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    Rise Of The Preppers: 50 Of The Best Prepper Websites And Blogs On The Internet

    Michael Snyder
    February 1st, 2013
    The Truth
    Comments (506)
    Read by 279,612 people


    Are you preparing for the collapse of society?  If so, the truth is that you are definitely not alone.  The number of preppers in the U.S. has absolutely exploded in recent years.  It has been estimated that there are now approximately 3 million preppers in the United States, and “Doomsday Preppers” is currently the highest rated show on the National Geographic channel.  In fact, you could be living next to a prepper and never even know it.  All over America, families are transforming spare rooms into long-term food storage pantries, planting survival gardens, unplugging from the grid, converting their homes over to alternative sources of energy, taking self-defense courses and stocking up on just about everything that you can imagine.  The re-election of Barack Obama and other recent events seem to have given the prepper movement even more momentum.  For example, in January the U.S. Mint broke all kinds of records and sold nearly half a billion dollars worth of gold and silver coins to the public.  Not only that, Americans bought enough guns during the last two months of 2012 alone to supply the entire armies of China and India.  When it comes to prepping, nobody can match the passion that Americans put into it.

    So what are all of these people prepping for?

    Well, the truth is that no two preppers have the exact same motivation.  There is a general consensus among preppers that our world is becoming increasingly unstable, but when you sit down and talk with them you find out that there are a whole host of different civilization-killing events that various preppers are concerned about.  Some are preparing for the collapse of the economy.  Others are extremely concerned about the potential for crippling natural disasters andcatastrophic earth changes. To other preppers, the rise of the “Big Brother” surveillance grid that is being constructed all around us is the greatest danger, and many of them warn of the tyrannical agenda of the New World Order.  Terrorism, killer pandemics, EMP attacks, World War III, martial law, solar megastorms, asteroid strikes and societal chaos are some of the other things that many preppers are worried about.  There are even some preppers that are not worried about any “threats” at all – they just want to get “back to the land” and want to become less dependent on the system.

    Whatever the motivation, it is undeniable that the prepper movement has gotten very large and that it continues to grow.

    In fact, there was a recent article in the New York Times about preppers that was actually written by a prepper entitled “The Preppers Next Door“…

    To the unprepared, the very word “prepper” is likely to summon images of armed zealots hunkered down in bunkers awaiting the End of Days, but the reality, at least here in New York, is less dramatic. Local Preppers are doctors, doormen, charter school executives, subway conductors, advertising writers and happily married couples from the Bronx. They are no doubt people that you know — your acquaintances and neighbors. People, I’ll admit, like myself.

    I was absolutely amazed that one of the key mouthpieces of the establishment, the New York Times, would publish an article that was mostly positive about preppers, because the truth is that prepping is essentially a huge expression of a lack of faith in the establishment.   Even the article admitted as much…

    PREPPING IS THE BIG SHORT: a bet not just against a city, or a country or a government, but against the whole idea of sustainable civilization. For that reason, it chafes against one of polite society’s last remaining taboos — that the way we live is not simply plagued by certain problems, but is itself insolubly problematic.

    And that is exactly right.  There are millions of us that are entirely convinced that the world around us is becoming increasingly unstable and that “the system” will not be there to take care of us when everything falls to pieces.

    With each passing day, even more Americans lose faith in the system and begin prepping.  If you are one of those new preppers, there are actually dozens of great websites out there on the Internet where you can get an education about prepping for free.  The list of websites and blogs that I have compiled below contains more articles and resources than you could ever possibly need.  Hopefully many of you will find this list to be extremely helpful.

    The following are 50 of the best prepper websites and blogs on the Internet…

    1. Survival Blog

    2. American Preppers Network

    3. The Survival Mom


    5. Survival 4 Christians

    6. Urban Survival

    7. Backdoor Survival

    8. Off Grid Survival

    9. Modern Survival Online

    10. The Survivalist Blog

    11. The Suburban Prepper

    12. The Great Northern Prepper

    13. Prepper Website

    14. The Survival Podcast

    15. Doom And Bloom

    16. Provident Living Today


    18. Prepared Christian


    20. Survival Cache

    21. Modern Survival Blog

    22. Rural Revolution

    23. Preparedness Advice Blog


    25. Survival And Prosperity

    26. TEOTWAWKI Blog

    27. The Neighbor Network

    28. The Apartment Prepper

    29. Armageddon Online

    30. The Berkey Guy Blog

    31. The Home For Survival

    32. My Family Survival Plan

    33. Prepography

    33. Prepper Dashboard

    34. Bacon And Eggs

    35. SHTF School

    36. Canadian Preppers Network

    37. Maximum Survival

    38. Survivor Jane

    39. Prepping To Survive

    40. SaltnPrepper

    41. SGTReport

    42. SHTF Wiki

    43. Jewish Preppers

    44. Survival Magazine

    45. Survival Week

    46. Prepper Forums

    47. Survivalist Boards

    48. Tactical Intelligence

    49. The Prepared Ninja

    50. Common Sense Homesteading

    The sad truth is that our world is becoming increasingly unstable in a whole bunch of different ways and we all need to learn how to prepare for the difficult years ahead.

    Unfortunately, most Americans simply are not prepared for much of anything.

    For example, a large percentage of Americans do not even have enough savings to get them through a single financial emergency.  According to one recent report, approximately 44 percent of all households in the United States are just one unexpected event away from financial disaster.

    Most American families do not have much food stored up either.  One recent survey discovered that 55 percent of all Americans have less than three days supply of food in their homes.

    Could that possibly be accurate?  Do people really keep that little food in their homes?

    Another survey asked Americans how long they think they could survive if the entire electrical grid went down and there was no more power for an extended period of time.  Incredibly, 21 percent of those who responded said that they would survive for less than a week, and an additional 28 percent of those who responded said that they would survive for less than two weeks.  Close to 75 percent of those who responded said that they would be dead before the two month mark.

    So who are the crazy ones?

    Are the people trying to become more independent and self-sufficient crazy, or are the people who have complete and total faith that the system will take care of them no matter what happens actually the crazy ones?

    I don’t know about you, but I would prefer for myself and my family to at least have a chance to survive if society melts down for some reason.

    What about you?

    Are you a prepper?

    Do you know some preppers?

    Do you believe that people should be prepping?

    Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

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    Please Spread The Word And Share This Post

    Author: Michael Snyder
    Views: Read by 279,612 people
    Date: February 1st, 2013

    Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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    1. KY Mom says:

      I knew we are a good prepper site. Go Mac!

      • KY Mom says:

        oops…should read

        “I know we are at a good prepper site. Go Mac!”

        This is a great site! I learn from the articles and the comments.

        • DRD5508 says:

          Agree with you KY Mom. It is also an honor to converse with other preppers here, where info is shared. I enjoy this site more than the others (not putting them down).
          Love the idea , here, to teach and learn from each other.
          Then add that people like yourself, KY Mom, are more positive than negative.

          • Prepperpah says:

            Certainly agree that SHTFPlan fits near the top, but I was surprised that Survivalist Boards wasn’t higher up. There are posts there with more than a million views. They are VERY BIG in the prepper community. Thousands of new posts every day… literally.

