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    Shade: Key Players Have Been Identified, Black Operations Will Be Exposed (Video)

    Mac Slavo
    September 25th, 2012
    Comments (148)
    Read by 17,239 people

    They’ve poisoned our water supplies with hundreds of chemicals, genetically modified our food without thought of long-term ramifications, forced us to inject ourselves and our children with contaminated medications, and have unrelentingly sprayed our skies with deadly toxins.

    Is it so hard to believe that a massive depopulation effort is now underway?

    For hundreds of years an elite group of oligarchs have ruled the land, fueled by a legacy of sex, money, power and greed…

    …in the last 60 years their power has become more consolidated as they have become more organized.

    Their own white papers and other documents show the diabolic plans they have in store for the population.

    Watch the latest Shade trailer:

    This winter, from producers Jason Bermas (Loose Change) and Shepard Ambellas (, we’re going to find out what they’re planning.

    Key players have been identified, black operations will be exposed.

    Don’t miss Shade: The Motion Picture featuring Alex Jones (, Webster Tarpley (, Michael Murphy (, Dan Dicks (, Chris Geo ( Alex Thomas ( and a host of some of the world’s top alternative media researchers.

    Visit the motion picture web site and learn more about the film.

    Click here to subscribe: Join over one million monthly readers and receive breaking news, strategies, ideas and commentary.
    Gas Masks, Filters, Body Suits, Anti Radiation Pills
    Please Spread The Word And Share This Post

    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 17,239 people
    Date: September 25th, 2012

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


    Vote: Click here to vote for SHTF Plan as a Top Prepper Web Site
    1. AnEliteMan says:

      Get this show on the road and let the heads roll!!!

      • Yellow Sub Pilot says:

        I think it is a great idea to have my rain water tested.

        I probably shouldn’t plan to rely on it to grow my food without sufficient filtering unless things are really dire.

        I’m almost afraid to see what’s in it. 🙁

        • DRD5508 says:

          Mac, should be quoted in the film also. I just hope people don’t get overwhelmed with all the data.
          Good reminder Mac, thanks,

        • SterlingSilver says:

          Well, I suppose that if they are engineering my rainwater, then they have a right to tell me that its not mine and I cannot collect it off my roof

        • Vicky says:

          Same here. My husband and I are in the age group born almost immediately after WW2, and all the nuclear testing and bombing going on in those months. We have lost so many contemporaries, and I have always assumed it must have had something to do with the timing of birth. Now, however, I’m wondering WTF because so many others of all ages are getting the strange symptoms and diseases. So far, my husband and I are both healthy, but so many aren’t. I did have our water tested and while it’s not that great, I didn’t see anything too unusual. Maybe I wouldn’t, however. Who should I be looking for?

        • Don’t forget to have it tested for radiation. Fukushima was releasing it before the earthquake and has continued to release it in the air and sea which mixed with the air as it crosses the Pacific and then rains down on us. Woods Hole Oceanographic Insitute took readings and determined that Fukushima had released far more than was told to the public and continued to release or leak it into the air and water. It is estimated that these “leaks” continue to this day. The estimates put it far far higher than Chernobyl.
          Go to Youtube and type in: “Theory of Fukushima” 1/31/12. It is only 12:36min and you will see a man outside with a tree behind him. Pay attention to what he says. It ties the earthquake, HAARP and the nuclear energy industry togeather in a very interesting theory.

      • Gods Creation says:

        Everybody who comes here already knows what they have done, and will continue to do. They don’t even hide it anymore.

        The only question remaining to be answered is when will they be stopped by their victims? Why doesn’t someone provide the true names and addresses of these megalomaniacs so those wanting to put an end to it can do so?

        It is pointless to continue exposing what they are doing unless we expose EXACTLY who is doing it and where they can be found.

        • Watchdog says:

          @ GC…. I second your thought.
          Something has to be done and fast.
          Need to wake the sheeple up.

        • durango kidd says:

          It is not hard to find out anything and everything about anyone using online sources; particularly the PTB.

          Databases work both ways. Create your own.

        • don't tread says:

          I hate to say it GC, but it’s gone too far too turn back now. We can sit and talk and plan all day but it won’t change the “big” picture. The big picture is playing out before our very eyes.

          Two weeks ago I posted that we were beginning the 100 day count down to 12/21/’12. As posted, Ive been documenting major stories/events as they unfold and a lot of shit has surfaced; economically,politically,religiously, and educationally. The four “hidden” dynastyies. Not only here in America, but around the globe. Especially the Middle East.

          Many want to think positive about things “turning around” back to the way things where and could be again. I agree, and try to think positive, but I still get these little feelings and inclinations that things must get a lot worse before they can get better. Who would have ever thought, that as a christian society, we would put up with a sadist on TV praising and rallying support for a “black muslim in the Whitehouse”, as she put it.
          Fifty years ago the nation of America would have been outraged at her language and there would have been an uproar over this crap being thrown into the faces of our children. Now she is applauded for such obscene language. The “material girl” needs to change her material.

          Anyways, the most “revealing” information for me has come to light as being more spiritual/religious in nature. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse has a “new” and better understanding for me. I’ll share and others can decide for themselves.

          In Revelation Chapter Six, the seals are being opened. I’ve heard and understood many differences of opinion on the subject. God uses symbology to help us understand and to “make known” when the timing is right. I now see and believe the fourth seal has been opened and we have advanced to the stage of the fifth. This is why…..
          Horses in the Bible represent powers and nations and kingdoms. The first horse being white, represents the Holy Roman Empire by the Pope wearing white and, “a crown given to him” and to “go forth conquering”; this is symbolic of the old Roman Catholic church and the new, “revived Roman Empire”, the EU. Catholicism.
          The second horse is red, as in the “red” or communist nations as they try to “take peace from the earth” with a “sword”. Sword, being many peoples willin to die for their military/government which have much “nuclear” weaponry. Russia,China,N Korea. The Red Nations.
          The third horse is black and is representative of democracy. The nations of democracy try to balance power with government and the people as the government, or as it should be. The scales of justice. The ideaology of democracy for the world has caused much bloodshed. The superpower of superpowers has used that ideology to invade and kill and cause much sorrow. USA.(the government war machine) not the Christian Americans.
          The fourth horse is a pale horse with a rider of “Death and Hell following”. With “power” given to “them” over a fourth part of the earth. This always puzzled me in what it means in reference to the other three horses. Most say it is a reference to Satan as the rider and his spirit to bring death upon a fourth of man thru the animals of the earth. It never really lined up. Now I see why. The word “pale” was translated from the original greek word that is meant for the color “green”. Since no green horses were ever seen by the English translators, they went with the other definition which is “a pale yellow” and used pale. What color most identifies with the Islamic Nations flags? What nations have the most,suicide deaths for their countries religion? What is the most preferred way to kill their perceived enemies? With the “sword”. There is no doubt in my mind that the fourth horse represents the Islamic nations of the world.

          Their current uprisings and protests of death to America and Israel has all the world watching with dreaded anticipation of what they will do next. Where will their next victims come from? They are trying to hold the World hostage with their threats and their beasts (demonic spirits) that they have posted around the world. I see a lot of death in the near future centering around these “Islamic” extremeists. God help us.

          • JasonS says:

            “They are trying to hold the World hostage with their threats and their beasts (demonic spirits) that they have posted around the world. I see a lot of death in the near future centering around these “Islamic” extremeists. ”

            Sorry, which country threatens countries around the World and causes the most wars and death? The good ol’ US of A.

          • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

            Dont Tread:..Sounds kinda sensible but that Black Horse and scales aint about “Justice or democracy”….It states a Days wages for One loaf bread….And a measure of wheat(?) for??? Cant recall from memory now.

            But that black horse is definatly about Famines in world.

