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    Shade: Charging Full Throttle to the Top of the Pyramid (Official Movie Trailer)

    Mac Slavo
    August 6th, 2012
    Comments (198)
    Read by 19,007 people

    Full-scale depopulation procedures have been implemented as Population Reduction, Geoengineering, Land Grabs, and Criminal Banking Scams rule the populace.

    All human activity will soon be under surveillance and the remaining world population of 1 Billion will exist in Mega-Cities controlled by oligarchs tracking the RFID Chipped Population – the “Useless Eaters” as the elite have termed us.

    The future of humanity will be a world in which oligarchs decide who lives and who dies.

    This Winter, The Intel Hub’s Shepard Ambellas and renowned filmmaker Jason Bermas (9/11 Loose Change, Fabled Enemies, and The Invisible Empire) join forces to expose the elite’s plans for taking control of every aspect of our lives.

    WATCH Shade: The Motion Picture (Official Movie Trailer):


    With appearances from leading contrarian thinkers and alternative media personalities that include Webster Tarpley, Alex Jones, Dan Dicks, and Mark Dice, Shade promises to take us to the very top of the world’s power infrastructure. Those at the top of this pyramid quite literally decide who lives and who dies on planet earth, as they strive maintain complete control of what we eat, how we transact, where we travel, who we communicate with, and who goes to war and when.

    Shot from multiple locations such as Maui Hawaii, Chantilly Virginia, several locations in Arizona, Texas, and more, the filmmakers stop at nothing to bring you the compelling details of an overarching diabolic agenda.

    This agenda – Does not involve you, or your family.

    In fact it involves the systematic extermination of 90% of the earth’s population.

    The “Useless Eaters”

    The bottom line is, that if you’re not privy to the agenda of the elite, then you are one of the “useless eaters” that is and always has been nothing more than a means to an end.

    Visit the Shade web site to learn more about the film, access the documentary evidence behind the movie, and learn more about the individuals who are bringing you the unfettered truth about what’s really going on behind the scenes.

    Click here to subscribe: Join over one million monthly readers and receive breaking news, strategies, ideas and commentary.
    Gas Masks, Filters, Body Suits, Anti Radiation Pills
    Please Spread The Word And Share This Post

    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 19,007 people
    Date: August 6th, 2012

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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      • Be informed says:

        @ Eppe. The only help anyone is going to get is if they are within the top rungs of that pyramid, OR through the preparation and supplies that they have accumulated over the years that one day will be the only thing jkeeping someone on the outside of the lines of masses that are still left getting their new implants shovelled into them.

        I was watching all that news on the shooting in Wiscosin and it is very typical of the mistaken Sikhs for arabs because of the way they look. I was told, this could be just gossip, there is a mass anti-arab movement all over the Rocky Mountain region in which white supremacists have found a group that they can easily target and gain much support because of the attacks of 9-11, the American troops killed by Muslims, and the shooting at the army base. There are bald heads all over the Rocky Mountain regions with plenty of white supremacists.

        It is possible that someone in the government told the white supremacist that the Sikhs were Muslim extremists that were going to attack America, or something like this and he believed them. It could be he just thought they were arabs and he hated all arabs. I know nothing about Sikhs and have seen people wearing these turbins and I thought they might be Pakistans or something because of their dark skin. In any case he probably thought they were arabs.

        • biggreen says:

          Be informed: wake up, the shooting in Wiscosin was a planned event by TPTB.

        • Walt Kowalski says:

          @Be informed:

          Initial reports indicate that this guy is a former psyops specialist.

          Do you really think he was so stupid that he did not understand the difference between Sikhs and Muslims?

          I don’t consider myself that well informed about the Sikhs (I had to do some googling to know what they believe), but even I knew that they were nothing remotely close to Muslims.

          No….this smells more of another false flag operation.

          • copperhead says:

            @ W K; You got it False Flay # 2. We are being set up for the PARTY TO START

          • Be informed says:

            @ Walt Kowalski. I have personally seen a group of skinheads boxing in a car load of Mexicans that ONLY looked like arabs. I am not doubting anything here in regards to the Wisconsin shooting as it would be perfect to play into BO’s plan to try to get rid of our rights to own firearms. I am just saying that don’t you and others think that it is possible that this guy just went off the deep end. I saw some people that were most likely Sikhs and I thought they were from Pakistan and were Muslims. I did not know anything really about Sikhs at all until over the weekend. Kind of did not care as I thought they were an offshoot of Hindus somehow.

            I just don’t know how you get someone to commit a false falg operation when they know they are going to die. I could defintitely see this being a false flag if he escaped, definitely. Please clue me in how do you get someone to do something when they know they will not be around to reap the benefits of them working for the real bad guys.

          • Anonymous says:

            Geez! You guys wonder why no one in their right minds listen. With that “film” and from some of the comments posted, is it any wonder why we’ll never win this battle? I too believe we’re in a world of trouble, but it’s always the same ole conspiracy nuts leading the way. No one will listen, no one will care, and no one will do a damnable thing. There is no concerted effort at all amongst the patriot/Tea Party movement, and there never will be. Until unity is our goal, we lose, plain and simple. Sure, we’ll win a skirmish here and there, and even a battle, but the war will be lost. This kind of crap has to stop! And true unification MUST begin!

          • Claymation says:

            @BI. I am not making a comment on whether I think this was a false flag or not, but to respond to your question of what would make someone participate in a false flag!

            Can you think of any situation where you would do anything to save the life of somebody you love. How far would you go for that person. That’s a question (or one similar) a handler would pose to himself when choosing a subject to control. The right person, at the right time, with the proper “motivation.” and anything is possible. This is only one example. It doesn’t have to love either, someone with a predisposition to anger or hate of a particular culture or group, and they are going to be easier to coerce, to commit violence, toward that group. As long as you care deeply for even one thing in your life, you have a button to be pushed. And the simple truth is that the truth is really never simple. (to Zen or what?)Peace Clay

          • goldnguns says:

            Good GawdAlmighty, another FF conspiracy. the guy was loser before the Army, in the Army, and after his discharge for less than honorable performance/behavior.

            You better quit this crap because I work for agency that can change your credit card numbers from our satellites. AND we can track you (even in your house) thru penetrating radar. AND we will send the silent black helos to steal your dog in the middle of the night.

        • Heretic says:

          I think it was just another psi-op to demonize the 2nd amendment. Aurora didn’t have the desired effect. Until the get their way, expect to see more “lone shooters”.

          • Nunjobizness says:

            This REEKS of a phsy-op! Didn’t the Dept of homeland security tell us to watch out for those “evil” veteran white supremacists?? I’d look for more of this to happen in the future. Maybe even worse coming up to election day…October surprise maybe? Dollar crash? Something worse? I hope I’m wrong, but will do what I can to prepare for it anyway…

          • DPS says:

            100% False flag, I’d bet my new pressure cooker on it.. Expect to see these type of shootings to increase to 1 or 2 a week so they can get the support the need to come after our guns…


        • JustMe says:

          You are MIS-informed.

          • Be informed says:

            @ Everyone. I am not doubting that it was a planned event, this is always a possibility to destroy our freedoms. What I don’t understand is how do they get someone like this if they are part of some false flag event to in a sense commit suicide. I could see it definitely being a false flagger IF this guy escaped. Don’t you think it could have been just someone that hated arabs or hated Sikhs? Don’t you think it is possible that this guy actually was high on something and just went after whatever looked like an arab? I am just trying to figure this out because he was shot dead, and you would think anyone working for some false flag event would escape somehow.

            I have personally seen the hate that white supremacists have for arabs and how they hate them more so than blacks, jews, or anyone else. I have been walking past some white supremacists and have seen the shear hatred in their eyes towards arabs. This is why I brought up the fact that this could have been just some individuals that hated arabs and mistaken them for arabs. Maybe he hated Sikhs. Sometimes things are exactly as they appear.

            What I want is your opinion and explanations to perhaps clue me in about how do you get someone to commit an act such as this and in a sense commit themselves to getting gunned down by police? Again, I could see someone that escapes, that is government. But how do you convince someone to become a mass killer and then get shot for it? Do you drug the individual? All I want to know is how?

          • Be informed says:

            @ JustMe. One thing to say in support of “freedom for firearms”, and what I will defend gun rights completely for against these anti-freedom and anti-self defense characters. It was a gun, a rifle, that STOPPED this individual from killing anymore innocent people. Those anti-gun breeding hearts want to take away ALL guns, even from the police. IT was a gun that stopped this rampage. Let the anti-gun wackos chew on that one for awhile.