            The other thing I note was a missing link to Alt-Market. There are few here who haven’t read at least one of Brandon Smith’s brilliant articles. The prepper network they’re building is also awesome.

            Great article, and it was refreshing to see so many new potential sources for information. Thanks Michael!

        • survive its death says:

          We were number two last year. What happen. To much Nina crap.

          • Facebook Page says:

            Survival Mom move up because (Thankfully) more women are becoming the driving force of the the household prepper. Many because of economics and I hope family building.

            Many new family the Man just doesn’t have the time or the the energy. Hes just worrying about keeping his employment. Especially self employed.

            If it was not for family the way the PAGE is feeling now I action it all off and sell the land just to go back to the keys and be left alone. Hell I buy an island. But none of them are private/secure enough anymore.
            Woods her I come. Maybe Nina and I can start a town in the mountains. Must come with SHIF references. He will take care of the gate since he cant shoot for crap.

            We are so screwed.

            We will not make a difference now. SUrvive its death is the only workable plan I see.

            So I present it as a plan. Here someone presented a workable plan. Who on board. an individual cant prep and confront this crap at the same time. I applaud and support the ones that want to try. But I done thinking there is any chance we will not have a sizable melt down (modern) world wide. We (Humans) will survie and I beleive free people will in the end rebuild this planet.

            It will take a Long time. I/we have built a plan for my children family etc. But is that enough. I see the kids today and they are not going to do shit to save this place. Hook a computer wire up their ass and they will be happy. Most dont receive pleasure from doing something anymore. Like building or creating. They just want to use. We are fucked. I built a business 3 to be exact and an army career and in the end it will be for nothing. Yes most of my children will benefit. I glad to say that my girlfriends family will too. But after that who cares.

            Look we cannot even agree on how to move forward. Everyone say make a list no one does let alone act on it.
            We are all talk Old men crying over the fact we screwed up with our kids we created this mess. There is time I think I will just start drinking the kool aid and sit back and feel good Fake or not.

            Why cant we all just leave each other alone and enjoy life. I like to wake up and enjoy the day again. Not wonder what bullshit is coming. When I worked 25 hours a day I was numb to all the anythings in the world. I was happy at least I thought I was happy. Now that I look back I wasn’t. But at least I thought I was. As I look at it that may of been enough. Because it looking like those were the good old days.

            I dont have it in me to argue with everyone anymore on how it should be. I laugh when I watch people just keep doing the same things wrong Debt – family – life- what they call freedom. Then blame others for it not being a lazy utopia for them. Well Fuck You I say to them. I going to serve this and then I just want to be left alone. Surviving may require a front line but when it done. Or when I think it is done I going to just be left alone and.

            I presented a plan, that is workable, and is possible even with everyone so spread out. What do you think.

            • durango kidd says:

              Facebook Page: You are right about one thing: YOU are screwed. YOU are defeated. YOU are toast.

              YOUR belief makes it so.

              Matter, thus reality, is manipulated at the subatomic level by the Spirit: by OUR Consciousness. That is a scientific fact if you know, if you understand anything about quantum physics or YOUR own spiritual nature.

              YOU are responsible for the life you manifest and the community you do or do not create. YOU are responsible for the attitude YOU hold and project.

              YOU own it, its YOURS.

              YOU may as well bend over and kiss your ass “Goodbye!” I hope no one else is as short sighted or as hollow as you must be. Hell, don’t wait for the end to catch up with you … off yourself!

              You self pitying fool. Just saying. I hate pissers, moaners, whiners, and cry babies. Suck it up you broke dick MF Grow a pair! 🙂

              • Big perm says:

                Boy you really are a mean ol asshole.

                • durango kidd says:

                  Yes if need be, I can be one mean old sob and because I can be if need be, nobody fucks with me without serious retaliation.

                  When I was a kid I was mall for my age but tough and if necessary I could kick the ass of the toughest kid in grade school by the time I was in 4th grade.

                  Once upon a time of my mother’s girlfriends, boyfriend took it upon himself to grab me an give me a very severe spanking. It was a big mistake.

                  I went upstairs and grabbed my baseball bat and went outside to his brand new ’59 Chrysler convertible and proceeded to destroy his car’s headlights and tail lights.

                  Then I told him if he ever so much as touched me again I would use my bat on him. He went home in tears.

                  Engage your enemies or be enslaved by them.

                • Facebook Page says:

                  Hes not mean he just being an asshole

              • survive its death says:

                DK is just a rambling old man with some ideas but can’t get anyone to follow him so he is bitter.! He doesn’t care what anyone think of him and that is why he can’t get to many to follow him. He deserve our pity not our attention

                • durango kidd says:

                  Bitter? LMAO! You should have my life. I will just not accept someone puking out propaganda to the rest of US, that encourages defeatism. There is a war here on the Internet and in America for OUR minds.

                  There is nothing more helpful to the PTB who are attempting to redefine America in their own image than some fool loser spouting defeat. Read Sun Tse. Then read your Constitution.

                  The PTB want US to believe that WE are screwed. They want US to believe that they have the answers and that WE should follow their lead. Well We let them lead US.

                  Unemployment has jumped back up to 7.9 %(officially), 58,000 American Factories have been transferred offshore, the nation is bankrupt and an American war veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes. The list is endless.

                  No, do not follow me. I refuse to lead any pussies! You couldn’t cut the mustard with me. You are spineless. You have no resolve. You are weak.

                  Follow your own conscience. Be your own leader. Create a Freedom Cell. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate and vote. Be vocal, be loud, and be persistent; or be enslaved by your own employees.

                  I got MINE! Get yours! 🙂

                • survive its death says:

                  Dk first you must forget who you think your beating on. And i have just proven why no one truly care about your ideas anymore. You just turn off the anyone new prepped with your shit. You still get support from the old crew here because when 10 comments meant something you had. Captured audience. That is longer true.

                  And you must have more “faith” then i do of the common man. I see to many everyday that are just shit.

                  Just because we have 100000 gun doest mean crap. I’m at a gun show right now and we are buying guns dirt cheap because they want money for them instead of nothing when they turn them in. They are scare they will lose there value. No one except the table holder are trying. The evict obama table out front is being ignored. I have for years believe there would be a line. It just keep being move so no one has to be first. If you think there is support you should be the first one out there set an example.

                  We built a community here and some big groups with some serious fire teams in each. What have you done except for being a stuck snob now it all. with

                • durango kidd says:

                  SID: you have not “proven” anything about anything. You don’t even have a logical argument about anything. Develop an argument and make a point don’t ramble like an unintelligent fool.

                  Who am I beating on? FBP. Why? Because he is a defeatist.

                  Prove to me why WE should believe that The PTB should be followed, or that WE should accept the idea that We are helpless in the face of OUR enemies.

                  Com’on. Let’s hear the argument, dumb shit!

                • durango kidd says:

                  SID: I don’t need your respect. I don’t care whether you respect me or not. Got it? I don’t give a fuck what you think about anything!

                  It is NOT true that by the day more are giving in. Do you read anything on the internet besides your own bullshit?

                  If anything, more and more Americans are wising up and rising up. Even Forbes says that the NRA is winning the propaganda war over guns.