            ALSO: Most TV preachers today say the word “Beast’s” of the earth refers to “Animals” both domestic and wild.

            I disagree. At Least Two areas in Bible mention “Beast” and definatly refere to the Beast like or beastly Tribes decended down from Cannan or cannanites.

            It aint too PC today but like it or not its a reference to Africans as we today call decendents from cannanites tribes. Several others tribes are also mentioned in same context.

            If you consider that talmude verses calls “Gentiles” Animals and Cattle and Less than animals but a little higher than Insects etc. It makes alot more sense it aint talking about “Real” animals of the earth.

            Theres a whole lots of africans and arabs and other groups that breed like theres no tommorow. Plenty enough to kill off one Fourth of people eh.

            So, lets see now?..Whos group was 35% worlds pop totals back in 1900 era(aprox pop##’s) and Today in 2012 is aprox 6-8% total world pop?…GEE! thats them white folks!

            Who is hated more and by more groups and Blamed more for all them groups problems?..GEE! its…White Folks agaiin!

            Who else will make up rest of that 1/4th?….Time will tell I rekon. Probobly all others from various races or groups who also are true believers eh.

            It wont be jews though…99.9% do NOT believe as christians do. And my bibles shows Zero “Special Plans” or Free passes for the “Chozens”..

            My bible says All who Believe in Jesus Christ and all He did etc is cool. There IS No other way or plan period. Believe or not..No middle ground or special plans of God as TV preachers on the Take($$$) keep spewing of. Not for any group even jews. One way is all it is. Everybodys got equal choice to accept or not.

          • GOP4EVER says:

            @JasonS: You’re an idiot if yoi think the US has caused the most destruction. Go read ANY history book, take some Haldol (for your delusions) then come back…………..

          • don't tread says:


            The famine you speak of is reserved, or spoken of, with the same description as the “Islamic” countries. 95% of all the Muslims live in northern Africa or eastern Asia. Where is most of the hunger and starvation; sickness and disease, associated with lack of proper nutrition. The oil rich Islamic countries would be in the same boat as the Africans if it were not for Good ole USA feeding their coffers with Petro dollars and filling their grainery with American grown food. Can’t grow much in pure sand.

            The … “measure of wheat for a penny” …. three measures of barley… hurt not the wine and oil”…verse; I believe, is in reference to the economics of democracy which is “capitalism”/free markets. The exact opposite is socialism which is directly associated with communism. The bible verses ring of commodities exchange and stock markets. Notice how everything seems to go all to hell if the stock market suddenly drops a 1000 points or more. Even people with no investments in stock certificates get in on the “depression” associated with that scenario.

            The “one fourth” of killing off,is not as Arabs/Muslims killing whites. To the contrary, it is in reference to their way of life by using the “sword” to cut off heads.
            Their on going threats to kill “all” whites/Americans and Israelies is going to be their “own” undoing. The muslim population in the world now is somewhere around 1.3 to 1.8 billion, or one fourth of the population. It is their populations that make up a “fourth of the earth” and by their mindset(mostly their leaders) they are the ones in jeopardy of “death and Hell”.
            God’s covenant was with the tribes of Israel and “any” or “whosoever will” that want to have salvation thru Jesus Christ. There are more Christians and descendants of the original tribes in western Europe and North America than anywhere else on earth. We have always been a “blessed” people, as long as we keep that covenant. For example: A life long Muslim reads the KJV Bible and decides that is the right path, accepts Jesus, and prays for forgiveness; He or she is immediately brought into the “fold” and is one in the same. Even ole Saddam Hussein could have been in the fold, the body of Christ. We don’t know what was in his mind before he gave up the ghost.That’s between him and the Father.

            To lop off another human’s head with a sword, just because they don’t, or won’t, follow the teaching’s of Mohammed; is not the religion of God Almighty. It is not a religion of “peace and brotherly love”.

            God, the Father of Abraham,Isaac, and Jacob, will bring about the destruction of evil. According to prophecy, a third of the world’s population will soon be killed. If the war that brings that about, is centered around the river Euphrates; It is all within the “fifth seal”, the one that is soon to be opened; who do you think will be the majority that make up that 2.3 billion?
            This is one long(gone)haired country boy that ain’t gonna be there.

          • Anonymous says:

            I wonder if perhaps the color green is symbolic of the changes that have been implements under the umbrella of global warming??????? There are, and will be, many changes and much death to humanity being justified by the NWO under the guise of saving the planet.

        • Prepping Preacher says:

          in principle, i totally agree but the real power-mongers are well hidden, well fortified and well protected in every conceivible way… they would never nor will they ever voluntarily expose themselves and with the multiple layers of cover they’ve arranged for themselves, finding them without inside information is impossible…

          • AnonLegion says:

            Slightly long read but this is the spoek about portion of the NDAA in topic. Do not let the “restrictions” wording at the top here confuse you 🙂 read deeper in.

            (a) PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.—The Secretary of Defense may not
            conduct (directly or by contract)—
            (1) any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical
            agent or biological agent on a civilian population; or
            (2) any other testing of a chemical agent or biological
            agent on human subjects.
            (b) EXCEPTIONS.—Subject to subsections (c), (d), and (e), the
            prohibition in subsection (a) does not apply to a test or experiment
            carried out for any of the following purposes:
            (1) Any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical,
            therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or
            research activity.
            (2) Any purpose that is directly related to protection against
            toxic chemicals or biological weapons and agents.
            (3) Any law enforcement purpose, including any purpose
            related to riot control.

            *Admin edited to shorten length. Read the rest at:

            NDAA of 1988 public law 105-85 Section 1078. Rather interesting how the NDAA seems to bring about alot of bullshit that has really nothing to do with the defenses of the united states.

          • Anonymous says:

            ahhh yes they are hidden well but let us all remember what is done in the darkeness shall be seen in the light

          • Anonymous says:

            We DO KNOW who they are. And they DO come out of hiding to attend meetings etc. There IS opportunity to thank them for all they have done for us.

        • VRF says:

          I have many times asked for a list published of who the “players” are.
          and have it posted here for all to see.
          Its so covienient that they have their list of who they are watching, but we dont have a list of who they are and where they are.

          If there was a piublished list of names and addresses, maybe they wouldnt be so dam cockey

          I e-mailed Mac about publishing a list, and I never heard a word about it.
          many people here thaat read that post voted yes for it

          • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

            I saw a list but it was just the main fed reserve players etc. JP morgan-Golmansahcs etc..It wa the top main key people and had full names phone##’s and a few address’s also. But None of the very top elite ones.

            But even without top few members, if say sombody made the Lesser honchos jobs too risky so to speak?…What good is an emprie of evil if nobodys willing to risk working for it?

            PS I think(?) that list was at Incogman website. He has tons of such info and catagories, easy to search for it there.

          • Freight85 says:

            Heres one list I found:

            Chantilly, Virginia, USA
            31 May-3 June 2012

            *Admin Edit – shortened post. Read the list in full at:

            Author, Columnist, The Wall…

        • Indio says:

          Also where do the planes land? And where do they take off from, and is there a large enough caliber rifle or weapon to shoot them down with? We need to stop talking and typing and get out and do something about this. You only have this life what are you leaving behind for your kids, that you were cowards and did nothing to stop them?

    2. grrrrrrrrrr says:

      A Hard Rains A-gonna Fall

    3. copperhead says:

      I’m so afraid we will not see this movie this winter, because we very well will be liveing it. Thats just me

    4. eppe says:

      Cocked, locked, and ready to rock, doc

    5. EAT the RICH says:

      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 2012

      *It’s time AmeriKa had a Real Leader as ZOG Puppet Prez !

      EAT the RICH

    6. Watchdog says:

      Their day is coming…with a taste of their own medicine.

