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    Big Brother IS Coming *Video Commercial*

    Mac Slavo
    May 11th, 2010
    Comments (22)
    Read by 156 people

    This government advertisement threatens residents of Pennsylvania with Big Brother surveillance if they owe back taxes.

    Scary, just as the government intended.

    Hat tip Willie Wonka

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 156 people
    Date: May 11th, 2010

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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    1. Upnorthcommand says:

      Holyshit!…..1984…….It’s happening now!……..Martial Law?

    2. Patrick says:

      I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this, but I really don’t see the big deal.  They’ve been up our asses for decades, and this simple little TV commercial really doesn’t even register on my radar.  I mean seriously, does anyone think gov-co isn’t going to come after you for back taxes???  And that they don’t have your street address and can find you on Google Earth in about 1/4 of a second???

    3. Diane says:

      But … that’s actually the bigger part of the problem.  Look at how “messages” like this don’t even register on most people’s radar. 

      People should be upset and offended the government is being so openly arrogant and threatening to them. 

      “When the people fear the government you have tyranny … when the government fears the people you have liberty.”

      Who do these governmental agencies think they are to be so comfortable putting out a message like this … and look at how many people think the message is okay.

      I find it very troubling on both counts.

    4. Trent says:

      Prepare all you want but in the end it will be for naught. FEMA already has a bunk bed with your name on it Mac, and one for every poster on this site. Your gold,guns, and food will be confiscated. The signpost up ahead will read, “WORK WILL SET YOU FREE” Remember that as you disembark from the railcar. Remember that as the SHTF.

    5. Willie Wonka says:

      Right on Diane…..but there is a good and a bad revelation from this video.

      First the bad, People like Patrick have been desensitized. Its slow manipulation.  This video should be SHOCKING to Americans, this is blatant “Big Brother” scare tactics!!!  Sure  they always came after some people, but now they aren’t afraid to tell you, its in your face “comply or else”  Not sure whats scarier, this video, or Patricks reaction to it.

      The good,  what this tells us is there are more people not paying taxes than they can deal with. They hope to scare people into compliance with this video. They are looking for people to turn themselves in because in reality they CAN’T come after you because they are overwhelmed.  Just goes to show TPTB do not have the physical control of us that so many think they do, its all mental.  If we believe they can control us, if we let them control us,  then they do.  If we tell them its over and they are done, they are…..its like standing up to the schoolyard bully, you may get a bloody nose but after the confrontation,  the torment usually ends.

    6. Good comments all.

      Trent, I think I see your coffin right there next to mine!

      In all seriousness, though, you make an excellent point. If martial law were to ever be declared, crimes of “sedition” would be rampant, as would arrests for what we would now considered minor infractions or simply freedom of speech. Those FEMA camps are real, or at least they seem to be quite real.. and they are currently empty… There are scores of them across the country and many are located right near railroads, so there is something to this “conspiracy.”

    7. Anonymous says:

      Never seen so many pussies on one forum; your government is coming for you and you can’t even see it; you don’t want to see it and you won’t do anything about it….ever.  Most of you guys  make the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto  look like they had balls.  You’ll all deserve what you get.  

    8. Patriot One says:

      To all of you with the Martial Law, FEMA point of view. The government simply doesn’t have the man power. I would guess that as much as 50 to 70% of the military would not draw arms on US Citizens and would go rogue if foreign troops were on US Soil. 

    9. Cold Dead Hands says:

      Sorry but if they were planning on mass exterminations in concentration camps, why would they suddenly become god fearing and give a “christian” burial to each of the dead.   Exterminators use mass graves, to them, those they are getting rid of have no value thus no respect in death (an individual burial).

      The only scenario where the “coffins” and eugenics add up is if they are planning a bio attack, the coffins would then be  cover, “what? not us, we didn’t do it! Look we are taking care off the dead!!”

    10. Will says:

      Martial Law will probably be implemented based on some false flag event (dirty bombs, etc) and then there is the oil mess in the Gulf Coast which could drive massive population movement away from the affected coasts.  The US military has been softned over the last decade to “deal” with civilian populations – whether through foreign engagements or continued development of defense support for civil authorities (DSCA) plans and supporting agencies with the states and government agencies.  Martial Law will more likely result from an attack on US soil and  under the banner of protecting the affected population.  We are also conditioned to partner with NATO forces seemlessly so again in a disaster response situation, I don’t think you see much resistence from the military.  It will be an almost imperceptible move from “assisting” those affected to “controlling” and once you are out of your element in a FEMA camp you’ll have less will and ability/resources to resist. 

    11. Willie Wonka says:

      Patriot..I keep trying to press the same fact,  it sometimes seems that some WANT to be scared of the martial law/FEMA scenario.  “They” may TRY but has a very low probability of ever getting past stage 1.  Unless of course, as I said before, we just comply, don’t see that happening here in the U.S.  though.

      The only scenario where I could remotely see the population capitulate is if “They” make things so bad that a majority would agree to anything they were told would make things better.

      The 2 scenarios that leads me to NOTdiscredit the FEMA camps entirely (while I do not now think they are what many think they are)

      1) The camps could be part of their plan to control “dissenters” regardless of its probability of working.  “They” cling to old marxist ideologies, its possible they think gulags will work also.

      2) Or  as CDH said, they are “expecting” some kind of bio attack/ release or civil war/revolution on this continent.

      While it is strange the alleged “coffins” lined up outside installations along railroad tracks (visions of Nazi Germany), I am still not sold they are as some think they are, I hope I am not wrong.