                  Why? Its not because “that by the day more are giving in”; or that more are giving up. It means that victory ALWAYS belongs to those who refuse to quit: who refuse to give in.

                  Victory ALWAYS belongs to those whose will is stronger, whose resolve is stronger than that of their enemy.

                  Quit drinking soy milk, grow some fucking balls, and men will be men again! 🙂

                • durango kidd says:

                  SID: It is not bitterness that is palatable in my posts. It is anger. It is indignation. I am one of many tens of millions of pissed off Americans

                  And I am engaging my enemy wherever I find them as circumstances dictate. 🙂


              • Gregory8 says:

                DK: What do you get when you mix bunch of new age spirituality jibberish with pseudo-scientific nonesense? A big pile of bullshit! Kidd, you missed your calling as snake oil salesman. You and Deepak Chopra think that if you infuse your arguement with the phrase ‘quantum physics’ it makes your spiritual mumbo-jumbo sound legitimate. Do yourself, and the rest of us, a favor and cut back on the dope and useless meditation and get a real job.

                • durango kidd says:

                  G8: Do the research. Its on the web. Follow the SCIENCE. I have. You would also do well trying to understand basic human psychology, particularly as it applies to war, power, and influence. I suggest you read Sun Tse. He is required reading for the US military.

                  Spiritually, mentally, you are what you eat just as you are what you eat physically. As you think so you are. That is a biblical principle. Consciousness is perception. Mind IS the builder. Action is the creator in US manifesting according to OUR beliefs and motives in 3D.

                  If you believe you are defeated, you are. If you believe that you can’t win, you cannot. If you give voice to your fears and insecurities, you magnify them and you give them power over you.

                  You will create what you believe. Life is intentional only if you have goals and are determined to reach them. Otherwise you are adrift on a sea of complacency subject to the manipulation of others who know what they want and are resolved to achieve it.

                  If you accept the propaganda of the PTB and MSM you will be doing exactly what the NWO wants you to believe and do: absolutely nothing while they strip you of ALL of your rights and liberties for the good of the hive.

                  The hive they own and control for the benefit of themselves and their progeny. Life is plastic. Put your stamp on it. Engage.

              • Paranoid says:

                Kid RELAX: You have forgotten every group needs someone to take their mask off first, to see if the poison gas is gone. You might as well use someone that has no better use, Right? You need to be more inclusive, open up, there’s always room for more bait, more or less human, shields. Lots of uses for the useless you just have to be more flexible, remember you can always use them to carry your stuff then eat them, just like mules.

          • Survive,

            To much Nino crap you say.. Let me say this about Nino, Is he a crazy MF? Hell yes he is.
            Is Nina a dumbass? Hell no he isn’t he holds more intel then most of us will ever dig up. Ratings don’t mean shyt bud.. What matters is people like us here at the SHTF plan that have stuck together through thick and thin.
            Nino is very passinate about his cause and he has every right to be, some don’t like him, most talk bad about him.
            But he is my friend and I would fight right beside when the time comes…

            NIMO- CATIMF


            No disrespect intended

            • survive its death says:

              I have a feeling you would be stab in the back. Problem it would be to late to be woken up. Look closely who you call friend.

              • Survive,

                How long have you been posting here?


                • survive its death says:

                  Early 2010

                • Survive,

                  Thats strange I went back through some older articles and couldn’t find your name any where..But hey thats cool you maybe one of the people that just changes name alot..

                  Still DPS

                • DPS ~

                  He keeps changing his name, something he hypocritically criticizes others for. He is the artist formerly known as Facebook Page.


                • Daisy,

                  Well alrighty then, I have used the same name since I started posting here. Guess I just don’t hide well enough.
                  And Nino is very crusty and rough on the edges but damn he has so really good info, I still say he is one crazy MF..LOL

                  BTW Daisey you have mail 🙂

                • DPS ~

                  Replied to something from last night – nothing since then. 🙂


                • survive its death says:

                  So what i change my name i never hid it. Hell if you remember i asked for suggestion for a new one right here on this site.

                • Be careful, now – your nose is growing.

                  You absolutely tried to hide it. You began, in your new persona, to bemoan the fate of poor, wonderful Facebook Page, who was so hard done by when people here were so cruel to him.

                  You also denied it when I called you on it directly.

                  And just to add one more lie, you said below you never tried to stop anyone from posting. Bull. You harass the crap out of people you don’t like to try and keep them from posting. You tell the moderator that people should be banned.

                  Perhaps you should ponder this quote: “Discretion is the better part of valor.”


                • Facebook Page says:

                  Daisy now you are living in a fantasy world. I have never asked someone to be banned. I have ask the readers to ignore some. But never banned. Be nice now you have a profitable blog business to watch over. Many will see that you dont read anything unless you agree with it too.

                  Your blog has hit the mainstream now so you had better be careful of who you are defending. It doesn’t take much for the masses to turn on you. And I would like you to succeed

            • Agree with you completely, DPS. NinaO has a message he is trying to get across. It isn’t a popular message but it’s one that needs to get out.

              He has a lot of integrity and intelligence, just a crusty exterior.

              • survive its death says:

                Why again do you defend the filth that comes from him. He as i always say has the right spit out this crap he is pushing.
                You of all trying to grow a profitable blog should be careful who ideas you come blazing in to support.. Also you becoming a contributing writer put all your work into question when defend the words he pukes out. And your work has been improving . His table manners alone need work. Let alone his thoughts on women or anyone with an opposing views.

                • lastmanstanding says:

                  have you ever heard of the 1st Amendment?

                  Regardless of the fact that it is hanging by a thread, it has yet to be destroyed completely.

                  We still have a choice to play the game..or not.

                • I told you before, when you posted the same comment anonymously, that you really have no comprehension if you think I’m the type of person who will distance myself just because OTHERS (you) happen to dislike or disapprove of someone. And that’s fine because I really have no interest whatsoever in gaining your approval.

                  I’ve learned a LOT from NinaO – I’ve learned a lot from DK – that is the beauty of this site – we learn from one another. Do I always agree with them? Nope – and when I don’t they hear about it. I possess the skill of critical thinking, and with that, the ability to process information and discard what doesn’t work for me. And I can even do that without a “scorched earth” opinion of the person who has the audacity to express himself or herself differently.

                  If you don’t like what I have to say because you don’t like the people I like, all I can tell you is, don’t read my website. *shrug*

                  You can bet your sweet Glock that when you start criticizing things you don’t even comprehend, I will be there to say my piece. You are the internet version of a schoolyard bully. I never much cared for bullies.


              • lastmanstanding says:

                We are all trying to get a message across. We all wade through piles of material, present it the best that we can and hope that someone else will set us straight if it is wrong…or thank us for being right.

                We all have our own way. Good or bad we are putting info out to get info back. Hopefully gathering enough pieces of the puzzle to help each other survive what is coming.

                Personally, I enjoy his rants as I have a few of my own. I have the US Marine gene running thru my veins also. My dad used to shoot in the rifle matches in Quantico, Va over 60 years ago…and I am damn glad to have that gene. Not to mention other skills passed along…

                …just a crusty exterior.

                That would describe alot of us. lms… standing firm in Big Sky country.