    7. KY Mom says:

      They have such ‘wonderful’ plans for us…Agenda 21

      • Tex says:

        Your an absolute space cadet m’aam !

        • She’s right. Never dismiss out of hand something this serious without looking into it. Look into Agenda 21 – it’s supposed to be implemented over a 50 year period but they are progressing quickly – it’s happening now. Yes, it will affect everyone, even you.

        • Gregory8 says:

          Tex” You can’t go around telling paranoid lunatics that they’re mad-as-a-hatter and not expect some blowback. People love their conspiracy theories because it helps expain why their lives are out of control. Agenda 21, HAARP, chemtrails, Nabiru/Planet X, are all fun along with UFOs, Bigfoot, and Ghost Hunters, but none of it’s real. There is no credible science behind any of this. Are the skies, water, and land being polluted by large corporation, yes. That has been scientifically proven but the reat of this stuff out there is just conjecture. They’ll denounce me as well and point to this or that website where the “truth has been exposed” by ‘researchers’ whom TPTB have tried to silence, etc. The greater the conspiracy the more the crazies believe in it. Tex, just watch the fun, I’ve just thown a peice of meat to a bunch of hungry wolves and they’ll attack now haha!

          • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

            Xactly what I expect from a lifetime cop now an ex cop. Typical Blowhard spew. Did he ever go READ the massive proof of agenda21?…Such as at the United Nations Own website?…No of course not! If he did read proof hed be forced to Admit hes full of crap. Sounds alot like a Liberal dem to me.

            Or perhaps read of Rio summit 1994?…Or how Klinton used exec orders to force ALL fed agencys under prez control to begin implemention envirowhacko policys aka agenda21, that BUSH#1 orig. signed along with most other heads of state back in 1991? BUSH#1 is who got the ball rolling.

            Klinton was all too eager to comply. Yet Gregory8 refuses to act like hes got a brain. Just dismiss it all as fake. I bet you was a real winner as a cop!

          • jayjay says:

            Gregory—take a look at this satellite view. No!!
            Those aren’t chemtrails, right??
            We are conspiracy theorists?? Oh, I know; someone painted those in the sky!!!

          • Gregory8 says:

            AngeloM: always good to hear from the number one cadet at Star Fleet Academy. Tell me midshipman, is it really the UN or is it a bigger conspiracy from the Dominion out of the Delta Quadrant going for total destabilization before the invasion? This whole Agenda 21 could have galactic implications.

      • Zoltanne says:

        The UN Agenda 21 is actually here in places across the US. Portions of the agenda are being implemented through Planning & Zoning departments. Oftentimes, the actual wording has literally been copied into some of these County documents and getting passed off as “comprehensive planning” — check your own county’s plan to see if they have begun to implement Agenda 21.

        Here in Virginia it is occurring and part of this Agenda is to buy future development rights of farm land (this gets the attention of farmers who can keep their land for now but get cash for it by selling ‘futures’ on it).

          • Gregory8 says:

            Jayjay: Fine pal, then show me the chemical analysis from a credible lab with a complete breakdown of the chemicals in these “clouds”. I say they’re primarily condensed water vapor mixed with a little jet fuel, as would be expected from jet engines at very high altitudes. If you’ve got something else, then show it. Otherwise it’s just nut-job conspiracy talk.

        • CJMartel says:

          TPTB can come up with all manner of “agendas”, but let’s face facts, they cannot, as of yet, remove land and take it with them. Agenda 21 is bad yes, however the UN will hold no sway when things get crazy, as they ultimately will, lots of luck trying to find a cop to enforce this crap.

        • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

          Go read about 4 or 5 eastern counties in TENN. At newswithviews web site…Writers name is Kellieg? or something like that.. She has a several part ongoing article NOW about various scams all over eastern Tenn. and it is 100% agenda21 crap all the way.

          They are screwing all tenn citizens who Now are legit owners of tenn water rights, All of tenn water rights is Theirs. Not for much longer though!

          I notice several folks Here live in Tenn areas so you may want to read about it soon eh. Not good at all.

          I dont add links cause it slows down posts. Easy to find though. Newswithviews website Kellieg Nelson(?) she has Tons of Proof and totally Documented evidence etc even Gregory8 cannot Deny!!! Which is Precicely why He wont go read it!!!!!……Cops who reject Evidence! hah hah! whats new?

        • REB says:

          Well…some can deny its real but its hard to dismiss when they talk about it at the local township meetings and force it on us in a previously unzoned township and specificly call it “Agenda 21 Sustainable Development”….I guess theyre just coincidently using the words and names of these programs as they (try to)tell me what I can/cant do on my land now,which by the way they now understand in no uncertain terms I wont be observing! What can I say?…”Live free or die tryin”

        • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

          GREG8 if you get hammered by agenda21, agendas and epa etc?…Just call for a COP to help ya at 1-800-Dunkin Donuts…..Maybe they have actually read the real facts on it and will help.

    8. you don't need to know says:

      Blue pill anyone???

    9. Satori says:

      shocked I tell you
      just shocked
      (sarcasm off now)


      CorpGov Lied: Chem-Sprayed Civilians in the 1960’s

      Think the chemtrail crowd is wrong? New research being unveiled today says that indeed, the Army spray unknowing civilian populations with dangerous chemicals from 1945 to 1970. The research paper is publicly available here and here’s the summary:


      This piece analyzes a covert Manhattan Project spin-off organization referred to here as the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition, and an obscure aerosol study in St. Louis, Missouri, conducted under contract by the U.S. military from 1953–1954, and 1963–1965. The military-sponsored studies targeted a segregated, high-density urban area, where low-income persons of color predominantly resided. Examination of the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition and the St. Louis aerosol studies, reveal their connections to each other, and to a much larger military project that secretly tested humans, both alive and deceased, in an effort to understand the effects of weaponized radiation. Through this case study, the author explores how a large number of participants inside an organization will willingly participate in organizational acts that are harmful to others, and how large numbers of outsiders, who may or may not be victims of organizational activities, are unable to determine illegal or harmful activity by an organization. The author explains how ethical and observational lapses are engineered by the organization through several specific mechanisms, in an effort to disable critical analysis, and prevent both internal and external dissent of harmful organizational actions. Through studying the process of complex organizational deviance, we can develop public policies that protect the public’s right to know, and construct checks and methods to minimize the chance of covert projects that are contrary to societal norms.”

      The report says officials looked at multiple cities for teststing but “Of those,St. Louis and Minneapolis were selected as they both “met the desired summer temperature range”.

      So comes now the question when government officials say “Trust us!” Should we? Or is this a pretty conclusive case of “Fool me once, shame on me…”?”

      • REB says:

        …..So comes now the question when government officials say “Trust us!” Should we? Or is this a pretty conclusive case of “Fool me once, shame on me…”?”Satori…NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER,EVER TRUST ANYONE OR ANYTHING FROM THE GOVERNMENT OR THEIR CORPORATE SPONSORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!…so now class; should we trust the govicorp?… (as barry the kenyon interloper likes to say)…let me be clear…NO!NO! NO! NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER!!!…am I clear???… 🙂

    10. possee says:

      This is news today????

      Where the hell has everyone here been for last few years?

      For cripes sake..

      Many of us have been touting about fluoride,chem-trails,HAARP,vaccinations,Agenda 21,Georgia Guidestones,GMO’S etc etc for quite some time and only get dissed by the obvious morons who still drink the left/right paradigm koolaid on a daily basis that still frequent this site every day..

      The more I visit this site and post comments or read them

      the more I wish for manos,Daisy,Burt,nina o..or the red queen ,beinformed,and so many others who already understand this bullshit has been in place for quite some time..

      Wake the fuck up ..

      It is real..

