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100 Reasons Why Liberals Stink, No Reek

Posted By Contributing Author On January 14, 2013 @ 12:33 pm In Headline News | Comments Disabled

This comes from Be Informed, one of our regular SHTFplan [1] contributors and has been posted for your entertainment pleasure. You’ll no doubt find that, while humorous, the reasons below outline the real danger posed by individuals and organizations that are slowly but effectively chipping away at our God-given, Constitutionally protected liberty. For further reading, also by Be Informed: The List: A to Z Survival for the Abysmal Times Ahead [2] and the wildly popular How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper? [3]

100 Reasons Why Liberals Stink, No Reek

1. Liberals want to suffocate you with laws and regulations.

2. Liberals care more about the criminals than the victims of crime.

3. Liberals want to imprison someone defending themselves longer than the criminal who commits the crime.

4. Liberals detest free thought and are extremely narrow minded.

5. Liberals want NO ONE to be able to defend themselves with anything.

6. Liberals will lawyer you to death.

7. Liberals hate ALL firearms and guns, stun devices, pepper sprays, knives, any type of self defense.

8. Liberals are extremely stupid and have no desire not to be stupid.

9. Liberals want to trash and burn the U.S. Constitution.

10. Liberals insist that you always be politically correct.

11. Liberals are some of the most intense phonies around.

12. Liberals ONLY respect the 1st. Amendment if only what they want is spoken.

13. Liberals believe that a liberal government knows what is best for you ALWAYS.

14. Liberals would tax you more than any king of the past has ever done.

15. Liberals want everyone to follow every mindless trend or fad.

16. Liberals talk compassion for victims, yet make magnitudes of victims by taking away people’s self defense.

17. Liberals are some of the most superficial individuals alive.

18. Liberals want a constitution with one rule, obey the government.

19. Liberals look at life and society through very narrow horse blinders.

20. Liberals have all sorts of ideas to problems that don’t work.

21. Liberals would disarm the military protecting the country if they could.

22. Liberals usually have no personalities and bore people to death with meaningless government or legal crap.

23. Liberals blame non-liberals completely for criminals acting the way they do.

24. Liberals are very strong blind conformists.

25. Liberals have a motto; the government and criminals are your friends.

26. Liberals would protect the environment for the speckled flat tailed manure worm over creating 50,000 jobs.

27. Liberals talk about civil rights for everyone, yet try to ban displays of Christmas.

28. Liberals usually have very WHINY voices, always whiny attitudes.

29. Liberals want to force you to purchase ONLY what they deem acceptable.

30. Liberals want to fine you several hundred dollars for not recycling an aluminum can.

31. Liberals will severely mourn the execution of a mass killer much more so than the victims.

32. Liberals use affected catch phases such as ‘time out’ or ‘time in’, normally reserved for toddlers, for everyday use with adults.

33. Liberals are massive cowards and admire and look up to the criminals for strength.

34. Liberals have a rule when attacked by a criminal, roll up in a ball and suck your thumb.

35. Liberals want the criminal to sue you if you defend yourself and in any way that hurts the criminal, even emotionally.

36. Liberals insist you hug everyone and touch each other even when you have the flu.

37. Liberals are famous for getting into your face and your space about even trival non-important issues.

38. Liberals want to vaccinate you to death, even against pathogens you are in no danger of catching.

39. Liberals want to outlaw toy plastic guns of all types for children, as they think it teaches them violence.

40. Liberals hate bullies, yet fully encourage the bullying of people by the state if they exercise their freedom of speech too much.

41. Liberals totally hide true violent crime statistics of unarmed population centers.

42. Liberals want all hunting and fishing outlawed.

43. Liberals cannot stand preppers/survivalists, they want EVERYONE to line up  in miles long columns of people for fema crumb handouts after disasters.