          • JJMac says:

            Shucks guys and gals,
            I was hoping to see . Maybe next time. If you get a chance read the American Dictatorship article. Lays out our situation real plain and simple, well plain, maybe not simple.

        • KY Mom,

          Hey I know how much you like to read, and I would suggest that everyone hit the web site fromthe trenches today and watch the video of a New York town meeting. These folks are really getting pissed off about the newest laws..


        • Jonathan Edwards says:

          I too find the discussion on this site of vital importance. I see that people are becoming more and more interested in preparing for emergency and disaster survival, these days. Maybe this is because there is an alarming increase. What I find missing on these prepper sites is the emotional aspect of preparedness. One must prepare oneself not to panic and make split second decisions sometimes this is even more important than the food and survival gear. I deal with all these issues on my site please visit. Thanks and success to all! Jonathan

      • hamilcar says:

        I’ll take my hits on this..

        Preppers are too damned serious about every situation overall nowadays..

        Since the sucks..get over it!!

        There are conspiracies ad nauseum..almost every day.agreed!
        There is no laughter, no satire,no joy amongst you save a few here..everything is gloom and doom preparing for yet to be announced and confirmed diabolical tsunamis awaiting our demise….

        Enjoy every damned moment of your is short.
        Laugh,live ,drink,smoke,bust balls,hug your family and friends and celebrate life however miserable and horrific you think it will become..

        Me..I am over all the horrific conspiracies I once adhered to..all of them!!!!

        Yes I still prepare
        Yes I still acquire self defense mechanisms
        Yes I still watch the geo political atmosphere..


        Take time..

        Enjoy this life !

        Embrace your family,nature,and your life..

        Do not embrace doom.

        If you do..they have have you right where they want you to be..


        • Satori says:

          well said

          I think most preppers are capable of walking and chewing gum
          at the same time

        • Mystery Guest says:

          Well lets see, if I am drowning I would sure like a life raft. So maybe I could prep for that. Kinda handy don’t ya think?
          Well lets see, a tree falls on my house, repair is extensive, would be nice to have a trailor to live in.
          Well lets see, been working for years for the same company and they go belly up, would be nice if I had food and such to get the family through till I get that job at McDonalds.
          Well lets see, the car broke down it’s in the garage would be kinda handy to have a bicycle to get to the corner store for bread and milk, better yet that job at McDonalds.
          Well let’s see, who said we werent’t enjoying life. But there is something to that saying “life sucks, suck it up.

        • You hit it dead on.

          There is a bit of difference between…

          * keeping an eye out for what may be coming (while passing it through a BS filter)

          * getting your panties wet every time something hiccups in the globe, and squealing that every obscure semi-yucky event is the Apocalypse(tm).

          BTW, this goes double for those who nurse certain conspiracies, racial or ethnic biases, and assorted other crap.

          Personally, I know there is a solid chance of something ugly coming down the pike. However, that damned sure didn’t stop me from taking the missus out to a resort spa, for a vacation that pampered the hell out of her.

          Yes, I spent enough on her that weekend to have bought an AR-15 with, at *current* market prices.

          OTOH, I’m fairly well stocked, and there is one preparation that I bet very few people think of: stocking up on good memories. If it all crashed tomorrow, then 20-30 years post-collapse? I know I can whisper “you remember that weekend, the one with the spa and the hot tub on the balcony…” and give her one kick-ass post-apocalyptic present: to make a (by then) old woman giggle and blush.

          I[‘m not saying ignore the preps. I am saying however that you’re absolutely right: live life during all of this! Civilization is meant to be enjoyed, so get your ass out there and do that once in awhile.

        • Eisenkreutz says:

          Hannibal > Hamilcar

        • 99%'ers are not collateral says:

          eat drink and be marry while millions of people are dieing around the world complements of your government which you elected.
          stop posting you idiot.

      • JustMe says:


        Thank you for allowing Freedom of Speech.

      • Wolf359 says:

        URGENT TO ALL,

        Tonight around 6 pm I was visiting my buddy. He is the Godfather to my children, a small business owner and financial advisor with ZERO of a criminal record.

        A loud knocking at the front door we shrugged off then followed by a thunderous banging on the back of the house.

        My friend answered and a local town police officer was there asking if he was the owner and if he was the person he was looking for.


        To me it sounds like this cop was there to see how far he could bullshit somebody to turn in their lawfully owned firearms without a fight. I have seen some crazy things in my life and this was certainly one of them. It made no legal sense and felt like an intimidation tactic.

        I know this sounds completely insane but it just F*****G happened. I prob would doubt it myself reading this. But make no mistake about THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE AND ARE TRACKING US LOOKING FOR ANYTHING TO TAKE AWAY OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

        I am going to post this at the front of the next few articles Mac puts up so everybody can here this.

        God Bless Us All

        • Where abouts was this?

        • MayBeSo says:

          Well I’ll be DAMNED,

          Straight-up Wolf? That’s absolutely freaky shit Dude, can you at least tell us what state this was? Seriously.

        • Gregory8 says:

          Wolf359: IF this is true, then you’re friend is a real dumbass. No one in their right mind answers the door when someone is banging as loudly as you say, and especially, not at night. You ask who’s there with a gun in your hand but under no circumstances does an intelligent person ever open the door. If the say they’re the cops ask them what they want. You know IT could be a ploy by home invaders. What ever business the cops have can be conducted by talking through the door. If they are the cops then anything they see when you open the door may give them probable cause to enter without a warrant. If they have a warrant the ask to see it at the window without opening the door. Why, because again, this could be a ploy by home invaders or by the cops to see if your stupid enough to open the door so that they can get a look inside for probable cause. Cops are allowed to lie to people to futher an investigation. Just because someone has a badge and uniform is no resaon to trust them and to give up your constitutional rights (4th and 5th Amendments). Be smart folks; know your rights and insist upon them when dealing with the cops. And never ever open your door at night to strangers!

          • Wolf359 says:


            Save your insults. You weren’t there pal. It was stIll lIght out. We could see the police car and see the officer. And we also spoke through the door before opening up. The cop wasn’t some jackboot ready to storm the house. If they really had an order for the weapons a swat team would been there and they wouldn’t knock. It’s in the suburbs and out here we know many police officers. Theyre friends and family.

            Not every body is as paranoid as you and every circumstance is different and I take a major exception to you calling us dumbasses.

            I’m trying to offer up something constructive and you hurl insults. Don’t be an A hole.

            • Gregory8 says:

              Wolf359: That’s not an insult, it’s an informed observation-period! You still never open your door to the cops or to anyone else-period! You and your friend are both morons if you think the cops are your friends or protectors-period!. The “Oh I’ve got nothing to hide/fear because I’m innocent” crap doesn’t mean a damn thing to the cops-period!. If they want you they’ll get you-period! Your friend is just plain lucky the cop was a bit of a pussy. Next time the cop may be a real hard-ass. Never open your door-period, unless you’re a clueless idiot-period! I think that the rest of this group is smater than you two clowns. If you’re not an LEO, or an attorney, then you’re at a sever disatvantage and you’ll you’ll lose if you think you can go head to head with the cops.

              • Wolf359 says:

                Again you offer nothing constructive. I’ve read your comments on many articles and they’re always insulting and ignorant. Go lock yourself in your bunker and don’t come out. The comment board will be a much better place without your classless ignorance.