      I am willing to objectively look at ANY evidence anyone may have that may persuade me differently,  I do not deny the wish/will of some in power to have “death” camps, I just think there would be more validation and warnings from more than just AJ and his people.  Alex Jones devotees, don’t take this wrong, he has done a lot to illuminate many of the evil plans currently underway or being considered, but I think he has the propensity to over-exaggerate and take things way out of context sometimes.

    12. Willie Wonka says:

      While I can appreciate the many well thought out scenarios that envision martial law, etc, the one thing that is forgotten is the reality of the ability of the Federal Government to do most anything quickly, efficiently, and cooperatively.

      The responses to Katrina and the oil spill should be evidence enough of the ineptitude of bureaucratic institutions to respond to crises and control even relatively small events gone haywire. 

      The military, when left to their own accord, is the only Fed manisfestaion that is even remotely competent to handle big events, and they would never as a whole, start shipping people off to Fema camps.

      The “camps” may be part of a contingency plan to TRY to bring order in the event of mass chaos, but its pretty obvious they couldn’t do much more than make some arrests and throw a few “trouble” makers behind the fences.  I just think enough people are too aware nowadays to allow them to pull any thing of such magnitude off, not to mention their most certain ineptitude and lack of willing manpower in such endeavors.

      The internet has given great power to the “serfs” of the world, hell even the questionable paranoia that the internet pimps is a good thing if it keeps people wary  of the government. It is better to be overly fearful than blissfully unaware.

    13. Patrick says:

      I agree with you WW… people have become so pussified that they’re all running around crying about some F-ing TV commercial from gov-co about coming after you for your back taxes… uhhh, yeah, duh!  They’ve been coming after people for decades.  If you think that’s new, or that it’s somehow “evil” because they put a fancy Mission-Impossible / Jason Bourne commercial on TV, then IMO you’re an idiot sheeple who is FAR too easily impacted by the F-ing television.

      Here’s a suggestion, turn of your phucking TV and spend some time with your family.

      I CHOOSE not to be terrorized by islamofascists, IRS goons, the gov-co or any other boogy man du-jour… all of which are fabricated or at least fostered by the govt as a means of psychological control.  It doesn’t mean I stick my head in the sand, it means that I make reasonable preparations for me and my family and I get on with my life.

      Fear mongers have been around forever, and always will be.  Don’t let them ruin your short time on this planet.

    14. Willie Wonka says:

      How can I be optimistic of their failure to “camp” us? 

      If the Racheal Maddows, Jon Stewarts, and Huffington Posts of the world agree with their avowed “enemy” Glenn Beck on the unconstitutionality of  Idiot Holders plan to forgo Miranda rights for “suspected” terrorists who are citizens, there is reason to assume that the vast majority of citizens will stand up when/if the implementation of these suspected nefarious plans  seems imminent.

      6 minute mark is where the discussion and comments begin.

    15. Willie Wonka says:

      Patrick, I do think there is good reason to be afraid, but that should lead to responsible action, not cowering, like you state.

      Should we be fearful of what is happening, hell yes, but that fear needs to be turned into anger with resolve to not let what we fear, happen.

    16. Willie Wonka says:

      Patrick, to clarify, “like you state” meant yes I agree with you,  the fear should not be allowed to paralyze you.

    17. Willie Wonka says:

      I really need to finish my thoughts before hitting “submit”

      While I do not realistically “fear” the Fema camps and/or implementation of Martial law, I do greatly fear the chaos that would precipitate such actions.  IMHO,  financial collapse is inevitable, be it a month or a few years.  Those unprepared will be a grave threat to those of us who have prepared.

      Fear, in this case again is necessary, but  harder to keep in control due to the reality of the situation.

      Unless you have a hidden bunker in the mountains,  you SHOULD be afraid of the future in the context of societal chaos.  And I am all for making many others afraid so as to get them to be prepared also.  The more who are prepared, the less burdens we will all have.

      I am most afraid for my children’s future, there is only so much an individual can do.  Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best can not alleviate all the fear  as so much is out of our control.  Such is life but in his case there is an over abundance of factors out of our control.

      My faith in a good future for my kids is not as strong as my faith in preventing governmental terrorism.

    18. Patriot One says:

      Wow, I stirred up a hornets nest. Let me just say this; the difference between America and the rest of the world is, at this time we are a heavily armed country. The people who follow the government commands to go to a camp for food, shelter and everything else will be in peril and strictly controlled.  As history would have it, the people in the camps become a burden to the government. You know the rest of the storey.

    19. Willie Wonka says:

      Patriot, no hornets here, I agree with you. I was just trying to support my (our)  “opinion” ….with gusto!

    20. MDF says:

      If you become a refugee, you are theirs to do with as they wish.

      I’m ready for them “to pop the clutch”. There will be more than enough folks with guns who show up ready to party with these pukes. The power is in the numbers. Just visit a local range on a Saturday or Sunday, people are waiting for a chance to shoot. Rifles, pistols, and shotguns EVERYWHERE. Plenty of AK’s and AR’S also. Let’s get this thing going, take our country back, and make sure that the “a-holes” who are trying to pull this off get their JUST rewards.

    21. Willie Wonka says:

      MDF, yep!, they really don’t stand a chance, the majority of the people of this country will stand up against these SOB’s if they tried anything mentioned above, they don’t have a chance if it gets ugly and they know it, thats why they play minds games. They think their psychology 101 classes at Harvard and Princeton taught them everything they need to know to keep the “serfs” in line. It will be a rude awakening for them when the day comes we decide enough is enough.

      Have you seen obama throw a ball or swing a golf club? Could you imagine his kind showing up for a fight? Laughable!!! Of Course they will just send the obots into the fodder while they escape to China.

    22. Willie Wonka says:

      I meant “into the fray as fodder”, damn I need to proofread  also before hitting submit.


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