      Alex Jones is a shill who bombast’s his prowess..

      unfortunately..he is correct..despite his ego..


      • Anton Hackl says:

        Correct, but remember Lenin’s favorite saying, it goes thus:

        “The best way to control the opposition, is to own it”

        Think for yourself, folks. Read, analyze the data, embrace that which is truth & discard the rest.

        Damn good post, Possee…thumbs up!

      • John Q. Public says:

        Because Alex is surrounded by and funded by tribal members, he will always stop short of the full truth.

        • So which is he, a shill or funded by “tribal members”? Actually, he has to advertise to fund his program, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

          Alex pulls no punches with his reporting, the opposite of stopping short of the truth. His show is just about the only place you can find so much truth. He’s talking about selling his house to be able to keep people informed after the coming collapse when people won’t be able to afford to sponsor or purchase anything from him. If you listen to his show daily, you will be able to discern that his heart is in the right place. He’s not perfect, but I do believe he’s as trustworthy as they come.

          • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

            LT: Alex always ends up placeing ALL blame for all stuf on Evil “Nazis”…Be it former stuf, Or current today topics or agendas. Always it is nazis.

            Totally refuseing to name names of the Real culprits for fear of them jews is Not telling 100% truth and Facts period.

            There are now Many other sites who Do tell it all and do Not fear anyone or groups etc. Try a few you may be suprized at how little alex really reveals.

            How can you fight an enemy unless you Know who or What it is exactly?…Hint! You cant!

            PS if you phone into alex’s show?…Remind him 99% of ALL Nazis is Dead now!….The only thing remaining is countless and ever Growing list of holyhoax “survivors” scheeming for free cash from “German” folks.

            That list will never end! Grows exponentialy every Day!

            Just ask…..Alex.

          • John Q. Public says:

            Read how Alex Jones runs interference for some of the worst among the genocidal Zionist banksters:

      • ncprepper says:

        I woke up about a year ago this month, have been prepping like a bitch in heat ever since, dont give up on humanity, it is a lot to swallow and take in. Most people dont want to except the truth and face what is going on, my brothers are non believers, my girl friend says the more I read and listen to this stuff the more I creat it, but guess what, Its up to me to prep for all of us even though I get angry with them, I know they will be here with me when it happens. I wont say I told you so, but I will put a shovel or dish towel or weapon or radio watch on their ass when the time comes, I will need them as much as they will need me and my minor amount of preps. Its impossible to prep that much with such a short wake up call but I wont quit and yes I will stand next to or with any of you to defend our country. thank you all for showing me the light. Im scared shitless and prepping hard.

      • slingshot says:

        Consider this senario.

        Radio station host has solid information that there will be an attempt to cull half the population of nation by the introduction of the second part of a binary biochemical agent system. The first part being introduce by innoculation of the general public through flu vaccines. Time till despersal of secondary agent is 72 hours.
        Radio talk show host calls for an armed invasion of Washington D.C.

        What do you think is going to happen?

        • TheGuy says:

          What, 72 hours from when? Now?

          LOL well then we’re all f*cked. It’s been fun.

        • Zoltanne says:

          Considering that scenario, Facebook and Twitter will show increased activity for the remainder of the day, then bedtime at 11.

          • slingshot says:

            You got it right, Zoltanne.
            Just about nothing will happen except the radio host gets arrested. Things have been happening for years and while I did put an urgent time limit, it was just laughed off. No offense taken. Who takes anything seriously. Even chem trails. Only the ones that have had it done to them and the rest. :pssssssst. Forget about our warnings, People don’t want them. The Wake the Fuck up, moment is when people start to keel over in the streets or tanks in our driveways. For the record. I never dismissed what Coccopuff Crackhead said. Took it with a grain of salt as his comments were very aggressive, but never dismissed them. Anyhow I guess someday we will see how this all plays out and who was right.

          • Zoltanne says:

            Cocopuff becomes Frosted Flakes becomes Wheat Chex becomes Wheaties Breakfast Of Champions, here among us now. Shape shifter, same box, different AmeriKan label. lol

        • jayjay says:

          See, this is what scares me–what if that crap they spray is really a reactionary element for the chloride or whatever is in our water–and yes, those flu shots millions take yearly, or the vaccines our children take.
          I still think ‘they’ create those H1N1, bird flu, swine flu, and such to push us to take the vaccine.

      • jason from mars says:

        NOBODY wants to be the next headline,, saying…Domestic terrorist stopped in their tracks,,he went to infowars and shtf and survivalblog,, all dot coms..we all will be nothing more than headlines

      • John Carter from Mars says:

        Good post Posse. However, I feel it pointless trying to get people to “wake up” There are many who remain asleep, simply because they choose to remain that way. Either they don’t want to wake up, or they are too blind to see, or maybe they are just afraid of the consequence to being awake.
        It’s up to the few who are awake and those who are willing to stand up for what’s right, that will make any difference. All that’s needed is for someone to make the first move and announce defiantly that “He’s Spatikis” the rest will follow …. Even the ones pretending to still be asleep

        • AnonLegion says:

          We will wait til it is too late to do anything to do anything. We will finally have unity when we all unite in a fema camp. No one will stand up because, just like you or I they feel they will be standing alone. And if they have a small grp they will be made to look like a cult. We need everyone to stand everywhere.

      • old school says:

        damn possee been wanting to do what you just did for awhile,,thanks,,,,,need more of it,time to stop the damn talk and take action

        a snake eater said that

      • jayjay says:

        Well, possee, yes, but what of the one reader or maybe 12 or 15 readers that don’t know and have had their heads up their butts for the last 20 years??
        These writings are for them.
        Thanks, Mac, for this topic if it even opens one eye, and that eye opens another.

    11. QuantumBubbler says:

      Apparently a lot of them work for the EPA:

      I guess a lot of them work for many of the 3 letter agencies. They must sit around wondering ‘What am I going to do today at my so-called job?’

      The only way they will be fired is for a total fail of the US dollar!

      Keep stacking!

    12. I was in Tinley Park, IL. on Monday around 8 AM going to work. I have never seen so much blatant spraying (chemtrails) in my life. All going east to west. There were other planes in the sky, roughly same altitude, and left nothing.

      When I showed two co-workers, one just shrugged his shoulders, the other claimed they were “older jet engines.” I’m 58, and I have NEVER seen anything like that in my lifetime.

      • lil bit says:

        @ JR-We’re in the same area and I’ve been noticing them all week-east/west- but still-so many think they’re just planes. After all-why would they be spraying anything BAD?? Older jet engines???? At that altitude? Doing what? Transporting passengers? Doing surveillance? What you need to do is print out info and leave it laying around-

      • jayjay says:

        Oh, only shrugged shoulders, JR??
        Try explaining why there are NO flight patterns criss-crossing for 4 months and then, one day 10 planes decide to fill the skies all day with those criss-crosses!!!
        And why the streak coming from the plane is coming from the tail of the plane, not the engines on the wings??
        And why the stream is not steady, but intermittent, or how that contrail stops and starts again if it is ice crystals???

      • Freight85 says:


        I can’t remember the exact day now but it wasnt more than a week ago. However, hear in Los Angeles I got a vicious headache from the spraying here. I have never seen them spray like that before. I look in the sky daily,not like the sheeple. Also, less than about two weeks ago the same thing happened in Fresno,CA. Stripes everywhere then the entire sky was white you couldnt see a speck of blue.

    13. David says:

      98% of the civilized worlds logic > [I will believe what the government want me to believe.]

    14. The Red Queen says:

      “A prudent man foresees the coming evil, and hides himself: but the simple minded man pass on, and are punished.” – Proverbs 22: 3


    15. Unreconstructed Southron says:

      Should be entertaining to watch…

      …for those in the camps.