      • With close to 40 years of herbal experience, 5 years nutritional experience and close to 30 years experience in tactical operations I am willing to teach for FREE anyone, group,or Community to build a prepare contingent plan with natural and herbal supplements . Herbs that you can use to sustains oneself “INDEFINITELY” even an infant. and a herb so powerful one can make a powerful pepper spray unlike anything else. My blog has videos recipes and a new ebook I just finished that is complemented with online training videos on my blog on BUGOUT G.O.O.D. and I.N.C.H. bags herbal medicine and portable first aid kits you can build yourself free recipes and instructions . I also go into Control Points During an Event or Martial Law. visit the blog at

        This is a great site. I found a great book that fits this Category it’s all about Natural and herbal Survival Techniques. It is very detailed. They also just finished a detailed ebook that corresponds to the Blog training videos and more. it is at

      • Its kind of funny to watch u guys on TV etc. The same people whos afraid of societys collapse are the one making it happen ! So stupid. You vote on right-wing republicans and the big corporations that control the republican partys. And then you wonder what happened to the world ? Your IQ level is the shit thas has hit the fan. For fuck sake start thinking or u guys will be gone anyway.

        “Gotta get me a glock and shoot someone yeah hell yeah imma cowboy”

        Fucking white trash asshole imperialism supporters!

    2. Satori says:

      I’d like to add Armageddon Medicine to that list

      Doc Cindy is a real asset to the prepper movement

      and congrats to Mac for running a great site !!!

      • 64 ECHO MIKE says:

        Also “The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko”.

        16.5 million background checks last year and only 3 million preppers? A zillion prepper and survivalist websites? I dunno.

    3. Highspeedloafer says:

      I do visit some of the other sites but I read here every day. I think Mac has some of the most informed posters on the web.

    4. deano says:

      if we dont cover our own butts who will
      thanks Mike for this list

    5. you don't need to know says:

      Two years ago when I was knee deep into prepping, people looked at me like I had 3 heads. They are now the same people who are asking me how to store food and complain that they can’t find any bullets to buy….

      People who don’t prepare are idiots!

    6. Norse Prepper says:


    7. Eisenkreutz says:


    8. Cindy says:

      According to this guy on Alex Jones show the other night, there have been about 8 other instances where Empires collapsed and the U.S., of course, is next on the list.(The guy was a prosecutor lawyer and historian). Alex asked him if there was any way we could avoid what happened to other civilizations and the lawyer replied–“only if we had the right leader”. But one point he made was that before they fell, empires had to resort to “hand outs” for the people (welfare, or whatever). The empire is rotting and no way to stop it. and as the collapse progresses, there is greater and greater divide (financially) between the “plebs” and the elites. I’ve read that millions will die when collapse occurs, but in the end, the elites are dethroned and there is more equitable distribution of wealth.

      • deano says:

        just because we are people doesnt mean we are not subject to antural laws.. when you look at the cycles in nature you will find that the old has become inadiquite to do the job and will bully the subordinants to stay in charge or to stay alive, that is until it is so out of balance that all of the surrounding life will rise up and take it out..

        i dont know if i have explained the right, but its the best i can do with my limited education

      • sixpack says:

        Constitutional lawyer and historian Bruce Fein.

      • GrandpaSpeaks says:

        Another frightening signal Cindy, wealth is consolidating at a feverish pace these days. The bank run the first week in January was 25 billion as reported by the Fed. Getting actual physical bullion of any kind in your hand is becoming difficult. I choose not to believe the guy about “no way to stop it”. But can our collective will grow in time, to stop it? It is getting late.

      • MadMarkie says:

        @ Cindy ~

        There has always been approximately 20% of the population who be considered “poor”. We used to hide these folks in the inner cities, on Indian reservations, in Appalachia and in isolated portions of certain Southern States. Out of site ….. out of mind??? If we didn’t see them, then they didn’t exist …. or did they?

        Then there used to be another 75% of the population who considered themselves to be “middle-class”. This large segment of our population acted as a buffer between the poor and the “elites”, the top 5% of the population. In fact, the middle-class protected the elites from the poor.

        Speaking with a neighbor this AM, he informed me that he didn’t think that there was even 30% of the population that could be considered middle-class in the United States any longer. As the elites have forced more and more of the former middle-class down into the lower class, economically speaking; so to have the elites lost this vital protection.

        There is a reason that our government is spending ‘bazillions’ of $ to construct these vast underground cities. (Google: Deep Underground Military Bunkers)Do you and your family have your invitation to enter one of these complexes yet? They must be delayed in the mail. But please don’t worry, your loving government surly won’t leave you and your family standing outside in harms way.

        There is also a reason that the Dept. of Homeland Security is ordering 7,000 (?) “personal defense” select fire M4 carbines and prepositioning vast amounts of ammunition at strategic locations around the United States.

        They have a plan for us boys & girls. It isn’t a plan that any of us ‘useless eaters’ is going to enjoy very much. God Bless and good luck to all who post here.

      • Eisenkreutz says:


        • DumbDude says:

          I don’t like what you say.

          • Eisenkreutz says:

            Explain why.

            • sixpack says:

              Personally, I don’t care for being referred to as “you people”, as if I’m somehow beneath you. That is what “you people” has always suggested and it isn’t appropriate. I can understand if you didn’t mean it like that, I often say things that in retrospect, didn’t come out like I meant it…my bad, but I try to avoid being offensive once I know it.

              So now you know why you probably got so many thumbs down. Now that you know, maybe we can move on?

          • HighN'Dry says:

            I like what he said, just not the way he said it.

            True capitalism is survival of the fittest, in a slightly more civilized manner.

            • Gregory8 says:

              HighN’Dry: In others words a “F*uck you, I got mine, you get your own” form of survival of the fittest. Because that thinking is so predatory the other guys think it’s o.k. to take by force what you got by force. Well now, they’ve got more backers (socialism) than you do (capitlism). So it’s going to come down to who has more folks and can use more force. Better have enough bullets.

        • 64 ECHO MIKE says:

          I wonder why there is no welfare in any other animal kingdom but ours. Maybe because animals usually aren’t IDIOTS AND LAZY M*THER F*CKERS!!!!!

          • sixpack says:

            @64 ECHO MIKE,

            actually there are many examples of one animal helping another in a time of need. One example is the queen bee and queen ants. Neither of them do anything but sit in the nest/hive and make offspring. Every single need they have is brought to them by the workers.

            Herd and pack animals are the same way. A few make a kill and the carcass is often shared by others, after the hunters are through eating their fill.

            Every living thing on this earth feeds it’s young who are too weak to feed themselves.

            There are many examples of the strongest members of a herd protecting the rest…the strong does not always destroy the weak for their own gains, my friend.

            While I concur with your assessment of those who will not even try to stand on their own, the majority of people on assistance today would be back at work if they could. For anyone with a smidgeon of self-respect, being dependent on public assistance is still a reason to be ashamed.

            So tell me 64 ECHO MIKE, what exactly is it that separates your way of thinking from the thinking of the Machiavellian elitists who are destroying our country?

        • Anon 2.0 says:


          Are you bi-polar, by chance?

        • You’re right in that there is way too much governmental pork.

