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As Honduran Caravan Reaches The Border, Trump Threatens To Send In The Military

Mac Slavo
October 18th, 2018
Comments (56)

President Donald Trump has threatened to send the military to the United States’ southern border with Mexico to stop a caravan of illegal immigrants coming from Honduras. As of now, the migrant caravan has grown in size to over 4,000 people.

“I must, in the strongest of terms, ask Mexico to stop this onslaught – and if unable to do so I will call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!” Trump wrote of the caravan in a series of tweets on Twitter.

According to Breitbart, the caravan of migrants that began in Honduras has grown to several thousand people after passing into Guatemala as it heads for the Mexican border. Other Hondurans are leaving the country to join the caravan of illegal immigrants attempting to illegally enter the United States against president Trump’s wishes.

Trump also threatened to stop all federal foreign aid payments to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador if the countries failed to block the flow of illegal immigrants and blamed Democrats for rejecting a reform of immigration laws allowing them to claim asylum. He also claimed that the caravan included criminals.

Trump appeared willing to end his new trade deal with Mexico as well if the caravan was not stopped.

According to NBC News, the caravan has increased in size to over 4,000. The media outlet also reported that the Mexican government has sent 500 additional federal police to its border with Guatemala in anticipation of their arrival, according to U.S. government documents obtained by NBC News. Part of the caravan, which has split into two groups, is approaching the Mexico-Guatemala border amid a surge in border crossings on the U.S.-Mexico border.

In September, U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 41,400 undocumented immigrants, up from 37,544 in August, according to numbers not yet released publicly but obtained by NBC News. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the numbers of families and children traveling on their own surged to record levels in September.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: October 18th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. About damn time! An invasion is an act of war.

    Asylum rules state they would have to seek asylum a couple countries down from here.

  2. 1) Install a 50 caliber pillbox every 2000 meters along the border.
    2) Install a sign on the fence stating “United States Border: Lethal force is authorized against all intruders”. Sign will be in English & Spanish.
    3) Order all border agents to fire (1) warning shot at any intruder. If the intruder continues, the agent is ordered to fire until the threat is eliminated. Grant immunity to prosecution to all border patrol agents.

    • madtxn says:

      I have said it a hundred times, a few buzzard dinners and they would know we are serious about illegal trespassers. enforce Reagans “final immigration reform” and be done with this sheet. eliminate ALL assistance and anyone aiding or abetting an illegal, especially with a job, suffers prison and asset forfeiture. problem would be over before you could reply.

      • Infidel says:

        A better solution would be to end all the incentives that bring them here in the first place. Stop all the handouts and free shit programs. Give that money stolen from the taxpayers back. Make USA undesirable and difficult for them, they will stop coming.

    • Beaumont says:

      Based on historical example —
      They acknowledge the signs. They do it, anyways, and they keep doing it, and they breed at more than replacement level.

  3. Ron Ahrens says:

    Just the beginning, wait until the UN(Chinese) invade the West Coast and NATO comes in on the East Coast, then the COWARD Americans will FINALLY realize they have ALREADY BEEN CONQUERED, and the invasion forces coming at American will just be the mop up force into an already conquered damned and doomed NEW BABYLON AMERICA!!!!

  4. aljamo says:

    Two years have passed to build the wall. How many illegals are already here? They are clearly here because business needs more profits. To pretend otherwise is just lies. Look at the trade deal that replaced NAFTA, more concessions that hurt legal American citizens.

  5. k9base says:

    they cant even clean out home depot parking lotz.Jesus

  6. rellik says:

    I’m on a island in the middle of the Pacific ocean.
    But I know if I knew I had 3-4 thousand people invading
    my island. I’d do something about it, regardless of local
    and state laws.
    Rifle behind every blade of grass sort of thing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Soros lurking in the shadows.

  8. Anonymous says:

    All those poor people, in rags and starved half to death.

    They could easily pass for survivors of NAZI death camps their plight is so severe.