    16. The Red Queen says:


      by Enoch

      The soldiers of the global communist conspiracy are on the march. There is tension in the air, a static type of electricity pregnant with meaning to those who can see the malevolent forces lurking beneath the surface.

      Some would say this is the most dangerous time in the history of mankind. Over 7 billion people populate the Earth. Technological advances allow for mass brainwashing on a level never before seen in human existence. Psychotic delusion is reaching stratospheric levels.

      The few clearheaded patriots in America correctly discern that the nation is teetering on the precipice, gazing out into the abyss beneath us. All it takes is one careful nudge by the appropriate dark forces. All that matters is when.

      The United States in late 2012 is not dying, it is dead. It is not going bankrupt, it is insolvent. Two economic prophets in particular have been predicting a devastating crash for years. The fiercely independent financial prognosticator Peter Schiff authored a book entitled “The Real Crash“, arguing that it is only a matter of time before America undergoes a catastrophic economic Great Depression. Schiff argues persuasively that the recent economic history of the U.S. has been one of the government creating bubbles which subsequently crash and burn.

      We are on the last bubble, according to Schiff. The debt bubble. The government currency bubble. This is truly the final stage for any nation, when it is so badly in debt that it’s terrified of balancing its budget and resorts to either destroying its currency or being forced into bankruptcy by its creditors.





    17. Ranch says:

      I’ll watch it with a skeptical eye. Sounds like a classic deal where they identify most of the real problems facing America, and get everyone riled up, then place the blame on whoever The Chosen Ones want sheeple to hate.

      I’ll never forget the Michael Weiner Savage routine where he gets his listeners all riled up about how media ownership is all consolidated into just a few biased hands who are screwing the nation, then when I expect him to name names he says wealthy muslims control our media!! No joke I wish I had it on record.

      Is this film is a bunch of Glenn Beck tards who don’t know their head from their #ss?

      • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

        Ranch:…I got dish network satalite tv because I’m very rural and nothing else exists here. A week ago I noticed on CH. 212 its got a new Glen Beck “The BLAZE” tv/radio shows network on 24/7!

        Unbelievable. Beck has xact same setup as when at fox tv. His entire crew which is alot of people on various radio and tv shows are at least 80% tribe!

        And becks usual crying or nearly crying and all his other antics has only gotten way moreso!

        NonStop Projew-pro isreal-fear mongering of sharia and islamics. And Yes I too heard Savage rant on how evil msm is owned lock stock and barrel by arabs muslims!!!!!!!!!!

        Yeah with names such as Goldstien-Fiendstein-Goldberg-Silverberg-Mayer-Goldman-Goldwin-All Islamic muslim Arabs folks!!!

        The evil muslims have Stolen jews names!! just to Fool Youse all!…What next?…Arabs is who owns fed reserve banks too?!!

        Every radio or tv msm type neocon repub jew is NO diferent than Dem Kommie libs tv radio jews. Two Huge mafias of criminals fighting for total kontrol of it all.

        Wont matter which wins.It then goes back to International Jewery. No gentiles counts. Wait till beck-O’Rielly-Hannity et al finds out how as is Always the case with Kommies, folks who are gentile enablers with power to convince the masses etc are the main First group headed to the Wall in front of a Fireing squad of…Yids!

        They(gentile fools like beck) think lots of money and gold and “stuf” will insulate themselves from it all!

        I bet beck Lost alot of followers after his scam to get 1/2 million “tea” party types to go to DC last year, for his phony Restore america crap scam.

        Recall that? Beck Refused to say what exactly it would be about…But show up anyways and we/He will “Play it by Ear”!

        Yeah right…It all was such a coincidence that so Many Rabbis-sara P.- HAGGEE! and tons of black tv preachers was there. All becks scam was about a huge massive Pro MLK(Martin LOOTER King) and Pro-Isreal/jews Woship Praise session!!

        You should hear beck Now! I swear he believs he is an “apostle” sent by God to single handedly “restore” all things in america And of course…Isreal!

        I think its called a Masiah Complex(?) Whatever it is Beck has it in Spades!

        Not certain if true?…I read that Mormons actually believe after emerging from babtizim water dunk, that their Blood Magically Changes into real jewish dna blood!

        I wonder if thats what beck meant when still at fox tv and showed his ads for upcoming Restore isreal gig, when beck kept repeating that He is a jew now! and Now we are ALL jews! so Stand with isreal etc…..If mormons believe that dna blood stuf?…Becks rants at telaviv or whatever makes alot more semce eh.

        I for one aint buying that mormon=christian. At least Not acording to my bible new testement. I read their book of mormon a guy passed out awhile ago. Wasnt same as my bible though….I aint knocking mormons personally…I just refuse to think of it as They does is all.

        • Ranch says:

          Nice to see your post Mysterio. Thanks.

          Glenn Beck went through a bizarre change about a year ago (?) where every third word was israel. It was surreal what he did, I almost wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that maybe he knew he couldn’t wake up Americans to the real criminals behind the curtain (because he’d be fired instantly) so he pulled a stunt where he went totally overboard praising our enemy in the hopes that people would start scratching their heads and think for themselves. He did something like that with 9/11, he viciously attacked anyone who had even the slightest notion of investigating it.

          Alas we are hosed as a nation because we’ve reached a state where not just the media is under total control but the military is nothing but an attack dog for israel (paid for by debt slaves). And few people “get it” but it does seem that more are awakening.

          • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

            Ranch: Yes I too tried give beck bennifit of doubt. Face facts though. If he read Even a Single book that he shows on tv and he shows aprox 50-100 old books all about trotsky/lennin/Kommies/Russia 1918 era etc etc…

            If he read Just One of them books?..Beck KNOWS! Once he did get fired from fox, he could have easily gone Solo since I read he earned in 2010 32 Million from tv/radio/1/2dozen best seller books!

            Imagiane if Hannity-orielly-Palin-Beck join forces and with several hundreds of million dollars between them, they could rent a rose bowl stadium!

            Like pastors does and awaken the messes pronto. So what if yid owned msm wont hire em again?…They need More money?!!

            They ALL got their heads so Deep up jewass it aint funny.

            Besides… all the pro isreal or pro jew types a question ok…IF no evil crap is going on and if all msm owned by 99% jew owners and jews is so rightous etc WHY do they Threaten to fire or Worse(JFK style?) all others who even question ANYTHING jew or isreal?

            What is it they all tells Us folks?..Oh yeah! Ifin ya gots nothing to Hide?…What are you so worried of?!

            They are worried all right! Worried that like 109 Nations Prior to usa, americans WILL learn factual Truths and become the 110th nation to BOOT EM OUT!

            Then it begins anew…Jews cry and whine “OyVey! we are Sooooo innocent of all wrong doings! why oh why is everybody hateing us so much?!”

            If a person told You he or she went to 109 Bars so far since age 21, and every fucking bar Threw that person Out on their ASS…..And You asked Why what was reason booted out 109 times from every single bar ever went to?

            If That person told you…”Gee I dont know why! I NEVER did anything wrong!…It was Always the….Bar tenders faults!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Riiiggghhttttttt!!!!!!!!

            Would You believe That crap answer?…Me neither!

            I hope you are correct Ranch in that many more are waking up here. Zioinizim=jew=talmude=Evil. Nation Wreckers to the Ninth Degree and always were. Now its americas turn and Look at how it is!…They flooded in by Boatloads from Russia/Poland mainly back in 1880 till by 1920 1/2 NY was filled with Kommies!..By 1940 Congress made New imigrant laws to Halt it!

            That lasted only a few yrs before jew $$$ and Threats of “You are a Antisemitic Nazi” changed it Back and even More flooded in!

            1913 Dems gave total Banks power to the tribe!

            What happened to america since 100 yrs ago(1913 to 2012)?