          On the other hand, what is all of this about a middle class?

          Personally, I find it to be indoctrination of sorts to even separate by class, or to determine that everyone has to be members of one by proportion. As long as the opportunity is truly equal (and by that I mean no one is held back. It does not mean favoring any group of humans over any other), the rest eventually takes care of itself.

          You will always have the unlucky and the lazy, who comprise the poor. You will always have the industrious and the lucky who get rich. You will always have the rest in-between.

          As long as nothing forces or excludes a given person –outside of inherent individual will, talent and efforts, naturally– we’re all good.

          Mind you that government as it is now violates this simple tenet in far too many ways. Corporations also violate this (by way of abuse of laws concerning patents and copyright, for starters).

          Overall, you need to remove the corruption and the failed ideological proscriptions, and I daresay be rid of a lot of the so-called safety netting… good luck with that.

          Nobody is going to house welfare recipients in abandoned military bases or gov’t buildings and feed them spare MREs, let alone make them join work gangs each day (according to ability) to help earn their keep; this would be far more efficient for government, reducing spending by a huge amount (as well as make for a great incentive for the recipients to get the hell off of welfare ASAP). The first political officeholder to suggest it would, I daresay, be impeached – after the media labeled him a complete barbarian, of course.


          The only other prescription I can think of though, is for government to stop being so effing hostile to religion.

          • Eisenkreutz says:

            Inflation makes the poor much poorer and the rich much richer.

            • Actually, inflation has one beautiful side-effect: It gets you out of debt very quickly.

              If I owed $150k on a mortgage, and inflation kicked in for both wages and prices to the point where I made an extra $150k/year, I’d have that mortgage paid off much faster.

              I’m willing to bet that creditors will literally hide from you during inflationary periods.

              The downside of course is that everything else gets expensive – hella expensive.

      • Mountain Trekker says:

        Not to sound simplistic, but there is only one way to turn this around. And that is for this nation to turn back to GOD. Our morality is rotting and so goes the Nation. So Pray and Turn to GOD, He will provide. At least for me, He has always provided.If you don’t have the Lord in your life all your preps. will be for nought. Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use common sense and make preparations for the future, which doesn’t look to bright. Seek GOD and stock up on necessities what ever that might be. Just because we put our faith in the Lord to provide, doesn’t mean we’re not to prepare. Just as God lead Joseph when he was 2nd in command in Egypt. To make along story short, HE had him to STOCK UP! Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • Jesus Christ is Son of God says:

          Blessings ABBA FATHER, Lord of Righteousness, grant to him that seeketh THEE and also THINE rightious according to YOUR GOOD WORD in Isiah 54:13-17. Amen.

          Continually seek HIM and HIS Righteousness and Grace.
          Standing by in Texas.

      • Wilson says:

        “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” a large, 3 volume set details the decline of Rome. OMG, reading parts of it sound exactly like the USA. You may not have time to read it now, but add it to your library to read by candlelight.

        • Seconded, if we’re talking about Edward Gibbon’s masterpiece set.

          The spooky part? The books were originally published from 1776-1789. No conspiracy or tinfoil, just that the dates are delightfully ironic.

          Why? Well, because the numbers should sound familiar to anyone who knows US history: It is the same period of time from the Declaration of Independence (1776), until the US Constitution was fully ratified (1789).

      • TripodXL says:

        panem et circenses. Be well.

      • John W. says:

        The majority of the people seem to be OK with it so there is not much that can be done to stop it. Maybe the Stupid Party will grow a pair and put up some resistance. Well I can dream.

    9. Nick-Dog says: is conspicuously absent but has a great show, tons of information, and solid community.

    10. I do finally know some other preppers, my husband is also finally on board. It’s really nice to have the online community of people who know what’s coming and don’t think you are crazy.
      I do wonder where the statistics come from. I don’t understand how anyone (unless you are a single man) can only have 3 days of food or less. That is so crazy to me. I just don’t get it.

    11. Cindy says:

      According to scientists from various fields, around 2030, there will be a convergence of crises that we will have to contend with: climate hell, population explosion, severe water shortages, economic collapse, and governments gone rogue… so yeah, all the reasons they expressed for prepping, are all viable. Also, according to one expert (Chris Martenson), around 2015, things will start to unravel quickly…

      • JustOneGuy says:

        Hi Cindy,

        I am AFRAID we may not have NEAR that long…

        At present the ‘monry’ in the system is beginning to ‘pool-up’ like blood in corpse. Aside from that being – effectively – a target for vatious of the Uber-rich, think forced Mergers and Hostile takeovers, et all, it is the case that if the same Uber-rich EXPECT to actually get away with STEALING several trillion dollars of the wealth of Humanity that they’ll need a smoke-screen to hide behind when the SHTF (actuated by thier own hands, action I suspect)…186 Billion ‘pooling’ in Well-Fargo in just 60 days…THINK MF Global on STEROIDS here….we may have not much more than MONTHS at this point, the pieces are all starting to fall into place now
        …the ‘RECKONING’ comes SOON I think.


    12. HAHAHA made 47 out of 50…LMBO I hate that site, the owner and the mods…who make the rules up as they go

    13. Whitewolf says:

      Don’t forget about!

    14. don't tread says:

      I like this article very much and I like the part that Mac’s (our) site is placed near the top at # 4. We (Mac) has got the best site ever and his ideology of letting most every comment fly and landing where it will has proven to be a good drawing card.

      I do disagree with Michael Snyder’s statement; “Well, the truth is that no two preppers have the exact same motivation.”

      I think a lot of preppers have the same motivation and reasoning behind their prepping. I think a lot of preppers have a lot in common and prioritize their idea of prepping as i do.

      #1 God/Jesus Christ/Salvation
      #2 Drinkable Water availabilty
      #3 Six to twelve months of Non-perishable foodstuff
      #4 Enough firepower(weapons of truth and gunpowder) to protect 1,2, and 3.

      The list goes on from there.

      • TripodXL says:

        dt; I disagree with your disagreement. While I AM a Christian and see your point, I am in a number of sites and physical groups. A large portion of them MIGHT agree with your number one just cuz they believe that way, as would I, PERSONALLY. But the fact is that a lot of preppers are libertines and adhere to no particular creed or religion. That is a fact! A lot of the physical meetings we have are in churches, but a significant number of the people there are NOT identified religious people. They come for the knowledge, and appreciate the “good nature” of the people there, but they aren’t Christians nor are they religious. It is an opportunity of course to evangelize, but that is not the issue. Two, three, and four should be 1-3 with one being in parentheses out to the side. As an aside I think what the author actually meant was the “functional” motivation for different preppers is what is different, i.e. some prep for super volcanoes, some for economic collapse, some for ET impact events, some for solar events, some for….fill in the blank, not their internal philosophical motivation. Obviously we ALL have Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs on the first 3 levels (air, water, food and shelter). THEN we have the higher needs of social acceptance and spiritual needs. I thought the article was quite good. Be Well.

        • Ugly says:

          Tripod, not to be rude but could you please rewrite your post so that it makes some sense. What do you mean by ‘internal philosophical motivation’? Or, ‘…author actually meant was the functional motivation for different preppers’….

          That sounds like some PhD in Philosophy?