          • JustMe says:


            Please refer to my later post further down the thread. But I will repost part here:

            The shooting of Sikhs yesterday had many hints to a false flag. At first, I thought OMG, another freak goes off. Now I’m not so sure. Truth is always stranger than fiction.

            1) The shooter was once in a US Army Psyops unit

            2) One of the victims was the father of a prominent film-maker Armadeep Kaleka, who is working on a major expose’.

            3) The timing of the event co-incides with a whirlwind of negative events.

            Since this event occurred, I have been scouring the web for answers. Refer to my reason #2, that one alone makes this co-incendtal of an event. Armadeep Kaleka is working on a very controversial film, exposing a major government coverup. Tell me his father just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Too co-incedental. I would wager the shooter was a torpedo, and one that was not destined to survive the event.

            Is that way too out there? Stretch crdulity? Recall MK ULTRA, and Operation Northwoods, etc, etc, etc, ad-nauseum.

            Add to that, your assumption that the shooter was a WN who “hated Arabs”. If so, he was not a very educated one, and is certainly not a member of the seperatist movement, who would not be so stupid as to do this.

            Again, we all know there is a very large agenda in motion. Information coming out about the shooter makes it look very strange indeed. I’m willing to wager this was planned, not just by some nutcase with an ax to grind against people who’ve done nothing to him.

          • Be informed says:

            @ JustMe. Thank you, it is something to consider. I have just seen firsthand where I live how white supremacists can do some major intimidation on arabs. The second I heard about this before knowing the descriptions of whom did the shooting, I thought about the possibility of someone that hated arabs and made the mistake of thinking they were arabs because Sikhs look so much like them. I sure could not tell the difference.

            You would see here a car with arabs in it totally surrounded by white supremacists in 4 to 6 cars, in front, in back and on the sides of the road driving along at the same speed as the arabs. It was something to behold and something you usually only see in the movies. The arabs almost always looked terrified. This is why I assumed that this could be one of these situations. Again this is an assumptions and I admit it that this could be a false flag event. Perhaps the government fooled him into thinking anything. I wish I knew.

            Right now I put nothing past those elitists and those in the secret government. I sent Mac something a little while ago about just why elitists and most politicians are your worst enemy to show just how those on top think of those below them. I do know just how rotten those at the top of the pyramid are. In regards to Wisconsin, I was just not sure because I have seen the hatred of white supremacists towards arabs and I thought that maybe this could have been a case of mistaking innocnet people that harm no one for Muslims because they look so much alike.

          • JustMe says:


            Fair enough, but also consider the background of the shooter. And with this event TPTB managed to do something they have only been dreaming about. They have created an event they can call “domestic terrorism”, while managing to demonize: 1)White males, 2)Guns, 3)Veterans. They have been chomping at the bit to do just that.

          • Youdontneedtoknow says:

            They. Finally got their white supremacist.

          • Ready_To_Go says:

            It could be that the Feds scope people like this guy out, feed him some line about “making some changes to solve the problem”, maybe even offer him a few bucks and a free ride out. But they turn the tables on him instead. Look at the other shooter at the movies, they find him sitting in his car after his big shoot out. Who sits in your car after something like that! He was set up to get the agenda started.

        • JayJay says:

          Not what I read–seems too much like Colorado, another false flag with ..well, you know the intent.

          • DPS says:

            Be Informed,

            I would bet the conversion went something like this to the vet, ” He bud if you go in there and shoot up those ragheads, we will make sure you get away and we will set you up for life.Dude those are the people who are killing your brothers overseas.” Then bammmm enter the cops that are clueless about the set up..With the right words most people will do anything you want them too.


          • Be informed says:

            @ DPS. You are right!

        • copperhead says:

          Be informed: I don’t think he knew he was going to die. Because he did not know he would be killed just be arrested and everything would be taken care of.With this group DEAD MEN DO NOT TALK. They only care for the select few, and if a policeman dies so be, it makes more cover for the event. They will do anything or use anyone to advance their cause. Time is short for them to install the NWO. TPTB must have USA in a state, that everything is tearing each other apart, everyone is looking at everyone else and not what is going on around them. I hope you can add or delete from this gibberish to get my thoughts on this false flag. Back when I ask you about the USGS vans Hooking up to the steel rods where in ILLINOIS STATE ROUTE 1 Highway. NEW MADRID?

          • Be informed says:

            @ copperhead. It is very frustrating to try to weed out exactly what is happening with everything going on. I can see what is happening with geology and Earth science because I have studied this since i was very young. With this secret government garbage that they try to send out all sorts of what everyone thinks is correct, it is extremely difficult what to think because it is dealing with the psychology of elitists that are already more unstable than the land mass under New Zealand.

            I tell you it is far easier to figure out the workings of the planet than the weird warped minds of the NWO and its affiliates. At least you can plot the physical characteristics of energy movements. With an elitist, you just don’t know if they are baiting you with information that they want everyone to grab at.

            The New Madrid is experiencing stress from the African plate as indicated from the earthquakes, 5.1, and 5.0, at 52 degrees south and 13 degrees east. Through the shape of the African plate, the energy from those smaller earthquakes actually were directed towards the New Madrid. These earthquakes could not cause anything, but indicate that energy is being focused in that direction, like the very end of a crack on a windshield of an automobile. Maybe the elitists can perhaps fool me about some shooter’s intent, but they cannot fool me when it comes to geophysical events and the planet. Steel rods conduct movement, even micro-movement like a tuning fork does. They expect something.

        • False flag, staged event.

        • Gregory8 says:

          The problem with all of theses various conspiracy theories is that they fly in the face of reality. This oligarchy of so-called elites controls people through their vast wealth. They are suppose to gather themselves into safe fortresses somewhere while the rest of us “Useless Eaters” die from drastic weather changes caused by HAARP, poisoning/sterlization from chem-trails, and starvation from altered foods by Dow/ADM/Monsanto, etc. Great, let’s that this is all true. Since they are not leaving the Earth they are going to inherit a very screwed up planet. These elites are good a just one thing-making money through investments-nothing else they have no other skills or uses. They are going to need everything from Medical professionals to janitors and every skill inbetween to keep things running including the farming and manufacturing to make it all happen. That reqires skilled people. Most of these skilled poeple have spouses and children. This means in-laws , grandparents, cousins, and other family members. Like any city or military operation, the top folks need lots of support personnel and these support personnel have families that they are not going to leave behind. This small band of “Elites” isn’t so small after all once you add all the “Help”. And let’s say that a few billion do die off from these various situations. All of the surviors will still continue to do what we humans are really good at; pro-creation. So the problem starts all over again. And I didn’t address the biggest problem of all: money. That’s all the elites have is money and as we have all seen most of it is fiat curreny which is losing value worldwide as we speak; Europe’s banks are dying and so are ours from over printing to save their sorry selves. And since the elites only have money that will soon be useless, so they too will become useless. No money = No NWO.

          • Davidus Romanus says:

            In one sense you’re right. They don’t care how many of us lesser people there are. As long as they can be the elite and rule the rest. The wars, famines, and diseases are only used to create fear and allow them to institute controls. Not necessarily to reduce the population by gigantic amounts.
            Swine flu doesn’t kill too many people, but it gives great contracts to vaccine makers and power to bureaucrats.

      • SWIFT says:

        Not to fear. While the coming civil war will be unspeakable in terms of human life and property lost, we will win. Any ideas of the useless eaters being herded into mega cities, will be exercised in Europe after we are weakened into a third world country. We won’t be worth anyone’s effort. Fighting will become a way of life here. We just won’t be worth it.

        • Barn Cat says:

          No, we won’t win. The government will map where all the survivors are using satellites that can see in infrared. Those who survive WILL be worth it because the antichrist wants the whole planet to worship him or die.

          • SWIFT says:

            @Barn Cat,,,,there won’t be any government after a few years of civil war. Those who use to be the government will still be in their underground cities or dead. (There are a lot of people who feel they owe them something and will have gone hunting.) The anti-christ’s time is short and he will not win everyone over. We are told of a remnant. I see the remnant’s war continuing till Christ returns.

      • durango kidd says:

        Help yourself, eppe! Had enough of the top down status quo? Had enough of trickle down economics? Trickle down health care? Trickle down opportunity?

        Life is about choice. Choose to do something where you live. Changes must be driven from the bottom up. A freedom movement at the GRASSROOTS level will spread like wildfire.

        Engage your EMPLOYEES my peeps.

        Start an American Freedom Cell where you live, in your neighborhood. Organize your family, friends, and neighbors. Take a group, take an American Freedom Cell down to your town square on Saturday or Sunday after church.

