling in $7/month in early retirement. All, while I try to work to 70.

  45. PO'd Patriot says:

    No I haven’t read the sputter of the details. That being said, I hope it wasn’t fabricated BS to insinuate that an attempt was made on Trump’s life. Sure’nough some crazy shit going on in these latter days. I’m ready for the GUN to settle this rattle trap of horseshit.

    • smokey says:

      It was a fabrication in so far as the guy claims to be a Republican holding a Republican sign. The truth is that he appears in the WikiLeaks datasets as a Democratic operative, with full name and address who was involved in a disturbance at another rally, as well. There is another problem, in that his dead mother has been voting since 2002.

      Google up ‘Austin Crites WikiLeaks Vote Fraud’ or similar and you’ll find plenty of references, including the actual WikiLeaks datasets with his name listing.

  46. anon says:

    On Drudge

    Comey Clears Clinton.

    I do not think Trump will win the election.

    • smokey says:

      Comey did not ‘clear’ Clinton. All he said was he was not changing the July decision not to prosecute.

      Get a new Attorney General and that paradigm is going to change overnight.

      Elections have consequences. Vote on Tuesday.

  47. Rebel Son says:

    Comey (commie)
    Let her off the hook , AGAIN!

    Search drudge

  48. Asshat says:

    there is an air guard base near me. Blackhawks fly over the house usually three a minute apart. No thing to see Blackhawks and c130s. Fbi just said they haven’t changed their July conclusion about hiliary. They got nothing on her. But if they can get people to think she’s guilty they can sway the voter. Hiltlery own the fbi and the justice department. No way will the establishment let a bomb drop on her two days from her being elected. Trump is right but it’s more than rigged. People better be ready.

  49. Asshat says:

    When I go to polls Tuesday if there is huge lines I’m leaving. As far as I see it no political solution will save America. hope everyone got prepared as they wanted. Clocks run out on mail order shit. Might take a ride and grab another pair of boots.

    • Old Guy says:

      I have continually stated there has not and will not be any viable political or ballot box solution. The election really doesn’t matter. It is a dog & pony show with two bottom feeding cantidates. The only solution is to water Jeffersons tree of liberty. I don’t see that happening. So we are likely at the end of the Republic. Our downfall was getting involved in foreign affairs. We should of never been in the two world wars and other military actions. I know folks will state Hitler needed to be stopped. What Hitler did wasn’t as as bad as what we here did to our native people. The USA isn’t and hasn’t been any moral beacon. We where and still are our worst enemy. The only thing that anyone can do is quit producing beyond their own needs. I can honestly state. If everyone where like me & mine. The courts & lawyers cops and bankers and other govt parasites would all starve to death. They have already run out of other peoples money. The Bill Klinton Tax , Spend & Robb plan isn’t working.

  50. Upstate New Yorker says:

    Yes, I saw that. I refuse to live in fear. I have my faith, my firearms, and I am prepped snd prepared. I will go about my daily life, not oblivious, but alert.

    • Nailbanger says:

      I refuse to live by their rules when they dont follow them as well,,,
      If they can be as corrupt as that and walk free ill be damned if i worry about any of these bogus regulations mandates etc,,, dont like that? TS

  51. PO'd Patriot says:

    Comey just reported that all emails check out and Hitlery will not face any charges over all new Emails. Not going to post any links. I’m Pissed off…..and done with this BS.

  52. anon says:

    If Trump does not win. My future voting will be for every Democrat there is under the Sun and any free loading or stupid cause I can vote for so the younger generation can fund with their TAXES, When I Die. Hhahahaha!
    Why? Because the rest of the Republicans did NOT back Trump. The Russians must be laughing their asses off at us. You know damn well now there is an establishment and they do not want TERM LIMITS or POLICAL LIMITS on contributions.

    We shall see. The countdown continues.

    • TEST says:

      It’s interesting, Anon, because I was thinking the same thing. My idiot leftist neighbors, who wouldn’t lift a finger to help the less fortunate (and as noted elsewhere, one neighbor who is on disability who jogs a couple miles everyday, and is a lemming leftist), all have kids. Sadly, we never were able to. So, all their voting is going to do is cause their children to be impoverished. They will have to help their kids financially, most likely, as they struggle with the bills of socialism.

      As they say, “reality bites.” And these idiot lemming leftist neighbors can have great fun paying for my retirement.