    I don’t blame them for making the perilous journey to the United States in hope of a chance to just survive, we need to extend them our compassion and friendship to help them resettle here where they will have at least the chance of a future.

    • rellik says:

      How much is Soros paying you?
      I’m a compassionate sort of guy.
      I’d feed the adults into the sausage
      machine and feed the kids as much
      as they want along side organic
      eggs and rice.

    • Kevin2 says:


      “All those poor people, in rags and starved half to death”

      That a description of approximately 3 billion (or more) of the 7 billion on the planet.

      “resettle here where they will have at least the chance of a future.”

      Why, they’re not Americans. Are they better than an American the kid from Appalachia?

    • The Deplorable Renegade says:

      Oh, so now we have a LIBTURD posting under anonymous. Interesting. How much money you get from Soros to type your drivel?

    • TomCat says:

      Be sure to advertise” VACANCY ” at YOUR home Anonymous so illegals will know where to go upon arrival.

    • Jim in Va. says:

      Well hell let just bring in everybody from central and south America or better yet make them states. Who needs borders? Don’t have to make a wall,the ocean will be our border.(sarcasm)

    • Anon says:

      Anonymous, you asshole. Most of there asses are two axe handles wide and they have on western clothing. Keep giving in to this garbage and it will soon be over. Oddly enough, when the liberals realize what a problem it is they will be quick to insist on their utter annihilation.

    • Norrak says:

      They don’t look like they’re starving to me, and couldn’t make such a trip on foot if they were starving. You must realize the USA cannot take in everyone in the world. The US must look after the well being of the people already here. Think rationally. We are already on our way of becoming a third world country and the influx of illegal aliens will only speed that up.. As an after thought I would like to ask, don’t the other countries these people are passing through have borders, and why don’t they stay in these countries? I’m sure Mexico would be better than where they came from, and right now Mexico has all the jobs, just look at their exports. These illegal crossings have to stop now and the US military can stop them if allowed to do so. I say do it.

    • Tiger says:

      What starving people!!!! They’re well fed, fighting age people. They are hiding behind children to invade the USA. Just like in Europe. Here they come.

    • Infidel says:

      “We need to extend them our compassion…” one green tip at a time. Hows that for compassion you mindless liberal idiot?

  9. Beaumont says:

    Also, plz ftlog quit giving them fake makework jobs.

  10. Captn.Jack says:

    All those poor people, BS. How come they have cellphones and are dressed ok. this is an invasion planed by the commies,plain and simple.Shoot as many as possible and the rest will run back to their [email protected] countries with their tail between their legs.

  11. 21Bravo says:

    1) Stop the free Welfare & Food Stamps
    2) Stop the free healthcare
    3) Fine every company $10k per illegal they hire. Maybe even throw the business owners in jail who hire them.
    4) Make “Instant Verify” mandatory (see number 3)
    5) Put a bounty on MS-13 $1k dead, $500 alive per individual.
    6) Arrest politician who mandate Sanctuary Cities/States.
    This would solve most of the problems…

  12. Patricia Langer says:

    make no mistake about it. this is not illegal immigration. It is an invasion by a foreign country and must be treated as such.

    This is a foreign military operation and an attack that is being waged against our country from the deep state rogue cabal within. this is asemetric warfare.

    the time is long past due to send the military to secure the borders for national security reasons and start arresting deep state operators and assets for their treason against the United States.

    It is time to stop allowing political correctness of the Washington dc communists and their NWO elites to guide and dictate policy in America.

  13. The Deplorable Renegade says:

    Capt. Jack, agreed. Anonymous is a libturd dickhead.

  14. This is an effort to make America and Trump look bad. We want the creeps behind this. Smells like something George Soros would do. The less press coverage this gets, the better for America. The MSM will cover it big time in an effort to make Trump look bad.

  15. Sam Adams says:

    Once they are told to get back and use force against the military they declare war and the military has targets for practice. Hhahahahahahahaa

  16. Sam Adams says:

    I saw an interview of one of them who has not been trained yet what to say. He said he wants to come here not seeking asylum but to seek the DREAM. He is dreaming I am not going to give my dream to him!!!!!