        Protest the NWO. Protest Agenda 21. Protest the PTB, the GB’s and Free Trade. Protest tax inequality. Protest the violations of the US Constitution by an American Congress bought and paid for by the Uber Rich and dual Citizens who run this country

        The next Saturday or Sunday after church drive en masse to the next town, then the next. Honk your horn. Get people’s attention, raise their awareness. Get involved. Get others involved.

        Its up to US. If not US, who? If not now, when?

        Create an American Freedom Cell. Take a bell with you. Let freedom ring! Make your voice heard where you are and the sound will resonate all across America!


        • eppe says:

          Thanks, dk for caring.
          I want to spread the WORD, and try at every given moment to whomever will listen.
          But it seems no one wants to listen.
          I am ready, buying supplies each week.
          Few listen, even less react, I guess in time we, the preppers, will be the ones whom will answer questions and direct operations. I am working on my neighborhood, just 2 out of 350 families are doing anything. Scary right?
          If nothing happens, I will be the crazy one.
          But if it happens sooner or later, the preppers will be the answers to many whom have nothing in food, fuel, ammo, or knowledge, basics in the storing tangible items.
          If you are not prepping, you are just inepting….

          • Davidus Romanus says:

            People will start listening as soon as gov’t checks start bouncing. Cops will stop breaking heads of demonstrators when they can no longer feed their families on gov’t money. The military will abandon the Fed Gov for the same reason. That’s when you better be ready.

      • These people have spent over 100 years working togeather to bring this one world government into being. How have these selfish, self serving, aggressive types done this without turning on themselves and canabalizing themselves? What holds them togeather is more than the sum of their parts. It is their leader:Satan. Not Sadam Husein but the real one who has been running the show for the entire 100 years. So groups and preps and underground bunkers are not the only issue. If you want to “survive” this one you had better be right with God. This is a spiritual war. Good vs Evil and we know that God wins so you had better be right with Him before much longer or the Devil will pull you in and you will worship him and you will be on the side of TPTB, the side that will fail in the end.

      • Did you mean “GOD help us all” or were you not trying to start a firestorm? I know what you meant, just jesting with you. I hope you all know that eppe is just trying to get us to think and react to the situation at hand. We have done much to have our clan survive the upcoming storm.
        I pray that everyone out there has done the same to become winners in the end. With all the problems we are facing now, only the ones who prepare will be the winners.
        P.S. there is more than just one “me”, which I thought was strange. But hey, “everything on the Internet is the truth”. Just kidding….

      • Yeah, and you know what they say, THEY say we should all just go willing…but I say how about WE SAY where WE GO? To the PLACE of our OWN own choosing instead?
        Here’s an idea! Let’s start the GREAT MIGRATION NOW!
        How about we all START voluntarily moving, migrating to certain places (in the US and through out the WORLD) where freedom loving, constitutional guaranteed rights believing, moral folks are there just like ourselves? How about we just ALL start slowly re-grouping and BAND together instead? Why WAIT for the shovernment evil doers to tell us what to do? WE HAVE A CHOICE!
        Why can’t WE, the PEOPLE of the United States, the PEOPLE of THE WORLD, the PEOPLE of ALL NATIONALITIES do THAT for OURSELVES? Why would we EVER need THEIR PERMISSION to take ACTION when it comes to OUR families and OUR COUNTRIES? EVER?
        Most of us read Michael’s and many other concerned and talented writer’s columns every day. As readers of their works we are ALL being connected by a COMMON bond! We are ALL in a fight for our lives! GOD said to MOVE to HIGHER GROUND! Well how about WE TAKE STEPS TO DO IT!!!
        Why not use it to OUR advantage while we still can? We’re are all linked in mind, body and soul, somewhat on these blogs and columns anyway aren’t WE?
        Let’s face it. We’re all going to be REFUGEES in one way or another, in EVERY city EVERY country!
        Running, hiding, hunkering down in the near future getting ready to do in an out of control shovernment we know we all can’t stand and would take out in a milisecond!
        So why not start to do this instead? Let’s start the GREAT MIGRATION now!
        We could take what we have stored and move to the promised to the promised land (higher ground) just like they did in biblical times, NAZI occupation and now the late great US of A Occupation? Moses did it. Jesus did it. How about WE DO IT?
        Churches open your doors! Patriots open your compounds! Let’s Organize! Migrate Now! EVACUATE our cities NOW!
        TAKE BACK the POWER for us to choose into OUR own hands! I’m a 33 year LE 20 US Army Vet, female, with skills and what I lack you can bet I’ll make up for with other skills. Veterans UNITE! Fed up health care officials UNITE! LE and Military UNITE! Skilled workers UNITE! COUNTRIES UNITE!!! DO THE SAME THING!!! UNITE AGAINST AND PUSH, PUSH, PUSH AGAINST THIS GLOBAL DESTRUCTIVE MACHINE!!! (YEAH, MACHINE–CYBERS FEEL FREE TO ENLIGHTEN THE MASSES)…
        Are YOU willing to start the great American MIGRATION EVACUATION right NOW!
        What do you say? Are there any TAKERS??? Will YOU take up the LEAD?
        Please DEAR GOD please CALL upon YOUR warriors to daringly lead our nation’s people out of bondage!
        IS IT YOU??? THEN COME GET YOUR PEOPLE! ORGANIZE NOW!!! CYBER is the same now as reality. Our people’s citizens NEED your help!
        Take COMMAND of our communication system and FORM your OWN policies and directions!

    1. its not me says:

      bring it on and see what God thinks about them killing his creation..maybe it will be more like 90% of them receiving his wrath.
      and the other 10% of them left for us to exterminate so we can go back to being free people.

      wonder how lucky they feel..not to mention most of them wouldnt exist if it werent for us

      • Gods Creation says:

        I am very proudly a “useless eater” in the eyes of the corp and it’s controllers. I give nothing to it, not even an acknowledgement of it’s right to exist. Of course it has no use for me.

        It is far better for the corp to consider you a useless eater than a useful idiot. It has no control over those who do not allow themselves to be controlled and total control over those who allow it.

        I am just me. Useful to my family and useless to the corp. The worst the corp can do is kill me, and it can only do that once.

        • rainyday says:

          @Gods Creation,
          I had never heard of the concept of the “corp” or replying to a cop that “I don’t give my consent and waive my rights” until i came to this site and read posts by yourself and others. Then last night i had a dream that i was pulled over by a cop and he started making unreasonable requests and i started telling him that “i don’t give my consent and i will not comply.” I woke up soon after that and thought, holy crap, i even dream about it now.
          God be with you all.

          • Gods Creation says:

            The saying is supposedly to waive the benefits, not your rights.

            The best response to any question from any officer of the corp is “I have nothing to say”. That is the right answer on the first question, and on the on millionth question, and all in between. If you say nothing you can not become involved in any dispute with them.

            Good luck, and start reading the info at

        • JayJay says:

          GC, I don’t feel that way–there are things worse than death, just saying.

          • SWIFT says:

            @JayJay,,,, Right on. I saw cowardice once in Viet-nam and often wondered how the guy spent the rest of his life with that on his mind. Yeah, there ARE things worse than death.

      • Barn Cat says:

        God is about to rain down his wrath on America for the 50 million murdered unborn children that America has killed. America has become a country of immoral people that hates God, mocks God and hates Christians. The Great Tribulation is not that far away.

        • Nene says:

          Hello Barn Cat, 2012 is calling, thats stone age way of thinking is why your mocked and hated, lmao!!

          • SonOfSam says:

            Hey there nene,

            actually, you have it completely ass backwards: it is a matter of historical record that stone age humans — as well as bronze age and iron age — regularly sacrificed their children. Later on, pagan societies such as the Roman Empire practiced abortion so regularly that the Greek medical pioneer called Hippocrates SPECIFICALLY remonstrated against this infamous practice. In fact, he made it a part of his famous Hippocratic Oath that doctors NOT have anything to do with this barbarism.

            So on the face of it, you have it completely backwards: being pro life and against the monstrous insanity called abortion is actually a very modern way of thinking.

            But let me more candid than this: you, sir, are an ass. You think that you can mock Barn Cat? Think that you can mock me? I won’t speak for BC, but I can guarantee that you, dear fool, are not even close to being my intellectual equal. I know what I know about history because it is one of the three masters degrees I possess, the other two being in computer science and secondary education.

            Best you toddle along nene… go and finish your coloring book while us grownups do the serious thinking and talking

            stand strong until freedom dawns

        • (Blank Space) says:

          Barn Cat,
          I salute you for standing your ground so often while being a witness for Christ.

          • SmokinOkie says:

            @ (Blank Space) Whatever we think of Barn Cat’s opinions on politics or economicss (and I’ve disagreed with him myself sometimes) at least we can admire his faith. Good to see a believer who understands faith is more important than popularity.

