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A Dark Matter “Hurricane” Is On A Collision Course With Earth

Mac Slavo
November 14th, 2018
Comments (50)

The Earth is currently passing through a dark matter “hurricane.” Scientists are predicting that the Earth will be battered by this dark matter hurricane for the next one million years.

Scientists studying the nature of gravity and the movement of stars and planets discovered that the space between galaxies contains something else that we can’t yet account for. They have called that unaccountable “something” dark matter.  It’s an invisible and as-of-yet undetectable phenomenon believed to make up the bulk of matter across the universe, according to a report by RT.

While scientists have never directly detected dark matter, and they are not entirely sure what it is, they do know “something” has to be there. And now, scientists say Earth is going through a dark matter hurricane.

Published in Physical Review D, a study led by Ciaran O’Hare from the University of Zaragoza in Spain looked at a collection of nearby stars moving in the same direction known as the S1 stream. These are “believed to be the remnant[s] of a dwarf galaxy that was swallowed by the Milky Way billions of years ago,” a statement from APS Physics noted.

The S1 stream consisting of 30,000 stars was found last year by ESA’s Gaia satellite, which is mapping a billion stars in our galaxy. About 30 such streams have been found in our galaxy, each the remnant of a previous collision.

S1 is particularly interesting, however, in that it is currently “blowing” past us at about 500 kilometers (310 miles) per second. And the researchers said that this may produce noticeable effects on the dark matter near us. –IFL Science

Our Solar System lies directly in S1’s path but, despite the fact that it contains 30,000 stars or so, we’re not due for a cosmic knockout anytime soon. Thankfully, everything is spread out nicely. However, barrelling along in S1’s wake is a vast array of dark matter. The group of researchers who published the study in Physical Review D, postulate that by studying this stream and the behavior of its potential components, we may finally be able to detect dark matter for the first time. Thankfully, humanity will have a few million years of valuable research time before the stream fully passes us by.

“(There are) tons of these streams all over the galaxy, some of them are really huge and you can see them in the sky,” explains Ciaran O’Hare.  “As the S1 stream ‘hits the Solar System slap in the face,’” the authors write, “its counter-rotating structure will dramatically increase the amount of dark matter appearing to come from the same patch of sky as the standard dark matter wind,” reports Cosmos Magazine.

“Indeed, it should produce a tell-tale ‘ring’-like structure around this wind, something that directional dark matter detectors… could easily detect in future.” ScienceAlert also noted that it might be possible to detect axions from the stream, which are theoretical particles 500 million times lighter than an electron that could constitute dark matter. “[T]hese ultralight particles – which we can’t see – could be converted to photons which we can see, in the presence of a strong magnetic field,” they said.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: November 14th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Scientists studying the nature of gravity and the movement of stars and planets discovered that the space between galaxies contains something else that we can’t yet account for. ”

    That just indicates a failure of our current mathematics to explain all of our observations, not (necessarily) that there is something actually there.

    In any event, how do you prep for something like this since someday we’ll be emerging from it and the conditions we are living in will probably change?

  2. JimShew says:

    WHY??? Who Cares???

  3. lost karma says:

    Earth has been blessed for the last 10,000 years or so. No big ice ages, comet or asteroid impacts, stellar fragments and rogue planet incursions into our solar system, massive solar flares, mega volcano eruptions (1000s times bigger than Mt. St. Helens) and a host of other natural problems that could spell global extinction.

    There have been impacts from of comets and large meteors and an occasional large volcanic eruption but nothing we couldn’t bounce back from.

    We should enjoy it while we can. Sooner or later something really catastrophic with our address will find us.

  4. Beaumont says:

    that unaccountable “something”

    One of secularism’s many Flying Spaghetti Monsters.

  5. Dark matter. Much like gravity we know it’s there, but can’t explain how it works.

    • rellik says:

      Most all our science is like that.
      We can observe, copy, use, and model natural phenomenon but we really don’t know how it works. In other words, we cannot create. We just re-arrange things.
      Most of our all science is theory, not proven, repeatable fact.
      For example the theory is a photon has no mass, yet gravity which theoretically only affects things with mass, from a black hole will affect the photon and change its path. These are called gravity lenses. So much for one of those theories.
      We make adjustments to make our stuff “work”, but we really don’t have a clue.
      I spent too many years working around astronomers.

