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    Seismic Window This Week – Junk Science or Legitimate?

    Mac Slavo
    March 20th, 2011
    Comments (31)
    Read by 280 people

    The recent spate of earthquakes and volcanoes around the ring of fire suggest that earth changes are happening right before our eyes.

    The cause is not exactly clear, and numerous theories have emerged. Some suggest we’re dealing with natural occurrences, while others have a more sinister undertone, pointing at man-made causes. In a recent article, offers five of the most popular reasons for why we may be experiencing earth shifting events at a more rapid and widespread pace.

    Considering the sheer size of the planet, and the millions of variables at play, it is quite difficult to put one’s finger on exactly why things are happening. Could it be that today, more than ever before, we have the technology to detect and disseminate information about natural seismic events, making them that much more visible?

    Or, are humans to blame, as several of the possibilities in the aforementioned article suggests? Climate change is one possibility, one that certainly can’t be denied as having instigated earth changes in the earth’s past. Maybe the global warming scientists are right, and polar ice cap melting has something to do with the flotation of the Earth’s crust. Fracking for natural gas, specifically in the area of the New Madrid Fault line could be responsible for the sudden increase in earthquakes in and around Arkansas – we’ve seen an increase from 39 earthquakes in 2009, to over 800 in the last year – and many believe it’s because fracking is causing cracks in the bed rock. Then, of course, there is the possibility of man’s direct  and conscious influence utilizing technological advancements like the HAARP array, which is claimed by the government to be a weather experiment, but has been identified as an electro-magnetic weapons system capable of producing seismic events.

    Even before humans walked the earth, we cannot deny that the earth changed. Continents moved. Land masses froze and thawed. Species were wiped out and replaced by new lifeforms. Nature simply cannot be ignored. A variety of theories suggest that the cyclical nature of earth is to blame. Lunar and solar activity, namely the latter, may have profound implications for earth. Climate change scientists often blame humans for global warming, but it could very well be that the sun is discharging more energy, causing a variety of effects from melting ice caps to an expanding crust. Another possibility, considered fringe by ‘professionals,’ is the pole shift theory, which suggests that as the north and south poles move to new locations, the crust and magnetic fields move with it. Obviously, when entire land masses shift, there are going to be some seismic and volcanic changes.

    Whatever the case, it is evident that there are more powerful earthquakes, happening more often now then ever before (at least since humans have kept accurate records in the last hundred or so years). Something is happening, whether cyclical, man-made or just random. One thing we’ve heard for years from seismic professionals is that earthquakes cannot be predicted. And perhaps they’re right, as it does seem quite difficult to predict exactly when and where the next “big one” is going to hit.

    But one researcher, Jim Berkland, argues that while we can’t know for sure, we can look for natural signs that increase the likelihood of seismic events. He calls this a seismic window, and he’s used it to predict earthquakes for several decades, the most famous of which is his prediction of the “World Series Quake” which struck the Oakland/San Francisco area in 1989.

    According to Berkland, the latest seismic window is now open, and California is the most likely target. While headlines as of late have suggested that California is the certain candidate, Berkland makes it clear that anywhere on the ring of fire, from Mexico to California to Japan, could be where the next one strikes.

    We doubt any forecaster’s ability to predict exactly where and when a quake will occur. But the ability to identify specific natural phenomenon – like tides, lunar cycles, solar cycle, and animal behavior -  that have historically been followed by quakes seems to have merit. While we urge caution in believing every prediction out there, it is clear that there are some events that foreshadow the coming of quakes, and researchers like Jim Berkland seem to have a good grasp of those signs.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 280 people
    Date: March 20th, 2011

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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    1. Goldenfoxx says:

      Comments…..I tend to think that we have instant news and technology to tell the world of natural and unnatural events taking place.  Also the government is having a hard time reeling in the release of bad news to keep people from panicking.  Whether earthquakes are brought on by Haarp or other unknown causes is anyone’s speculation.  I’ve listen to Jim Berklund for several years. While he may be on to something, he had a hard time convincing his colleagues of his earthquake theories. In the meantime, I do live in California and will prepare accordingly.