            @ SonOfSam Well said. A brief history lesson with just a touch of flamethrower at the end. Nice!

    2. ColoradoKid says:

      Good luck with that whole depopulation thing. You can subtract me and my family from your numbers….

      Molon Labe! From our cold deads hands.

    3. Evening

      Horrifying as it is we have to make sure they do not hit their target. Those fortunate enough to be off grid or well hidden will be the true core of the new resistance and the rest of us will do what we can when we can.

      We cannot let these arseholes win, we cannot let them do this. One way or the other they have to be stopped. I have no idea how but am always open to suggestions.

      Take care

      • Gods Creation says:

        History has shown again and again that the People will ultimately win. Unfortunately, it also shows the banksters will try to do it all over again.

        • Barn Cat says:

          No. History has shown again and again that freedom is rare. The normal state of mankind is cruel oppression by a tyrannical government.

          • Gods Creation says:

            Freedom is not rare. It is everywhere for anybody to take. Those who are willing to accept the risk involved in living free are rare.

            I would suggest that most of history is presented to the masses to imply that they are not supposed to be free. They give the masses other breeds of violent oppression to compare with what they dish out instead of focusing on the times when the banksters were not in control and the people flourished.

            There have always been two things in the world. Corrupted criminal oppressive bankster governments, and those who live free in spite of them. History is nothing but a recollection of the battles between the two, as written and provided by the bankster funded historians.

      • Seeker of Truth says:

        Million dollar question, how do we stop them? I also am at a loss of ideas and everywhere I turn peoples answer is to “vote them out of office, get up and vote.” Personally knowing that this evil is rooted in much deeper and goes far beyond the house of reps for USA I cannot except that as an adequate answer for the problems plaguing not only this nation but this entire world. What can be done, wish I knew, wish I had an answer, may God help us all.

    4. ScoutMotto says:

      The other concepts make sense to me, but I’m not altogether sure how one preps for mass depopulation. I’ve been hearing about it for a long time, some 15 or so years. I’m sure somewhere in the databanks I’m on the “public enemy” list somewhere. But, I don’t plan on going down easy.

      • Walt Kowalski says:

        These “elites” assume that they no one can get to them.

        Well….they can be gotten to…..and they will.

        • copperhead says:

          WK; You know what bugs me – all the big wigs like ted turnner etc. talk about depopulation. So why don’t they go on world wide TV and set an example BLOW THEY OWN BRAINS OUT TO START THE DEPOPULATION! Oh forgive me I lost it there for a min. They are the only one smart enough to carry on with the running of the GLOBE. You know what I have to say to that- HORSE SH-T. but thats just me.

          • SonOfSam says:

            @copperhead: I have always believed that the whole notion of “overpopulation” is a bullshit concept. Whenever someone starts talking about it, I say “OK wise guy, who are the ‘extra’ people? And say, you wanna be the guy who goes and tell them that THEY need to die in order for “spaceship earth” to be saved? Because I find it ever so interesting that its NEVER they themselves, or any of their friends that need to be sacrificed for the “greater good”

            Likewise, “population control” is another bullshit term; just like control, its not about population, its about control

            stand strong until freedom dawns

          • Be informed says:

            @ SonOfSam. Nature will take care of population when it gets too much. Every single life form from plant to animal when there are too many, some virus or bacteria breaks out and the population goes down naturally. The fact is that there is absolutely a ceiling, just like the financial debt to population. There is only so much arable land on the planet to grow food. Right now there is about 1350 people per square mile of arable land for the entire planet. The breaking point is 2000 give or take a hundred or so.

            Anything over 2000 and mass starvation takes place. Figures do not lie as math proves itself over and over again in science. So you can start to see this at around 10-12 billion. Lack of proper nutrition equals disease, as is the case in many countries. Disease means pandemic and mass deaths. This is just the way nature is with or without manmade interference.

            Those whom say that 1 trillion people can live on this planet do not understand the true meaning of what one person needs in water, food, shelter, and energy. My cup run over. You can pack 5 female rats and 5 male rats into a grain silo with no way out with plenty of water and air circulation and of course plenty of grain. Come back in a year or two and you will find nothing but thousands of rat skeletons and fecal material.

            Point is, everything has a breaking point and a ceiling that is reached that something must break, this is the law of psychics. Right now at 1350 people per square mile of arable land on the Earth there is enough food, raise that to around 2000 and people will start to die naturally of not enough food. Manmade fighting over resources is something that is extremely likely. Without manmade intervention, disease and starvation will take the population down, naturally. Unless humans can distiguish themselves from the lifeforms of the plant and animal kingdoms and somehow become immune to disease and not have to eat, then nature will certainly curb the population when it becomes too much.

            What those in control see is that they themselves are better than anyone else and therefore their population control is everyone below them. With nature this is not the case. Everyone is prone to what nature can release naturally. Just look at how plant species are suddenly wiped out by disease. More animals have gone extinct because of disease rather than any other reason. People, and that especially includes elitists should never feel invulnerable to nature. Nature can easily shoot out an Andromeda virus that kills 100%, and this is more likely to occur as more people go hungry and that 2000 level of people per square mile of arable land on this planet is reached.

        • JayJay says:

          Have you read about the Denver International Airport??
          Why was it built when Denver had one great one already??
          The expense, the elaborate space, the images, the stories of those working on the underground cities??

          ‘Ixquick’ it, along with Phil Schneider who they killed for exposing details of their city built with money stolen from us, through Pentagon budget, etc.–learn about that underground city and it’ll become clear why THEY don’t car about biological warfare, EMPs, drones, etc.

      • Gods Creation says:

        You prepare for mass depopulation by being self sufficient to the maximum extent possible, therefore worthy of survival and not at the mercy of the banksters.

        • JayJay says:

          GC..TPTB can use just one, just ONE, of the germs designed to take us out.
          No way can we fight that.

          • ScoutMotto says:

            One could tape up all door seals and keep the rest of the world out, but there is a limit. I’m not sure one can bug-in indefinitely. Sooner or later, one will have to emerge and see what is left of the world.

          • jasoncookies says:

            Hug a fed. Hug a banker. Hug a globalist.

          • When the atomic bomb landed on Hiroshima everything at ground zero was vaporized, except one building. That building was a christian mission and the monks were praying at the time. The building and all the monks were unharmed. Not even radiation touched them.
            In WWII a young christian woman lost her parents and had to raise her young brother. She also had to hide and feed 2 dozen Jews under the nose of the Nazis. At one point the Nazis used the building she was living in as a military clinic and in the cramped attic of the one story building she hid those Jewish families. Immagine no extra rations, no toilets or running water. How did they do it? They prayed daily for Gods protection.
            But remember that Jesus died for our sins so if we follow Him we must also be prepared to follow Him all the way. Instead of them taking your life if it comes to that, offer it ( though it is not your choice that it happens) to His will just as Jesus did. I am not saying give up. I am saying change the game and the playing field. Bring in the big guns or the big Guy as it were.

          • Gods Creation says:

            We are all going to die one day. We can not fight that either.

            If the banksters do something like that and it kills me, it is only because God is calling me home and I will be thrilled to get released from the suffering that it would create.

            I will go when God is ready, not the banksters unless by the sheer coincidence of his will being done through their wickedness.

      • Highspeedloafer says:

        I see it quite differently Scout. I am just a pimple on the butt of a flea, that could only cause some slight irritation to tptb. I am not rich or powerful or capable enough by myself to do anything about all of this stuff. Now having said that, I do believe that if enough people joined together to stop these people we could put up some kind of a fight. But we are, to put it in simple terms,just a few million individuals who barley trust each other. How are we ever going to stop these ruthless thugs?

        It sounds to me like we need to start at the top of their organization, and strike the heart of the beast. That my friend will take some rather large cojohones. In order to do that we would need some mossad like spies in their organizations. Do we have anyone like that? I don’t know. Thats why most of us remain as anonymous as possible. This game is way too big for me to be playing in, after all, I’m just a pimple on the butt of a flea.

      • Mr. Blutarsky says:

        About 50 well placed EMP’s (launched from WITHIN each nation) by these elite would wipe out 90% of the world’s population within 9-12 months.

        I think it’s plausible. I would not put anything past them.

        They of course, are set up on their ranches with their years of stored food, access to water, armed guard protection and fabulous comforts.

        • Beth says:

          Quite true! If you’re in the mood for a good fictional read, I just finished “One Second After” and recommend it. Read it all in one night, a real page turner! EMP would be a diabolically ingenius way of tptb reducing the population, culling the herd to only the strongest and most fit worker bees.