            We got NATION WRECKED! and Culture wrecked! And total breakdown of All Moral/ethical type good society!

            Jews entered in and ACLU/ADL/SPLC(300 More orgs like that) with of course Dem libs assistance! Threw God Out!

            I Hope all the jew firsters and “jewdeo-Christian-zionists” here and elsewheres really Enjoy again the next Honaka NINTY FOOT TALL Minorah on White House Lawn!

            Wait till scales get Heavey on Our awakened side!…They better all make a good choice prior to that eh!

            Either Join Us…LEAVE! or…????? I will let Time tell the rest of story them in a hurry Check real History for answer!….Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc….

    18. TheGuy says:

      Yeah well.

      To hit their 500,000,000 target goal on thet Virginia touchstone thingy… all I can say is… if they are in fact doing this, their efforts are a paltry farce compared to what would be necessary.

      We’re talking the entire population of Brazil. Annually. For 30 years.

      • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

        THEGUY: How many yrs would it take to get rid of say 6 1/2 Billion folks in world like guidstones speaks of, IF they used besides wars etc used ChemBio warfare chems on everyone?

        And Only The 500 Million Thy decide to keep alive, got a pre bio-attack “Vacine” disguised as say a “Flu” vacsine for another Chicken or Piggie Flu?

        Alot less time than 30 yrs eh?…More like Three weeks or months!

        They murdererd…3(?) at Ruby Ridge randy weaver

        THEN aprox 88 Dead/Machine gunned down or Burned Alive at..WACO!

        Then…Aprox 180 at OK fed murah buldg.

        Then..aprox 3000 on 9/11 NY..

        You see a Pattern yet?…After nobody stopped them for 9/11 NY event..They feel arrogant now enough to go to 6.5 Billion!…OR you can Trust them all eh!!

    19. braveheart says:

      Falseflag and economic collapse are almost here if what I heard about third week of October is correct. I’m still prepping and now I’m acting like there’s a deadline for SHTF; maybe we all should. We all know something horrible is coming so get everything you can NOW even if it hurts your wallet. In post-SHTF, the dollar will finally be dead anyway. I dread as much as everyone else what’s coming our way. All I care about now is staying alive and fighting to take this country back. Take care and keep prepping.

      • Be informed says:

        @ braveheart. October 10-20 is the last window for Israel to launch an attack on Iran with the benefit of a dark enough sky. I was thinking tonight though about the possibility of Iran starting it. If I was a leader of a country that I knew was going to get attacked, I would not wait and get the crap bombed out of me. I am not sure of how Iran would start it, maybe with Hezbollah or Hamas. Iran would probably be better off starting it during a full moon when the sky is bright, the next full moon is Saturday.

        When the Middle-East war starts it is going to so painful at the pumps. If the dollar collpases, forget about buying anything. Let’s just hope that everyone out there has lots of supplies to last them for a good long while. By the way, I did attempt to answer your question on that bug out location article yesterday. I hope this helped a little.

    20. Stan522 says:

      There are many discussing and writing about this. One who I have been following and is a big voice on this subject is G. Edward Griffin. (Unfiltered News).

      Here is a 30 minute discussion on subject…..

    21. Charlie says:

      Those are contrails, not chemtrails. Don’t get stupid now. It makes all of us look bad.

      • copperhead says:

        Charlis: You sir have been breathing way to much CHEMTRAIL dropping’s. YES CHEMTRAILS! Contrails don’t last 3 to 4 hours.

      • jayjay says:

        Charlie, you’re a disinformation agent or just plain stupid..and it’s really hard for me to print that word, being a former elementary school teacher.
        Sorry readers–just couldn’t stop myself.

      • slingshot says:

        The U.S. Navy did use a water alcohol solution that was directly injected into the jet engine to boost horsepower for takeoff. The aircraft was the early models of the P3 Orion, sub killer. After a few bouts with having turbine gas path cleaner being mistaken for alcohol solution they removed the system. Blew out the turbine rotors. Jet engines can run on different grades of fuel, mostly kerosine but can be adjusted for aviation gas. Jet engine fuel controls (Carbuerators) are sensitive to fuel density and air pressure. The only other additive that was used was smoke abatement in after burners. So the introduction of other mixtures would seem unlikely. So to have the basis for a chem trail agent you would have to have some other heated delivery system installed in the aircraft to produced the cloud effect. With all the photo bugs with thier massive lenses. I have never seen a photograph of an aircraft
        using a spray nozzle, except in Vietnam at low atltitude.
        Not at the altitude to create a so called chem trail.
        Some aircraft have fuel dump systems for emergencies. I would suspect that the longer lasting trails may be caused by the use of finer grade fuel in reaction with the thinner atmosphere.

    22. Be informed says:

      It is really amazing how we were taught all sorts of parameters to “think”, and later as we see all the garbage that happens we begin to find out just how much of it was to control the masses. It was not until I was in college did I ever start to hear and see the truth. All throughout K-12 grade we all were so naive and conditioned to behave like robots. It is incredible just how much the majority of the population is left totally clueless about what is really going on.

      When the majority of the masses sees something like this movie, the first word that will come up is conspiracy. Then they will happily go laughing away like they know jack. Watching the behaviour of fish that swim in schools reminds me of the way most people act, think, and behave, by instinct. This is how easy it is for the elitists to knock them off, as the masses don’t think for themselves. The masses “think” they have free minds and an uniqueness about them, this is not true. Just watch the way MOST people walk, talk, and interact with each other at the mall, it is like watching a school of fish. Thankfully the people here on this site actually use their minds and have that uniqueness, and don’t desire to follow the crowd.

    23. T.R. says:

      Said it before and will again . A basic law of humanity is that anything material , including power can be taken away at any time . Nobody is immune to this . Who is to say that all those well trained , heavily armed folks they depend on to protect them may decide that when TSHTF , they dont need their masters/employers anymore because they are in a position to simply take what they have . Things may not go how they plan . just sayin .
      thats why one world government only works in Star Trek . To every tyrant there is a patriot wanting to be free or an ambitious subordinate ready to kill their superiors ( this happend all the time , especially in the Roman Empire ) . The one thing that will undo all things is human nature . do what you need to do , but more than likely , there is somebody already planning the downfall of these guys .

    24. Twisted says:

      The only problem I have with this article is the chemtrail assumption! I have been in aviation for over 30 years. I have worked in various areas including flying jets for 23 years. I know what causes the contrails and I also know that hey obviously produce some pollution. They are mostly due to the same reason as when you open your freezer in humid areas that produce solid moisture. That same phenomenon happens at altitude. For you mechanics, suck squeeze bang and blow. That’s how a jet engine works. It sucks the air in, squeezes it and adds fuel which cause a bang and blows it out the back at a high temp. The cold outside air, ( -30 degrees Celsius) cools that hot air quickly. The more moisture in the air the more of a lingering contrail you will get.
      But everything else I agree with!

      • JRS says:

        Thank you Twisted. These contrails have been around as long as most of us have. Whether they are now spraying chemicals or not is hard to tell. However, it seems logical that random spraying of chemicals from high altitude would also affect everyone including the ones ordering it. Low altitude spraying such as Agent Orange or crop dusting is the only way to control the contaminated area.

      • BlueH20 says:

        Thanks, Twisted.

        I live in an area that is under a concentration of the direct flight paths across the US. I _do_ watch the sky, as we can get severe weather quickly, here. This is a rural area at about 43N. We have ample water, great hunting and fishing, lots of farming. We also have clear blue skies no different in color and clarity than when I was a child over 64 years ago and about 3 degrees further south.

        We have normally alternating drought/flood/*normal* weather and have for the 40 years I’ve lived here. There is _some_ low-flying crop dusting, but not much, as this is a hilly area with fields interspersed with woods. The woods are healthy. Our Class II trout stream is full of fish, including the supposed *extinct* brookies (brown trout).