    2. Randy says:

      For answers, just read the last book of the bible.  Simple enuf…

    3. Dennis says:

      After such a string of events just in this past week, it’s all looking very contrived to me. Let’s start with this. Insiders sold off stock on the oil refinery possibly responsible for this morning’s latest ‘leak’, the NIGHT BEFORE! You have to use your critical thinking during these times. They knew the night before. Strong shades of 9/11 in that action alone. From the Business Insider:
      Then you have Angela Merkel suddenly (and oddly) shutting down (7) of Germany’s nuclear reactors, on the heels of Japan’s events, without a whole lot of rhyme or reason. There’s an agenda there.
      Obama is in South America, with GE’s Immelt, along with various titans of finance and energy at a very interesting time, as the global energy landscape is shifting like crazy, for better or worse. While we maintain our moratorium on US drilling (Which the above event would work in their favor), we continue to support Brazil’s drilling efforts via Petrobras. Who’s majority stakeholder is none other than George Soros.
      Our president has been absent on the Libya issue, until the very end, after the resistance has been steadily worn down. Could it be that Libya holds its billions in our banks here in the US? And he was able to do so AFTER the institution of the Patriot Act in 2001? This is a clear violation of what that act was supposed to guard against. Or is it because Ghaddafi knows where the bodies are buried, since the payoff from Tony Blair, the release of the Pan Am bomber, and Ghaddafi’s received mega-million dollar contracts?
      South Africa’s Weather Service has just enacted an urgent an immediate call to end any further ‘free’ useage or observation of their atmospheric images. You must pay for them now. And you must know exactly what image you’re paying for, taken at what time, etc. How would you know what you’re looking for if you can no longer see it for free? There is an ET or HAARP component to this, I’m sure.
      And NASA has just stated that they will be firing at ‘space junk’ to avoid such collisions with their satellites. The average Joe will think nothing of this, even if we’re firing at ‘something else, maybe not from here’, assuming that it’s for the reasons they said. All about conditioning the masses.
      And still, fallout readings and heat imagery is being suppressed from the public, regarding Japan. Too much in short order. I suggest it’s quite planned, and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. All signs point to the New Madrid fault next.
      Someone has CLEARLY called for the release of the Kracken!

    4. Dennis says:

      Sorry about the double post. Skip the first one. I added Libya’s involvement in the second. And for those that went simply ballistic on my assertions that Chinese troops were both trained and present here in the US by the UN, a recent (several days ago) report came out by eyewitnesses, that Chinese troops were just spotted, in quite some numbers, near Laredo, Texas. Think what you will. This rabbit hole is deeper than any of us may suspect.

    5. Marc says:

      I’m quite sick of all the hysterical doomsday warnings… from the financial collapse supposedly causing riots — to environmental dire quake predictions — the bullshit biblical ‘end of world’ gog and magog bullshit…. for 3 – 4 years I’ve spent whatever little money I could stock piling shit… NOTHING. if it’s going to happen — BRING IT ON NOOOOOW! — Otherwise Now I have a house full of crap that I’ll have to move or dump.  I think it’s all a lot of fear mongering by bored / paranoid people.

    6. Dennis says:

      One more (important) point about Libya. Given the protections we have given Ghaddafi, and the strangely cozy relationship Obama and Reverend Wright have had for the man (in addition to the other factors above), does it not seem extremely strange to anyone that Ghaddafi is still calling Obama ‘A very good man’ as his country is being bombed?
      To me, this is evidence of why he waited so long. Not only a reluctance to against his strange friendship, and make some kind of strong statement against the violence, but some real discussion on saving face with the public and doing something, while giving Ghaddafi the upper hand on his country.
      Hell, we even told him that we weren’t sending ground troops, and we even kept certain, key sites off limits to the bombing!
      This was a very sneaky way to appease the public, while telling Ghaddafi to just go along, and we won’t do any major harm.
      To this day, we are saying that he will likely remain in power. Could this also be why the French took the lead, while we screwed around with details of this orchestration?
      And in the end, why were all of the allies so quick to sign on with this? Seems pre-planned to the max, to me.
      Nobel Peace Prize Prez, my ass. This is the biggest f_ing puppet show this planet has ever seen.
      Good luck to all. And keep your minds open.

    7. Anonymous says:

      I’m quite sick of all the hysterical doomsday warnings… from the financial collapse supposedly causing riots — to environmental dire quake predictions — the bullshit biblical ‘end of world’ gog and magog bullshit…. for 3 – 4 years I’ve spent whatever little money I could stock piling shit… NOTHING. if it’s going to happen — BRING IT ON NOOOOOW! — Otherwise Now I have a house full of crap that I’ll have to move or dump.  I think it’s all a lot of fear mongering by bored / paranoid people.
      The only thing that I loathe are the people inserting God and the Bible into every freaking thread here.  The Jesus freaks are a big turn off – the Bible is the worse indicator and predictor of the future–if anything is a house full of crap it is the later.  Anyone can say that there will be wars and rumors of war and earthquakes in divers places. Whoppppeee DO! Nothing has changed.  LOL! Now we got Jesus freaks predicting May 21, 2011 will be the day of reckoning.  I certainly hope Mac has a blog on that day going.  I’m going to scoff and LMAO!  Maybe then will they STFU!