      The utter stupidity of the left never, ever ceases to amaze me. And if you want to read something really staggering, read Who Really Cares by Dr. Arthur Brooks of Syracuse Univ. In sum, leftists don’t give a sh*t about their neighbors. As just one example, if leftists even gave BLOOD at the same rate as conservatives, we’d have twice the blood in our national blood bank supply. In fact, I will vote Democr*p the very first time just ONE Hollywierd leftists puts up just ONE homeless person in just ONE room of their zillion room mansions for just ONE night.

      Thankfully, I will never have to do that, as leftists are frauds and hypocrites.

      • anon says:


        In the years I have lived in my neighborhood I can tell you it can become a war zone real fast. I have had six shots fired in front of my home. One neighbor had the SWAT team come out for shots he fired, drunk. I was mowing my yard one day and the other neighbor fired a rifle at a paper target on a tree. Right at my Head level. Then another fire a pistol in an argument with his wife. I thought he killed her. Two children shot down the street from me by a gang member. We have renters and sect 8 housing and when the lights go out, I get the street walkers. So far I have been lucky but when things go south, there is no doubt that a confrontation will ensue eventually.
        As long as they do not enter the property that is fenced with locked gates they will be fine. Once they touch the ground within, their ass is mine.
        The other neighbors are going to get “Reality Bitten” and I have no sympathy for them.

        • TEST says:

          How sad, Anon. Point is, each of these people are made in the image of God. At one point, they were children, and had a future in front of them, dreams, hopes etc. What happened?

          In part, what happened is theky they were sucked down the moral drain by absentee fathers, a world where ethics are all relative (and it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is), that human life has no value (thanks, Planned Parenthood), where personal responsibility is thrown out the window in favour of “we’re all victims,” and the destruction of the moral fabric of this nation.

          It is, as Adams said “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

      • Nailbanger says:

        These idiots children vote for the same crap,,,
        I fully intend on not paying one more freakin dime then whennit goes down, ill go down in a pile of brass and burn the whole freakin place down around me,,,,

  53. TEST says:

    Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone

    Frederic Bastiat, another version of his comment, written slightly differently

  54. Blam says:

    i cant vote for Hillary, trumps support of police I dont jibe with. Police have been running rampant over the people. he has that 9/11 traitor prick guiliani on his campaign, straight up traitor. I just cant bring myself to cast the vote. I have to stick with one issue, immigration. Yes I can agree that is probably the most important. Damn this is a hard election for me to participate especially when I dont usually vote because its all bullshit. Help me out, if you want me to vote for trump, I would like to hear anything really. I have my ballot and my wifes, she just votes whatever I tell her. This is the way it should be if you are a real man, no way in hell if you put bread on the table should a woman vote in your household. God i want to believe trump but he is a coward draft dodger who pretends to be tough and military. That aspect of trump sickens me. He pretends he knows what its like to put your life on the line in combat, pussy. That is what he is. To me, white pride, or the return of it is the most important thing but when I look at his traitor children I am like WTF. I dont know, I honestly dont know his familial ties the (((them))) makes me wretch, but maybe he is sick of sucking up to (((them))). If he brought out the truth on 9/11 I would say he could be the greatest president in US history. Its hard to wake up every day and feel the dagger in your heart when they talk about 9/11 when anyone with 2 brain cells knows in their heart it was a demolition. The truth needs to come out no matter the consequences, I personally believe 3/4ths of the federal government is guilty of treason and colluding with Israel, a foreign power. Well give me some reasons if you are so inclined that I should vote for trump. The last thing I want is a national stop and frisk or no fly no buy. I honestly feel like there is very little difference between him and hillary. Its like cal naughton jr and ricky bobby, why cant cal win, LOL. Peace brother, keep hope alive, the truth is what we need, god I need the truth to be told like I need air and like I need water. I cant take this bullshit about terrorism when every event is an obvious false flag with Israel and its media agents at the bottom of it always. I cant believe he let his daughter become a traitor…I just think he believes he has a place in the JWO that is why he wants his grandchildren to be jewish. Is it useless??? Are both these candidates pawns of the jews??? If so maybe I will abstain maybe Donald Trump is the best to deal with (((them))) because he is sick of (((them))). The Power of the President could end all Israeli influence instantly, make the new white house fort bragg and have the 75th regiment be gaurds. I dont know just thoughts.

  55. Harout says:

    I don’t want to be pushed aside. I’m an American and I am an EE. Already pushed aside, but I am still valuable – skill wise.

  56. SPACE MAN says:


    You all did what CLINT EASTWOOD would have done if JOHN MALKOVICH showed up.