    5. Joe says:

      It would be easier to get this message out if these people on here didn’t look like a bunch of fruit loops. I mean seriously…it’s hard to appear credible to the population when you look like a freak with a piece of metal stuck through your lip! I believe this will be the downfall of the truth movement unfortunately.

      • Government Guy says:

        It also sounds like something Alex Jones predicted in 2002 would happen by 2007.

        • I-Can't-Wait!! says:

          Jones is a hack!!
          Do you remember his broadcast on 1/1/2000.
          He was making it up as he went along.
          I lost ALL respect for him that day…

          He makes honest thoughtful people who question the world situation look like freaks.

          I think he is a CIA plant to minimize the impact true patriots can have.

          As I said before…He is a waste of skin!!

          • Beth says:

            “As I said before…He is a waste of skin!!”
            Woah! Strong words!
            But I think he can be a bit of a whiz-bang:) too

          • PO'd Patriot says:

            Alex Jones is a pompous little man with a bellyfull of importance. I betcha if he took off his shirt, he would have a bruise on his chest the size of a softball, from where he keeps poking himself with his finger saying, “I said that, did that, thought that, me,me,me, I,I, I”,……….

    6. George Soros should be studied and understood.

      Soros has humorously described himself as “a kind of nut who wants to have an impact” on the workings of the world.

      • Rodster says:

        The good news is Soros is in his 80’s or as they say the December of his years. As Steve Jobs said to a graduate class that death is the greatest invention of man. Death sweeps out out the old ideas and replaces it with new ideas.

    7. TheGuy says:


      Ahh sorry just ate something uselessly.

    8. JustMe says:

      Humanity is under full frontal assault on all fronts. The only thing I agree with Alex Jones for certain, is that he is correct, “There is a war on for your mind.”.

      The shooting of Sikhs yesterday had many hints to a false flag. At first, I thought OMG, another freak goes off. Now I’m not so sure. Truth is always stranger than fiction.

      1) The shooter was once in a US Army Psyops unit

      2) One of the victims was the father of a prominent film-maker Armadeep Kaleka, who is working on a major expose’.

      3) The timing of the event co-incides with a whirlwind of negative events.

      I would expect this event to be a harbinger on an onslaut of so many negative events, that the masses simply freak out, and demand a police state.

    9. $ cocopuff crackhead $ says:


      please prepper peeples … spend the $100. bucks … buy a real full-face biological gas liquid splash rated shield face mask with extra filters cartridges . they will mass kill you with biological gas . look up {rex84} – any pocket of civilian resistance will be gassed !!! expect anthrax to be used !!!

      i bought the 3m industrial . fits nicely clear view still easy to shoot with it on . plus buy full rain gear with hood, rubber gloves, duct tape to seal suit .

      biological anthrax gas will be used TO CONTROL YOU KILL YOU PUNISH YOU – expect it . prepare for it !!!

      arm up stock up prepare for nwo zionist fascist commie ameriKan martial law !!!


      • Nina

        Anthrax can be aerosolized but if they used it in that way the ground would likely be contaminated and would be barren for decades, what would tptb live on if their workers cannot grow food?

        If your hypothesis is correct I think it more likely to be an agent that has decent kill rates but does not harm the soil in any way.

        For mass kill on a local scale without environmental contamination you want something like Sarin that dissipates quickly leaving little or no environmental footprint.

        If they want to clear a larger area, like a major city, aerosolised VX would be the way to go in my opinion.

        Take care

        • $ cocopuff crackhead $ says:

          ;0) heyhoowhaddayaknow

          hello @carolieuk

          thank you for the great info tip sincerely good to know !!!

          gas is gas i’m just trying to keep folks aware prepared

          ;0P pssszzt

          i’m very pleased your safe as is your fam !!!

          your in my ummmmmmm good warm thoughts and hopes mental file ;0)

          please stay safe avoid the underground and buses till end of olympics please the fascist freemasons zionist jooo’s are just getting started with their global attacks of al-cia-duh cia false-fags !!!

          bloody cheerio and all that proper blunderpuss brit stuff ;0)


          • Nina

            I avoid the underground whenever possible, Olympics or not..bloody coffins on wheels at the best of times lol

            It’s good to have as much kit as possible to cover as many possible events as possible that’s for sure., the issue is having enough time to put the suit on I think.

            You are right. Gas is gas, many of them are heavier than air and will sink to lower levels if set off in the air, mostly higher ground is safer ground.

            Thanks for the good wishes

            Take care

      • Dixon Jabuti says:

        dude, you lost me as soon as you started with that zionist crap and spelled ameciCa with a K…

        • Dixon Jabuti says:


          (typing is not my strong suit)

        • $ cocopuff crackhead $ says:



          none of you are free you and your children are all goyim gentile carbon credit tax debt slaves have been for the last 100 years or so … YOUR SLAVES !!!

          the tax debt slave plantation AMERIKA WITH A K is where we live now since 1913 !!!

          its spelled with a K for a reason @Dixx

          constitutionally illegal FEDERAL RESERVE ACT 1913 JEKYL ISLAND

          The Federal Reserve Act (ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, enacted December 23, 1913, 12 U.S.C. ch.3)



      • copperhead says:

        ccs$$: How long can you live dressed like that. You have to drink, eat and sh-t etc. In germ warfare that stuff stays along time around just waiting for the next sucker to eat, drink or you got it sh-t. You have wash and I mean wash everything before you can touch it, so ruck up and take what comes standing tall.

    10. copperhead says:

      Every false flag that is run up the pole from now on is going to be tied to a(what they say) is an anti-goverment group (remember the FBI’S LIST VETS ETC.). This nut case was working for them and he was to numb to know they would not kill him, remember a dead man can not talk. All operative’s for them will die now on. They messed up with the CO. killer and did not ice him, but all is not lost he will more than likely hang himself in the cell. Like I said in my last post- THE FAT LADY IS WALKING ON STAG NOW! This SH-T is going to start happening fast now. TPTB must take control soon very soon, before more lights are turned on in peoples heads. Big O will have new orders for EO’s for the NET, DISARM and RE EDUCATE the MASS’S and GOD for BID in the CAMPS if need be. It will be for all of your safety. The sad thing the SHEEPLE will say they are crazy anyway, now back to Danceing with the Stars etc.

    11. Oldboy says:

      History is a chronology of the mistakes of the elites. The thought that they would pull off some insanely complicated global conspiracy is simply ludicrous.

      Which does not mean that they can’t do equal if not more damage simply by being corrupt, incompetent yahoos with a lust to push people around.

      • Lemmingsrnotusdamnit says:

        Thank god. I found someone who is not a tin foil hat wearer on here.

      • You forgot their boss. He is smarter than any of us or them. He already knows the game plan but his goal is to take as many toys away from God as he can. And if you know a bit of your bible, he will gather a bunch of toys.
        Our job is to NOT be one.

        • Oldboy says:

          One thing I’ve noticed about God is once people start “interpreting” what God said or meant, it is usually for the benefit of the interpreter, not God.

          Throw people into the mix and they inevitably screw things up. Satan has plenty of room to work with the general incompetence. It is only a hop skip and jump from “my European Unsion is so right that it is justified to impoverish the Greeks and Spaniards” to “it is justified to stuff Greeks and Spaniards up chimneys”. The devil only needs to nudge people to get his way.

          God presents the revelation, sits back, and waits to see who takes the easy road or the hard road. Without the ability to choose, nothing really matters anyway.

    12. Mr. Blutarsky says:

      These people think in terms of the “collective” not in terms of the individual. When that happens, this is the type of behavior you see. It’s easier to be evil when you look at society as one unit rather than individual units within a group.

      They are nothing more than greedy, murderous individuals who will become carpet baggers and steal all our property and then re-assign us to work detail or eliminate us.

    13. (Blank Space) says:

      If you want to know if you can trust the Government elites in Washington, ask a Native American.

    14. Barn Cat says:

      The maximum world population will most likely be 500 million as told by the Georgia Guidestones:

      We know an economic collapse is coming to the whole world. People in more advanced societies will be the hardest hit. Subsistence farmers in third world countries that don’t rely on machinery or electricity won’t be affected very much.

      I used to think 90% of the US population would die. Now I wonder if I’m overly optimistic about 10% or 30 million surviving. Maybe 3% of the population is prepping. The federal government will provide for the military and key personnel. I have to wonder how many people the average prepper is preparing for and how many will die in the total anarchy that will follow the collapse. Maybe 95% of the US population will die.