    8. Goldenfoxx says:

      I’m quite sick of all the hysterical doomsday warnings… from the financial collapse supposedly causing riots — to environmental dire quake predictions — the bullshit biblical ‘end of world’ gog and magog bullshit…. for 3 – 4 years I’ve spent whatever little money I could stock piling shit… NOTHING. if it’s going to happen — BRING IT ON NOOOOOW! — Otherwise Now I have a house full of crap that I’ll have to move or dump.  I think it’s all a lot of fear mongering by bored / paranoid people.
      The only thing that I loathe are the people inserting God and the Bible into every freaking thread here.  The Jesus freaks are a big turn off – the Bible is the worse indicator and predictor of the future–if anything is a house full of crap it is the later.  Anyone can say that there will be wars and rumors of war and earthquakes in divers places. Whoppppeee DO! Nothing has changed.  LOL! Now we got Jesus freaks predicting May 21, 2011 will be the day of reckoning.  I certainly hope Mac has a blog on that day going.  I’m going to scoff and LMAO!  Maybe then will they STFU!

    9. montana mike says:

      Comments…..Have you noticed in the last few days one story after the other is swept out of the headlines, plus some never seem to get the space they deserve.  Everyday I look at the news from a variety of sources.  Since the first of the year wished I had maintained notebook to store these stories as we saw in “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson.  Just the story of the meeting of the titans of world business meeting with Obama would be critical to track going forward.  With the exception of those visiting this site and other similar ones, most just do not care.  They would rather watch ‘Reality TV’ then the reality of events which will have a major effect on their lives.  Be Well

    10. SmokinOkie says:

      Marc- I know what you mean. Sometimes the doom and gloom gets overwhelming. Or my patience wears thin and I wonder if I’ve been wasting my time with all this. I get so burnt out sometimes…What works for me is to change my routine and take a day trip hiking or driving or just visiting friends I haven’t seen for a while. Or I go to the shooting range (which is really just behind my house) and burn up a few boxes of ammo. It keeps me sharp and relieves stress. Nothing better than blowing the crap out of a few targets. A few days later I replace the ammo and get back to my daily rut…Also, when reading anything on the net including my drivel, take it with a grain of salt. As the great philosopher Archie Andrews said “half the lies they tell about me aren’t true.” Plus, 99% of your preps should be stuff you normally do or stuff you’re gonna eventually use regardless. That way you don’t have so much time and $ tied up in stuff that has no value unless armageddon starts. I’m sure you already know all of this. Just want to let you know you’re not alone in questioning why you do all this stuff. Hang in there! The best that could happen is that we never see a true shtf event. In which case I’m having one helluva garage sale! Anybody want to buy a radiation-proof, semi-automatic, thermal insulated, solar powered yak?

    11. youcancallmeray says:

      Oh ye of little faith. What are ye to do when sudden disaster comes. Will you wither away like a blade of grass in the noon day sun?

      For destruction comes in a time you think not.

      Take a look at Japan. (Sudden destruction)

      No whinning please. It will be here soon enough.

      Another thought.

       Sell all you have and give the money to the poor.

      Yea, I didn’t think so.

    12. SmokinOkie says:

      PS to Marc and Goldenfoxx- I am a Christian and I don’t use my religious beliefs as an excuse to ridicule others or to somehow predict the future. I disagree with anyone who says they can predict shtf in 2012 (or any other time) from the bible. My faith IS important to me and I don’t deny it. But the way I see it- eternity is a whole lot more important than today. So my faith does guide me here and now, but more importantly it prepares me for eternity. If you don’t agree with any of that I’m not getting my panties in a wad over it. You have every right to your own opinions. You’d probably say you got your common sense from heredity or evolution or whatever. I’d say it’s “God given common sense.” But either way let’s hope we both have it and use it. As for the May 21 2011 (or was it 2012?) I plan on getting up on May 22 and doing my normal stuff. And June 22…and July 22…
      Also Goldenfoxx- not sure where you are but if it’s anywhere in North America remember, 80% or more of the people here follow some form of Christianity. Granted some of ’em are pretty obnoxious or downright weird but it’s so-called Christianity nonetheless. And we argue among ourselves more than we do with nonbelievers. So you’re gonna encounter those beliefs no matter what topic they’re discussing. If you’re offended by them you’ll just have to realize you are a small minority and you aren’t going to unchristianize the rest. And please don’t forget, not all of us “Jesus freaks” think our bible is a psychic hotline to pinpointing the future!