44. Liberals want everyone to behave and act like insect drones.

45. Liberals classify as any criticism of a race or nationality as a hate crime.

46. Liberals feel more sorry for the serial rapist with AIDS that society did this to, than the rape victims.

47. Liberals are either absolute control freaks or absolute desiring to be absolutely controlled.

48. Liberals want to make people that are mavericks, the criminals of the state.

49. Liberals want you to live and die by the credit card.

50. Liberals have made going into debt into an artfulness.

51. Liberals would rather have cheap chinese junk than good solid manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

52. Liberals nickel and dime you to death.

53. Liberals have no sense of humor and really only have a good laugh when taxes go up.

54. Liberals get aroused at words like; higher taxes, gun control, more laws, big government, barack obama.

55. Liberals are wonderful at censoring anything not liberal.

56. Liberals would make breathing the air a tax, if they could get away with it.

57. Liberals take the fun out of everything.

58. Liberals turn their children into adults with no ambition other than to get as much welfare as possible.

59. Liberals have two favorite occupations; lawyers and tax agents.

60. Liberals have a way overblown opinion of themselves and other fellow liberals.


61. Liberals believe all parts of the gun are evil, not that the criminal is evil, just the gun.

62. Liberals have a deep hatred of anyone that talks about defending themselves against the poor criminals.

63. Liberals truly when they talk, no sense comes out, just noise.

64. Liberals secretly worship karl marx.

65. Liberals don’t leave people alone, they heckle someone until they give in on anything.

66. Liberals would force you to be monitored 24 hours a day, this is their dream.

67. Liberals are masters of making people feel guilty for something that was not their fault and over practically anything else.

68. Liberals override logic, reason, and basic sense with feelings, especially for the criminal.

69. Liberals believe that a criminal has the right to be kept safe anywhere, included inside your home while holding a weapon on your family.

70. Liberals would not come to the rescue of a person being attacked, they would just call 911.

71. Liberals will legally try to loophole you to the ends of the Earth just to prove they are in control.

72. Liberals are the sneakiest characters alive and will lie, and fully believe their lies, to get what they want.

73. Liberals have evil intentions behind those golden words they say that their only want to benefit society.

74. Liberals would amend the freedom of religion right in the Constitution to exclude anything with God in it.

75. Liberals make regular household items into contraband like non-water saving toilets.

76. Liberals flood the system with laws and regulations, that a lawyer can’t keep up with, so they get to fine as many, ignorance of the law, people as possible.

77. Liberals make people forget about what freedom truly means in liberal strongholds.

78. Liberals attempt to pass laws to make everyone follow the crowd, the herd.

79. Liberals expect you to never question authority or them.

80. Liberals want the police to act like Nazi Gestapo of Soviet KGB to be as menacing as possible to install fear of authority.

81. Liberals have no idea or concept of being fair or what justice really means.

82. Liberals automatically label anyone that comes with a non-conforming idea as a radical conspiracy trouble maker.

83. Liberals can publish the names of honest law abiding gun owners, but would call it a civil rights violation if all welfare recipients’ addresses were published.

84. Liberals ultimate tax plan is that you get to keep nothing from your paycheck.

85. Liberals like to blame a certain race for unfair treatment in the distant past of another certain race for why that certain race commits more violent crime now.

86. Liberals want to make cash money illegal, as well as prohibiting owning gold, silver, or any precious metal.

87. Liberals say they can’t stand criminal profiling, but certainly do this with anyone that wants to keep their firearms for protection.

88. Liberals will blindly and automatically accept anything written by a professional as fact.

89. Liberals create restaurant police to make sure you can’t be served what they deem too much or bad for you.

90. Liberals want to abolish states rights and make everything federal.

91. Liberals are extremely radical when it comes to their idealism and capable of real craziness when someone disturbs a bat cave or some mouse’s home.

92. Liberals emphanize words in cutesy manners to make themselves appear less threatening and totally in control.

93. Liberals have little or no morality and behave mostly on animalistic impluses with bizarre weirdness.

94. Liberals want all voting precincts within 500 feet of a welfare office.

95. Liberals will fully support the worst most evil and perverted movies and yet try to take away good honest people’s self defense in real life.

96. Liberals will stand on a soap box over the graves of gunshot victims to further their agenda to disarm everyone.

97. Liberals would be the ones that try to force everyone to have a tracking ID chip implanted into everyone’s hand or head.

98. Liberals fully believe in equal opportunity employment for everyone, as long as they are fellow liberals.

99. Liberals want to classify and have put into mental institutions anyone and everyone that is not a conformist to the liberal control authority.

100. Liberals have no idea the value of money and will spend themselves, their country, the world into complete despair and utter bankruptcy.

This is but 100. There are thousands of other legitimate reasons why liberals have a true stench about them.

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