          I cannot even understand your post enough on whether to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down. We need a third category called Thumbs What?

          Then you say, …Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs of the first 3 levels (air, water, food and shelter). I counted 4, not 3.

          Anyway, thanks for your input. Just would like to understand your point alittle better.

    15. Mal Reynolds says:

      I’m busy working, prepping, and trying to raise three kids. I don’t have time to visit 50 websites a day. I settled on this site because of the mixture of politics, economics and survivalist/prepping articles… and not to mention the scintillating conversations each day in the reply section!!
      Congrats on being #4, Mac, but you deserve to be higher in my opinion.


      • Mal Reynolds says:

        It’s anti-zombite discrimination like this that drives me crazy. Popular shows like The Walking Dead completely misrepresent this oppressed minority and it makes me want to eat the brains of the brain dead oppressors that support this racist show.

        I feed my zombie road kill, killing two birds with one stone… satiating the appetite of the undead and helping to keep America’s roads beautiful

        Iowa, take your irrational fear of the Undead elsewhere, you son-of-a…


    16. swami says:

      I don’t know if this bullshit site is any good or not, so many comments appear to be written by uneducated juvenile assholes, but it is the only one left I haven’t been kicked out of.

    17. Busy Bee says:

      I’m a fan of Prepper Chicks.

    18. Zoltanne says:

      Thanks for this list, a few new ones to look at later on.

      Congrats to Mac for being at the top of the list. Also to our other posters and contributors who made the top 50. One of my personal favs is prepperwebsite — he does the lookin’, we do the readin’. Plus it’s totally stripped down. Love that! 🙂

      As a side note, please don’t give up on family — one of my boys told me he was now addicted to pre-1965 coins. We told him the basics and why the coins were worth more than face value. He’s growing his own collection now. Yesterday he wanted to know more about how the USD can become worthless and how a ‘collapse’ could happen. Please don’t give up on family — they might hear more than you think they do!

    19. NautiGirl says:

      I have been reading here for years and feel like I know most of you. I know there are lots of new people coming to this site lately, but I do agree you stalwarts are some of the most informed posters on the web and I have learned so much from all of you. Aside from paranoia, I probably never felt worthy of really being anything other than a spectator here. I feel compelled to write about something I’m not sure any of you will care about, but it seems relevant. In many ways, the S HAS HTF in New Jersey. After Sandy, among the myriad heartbreaking stories, something pretty devastating has come to light. Obama signed the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act of 2012 last July. As a result of that, FEMA released new flood maps for NY/NJ after the storm and is telling homeowners that if they don’t raise (as in lift) their houses, their flood insurance premiums are going to be $30,000 per YEAR. The cost of raising a house in NJ far exceeds that and in many cases, is not even possible. This in the midst of a true crisis in the area as most homeowners, who have been paying for flood insurance for years and decades, haven’t even received any money yet for repairs. It’s quite the debacle and will most certainly have a devastating impact on many working-class communities in the state. So many are already walking away in utter frustration. My question is, if it is the case that federal flood insurance subsidies will be ending, wouldn’t that mean nationally? I understand FEMA put out these maps early in order to ‘help’ recovery from the storm, but 18% of the country apparently lives in a flood zone NOW – and the new maps in NJ extend the flood zones considerably. Won’t this have a possibly catastrophic effect on the middle-class? Homeowners? Municipal tax bases? How many people, in this economy, can afford a 700% increase in their insurance rates – even after complying with the new standards at significant personal expense (plus raising taxes, and a newly expensive healthcare premium, raising food prices, etc.)? It’s also interesting that this is under the radar – and they’re springing this when people are vulnerable, and in some cases desperate for help. Could you imagine them telling this to the people of New Orleans after Katrina? I mean, I can see how it seems peripheral to most people, but could this unbalance things past the tipping point? It IS GOING to change the face of the Jersey Shore, which I can understand most don’t care about. But how far of a reach might this have? It seems significant to me. Let me know your thoughts. And if I’m out of the scope of the conversation here, or you think it’s irrelevant and typical you can let me know. Just please don’t rip me too hard. This is my favorite daily site and I’d miss you all

      • Norse Prepper says:

        @ NG…you are not out of line and welcome to the discussion!!

        FEMA has been undergoing a nation wide update of their Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) and many who live near rivers or the sea are finding out the financial problems created when their homes and communities which were out of the floodplain end up in the flood plain on these new maps.

        I don’t know if this would help in your case, but in general, before a new FIRM map becomes effective, it is released to the local government for a comment period. During this comment period land that is shown in the new proposed 1% annual flood (100 year flood plain) may actually be out of the 100 year flood plain and just shown incorrectly.

        This is because the elevations used for the mapping is taken from aerial photography and is called LIDAR which is fairly accurate, however it may not be 100% accurate at the structure.

        Getting to my point. If anyone is in an area where FEMA is producing a new FIRM map and your house/structure is shown on the edge of the floodplain, you can still get your property out. If you build up around your house and structure so that there is no dirt touching your house that is in the 100 year floodplain, you can have a legal survey completed that shows this and is signed off by a registered professional land surveyor.

        Submit this Certificate of Survey along with a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) to FEMA prior to the date the new map becomes effective and they will issue you a letter stating that the areas you described as being out of the floodplain are out. This can be provided to the insurance company or mortgage lender which will make it so that they cannot force you by law to purchase this insurance.

        There is a lot to it, but contact a local Civil Engineering company and ask them if they have anyone who specializes in LOMA’s and they can take you through the steps. I know locally it can cost upwards of $5,000 to have one done, but it is money well spent.

        One other comment. I believe if you do not have a mortgage that is federally backed the law doesn’t require you to purchase flood insurance. If you have a mortgage through a local lender that isn’t federally backed that would be the case. Or if you have your mortgage paid off you also would not be required to purchase flood insurance.

        If you have a federally backed mortgage and are in the newly mapped 1% annual flood event area, there is no getting around it. Please, don’t wait to get insurance until you are forced to. If you purchase flood insurance prior to the new map becoming effective you lock yourself in to a permanent preferred rate. This will save you $thousands$ If you wait until after they send you the letter you will be paying expensive high risk.

        Sorry to go on, but I have done a lot of studying on this subject and thought it would help you and anyone else that is potentially being brought in to the new flood plain.

        God Bless,

      • Slick says:

        I like your name.

        • Anton Hackl says:

          Welcome NG,

          Very good intro post! Have a seat and make yourself at home. We’re a fairly rambunctious extended family, here at Mac’s site.

          Welcome to the fold, ma’am.

        • lastmanstanding says:

          lol…I was wondering when someone would make that comment…

          She is Nautigirl…most likely a female mariner/sailor.

          Being happily married, I’ll leave it at that!

      • JayJay says:

        NautiGirl–yesterday I read a headline of a governor awarding millions to a college/university when there are still Sandy victims living in tents??
        More than likely this is those tent dwellers taxes making that award??
        There are special hells for this kind of action.

        • Anonymous says:

          XXX the Sandy victims, You pick where you live, there is no reason for one cent to be taken from people who couldn’t possibly afford to live in a million dollar sea side home to give it to those who do. I was trained as a geologist, anyone stupid enough to live on a sand island on the coast is likely to stupid to live. How do you think those islands get there in the first place? The Federal Gov should not have given them anything.