        I just can’t quite buy into the chemtrail meme. I know there are folks here who believe fluoride is a government plot to induce illness. Having lived most of my life on well-water in areas w/o natural fluoride, I have the dental history to make me wish it had been available when I was young. I know a lot of folks who have their water and soil tested periodically and no one has ever found the concentrations of metallic salts that would result from excessive spraying of these chemicals. I test my pool water once a week or so in the summer. It will increase slightly in acidity after a rainstorm, which is normal. This is a 22,000 gallon pool which is not drained completely in the winter and I have had this for 26 years.

        The chemtrail thesis just doesn’t meet any logical criteria available.

      • Navy Vet says:

        FINALLY!!! Someone that knows what they are talking about!!! I have been holding off writing a comment on this topic just to see if there is anyone out there that understands the physics. Have you people never seen any WWII movies where piston engine aircraft, flying high enough, left the same kind on contrail? What makes you think there’s any difference with a jet engine? Answer me this, were the Allied and Axis bombers in WWII spraying chemicals on the enemy populaces or were they just flying high to protect themselves before they dropped explosives?

        Most all of the posters here at one time or another admonish others to THINK! Why is this topic not discussed in the same way?

        • Gregory8 says:

          NavyVet: It seems that the crazier the conspiracy the stronger the belief. Can you imagine what these loons will be like if they ever run out of their anti-psychotic meds? Besides roving gangs, these nuts are the second reason I’m well armed.

        • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

          So why are there so many videos and still photos of many all white painted zero markings planes flying around?

          Is it normal for checkerboard type trails all over the same sky areas?…Criss-crossed all over? Like checkerboard Grids?

          Over my area up north mich last 10 yrs we had terible spring and summers. Constant rain and cold temps..While daily trails began aprox 10 am for an hr or so and dont disapate in sky above for 4+hrs?

          All a sudden since aprox This last april or may trails Stopped totally….And we got a real swell near normal less rain and warm temps etc. With zero trails overhead.

          When trails is there 4 hrs or longer every single time what begins as early morn wonderfull Blue clear skies fast turns all Hazey and gloomy like and usually ends in rain. Just always a coincidence?…NOT!

          And why did I see Nancy Pelosi on Live cspan a couple yrs ago when she chaired a House reps committee discussing “Weather Modification” fed gov programs and the Massive Hundreds of Millions of dollars being okeyed at that hearings?….

          And why was Nancy Pelosi abrubtly warned by another us rep to Wait and hold remainder of hearings in Private due to some type “security” scam reason?…That ended the cspan coverage of it and cspan switched to other stuf real fast.

          Why did Sec.William Cohen under Klinton Testify to congress back in aprox. 1997 era that america Must begin weather modification stuf due to so many Other nations like china and russia and a few more already had the Capability to Control weather paterns and even cause earthquakes?

          If its all hogwash?…Why would so high up as sec of defence make such Live on cspan tv statements?

          I will Bet not a single one of you doubters has ever read Anything about chem trails etc right?

          I think like many do you guys are baseing opinions soley on emotional “feelings” of it cant be true cause I do not want it to be so.

          Or it must be true else wise why is the idea inside my mind? Why did I think it if not true?…Yet never ever actually read anything regardig it right?….Okay…

        • T.R. says:

          LOL , yeah , the mechanical aspects of how aircraft engines work is seldom brought up ……..good point about the WW2 heavy bombers . Im not sure but I dont think even crop dusting was around at that time .

        • Twisted says:

          Most all of the posters here at one time or another admonish others to THINK! Why is this topic not discussed in the same way?

          Fear Mongering and Ignorance.
          As a airline pilot I hear it all the time. Science trumps fear.

          I am not saying I do not believe in conspiracies. I am Born again Christian. I do believe there is a God and an enemy of God. I read Revelation and see most of what is in that book talked about here. If the enemy can blind most people which I believe he has. We will see those biblical prophesies come true. It is going to get really nasty. But no need to live in fear.


    25. GrayFoxGreen says:

      Greeting Everyone!
      Things are becoming more and more “fluid” at a almost monthly basis.The whole money thing(which is the underling cause of so much grief)resembles what was the topic at Blacklisted News: Quantitative Easing Did Not Work For The Weimar Republic Either
      September 25, 2012

      Source: Michael Snyder, BLN Contributing Writer
      It seems that the Bible had it correct after all….
      Now what to do with that Mayan stone circle that told us “THE END” was in 2012.
      Plant stand anyone?
      All The Best!
      Hope you can stay warm thru the winter

    26. Anonymous says:

      I just wanted to say that my father, Richard, a TRUE PATRIOT, is on his last breath and has taught me from right and wrong. He has given me my strength to love and hate. i cant continue. sorry….

    27. Chainsaw says:

      I want to be comfortable. I’m not interested in the gimick survival kits. I’m looking to prep for a 50 year event. 100,000 matches ($400), hand pump well ($7500), 5-10 years of food ($3500-7000), underground shipping container ($3000), 3000 rolls of TP ($1100). There’s a lot more of course, some already stocked up on, these are my immediate focus. Total here is 15-19K, what you’d spend on an average insurance policy for the next ten years. Which ‘insurance’ policy would you prefer?

      Just when I thought I was awake and prepping adequately, my calculator had to make me realize that I had been dreaming again. Now is not the time to waste money on the standard survival garbage, think outside the box! Reevaluate how many months your preps will last. An honest assesment of your situation as well as a definative plan for your allocation of resources will go a lot further than just picking up extras here and there. Solve your water crisis first. A well with a hand pump backup is your first priority. Easily $7500, but also the most important asset on your property. I’m going to forgo the usual stockpiling until the pump is up and running, and do it with a fire under my you know what.

      • Prepping Preacher says:

        @ chainsaw: potable water is first key essential… we’ve established 3 basic ways to obtain it: chemical treatment followed by filtration, boiling, and special filtration/purification… i’m also looking into distillation as a possibility… my “go-to-place” has a well and a small river that is the northern boundary… rain water collection, concealed storage and treatment is the next step in the process… let me suggest a “bailer bucket” for well water retrieval… simple to make, check out videos online…

        • Prepping Preacher says:

          clarification: charcoal filtration to remove horrible taste/odor of chemicals… yes, i’m stocking granulated activated filtering charcoal… pricey but necessary…

        • jayjay says:

          Hey, I just thought of something…when TSHTF, and there is no oil for gas?? the planes that don’t spray chemtrails that are really contrails, can’t spray!!!
          Sarcasm here in loads.

    28. Zoltanne says:

      One does not need Alex Jones to find the facts. For those who do not believe our weather has been (and IS being) modified, let’s have a look:

      The Congressional Research Service, under Congress, is a policy-making secretive group. The group is similar to the CBO and they provide studies and create policy, writing documents like this one:
      “Geoengineering: Governance and Technology Policy”

      According to the CRS, geoengineering is a relatively ‘new’ science and as such, isn’t very regulated or well funded. Yet. The full document can be read online (link to follow).

      Weather manipulation has been around for decades — it’s been employed by the DOD (at least as far back as Vietnam), documented as a force multiplier.

      Of course, that’s not ‘fair’ so there is ENMOD (Environmental Modification), a treaty for Nations to agree not to modify weather during warfare.

      Many documents have been collected at enmod -dot- info

      Doubters are only in denial that the government is corrupt and dangerous.

    29. Zoltanne says:

      “Geoengineering: Governance and Technology Policy”

    30. Big Perm says:

      Why do I have a feeling this wont be worth a plug nickle.