      • Genius says:

        Dark matter matter’s!

      • lost karma, prior to that 10K years there have been several extinctions but not totally complete, just more of a thinning out process. It will happen again one way or another, although there is nobody that knows exactly how or what will cause such an event. Just realize there are many outlier events already in motion 24/7/365. All that really matters is the realization of the Law of One. There have been prior civilizations at least as advanced as we think we are, prior to us.

        We simply do NOT know what we think we know !

      • rellik, agree 100%, we do not know what we think we know and that is part of our own destruction !

        If we are completely honest we will realize humans are the most destructive species on the planet. And all of it is from our supposed intelligence which is dominated by ego which of course regulates basic things like greed and power over others ! Humans are in fact destroying themselves and every other species and living things on the planet in a multitude of ways. Just look around in your on lifetime and it is obvious how much destruction has occurred in just one life time which is blip on the radar screen of time. Our dependence now on what we call “tech” is simply speeding it all up to warp speed because it is all just another control mechanism of the sociopaths and psychopaths that we let rule us. If we get lucky we will not wipe ourselves out and have a chance to regroup and start over after some thinning out process occurs. But there is no guarantee of that. We should be focused on the Law of One instead of the extreme materialism that controls us and destroys every living thing including us.

  6. Bill says:

    In reality, this phenomenon has likely been occurring intermittently for millions or hundreds of millions of years, we are only recently becoming aware of it. I’ll take the article’s word for it though, I don’t know enough of this particular subject matter to comment in-depth on it. Just wish it wouldn’t be hyped as a “Dark matter hurricane on a collision course with Earth”; The title kind of anthropomorphizes this phenomenon making it more dramatic than what it is.

  7. OT. So, I see there is some row over a US Congressional race in Florida. He said, she said, so far.

    Who would vote for either one of these guys? Scott looks like he just crawled out of Buchenwald. Doesn’t he get any Florida sun? Nelson is creepy looking…like his human meat package is wearing out and his true Annunaki identity is showing through. That, or he had some terrible plastic surgery.

  8. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:


    Earth will be completely destroyed over the next 200 years. The only thing that will stop this is full disclosure of the extra terrestrials on earth, and the humans have to choose a Type 2 civilization faction, since other negative type 2 factions have taken over, as in the dracos. According to my scientist friend, he says to just yawn when Trump talks because nothing that he said will ever get done, no disclosure is coming, but what is a certainly it collapse of environment, WW3, civil and revolutionary war, Engineered financial collapse, done intentionally, the grid taken out intentionally, and china and Russia invades the United States. David Hodges had been posting articles on this fact, and it will commense exactly how him and his sources said it will. The young people of this country are clueless to what is taking place and will pay a horrific price from the Invading armies. We are in really deep shit, and most of us on this site including me will or may not survive. The situation is that bad, very, very, extremely bad, in fact according to him, the situation is a lot worse now., than its ever been and he does not believe that Trump will succeed at fixing the problem, since the cabal is still in total control of the country. To the posters who keep coming on here bashing me, attacking me. You low life’s think that by doing this will change anything. The preppers on this site know what’s coming, so you fusion center trolls are wasting time calling me names. Go ahead, ask your handlers to give you a real guarantee that you and your family will be taken to safe areas, when the shit hits the fan. You all are stupid people. What is coming is not coming anymore, its here, we are in the middle of it. SHTF EVENT HORIZON HAS COMMENSED AND HAS MANIFESTED. Look at the border, see what they have done.


    • Bill says:

      Sure, we have enough serious problems already. For years and years all these internet “prophets” have issued warnings for overwhelming nuclear attacks, global pandemics, civilization destroying asteroid strikes, EMP’s taking us back 200 years, the Yellowstone caldera erupting, massive Chinese army invasions, pole shifts, economic collapse, civil war, global starvation, and even that the anti-Christ is here to just name a few. Some even predicting many of these events occurring at the same time! Over the years many stated these events were imminent, several claimed to have “inside information”. Though highly unlikely, I won’t say something like that can’t ever happen, just haven’t seen anything like it yet. We need to fix the bad enough problems we have now.