    • Yahooie says:

      Plus, they have no intention of assimilating. There is too much non-assimilation here already. Those neighborhoods look like little Mexico, little Guatemala or wherever the people are from–it all appears rundown and decrepit. They pack houses full of people to beyond rational (or legal) limits causing health problems.

      Most don’t know how to function in a high-level society like ours beyond using a cell phone if they have one.

      It’s not fair to US citizens or to those who have (or will) come here legally.

      Let them go back and fix their own country.

  17. Braveheart777 says:

    Trump just flapped his guns and the Trumpanzees ate it up. Mexico will pay for the wall No. I will lock up Hillary. No. I will repeal and replace Obamacare on Day1 Hour1 No. America First. No. Still have Troup’s all over the world. Trump is a Fraud and the leader of the Swamp.

  18. Nailbanger says:

    A couple cobras should do, just burn em all with the door guns, make an example of them…..

  19. Spider says:

    I grew up in a Mexican neighborhood and constantly find myself amazed at how many upper middle class liberal jackasses, who support immunity and an open border, have no idea how screwed up these parts of the city are. I ended up speaking fluent Spanish by my freshman year of high school just because I was sick of conversations consisting entirely of mono syllables. No American kid should find himself in that situation. Assimilation is the last thing on the mind of these illegals.

  20. Whatever Works says:

    If Trump does not send in the military:

    1. I will be disappointed.
    2. No country will believe his bluffs again.
    3. We can expect many more caravans of illegals.

  21. Moses Strongbear says:

    Invasion they are coming the barbarians are at the gate. Send the military and close the entire border and keep it closed until the wall is built. Great excuse to do that as mob marches on the US with the intent of invading us for profit. use the excuse to close the border. They are an army of invaders obviously coming to violate out laws. Time to put or shut up or roll over and play dead Too the walls they are coming

  22. Karen says:

    Who is providing food and water for these illegals as they travel up to the U.S. border? It’s an INVASION, pure and simple. These people (illegals) know that once they are in the USA, they will have free housing, food, medical care, education and who knows what else. And we taxpayers, with the help of the democrats, are losing this country to foreign invaders.

  23. He hasn’t already sent troops? Oh, they must be busy training AL-CIA-DA.

  24. Those squatters have NO RIGHTS HERE….. they are not
    citizens…..they give only allegiance to their homeland.

    For every illegal who claims they are “dreamers” Too bad…
    fix your own country like our ancesters…and like we had to do
    to free ourselves from communism. You are cowards who won’t
    die to live in your own country.
    Do they think they are better than the “natural born” and
    the “legalized” dreamers already here in the USA? Go pound
    sand…..I don’t care.

    I don’t want your diseased, uneducated, lazy, thieving butts,
    You come here….trash our cities…have to be taught how
    to even use a toilet….then…cause businesses millions by throwing
    sewer clogging waste in toilets. Pooping in bathtubs…etc. etc.

    They don’t care. They are, “GIMME-DATS NOW”, because you
    have too much, and they are communists.
    invading OUR country.

    They claim every one came here from some other country…..Maybe.
    But… they came here legally with a sponsor who paid their way until
    they could do it alone. There was NO WELFARE. There were no
    freebies. There were “”work farms for the poor,” they worked in the fields.
    in exchange for a single bunk and 2 meals a day… providing they worked.

    We fought many wars to keep the US FREEDOMs and squatters want
    to come here and reap the benefits of all the Patriots who died…. lost
    limbs….body parts…and minds trying to keep it from being overthrown.

    Go back to your own s**thole country and FIX IT IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT!!!
    This is not your breadbasket. You are stealing our jobs, economy, and OUR

    And then you laugh while waving your sh*thole country’s flag!!!!
    Go home and cry for your thieving ways.

  25. The Dane says:

    If this keeps up, us real Americans will just have to take circumstances into our own hands and head to the border with guns and ‘get to it’.

  26. We could use this sub human material for weapons testing and medical experiments.