    13. Anonymous says:

      Your were impressing me until now!  Breath slowly.  It’s just another stage to the next level.  What a ride!  Your not getting combat pay so relax.

    14. Cave Man says:

      I’ve got a mule from Tijuana but he’s not solar powered.  But he’s got a lot of good stories if you know how to listen!

    15. SmokinOkie says:

      Cave Man- I’m all ears!!!

    16. GMAFB says:

      “I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out there isn’t, than live my life as if there isn’t, and die to find out there is.”
      – unknown
      GMAFB – nope, no apologies here

    17. kevin says:

      Comments….. This is obviously junk science, a bunch of fear mongering. We will be long dead from man made global warming WAY before any earthquakes hit our nation. The sea level will rise and cover all those fault lines with many more tons of water, with the added weight from this water, it will hold the faults in place, further more, it has been proven by government funded nasa scientists that these type of events ONLY HAPPEN IN OTHER NATIONS.    WAKE UP PEOPLE!  We MUST stop the green house gases, IT KILLS THE PLANTS!!!!!!!

    18. justin says:

      does anyone know if a FEMA coordinator was in Japan just before the earthquake? I ask this because a fema coordinator was dropped into New Zealand before the Christchurh earthquake. coincidence?

    19. tekroanin says:

      I TALK TO “JESUS” da jew, and “GAWD” every day when I’m taking a dump! And Jesus da jew told me to tell all you bible thumping morons that your gonna die soon from cancer , from being deliberately poisoned by the NWO FALSE FLAG COREXIT plans of the GULF of Mexico and The Jap FUCKUOBAMA Nuke Plants!!!
      Take a look around “Deciples of Gawd!
      If there is a gawd and a real jesus da jew, they sure as hell fcked up earth, worse than a bunch of tequila swilling mexicans moving into the neighborhood!
      JUST REMEMBER this folks of the bible… WTSHTF for real… every asshole with a 12 gauge is gonna be walking the streets looking for food booze and drugs and other things… hint hint… just research katrina and the super dome! LA riots!
      Your local cops are gonna be home protecting their own families!
      So my question is this for you all…
      Who’s gonna protect you???
      A dead jew named jesus and some childs imaginary friend named casper da GAWD!???
      or a Remington 12 Gauge SG and a Remington 700 Rifle??
      I’LL BE GRABBING FOR MY 12 GAUGE SHOT GUN, not my bible!
      “click-clack!” scarious sound in the world at 2am in the morning!
      So just keep thumping your bibles… your life expectancy will be 2 weeks when the real SHTF and it is coming… your government is preparing for it!
      Maybe you should too!
      and to all you gov assholes reading this… FU !!!

      largest crime syndicate in the world is – organized religion!

    20. GMAFB says:

      @tekroanin…I believe in God and Jesus, I have a Bible and a 12 gauge…when you’re in the neighborhood looking for your handout, drugs or booze, drop on by — It will be my pleasure to introduce you personally to each one.
      GMAFB – the idiots on this site are beginning to make it worthless…

    21. GA Girl says:

      I’m proud to be one of the 80%.

    22. Christian38 says:

      “the Bible is the worst predictor and indicator of the future…”

      Wrong. Every prophecy that has been pronounced in the Bible has come true except the last ones about the end of days. They simply haven’t happened YET!

      God is still in control. If i die today, God had that in his plan, and I’ll be better off than i am now. You can’t die one second before or after you’re supposed to.

      I’m not putting the Bible in all this, and you can’t keep God out of all this. He’s here, like it or not. I’m not afraid of the end of the world. I’m afraid of what could happen between now and then!
      May the Love and Peace of God go with you all!

    23. Like I already stated elsewhere, Japan would be well-advised to WAIT before starting major reconstruction efforts in the NE earthquake region of Japan. The probability of the BIG ONE near Tokyo (every 100 years or so) has just increased significantly:
      Relocating Tokyo to another region of Japan would be an excellent move – but, in time (not a lot), NOTHING will avert future earthquake disasters in Japan (and other places). The solar system is approaching Galactic ALIGNMENT and increasing stress can be witnessed on all planets of the solar system – building to the 2012 climax (SEE! the Mayan and Aztec calenders).