  57. Asshat says:

    People say the fbi cannot go through 650,000 emails. I call bullshit on this. I think they can. Reason is why would they compile all this info if it could not be disseminated. My thinking is they have data forensic experts that can reduce the emails with programs that look for key words. They could then whittle the number of emails to go through to say a few hundred then go through those closely. I’m not a computer expert but I’ve heard of things like this. People need to do some research before statements are made about not being able to go through this many emails. If they can put a computer in the palm of your hand using micro processors and put enormous amounts of data in a cloud then they gotta have a way to go through it. If she did use her private server to post classified info there is no proof. It’s not fact it’s conspiracy. Yes we all hate the bitch but if they don’t have proof of wrong doing there is nothing. Now if comey is protecting her and its founded then there is crime committed to cover another crime. It’s hard to nail this down and our justice system dismisses cases that don’t have substantial evidence against a criminal. People do you have any idea how many crimes are committed that are gotten away with. she could be guilty as hell but there is nothing we can do. After she is elected comey will resign his position. Case closed. The criminals made the system and they know how to take advantage of it while covering their tracks.

  58. Brian says:

    There is a saying that “where there is smoke, there is fire”. All of these emails are the computer equivalent of smoke. All of the Clinton emails are the equivalent of the entire west coast being on fire. The FBI is saying there is no fire (no federal crimes).

  59. PO'd Patriot says:

    Well another (ex) government official splits Hell wide open….Janet Reno takes a dirt nap @ 78years old.

  60. Old Guy says:

    Well that evil haggy old thing was a prime example of the type of oxygen thieving parasites we have running our country. Good riddance.

  61. anon says:

    One More Day!

    Can you believe it. This might be my last Prep Tip of the Day. Or close to it. ;O)

    Sgt. Dale made comment about wet Body Armor. I do not know if this is 100% effective. After removing soft pads as you do not want anything to get on them that may degrade the Kevlar. You can spray the carrier with Scotch Guard or some other water repellant and let it dry. Could help some.

    Hope he gets his deer.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Bob Livington in Personal Liberty wrote today:

    :I have a relative in North Carolina who voted early and saw her vote change from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. It took more than 30 minutes and a lot of arguing with the poll workers to get her vote switched to Trump, and the poll workers were none too happy to accommodate her. So there is already and will be widespread vote fraud in this election.

    It does not take switching many votes in the close “swing states” to change the outcome. And Project Veritas has recordings of Clinton operatives admitting rigging the vote and other mischief.”

  63. 2isone says:

    So… Halloween night, someone took a Trump sign out of someone’s yard and threw it in the lake behind our homes. It floated with the current to my property. I fished it out and mounted it on the porch. First political sign I have ever displayed.

  64. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Well,it all actually hits the fan here is my tip of the day.We have all checked what we have/topped off what we can ect.This election and all tied to it has been a mind fuck to a degree.

    So,go out and enjoy the day,talk with friends/family,buy a container of ice cream/a six of your favorite beer,what have you and enjoy a little.Times get very interesting might as well enjoy what time left in relative peace.

    • grandee says:

      I will be at my church’s Sister Sewing all day light hours tomorrow. My turn to cook for all the ladies and their large family of children as well as our day school.

      We are back in the boonies of TN countryside. After that, coming home and waiting for the end of this horrible election cycle.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Hilary blast from the past: “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

    That, per Hilary during an appearance with other women Democratic senators in San Francisco, where donors gave as much as $10,000 to California Sen. Boxer’s campaign.

    S.F. Learjet leftists and limousine liberals? I say take it ALL from them! Thankfully, Hilary’s miraculous cattle future trades and the Clinton Foundation – including all the money they stole from suffering Haitians after that earthquake – will undoubtedly be exempt!

    CA. (where I was born): basically now just a Venezuela, but with more silicone implants and people eating kale willingly, nor forced to.

  66. anon says:

    I hope that at the very least that you have a deadbolt on your door. Also put some longer screws into the lock plate that anchor into the wall/door frame. Next I would have at least two good size sandbags to drop against the door so it will make it real hard for a kick in.

    Make them come through the window and use that Louisville slugger on them.

    Sorry folks, I feel real bad about this and I believe time has just about run out.

    • Ketchupondemand says:

      I feel the same, anon.
      Took a break from posting but I’ve been reading along.
      It IS depressing, isn’t it?
      Waiting and watching at this point.
      This time tomorrow we’ll know more.

  67. Blam says:

    Fuck it 2 votes for Trump today