      This will be like those Alex Jones ‘documentaries’ where he basically stands outside of some bildrederg office with a bullhorn the whole time yelling, “I know what you’re doing, now come out here and admit it”.

    31. Took the Red Pill says:

      IMO it is not worth it to waste time at this late hour trying to wake people up, unplug them. At the BEST of times, I only had about a 1 in 5 success rate with family, friends and close acquaintances in bringing them around to seeing the truth.

      “The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

      I think it wise to put your energies into prepping and readying yourselves and not waste it trying to unplug those that are slaves to the system, and happy of their chains.

      • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

        Red Pill..But Christian folks aint got a choice to not spread truth to awaken others. Acording to our beliefs and biblical verses the “watchmen” are who God chooses to use for that work. As long as the watchmen or enlightened ones try to awaken others so others can also prepare etc, then God is happy.

        BUT any watchmen(or women too) who neglect to awaken others of impending doom or barbarians ready to attack will be held as Guilty before the Lord. And guilty of each person they failed to warn in time etc.

        Not meaning must awaken/warn all 7 billion of world. But all who are in their own org or group or family etc. Once warned, its on Them to awaken to troubles. But neglect to warn and it is on You for it. Thats includes held liable for Murders you fail to warn of. A Watchman will be As guilty same as the Barbarian Murders are!

        So some folks dont have a choice anymore. Unless they wish to defy the Lord God. Only You knows if God is useing you as a watchman.

    32. K.Mc says:

      It’s designed to collapse and be in total chaos, so the anti-christ can enter in on the world stage and solve all the problems of the planet. The elites work for satan, they always have! If all of you don’t get this real reality, your not going to understand anything taking place here. All things things are on purpose – wars, famines, etc. When he comes don’t play his game – cling to the live Christ and you will survive and be victorious!

    33. jayjay says:

      Russia suspends import and use of American GM corn after study revealed cancer risk

      Link below

      • REB says:

        Ive been watching this and getting alot of questions about it…people are waking up to what the most evil corporation on earth(monsanto) is up to…. monsanto and friends will do whatever it takes to discredit this new French study as they have several previous studies(I say try,because they cant… not as easily as they used to)monsanto has thrown piles of cash into California to defeat the ballot initiative calling for GM ingredients to be listed on food labels…US govt and monsanto say people dont need to know,they see us as pawns,guinea pigs,useless eaters who can be made to eat this crap and like it,paying them handsomely and then getting sick and dying thereby making them a bunch more money….money and power, the govicorp of which monsanto is a chief player,thanks for bringing this up!

        • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

          If I aint mistaken, monsanto family got their start and big money being carpet baggers with plantation and many slaves in the south pre civil war era. They originated as Moranos tribe jews. Now they consider us all as their own slaves. I wont say for certain on this info as its been quite awhile since I read about their monsanto family stuf. 99% sure though.

    34. jayjay says:

      When I started researching the chemtrails being sprayed in our/your skies, I found so much evidence that this had been happening since the early 70s and definitely by the 90s.
      I refused to believe this because I had a pool built in 1994 at our new home, and surely I would have noticed as bad as it is here, since I was outside several days a week, and every weekend.
      Then, I found pictures of our house as I built it; yep, sure as rain(pun intended)there were the wisps, all over the skies-chemtrails.
      They were spraying in the 90s.
      They stopped spraying here for the summer months; I know they do that. I’ve been watching and told many that they would begin late Sept. or early October from experience.
      Well, they started over a week ago–bombarded us Saturday and Sunday with 5-10 planes all day; didn’t let up until late evening before sunset.
      They were the streamers, the lined sprays; not the plume causing sprays. They do spray different chemicals—that do produce different effects.
      Lord help us.

      • possee says:


        Most will deny anything if it offends their sense of normalcy..

        Most still believe the government is a democracy
        Most still believe the Federal Reserve is a govt agency
        Most still believe that either the red or blue team will save us
        Most still believe that groups like the Bilderberg etc do not exist are the imaginations of lunatic conspiracy theorists
        Most still believe that GMOS are beneficial to mankind
        Most still believe that vaccines are good for us
        Most still believe that geo engineering is a fantasy

        Most researchers have discovered the link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s
        FDA has a patent for aluminum resistant seeds
        Prime ingredient in those “water vapors” is aluminum salts.. along with barium and strontium..which destroys the plants abilities for proper root structure
        Majority of those chemtrail flights are not commercial traffic paths..

        most believe that fluoride prevents cavities and is good for you..

        Need I say more?


    35. jayjay says:

      The POWERS that be–if ‘they’ created the broke, unemployed, destitute homeowners so ‘they’ could cash in when the homeowners foreclosed, why can’t you believe ‘they’ will cash in when the floods, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes that ‘they’ create cause famine??
      This mainstream chemtrailing is also being used to control countries–he who has the food controls the people.

    36. Zoltanne says:

      What’s with the argument on contrails or chemtrails? They’re irrelevant with respect to geoengineering rainfall (weather modification).

      Weather modification like rain-making can be achieved by several means (generators on the ground or attached flare-style apparatus to planes) that leave no aerosol trails. This stuff has been going on for decades and court cases have been documented. The most famous/infamous was Operation Popeye (Vietnam War era). This is nothing compared to modern day geoengineering.

      Aside from the other older documents I posted, here are more:

      Senate Hearing on Weather Modification During Vietnam War:

      Weather Modification Law in the US:

    37. Barn Cat says:

      Most of it is nonsense. Chemtrails don’t exist. It’s just water vapor. Genetically modified food is food that grows better for one reason or another. Contaminated medications? No evidence.

      There are plans to murder billions of people. Much of that will occur after the collapse. Agenda 21 will take care of the rest.

      • Havok says:

        Agreed. Just Paranoia.
        Just because I believe in a possible SHTF scenario doesn’t mean I have to believe in this garbage.

      • REB says:

        BC… Id say lets toss anything into the ring of intellectual debate and see where it stands,truth and facts will shake out and lies will become obvious but without debate and honest discourse nothing will ever become clear on any subject…to reject anything out of hand without being able/willing to articulate sound reason(even a website with an opposing viewpoint based on something) as to why its mostly nonsense… is being intellectually dishonest and lazy,its what the PTB do when they disagree with someone/thing,all your statements appear to be your opinions,(to which youre entitled,but Id like evidence,at least a sound arguement as to why you feel this way)but you offer no reasonable objection or evidence to backup your dismissals.On the subject of GMO…per your own words you are woefully ignorant…please study up on it for your own health!

    38. JoeinNC says:

      They, them, their. Name names. if you know who “they’ are, name them and present credible evidence. If you name names and present credible evidence of nefarious actions, this would lead to action by a significan percentage of the public.

    39. cheryl says:

      If you could, please consider signing up to pray for our nation if you belong to YHWH and Yahshua is your Savior. go to If My People and sign up

    40. justincase says:

      ok I am going to play devils advocate here. If they were trying to kill us off then why are we living longer? Now believe me my theory is it was to gain trust from us lil people so that we would march to whatever tune they played but I just had to ask…onw of the things that make ya go hmmmm?

    41. thebronze says:

      You lost me at “Loose Change”…

    42. CaptainKephart says:

      Chemtrails and Black Water?! Oh perlease!!

      Your ignorance of the Real World is shaming the USA – don’t you know anything? Bet you don’t realise that the salt you put on your food is a chemical containing poisonous chlorine gas and a volatile metal (sodium) that bursts into flame when you put it on water!

      God sakes, if there is a TEOTWAWKI, hopefully it will clear out the human gene pool a bit – there are too many freeriders saoking up valuable oxygen.

    43. lifeofliberty says:

      Since that lying sack of shit Alex Jones is a part of the trailer video above, I refuse to watch it.

      This guy is a traitor to the United States and it’s people. Nothing he touches can be trusted.


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