    15. clint hospo says:

      people the wisconsin shooting I think was just someone who had enough of a certain group of (muslims) or whatever religion he might of thought that they are. He might of thought that he wanted all white america and maybe someone from the church pissed him off and you add in stress loss of job or just hatred in this case maybe he drank a lot of alcohol and snapped. I dont think this was a false flag. but simply someone who might of been in a area where he reads and sees whats going on and not having a good relationship with parents etc or an ex made him so wanting to kill plain and simple. I don’t think this had to do with anything more than that. I don’t think he was under any mind cotrol etc. Just put yourself in a situation with a bunch of drinkers fired up at the moment with nothing else to live for and you shoot and kill people. You can disagree with me but that’s all what I think had happened in this case of wisconsin. I don’t think they are going to gas us either in america, I do think its a good idea to have a few gas masks and lots of food etc and guns, but don’t let conspiracy get too much of you. IF the elites truely wanted to kill off the mass population there would be too many kings and not enough teams to allow a few to rule the world,. People would be fighting people and at that point money won’t buy you anything.

      • John W. says:

        It will be so easy that most will not even realize what has gone on until they are in a camp or a grave. Just some random roadblocks or calls to come to school or the job site to pick up a family member. Piece of cake.

      • JayJay says:

        Why don’t we get it??

      • clint hospo says:

        yes I have seen posts on here that agree and disagree. do you know what makes us smarter and better and what we do. listen to each other’s ideas and talk about them why yes or no and keep it on a thinking level and not on a personal level. Maybe they would gas us I don’t know, I’m just trying to picture many of these politicians with family thinking if they screwed things up, it would screw their future for their kids too. Yes I know they don’t care and money and power does cause greed and unrational behavior but personally I think the biggest changes TPTB will try to take off high capacity mags from the internet and gun shops and try and tax the ammo very high or harder ways to get. I just don’t think they have enough manpower to go door to door in the whole US. They would have to kill all power and be so secretive about it. Please like I always say have multiple weapons in different locations and practice reloading quickly over and over. Depending where you live try to have the higher location and never get pinned downstairs without an escape plan and trust the people you are with. Most people in life will let you down if their life depends on their own. Be alert but don’t get too paranoid about life or what may be comming. I don’t even need a cell phone really. Get with neighbors you really can trust. And most of all if they do come knocking don’t be a pussy, do what needs to be done to protect yourself. if your defending yourself from an opressive government you have the right to defend and kill others trying to harm you and don’t think about the person you shot, keep scanning and never lose focus no matter what. They are clever but you have the upper hand in your dwellings.

    16. PO'd Patriot says:

      Ain’t nothin’ at this point that would surprise me. I’m ready as I can be. Perhaps a few tweeks here and there. Remember, “A man has got to know his limitations.” Ladies that means you too.

    17. Buro says:

      They will fail, its a simple numbers game. Our numbers are on our side, TPTB will eventually make the wrong move and wake up the sleeping masses. They are not perfect and when they screw the pooch their WILL be blood in the streets, but it will be theirs. Read your history the proof is in the pudding

    18. the realist says:






    19. braveheart says:

      To everyone: The tragedy in Wisconsin is definitely false-flag. There were eyewitness reports of four shooters involved and they were well-coordinated in their actions. Only one shooter was taken down and identified. The feds were on the scene in not time at all just like in the Aurora, Co. tragedy. This is just another tragedy perpetrated by the antigun lobby and certain elements of the government to try and take the guns. It’s interesting how they’re already calling this a “hate crime” and referring to the dead suspect as a “white supremacist”. There’s no telling how many more false flags we’ll hear about between now and the elections. I’m one of those “useless eaters” the elite refers to and one of the “domestic terrorists” the DHS refers to. All the feds and elitists can get screwed. If you want my guns, bring plenty of body bags TO PUT YOURSELVES IN. Take care and keep prepping.

    20. SmokinOkie says:

      It’s an exercise in futility, but at least it’s exercise.

      I went into the truckstop and asked for an organic corn dog. They didn’t have any. I was shocked, even a little hurt. Don’t these people care about me?
      As for the depopulation of the planet, does that mean there’ll be less traffic at rush hour? Shorter lines at Six Flags? Nobody clogging up the express checkout line with 50 items? Or trampling me on Black Friday? I’m just trying to see the positive side here…

      Now, about that corn dog. The big players in the food industry don’t know it, but they’re overlooking a huge market segment by neglecting the organic crowd. Let’s see…first we’d need an all-natural all beef hot dog. Then some non-GMO cornmeal for the batter. Oh and season it only with sea salt and fresh ground white pepper flakes. Then skewer that bad boy on a hand carved redwood stick and fry it in pure organic canola oil. Should be able to sell these at, oh….about $19 apiece. There’s bound to be some profit potential with this one. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

    21. Jim (another Jim) says:

      It is coming, and soon. Whether it is by Big Brother, Or from the famine that is right around the corner, or the EMP’s; I dont know and dont care. I feel it in my gut that we had better be ready soon. Food prices are gonna start rising, we are using our water at an incredible rate, and this world cannot support this population for much longer. Wait until we cannot not export food to feed the rest of the world. Along with the grain problems in Russia, it is gonna get bad. Stock up now on grains and such while you still can.

    22. JRS says:

      It is estimated that there are 12 million psycopaths and sociopaths in America alone. Preppers are seriously outnumbered. Better make your lead count.

    23. Communist fucking OBAMA says:

      What I think they are doing:
      1. Chemtrails spraying….have you noticed THE SKY IS NOT TRUE BLUE ANYMORE?
      2. Leads to droughts in some areas, floods in others…
      3. Leads to food shortage. Notice how the elite set up their seed banks?
      4. Currency devaluation
      5. Total economic collapse
      6. Third world…that’s where the depopulation will go down first.
      7. America to restart in Fema camp cities…where the new NAU NAFTA factories will go and the human settlement zone housing…stack them and pack them.

      There’s no way you can stop this. It’s too big, clandestine and they have the media programming folks to think you are nuts if you mention Fema camps or chemtrails.

      History will repeat. So when you are standing in line in a Fema camp and they are ready to kill you and yours….remember this site and others like it… WE FUCKING WARNED YOU ASSHOLES!

      To stay out of a fema camp… don’e be a bonehead and protest. Pay off your debt and never do debt again. Gain new skills in a never ending fashion. Have some supplies on hand and be armed. Don’t violate any laws. Don’t give them a reason. Focus on the next generation of debt free kids. Do not buy an RV like my loser folks…these fucks are on their third one with inherited money from their frugal depression era folks. They are rolling in their graves.

      In time the plan is to crash the dollar….then start over with an electronic currency.
      The UN Agenda 21 plan is to get us all living like China slaves. All apartment dwellers, no cars, no grilling allowed. Al Gore is a traitor and is pushing all the green taxes.
      They will tip him or Obama to be the UN NWO president.

      If you are a patriot….you are in the know and will be doing your thing.
      I just hope for a military take over and a purging of the UN from US shores and all the bankers and congress, except for Ron Paul and his son to be put in jail.

      HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED. FUCKING ASSHOLE. CAN I SAY THE “N” WORD….”NEVER” AGAIN! Ha fooled you there politically correct fucks.

    24. BadAmerican says:

      ….hmm…..I’ve already seen this movie…..

      ………………The Matrix…………………..

      …lock-n-load….stay the course………….

      Bad be nimble,
      Bad be quick,
      three more blue heads,
      with his boom-boom stick.

      ……………be safe………………BA.

    25. I-Can't-Wait!! says:

      Alex Jones is a scumbag huckster.
      He is a pathetic excuse of a human being playing on the weak minded and childlike simpletons, trying to sell his brand of salvation, what a waste of skin!!!!!
      I for one, look forward to the whole world system landing in the sewer.
      I hope there is a financial collapse followed by a global pandemic, with a solar EMP, just to make it interesting.
      Let’s face it; the world is full of pathetic, useless, non-producing, and resource sucking scum.
      I look forward to coming out of my secluded sanctuary after the total collapse / fall and making my society a better place.
      We are on a path to collapse that is unstoppable, and to get all twisted up about it is senseless.
      Maybe it’s this year, next year, or 5 years who knows…The math does not work and the piper will need to be paid at some point.
      Consider the inner city(s) of the world (worthless useless eaters), the major African continent (useless eaters) most of Europe (useless worthless eaters) and Asia major and minor (useless eaters) Mexico and Central America (useless eaters).
      I don’t believe in a “god” per sae, but if there is a deity I hope it is full of vengeance and wrath.
      I have been preparing for years and will fight to the bitter end, but if I succumb during the struggle I am ok with it, people die every day, why should it be different for me.
      Embrace the coming change, prepare as best you can and then let all those who choose to live a happy go lucky, homosexual, fast food, dope using, head in the sand, gimme’ what you got sheeple die in a painful, pitiful, horrific mass extinction.
      I for one plan on emerging as a stronger member of the species and look forward to living in a society with like minded self reliant people.
      BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

      • Shannon says:

        I used to feel exactly as you do, until this thing happened with the nuclear reactors in Japan. That nuclear accident made me aware of the fact that, if anything in our modern world sales because of an EMS attack, solar flare, economic collapse, then 400 some nuclear power plants around the world would meltdown simultaneously and all life would cease to exist on earth

      • its not me says:

        Thats a shame, I have a Kid that I’d like to see succeed, and have you can bet yer ass Im a force to be reckond with..and will protect me and mine til the last drop of the enemies blood.