    24. Havok says:

      Looking forward to San Fran taking the big dive into the pacific….

    25. cyber_samurai says:

      It doesn’t have to be HAARP. Nicolai Tesla invented a device small enough to fit in a large jacket pocket that, when hooked up to 5 lbs of air pressure could be tuned to create a powerful earthquake. One of these hooked up to a small air compressor and bolted to a large boulder could be enough to trigger a massive quake. Just a thought.

    26. Rather than be instructed by the faux clarity and religious extremism of Smokin Okie, why not consider science as an alternative.  After all, whatsoever is is, is it not?  Smokin Okie’s name-calling and pretentious diatribes notwithstanding.

      Let us examine carefully rather than blindly agree with those who have promulgated the politically convenient, economically expedient, religiously sanctioned, socially agreeable and culturally prescribed “Classical Demographic Transition Model”, based upon a theory that is pernicious because it is willfully misleading human beings with feet of clay regarding the prospect of automatic population stabilization of the human species four decades from now: of  the benign end to global human population growth soon.  The Classical Demographic Transition Theory could be a ruse presented to humankind during my lifetime by ‘expert’ minions of self-proclaimed masters of the universe among us.

      We are routinely presented with plenty of factoids, figures and statistics. Where is the scientifically-driven evidence regarding the population dynamics and unbridled, skyrocketing growth of the human species on Earth?

      As humanity’s most luminous beacon of truth, science provides us with a last best hope for the survival of life as we know it on Earth. We must make certain that scientific evidence is never downplayed, distorted and denied by religious dogma, politics or ideological idiocy.

      Let us not fail for another year to acknowledge extant research of human population dynamics. The willful refusal of many too many experts to assume their responsibilities to science and perform their duties to humanity could be one of the most colossal mistakes in human history. Such woefully inadequate behavior, as is evident in an incredible conspiracy of silence among experts, will soon enough be replaced with truthful expressions by those in possession of clear vision, adequate foresight, intellectual honesty and moral courage.

      Hopefully leading thinkers and researchers will not continue supressing scientific evidence of human population dynamics and instead heed the words of Nobel Laureate Sir John Sulston regarding the emerging and converging, human-driven global challenges that loom ominously before humankind in our time, “we’ve got to make sure that population is recognized… as a multiplier of many others. We’ve got to make sure that population really does peak out when we hope it will.”

      Sir John goes on, “what we want to do is to see the issue of population in the open, dispassionately discussed…. and then we’ll see where it goes.”

      In what is admittedly a feeble effort to help John Sulston fulfill his charge to examine all available scientific evidence regarding human population dynamics, please give careful consideration to the following presentation and then take time to rigorously scrutinize the not yet overthrown science from Russell Hopfenberg and David Pimentel regarding human population dynamics and human overpopulation.

      Please accept this invitation to discern the best available science of human population dynamics and human overpopulation; discover the facts; deliberate; draw logical conclusions; and disseminate the knowledge widely.

      Thank you.
      Steven Earl Salmony
      AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
      established 2001
      Chapel Hill, NC

    27. God, in His Eternal Wisdom, has already figured out how to solve the anticipated problem of human overpopulation (like all other problems) BEFORE it becomes a problem that human scientists CANNOT solve, anyway! The physical universe and its laws, which science tinkers with, is but one realm of reality which constitute God’s universes. When science finds the “Love particle” (if ever), humanity could put Science on a pedestal and worship it. NOT UNTIL THEN! Science cannot even solve the problem which scientists created in Fukushima, right? Hey, WAIT! – maybe Science DID solve the problem of human overpopulation – unwittingly! 😮

    28. PS In other words, don’t waste your time by worshiping the deceptive idol of “Science”. Science has its place – as a practical tool to manipulate the physical universe. It takes hearts filled with God-generated “Love particles” to manipulate it in accordance with God’s Divine order of Things!

    29. Dboy says:

      “The only thing that I loathe are the people inserting God and the Bible into every freaking thread here. ”
      fear leads to the need for a coping mechanism. It doesn’t have to be rational, and it generally isn’t. Expect to see much more of this. A large percentage of people have this flaw. The problem is that the religions that have been cooked up to satisfy this need are often more harmful than the thing that was originally feared. That is s failing by the intellectual establishment, who did not created moral systems simplistic enough to be sold to the masses. So instead of a modern moral system, we are left with blood religions created by desert nomads.

    30. Does today’s 6.8 in Myanmar count? I’m thinking it does.


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