    • Fritz says:

      HCKS, you have your own intense way of putting things but the more shit that keeps on happening, the less inclined I am to disagree with much of what you’re saying.

  9. Mr. Natural says:

    Well, I guess there’s no point in trimming those pesky hedges if we’re all going to be vaporized any day now.

  10. Bert says:

    OMG Drain the swap and start executing.

  11. ANGRY FROG says:


    I want to go to planet JHT5412
    Where the women are hot, and ready and no feminist.
    Good food and booze too.

  12. viper says:

    and….people keep trying to tell us they put a man on the moon…[email protected]!….not with all that crap to dodge up there…

  13. That dark matter ‘hurricane ‘ is at the border with Mexico 🇲🇽. The Mexicans are complaining that it just isn’t right how the authorities provide water, food, and medical 🏥 care to foreigners from the South, when their own people have so little. And these foreigners make a mess, beg on the streets, fight and cause all kinds of problems.

    Hey Mexico 🇲🇽: Welcome to our world 🌎. Maybe now you are beginning to see how it feels to have your Country invaded. Just wait. In a generation when your grandchildren are part of that foreign ethnicity. It is painful 😣. So, send them back. And remove the traitors who brought them into your Country; or like us, you will be in worse shape tomorrow if you don’t remove them today.


    • The first time I heard about the theory of dark matter, it’s originator a Jewish woman; I had serious doubts about its accuracy. Here is something which unlike everything else in the universe doesn’t reflect light. It is supposed to fill in the gaps. Like a cheat sheet. When ever an equation can’t be explained, aha it’s dark matter.

      So, theory based on questionable theory is most likely useless. But you have to learn it in order to be able to give professors the answers they want.

      Kind of like how on the eve of Martin Luther King Day when the teacher asks for a speech about King, she wants you to recite the msm tripe about how King was a nonviolent civil rights leader. She doesn’t know that he was a common criminal Communist agitator elevated by his Jewish handlers, and most likely oft by them in order to cover up his sexually violent life and addiction to white prostitutes whom he beat brutally the day before his assassination. And teacher wouldn’t be very happy if you said that what she taught the class was all bs.


      • Kevin2 says:

        When the US is pressed to live up to “Equal Protection Under The Law” claims are made that those asking are Communists. The point is that the injustices don’t in fact exist ;or you should live with injustice that violates the “equal Protection” Clause? You cannot deny the right to vote. You can’t justify making people sit in the back of public paid for transportation. You can’t justify people being denied admittance to a publicly funded College / University.

        The above had to be corrected. If Dr King’s personal life was checkered so be it. That has zero to do with the injustices above. The Constitution and Bill Of Rights applies to everyone or it will apply to no one.

        This is in the 14th Amendment. Repeal it or live with it but you don’t ignore it; because if you do, your no better than the liberals who pick and choose.

        “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

  14. Jimmy says:

    Only one million years? WTF

  15. Expectnomercy says:

    We all need a good lesson on what’s really important. That would be loyalty and family. We all deserve a boot to the back side. No worries because the the dark matter crossing our borders is detectable. This charade is coming to a close.

  16. Hammer's Thor says:

    What folly. Dark Matter is theory, not fact. Indeed, it’s a profoundly stupid theory, created by scientists who would rather make up imaginary matter and energy to explain their math rather than accept that electric plasma in the universe is what holds the galaxies together.

    If you want to know more, you can start here: ht tp://www.suspicious0bservers.org/

    Delete the space in the http to view the link.

  17. ronna says:

    Dark matter? OH! We need new laws passed to be sure it is not discriminated against!

  18. lets see here, the country is going down the tubes and people are concerned about something called dark matter that we do not even know actually exists ? sort of like black holes and the supposed God particle.

  19. Marlon Brandy says:

    Not sure but I would recommend a psychiatrist not a scientist after reading that lot