    26. Rico says:

      There has got to be folks in the military who will NOT go along with this and clamp down on these so-called elites! Any thoughts ??They cant AL be given over??

    27. Shannon says:

      It is sad that so much effort would go into creating a documentary I like this, only to have the trailer made worthless by background hip-hop music. I despise hip-hop music so much, that no matter what the message is, I automatically reject any message in combination with Satan music. So, whether it is hip-hop, or metal music, I reject its use in political documentaries of any kind. And, if the authors of these documentaries feel that, hip-hop music makes their documentary more appealing to young people, then those young people whose attention is held only by hip-hop or metal music are not worth the effort to save.

      • hill hermit says:

        So shannon, you are so shallow anything paired with music you dislike is unavailable to you? How very sad. In addition anyone who likes music you dislike is “not worth the effort to save”.
        How nice to include the fact you flat out have decided hip hop is “satan music”. Is this a subtle way of informing us you are christian and thus superior to the heathens? I would assume so for your post has all those lovely “christian values” imbedded in it.

      • REB says:

        no,its sad you count people as worthless,just because the music is disagreeable,to you or others,some of these worthless kids have a grasp on the libertys we’ve lost and may well end up helping save some other worthless butts…you need to re-evaluate your thinking…. 🙁

    28. Just_woke_UP says:

      I have had a terrible feeling for over a year now. Kept telling those close around me. I have a need to prepare. Told I was lil off my rocker by family and friends. They said what are you preparing for exactly. My answer was I do not know . Crazy or not I will still prepare. I was glad to find this group and read each day, learn each day. Just hope I am not to late. Peace Out

      • JustMe says:

        Start simple, orginize your preps in tiers:

        1) Potential long term preps you might be able to live off of, if you are left alone, without too much external threat.

        2) What you can live off of, if you have to, and can, live in your vehicle for an extended period.

        3) What you can carry on your back, if you end up on foot.

        Good luck.

    29. Mad Max says:

      All we do is talk. Sooner than later we will be forced to do something if we don’t want to be slaves to the state. The American people have one last trump card when the shtf. The founding fathers left us with the biggest gun if our government gets out of control. We have to use “The Nuclear Option” or we will lose everything.


      U.S. Citizens
      Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

      We don’t have to live like this!

    30. its not me says:

      I havent ever ran into a person that said they trust the government, or like them, or idolize any of them..even in idle conversation people detest these scumbags

      I look at it this way, anyone to comforts, hides, feeds, houses, or in anyway protects them, no matter thier profession is fair game when it goes down ..why? because your either with them or against them..period no middle ground.

      So..they and thier ilk have one hell of a wake up call coming when T S Hits the Fan
      we the 99%ers, will show them what starvation is about, as we watch them suffer..why? because they dont do shit, they dont produce anything , all they know how to do is take take take, and its always from us and our knowledge and tallents..they wouldnt last 1 day without shelter or food.

      You cant get much nutrition from a stack of 100$ bills…and I dont take bribes to see where the end game is

    31. its not me says:

      “Wisconsin Temple Gunman ID’d, But Cops Seek Another ‘Person of Interest'”

      thats probably because this guy has evidence against thier story, so they want to shut him up

      • JayJay says:

        OMG–did anyone here hear about the running FBI agent the 100 other FBI agents were looking for??
        I read they found him—in an alley..definite suidide..hear that ????? definite suidide!!! Oh, yeah, that one was so obvious–he ran for 2 months till someone probably screwed up with that cell phone and they tracked him…all FBI a**holes need to be on alert to not be whistleblowers now, ya think the word is clear enough???

        • its not me says:

          The ending to a story that most of us saw comming,(I definetly did)
          man I feel bad for how running scared he had to be, but if you lay with dogs, your gonna get fleas.

          you gotta be careful who you associate with in times like this..and It seems his own took care of that.

          and you got that right, this is how they are shutting them the hell up, if they are alive this is a warning to STFU..or end up like him

          really nice bunch of thugs to have watching your back, aint it?

    32. hbeachrealist says:

      Yeah! Looks like a GREAT film!

      Alex Jones ROCKS!

      9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!

      Death to the New World Order!

      The answer to 1984 is 1776!

    33. Archer25 says:

      Just another reason to buy more ammo…….

    34. Hal9000 says:

      I truly believe this is another Barry “False Flag”. He will do anything to divert attention from his incompetence and toward the goal of disarming the American public. Just think, if this scum could (not very likely) get our guns then what would stop him from suspending the election for , oh say, six months while he “healed” the nation by removing the guns. Then what’s to stop him from making this permanent?. This WH occupier and his entire administration are lawless and consider themselves above the law anyway. Think of Holder running the DOJ and all the accompanying agencies (FBI, programs for locals, etc)

    35. Lemmingsrnotusdamnit says:

      As a prepper, I find a lot of valuable information on this blog.

      However, the mindlessly paranoid, tin-foil hat wearing, Alex Jones zombies HAVE GOT, TO GO.

      False Flag operation? Really? Do you realize making assumptions based on what you want to believe with no convincing proveable facts or evidence to back it up, makes you a dolt?

    36. Big 8s says:

      You think there haven’t been attempts in history to rid the 99% of the remaining, top, 1%? France and Russia tried it and all that happened is a new elite came in and took their place. Having a bogeyman to hate isn’t going to save you when the SHTF. While I believe a collapse and die-out is coming, blaming its cause on government and banksters isn’t really productive. After all, people voted them in, and borrowed money from them. Thus, far more than 1% are the real culprits. More like 70%.

    37. JayJay says:

      OFF TOPIC, but funny!!!
      Michelle Obama: ‘Building Our Economy Starts With the Restaurants ….. “because what your president understands is that building our economy starts with the restaurants”

      Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haha, ha, haha……….. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haha, ha, haha……….. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haha, ha, haha……….. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haha, ha, haha………..Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haha, ha, haha………..
      Are running out of chit to say to their paid audiences??

      • Claymation says:

        He ought to (lol), he eats cheeseburger’s at the drop of a hat. Don’t get me wrong, lord knows I love a good burger. But then again, my wife hasn’t staked her term as first lady on “fixing” Americas obesity problem. Peace

    38. braveheart says:

      Lemmings: Welcome aboard, but if you’re not into, their is a whole world in the alternative media waiting for you to check it out. I just hope you don’t trust any source in the mainstream media; they’re just not going to give you the truth. Take care and keep prepping.

    39. Dennis Mason says:

      Any talk of revolution is just empty words if you don’t have the courage to refuse to pay for your own oppression.

    40. Unreconstructed Southron says:

      The movie’s not coming out till this Winter. I guess they’ll be playin’ it for entertainment in the reeducation camps.

    41. Death N Taxes says:

      every breath you breathe, every penny you spend that they cannot tax, everything you produce that they cannot tax, everything you own that you don’t owe on, every dollar you earn that you convert to a tangible good outside the banking system (silver bullion, dry storage food, solar panels, bullets, hardware) is an act of resistance to these assholes.

    42. I don’t know who sent me to the Revolution 2.0 site but after reading this:

      “I’m tired of hearing it said that democracy doesn’t work. Of course it doesn’t work. We are supposed to work it.” – Thomas Jefferson

      This is a quote from Alexander Wollcott, not Jefferson. Jefferson would NEVER have said this.

      To continue:

      “Today we have the wisdom and technology to meet the original and correct expectations of the founding fathers. True government by the people is here and waiting for the American people to take hold of. We are the first to have a real choice unlike our ancestors who had to settle for less. Because of the limitations of their day, the founding fathers had to settle for something less than a true democracy (Direct Democracy),. They had to settle for a republic.”

      I stopped right here. If they want to try to make me believe that a democracy { even a true democracy } is better than a Republic, they sure got their work cut out for them. They seem to believe that our republic failed BECAUSE it was a Republic. Foolishness!!

