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    SHTF Scenario: Bugging In or Bugging Out?

    February 25th, 2009

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    BI – Bugging In – To remain at your primary location in the event of a SHTF event.

    BO – Bugging Out – To leave your primary location in the event of a SHTF event.

    BOL – Bug out Location (or land) – Location to which you will BO to in the event of SHTF.

     “To BI or not to BI, that is the question”

    Bugging In:


    1. You know the area.

    2. Its easy to prepare since that is where you are located.

    3. Its easy to protect supplies since you are there.

    4. Its easy to get there, since you are there already.


    1. It may be a little populated. (City or urban area) 2. Its hard to live around supplies everyday.

    3. Your wife and kids may eat the supplies as snacks.

    4. Its hard to install wells and windmills and solar panels without notice.

    5. Neighbors may come knocking WSHTF.

    Bugging Out:


    1. Your BOL can be as isolated as you want 2. You can prepare without onlookers 3. You do not have to tell anyone where you are.

    4. You can have open spaces and plenty of food and water sources.

    5. Its easy to overstock and leave it alone (out of site/out of mine).

    6. Its easy to add outside items if its isolated.

    7. You can make it a family camp/vacation site to use it other than WSHTF.


    1. It may cost additional money to have a second BOL.

    2. You may not be able to get to it if its far away.

    3. If you do not have a BOL, then you are homeless.

    4. There may be roadblocks or traffic concerns 5. Your supplies may get stolen in your absence.

    6. Vandalism.

    7. Most people are most comfortable at home and its easier with small children.

    BOL requirements:

    1. Shelter – Durable and permanent. (Tents are not a good long term choice for a family.) 2. Food – Ready to eat and easy to fix. Plus sustainable long term sources. (Gardens, animals, fishing) 3. Water – Bottled and easy to use. Plus long term source. (Well, river, water purifier) 4. Tools – Hand tools for building and repairs. Sewing and domestic items) 5. Personal items – Hygene, cleaners, detergents.

    6. Entertainment – Cards, board games, etc.

    7. Comfort Items – Generators with fuel, Stoves with fuel, heaters with fuel.

    If you plan to BI, always have a plan ‘B’ for if you must BO.

    If you plan to BO, do so early, do not wait until the crowds BO and get caught in the mess.


    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. ”

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    Views: Read by 1,407 people
    Date: February 25th, 2009

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