    43. justincase says:

      Ok a few thoughts here. first, a freind of mone today told me her hubby does side work from a man from russia. he said he wishes he never came her because he had more freedom there. he is now unable to get back. that is sad that we are now worse than a communist country. that is what he said we are. second this shooting was more than likely a false flag event. Why would somebody kill himslef? the fact of the matter that is overlookes is maybe who was never really killed. maybe that is what THEY want us to believe. and also for that matter is is not just about gun rights it is about loss of religouse freedom. This is never looked into by anybody. do you not think it is odd that in a place where we were had religouse freedoms is now really at war over it? Is it not strange that anyone who syas they are Christian is looked down on. is it not odd that any old fashioned values are no longer accctable? We will be forced into taking the mark but before that we will have a one world religion called chrislam…look it up. ironic they want to take our guns,and they want to strip our religion…all part of NWO. It is not just money and power over money it is about ALL our freedom. THey will want you to bow before a false God which will be TPTB leading to a much mor darker power….get ready everyone be ready really ready to die for what you believe in. This is not about our goverment being unfair or selfish or even greedy. They are the clues as to what is lurking behind them. What we are going up against is pure evil. The stuff scary movies are made of kinda scary. I recal a verse that says if you owe debt that you are a slave to the debtor. I wonder now if that was about working off what you owe at a real jobor of that was a forwarning of a labor camp? I think about the news report of this man killin people and I can not help but truely think this man is alive and well sipping pima coladas on an island right now with a boat load of cash. The media just reprted what they were told to. This happened over the weekemd and it was not reported ny the MSM until today aand i find that VERY ODD. Why was this not breaking news like the batman dude? All seems odd to me when I think about it…..things that make ya go hm

      • don't tread says:

        I get the same feeling. It doesn’t take much persuasion with a suitcase full of Benjamins and dealing with someone who apparently has a screw loose/and or a short fuse, to get them to commit murder. Our leaders are just that ruthless. A staged “hate” crime? Very probable.

    44. JayJay says:

    45. It is I only says:

      So the “elite” want to genocide 90% of the population?
      I have only one question. Does that include as well 90% of the jewish population?

    46. Ted Kennedy says:

      Houston, this is Rover.

      Rover, this is Houston. Go ahead.

      We found red rocks…….


    47. JoeinNC says:

      The comments on tis article are even more absurd than usual. It is hard to decide if mass psychosis or mass stupidity is at work here. Take your meds people, remove the tin foil hats and come to reality.

      • justincase says:

        @joein NC why do these comments seem so far out there? Does it not seem at all logical that people are just tryong to make some sense out of crazy in this world? If yoiu trust the gooberment yoiu really need to talk to a natove american indian to see how much we should trust. I just think it is nonsense when people come on here thinking we are all wacko. sit back look around and detach from what is being spoon fed to us and open youir eyes. Even the regular news is showing small parts of the truth just put the pieces of the puzzle together. Yea some people may seem out there in left feold even myself at times but like I said we are just trying to figure out what is going on with our world. whay are all these constricting laws being passed without propper course? why are all these wars> whyis the war on terror over but still bein gfought? why are normal citizens being watched by drones etc? it just all adds up tp no good and we are just running ideas around and theories on what is happenning. I would like to hear your take on things (not being snide but really would like to know) I love to hear all points of view even if I do not agree with them.

    48. wiscoprepper says:

      Our world is fucked up. Plain and simple. I live in west allis WI which is about 15 minutes from where the temple shooting took place. Its crazy when things are happening like this in your backyard. Be prepared people. Carry your firearm,stock up food and supplies and keep learning.

    49. don't tread says:

      Depopulation will happen, but not in the numbers spoken of as 90% of the population. I believe God is still in control and as His word speaks true, He says nothing about that magnitude of death. He does tell us of war around the middle east(river Euphrates) whereby a third of mankind will be killed. If that should occur in the near future, we could witness the death toll of about 2.3 billion, mostly middle easterners.

      I do see a great loss of life coming to America. There is judgement coming for the so-called Christians allowing the killing of 4000 innocents everyday. If the self proclaimed Christians stood for biblical truths, there would be no debate about abortion; it would be illegal. There would be no debate about “gay marriage”; it would be illegal. There would be no debate about banning of arms and ammo; it would be illegal for the Fed-gov to even entertain the bills/amendments for such.

    50. JRS says:

      In the end all that really matters is secure food,water,shelter,personal freedom and,in my case,God. The rest is merely window dressing. Get crackin’.

    51. VRF says:

      Life ain’t no dress rehearsal

    52. GrayFoxGreen says:

      Greetings Everyone!
      I’m glad I had the time to visit here today.This latest item from Wisc. along with the info on what “happened” to the on the run FBI agent who died along with Colo. lends real credence to many seemingly outlandish theories(false flag,TPTB,etc.).
      If there’s one thing I’ve noted,that when it comes to the future only time will reveal the truth.Even the book of Revelations by St.John gives us only a pictorial view of what’s to come.And that may be a good thing.Can you imagine what the U.R.would do to the rest of us if it was any clearer?We DO have a front-row seat to the unfolding of events.At least the ending(Rev.21:3&4)is a happy one.My Grandfather’s saying:”one bag of gold,two of silver”,still seems relevant so far.A three month’s supply(or more) of backup food might also be added to that list.And perhaps a gun or two.
      We live in times of CHANGE to be sure.
      Best to All,
      Hope you can have a safe(and cool) place to sleep and food for this day

    53. Satori says:

      the war to end all wars

      “And it’s already started folks, ending the Great American Dream.

      Fasten your seat belts, soon we’ll all be shocked out of denial. Some unpredictable black swan. A global wake-up call will trigger the Pentagon’s prediction in Fortune a decade ago at the launch of the Iraq War: “By 2020 … an ancient pattern of desperate, all-out wars over food, water, and energy supplies is emerging … warfare defining human life.”

      I have long thought that having a years worth of supplies was enough

      no more

      I am in the process of building a 2 year supply now

    54. VRF says:

      There would not be any conspiracy theories, if the government werent such liers, its really that easy, some people dont buy in to those types of reports or the people who report them, but when you have been lied to so many times and so many ways, its hard to take them seriously as the truth any more

      we didnt destroy their credibility..they did

    55. SmokinOkie says:

      Heads Up! News of the “Fiscal Cliff” fast approaching is even starting to show up in the lamestream media. CNN, NY Times, FOX, and more are carrying this now. When the professional propagandists can’t ignore it any longer, can it really be that far off? It’s sort of scary to see the sheep getting restless (I feel like a cowboy watching a stampede just getting ready to happen).
      Maybe we can get Mac to do an article on this. Oh wait, he’s been sayng this for a while now, hasn’t he?
      Time to saddle up and head back to the ammo store, and the grocery store, and the freeze dried store, and the everything else store. Guess I’d better kick it into high gear. Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1929! where’s my hat? anybody seen my spurs?…..

    56. Satori says:

      another gut punch from Orlov

      its coming folks
      its coming

      “Food is about to get very expensive everywhere: farming states in the US are living through the worst drought since the Dust Bowl; in Russia and Ukraine, heat waves and drought have produced similar results, with estimates for grain production down 30-50% from last year; in India, the critical monsoon rains are already down 22%.”

      • Rico says:

        Your right! Went to the store to pick up some things…an 8oz package of sharp cheddes cheese,$4.99 .
        Milk, 3.99 gal and that cheaper here then most other places, oh yea

    57. lil bit says:

      It couldn’t be coming at a worse time too. This year is certainly been the worst year I’ve ever had… financially/emotionally/physically…but anyway-

      A new book came out “Obama- Spreading the Wealth-How Obama is robbing the suburbs to pay for the Cities” by Stanley Kurtz – if you look it up on Amazon, you can read an excerpt.
      One section reads that only farmers will be able to buy farmland and we’re to be herded into cities.
      -Obama has been quietly laying the groundwork for a profound transformation of society-in fundamental ways of redistribution/class warfare/regulated freedoms.

      Be brave-everywhere-be brave

    58. I believe that these elitists want to do this: I went to school with their accolites, and they are very dedicated to this agenda. Yet I want t tell you how this plan has in it the seeds of its own undoing. A technologically advanced civilization requires enormous specialization, and such specialists must be draw from a geometrically larger population which in turn provides the support for the underlying infrastructure created by and for the technology.This technology is in place to service the needs of consumers in the market. You cannot have one without the other. Now if the population is drastically reduced, either the speciallists or the support the specialist require (or both) will be destroyed. Thus, the entire delicate web of this rich division of labour will collapse, and many of the technologies in existence will fall into disrepair or simply vanish because the society simply does not have the resources to support them. This very real fact together with the wretchedness created by such vile dystopian tyranny, will bring about the end of the elitists who caused it. The survivors will be able to see at last the consequences of trusting their life liberty and property to the protection of the State. Uneasy people act. If the same thing is making them all uneasy, they will act to find relief from their common irritant.


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