          • Anonymous, you don’t understand the issue. It is not so much the direct relief that is in question – it is the fact that the utility companies still don’t have power and water going to these places. These are community services that people pay taxes to support, as well as their monthly bills. Bills, by the way, that are still coming in despite the fact these people don’t have electricity or running water.

            That is where there is some responsibility.

          • NautiGirl says:

            First I wanna say thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! Can’t post too much on the weekends cuz have little kids. And yes, Daisy – your site(s?) should’ve made the list! Anon, we’re talking inland people here. Actually, one of the big issues is that many on the barrier island are rated in a lesser-risk zone than those quite far inland on the mainland side of the bay. Can’t disagree there are lots who agree with you and many issues at hand which have been addressed here lots of times but… these are working-class people affected by this. The rich don’t care who gets driven out, I assure you. SO many people have said stuff like you about not wanting to pay ‘one cent’ for ‘these people’. Thing is, I guess they were just too stupid to realize the downfall in any FEDERALLY SUBSIDIZED insurance scheme… Hmmmm. Too bad they didn’t have a choice. Anyway, it took an Act of Congress for people who’ve been paying premiums for decades without a claim to get their legitimate claims approved only to have this Charlie Foxtrot thrust upon them – many of whom I’m sure don’t approve of subsidizing abortion, contraception, or gifts of jets, tanks and manpads to the Muslim Brotherhood, or a lot of other things they’ve been paying out the ass for while trying to raise their families in a decent place, including the EPA, DEP, and the myriad of green commies like you who wanna tell ANYone where they should live!! How’d I do, everyone?

            • Norse Prepper says:

              You fit in perfectly! Mac, send her the official tinfoil hat!

              • Jesus Christ is Son of God says:

                Tinfoil hat with the on top propeller no less! That’s great. When you bend over into the wind it makes the hypnosis spiral effect! It wows the neighbors. You’ll be recognised with a boot print on your ass! Thumbs up! Don’t ask me how I know this…

            • don't tread says:

              Welcome Nautigal. I think you make a good point and that’s part of why people like yourself make this site so special. Every comment can, and most times does lead to “unveiling” of truths that some don’t ever consider.

              This point you bring up takes us to this other very important point. The insurance industry. The large insurance companies/underwriters have way more influence than the sheeple know about. I put them with the big three, Banksters,Power(electric)Companies, and the Pharmaceutical companies.

              They are all in bed together and create a false sense of having the consumers best intrest at hand. They get laws passed that screw over and cheat the consumer, simply put they rape them/us a dollar at a time.

              Since the Utility companies have been secretely buying up the propane and natural gas industry over the past ten to twenty years, costs to the customer has doubled and in some areas has tripled. In 2000 I was buying propane for less than a dollar per gallon. Last year it went to almost $5.00 a gallon. I said, “No More”,I’m not giving one more dime or one more inch. I’ve gone strictly 100% wood heat. I do use an electric stove in the summer and part-time in the winter but have a wood burning cook stove waiting to be installed. Part of my SHTF plan.

      • NG,
        Welcome and;
        Welcome to the club…;)

        This site is the best on the net, IMHO. Because of the Gang. Both good and bad, and that includes this weirdo…:) There is no such thing as a dumb question…

        Hurricane Floyd in 1999, wiped out Eastern NC. The Floods were horrendous… I had a water moccasin in my kitchen… and I consider myself lucky…

        We got absolutely NO HELP from any govt agency… The Salvation army ROCKS, they were there with hot food the next day! Then the Red Cross moved in on them a week later and kicked them out of the church they had set up in. The red cross was selling donuts and coffee, snacks and other junk… We were offered a LOAN, thanks but no thanks. Our insurance rates skyrocketed, and still are.

        All the houses in the new flood plain, we required to be jacked, or yeah, you couldn’t afford flood insurance, and couldn’t keep your mortgage or your house without it. Don’t get me started about the benevolent government.

        There were fights over gas, looters, home break ins, theft of cows and pigs(what survived). Business died for a long time. This area still isn’t totally recovered. We came close to losing everything, instead we simply declared bankruptcy. In many cases this was the saving grace that allowed you to recover and move on.

        Don’t you love how the Leaders made hay real quick about how much help you got, and then you dropped off the radar? Same here, then you drop into the black hole… The government, helped itself to ‘relief’ money… to clean up their roads and haul garbage, and bulldoze and condemn whole neighborhoods… the poor neighborhoods close to the rivers. Now it appears the whole Jersey shore is feeling the pain.

        Forget the government, take care of you. Their agenda is clear, to wipe out the middle class, turn America into a ‘wildlands’ and move you into a ghetto. You’re waking up.

        God bless.

      • durango kidd says:

        NautiGirl: “How many can afford a 700% increase in their insurance rate?”

        51% of ALL Americans make less than $27,500 a year, before taxes. The IRS has just released examples showing that a family of 5; that is, a husband, wife, and three children will be REQUIRED to pay $20,000 a year for MANDATED health insurance under O’bummer Care on the Bronze Plan.


        These imbeciles in government don’t have a clue! The right hand does not know what the Left hand is doing, or why; or they are intentionally burdening the middle class to subsidize the very poor and uber rich!

        So folks, how many Hispanic American families, 51% or more who already receive some form of government assistance, will need to have their O’Bummer Care paid for by the US Taxpayer?

        That’s YOU! Get a clue. Engage!

        • JayJay says:

          A family with 120,000 income will pay that 20,000 and may be able to afford it–not families like my dh and I.

          We barely have that much to live on.

          We will be forced to sign up for the free insurance–notice, I said forced! How will they do that?? Put us in jail for not having a yearly checkup??
          Forcing citizens to take govt healthcare is incomprehensible.

          • durango kidd says:

            The IRS used the $120,000 income because that is the average family income in DC. So if the “Bronze Plan” costs those who can afford it, how will those who cannot afford to pay the premiums make their health insurance payments?

            These people will receive the equivalent of “heath care stamps” at taxpayer expense meaning that all taxes will rise to cover the costs.

      • Jasmine says:

        Go west young woman (if you can) God Bless and hang in there.

      • Welcome, NG! Glad you chimed in! 🙂

      • TripodXL says:

        NG; While I feel your angst, the truth of the matter is that flood insurance is a “subsidy” from the gubment. Everyone that ISN’T in a flood plane PAYS for everyone that is. I pay taxes that SUBSIDIZE FLOOD INSURANCE. It is just like welfare. If you are not smart enough to NOT place a home in the flood plane of a river, low lying land or THE OCEAN, then you get what you get. If you don’t like over reaching gubment then you should have principle and not like “flood plane subsidies”. During the 80s and 90s there were a number of TOWNS that were washed away from mid-west floods and YET the gubment PAID to have them rebuilt…..several times. Flood insurance, and yes I know…red thumbs (have some principles people) is nothing but MORE gubment welfare for stupid people. Just sayin’. Principles! Big gubment is big gubment. Be well.

        • Not Timothy says:

          Does anyone use the term “gubment/gubmint” that isn’t an old white man? Just curious…

        • NautiGirl says:

          I do not disagree Tripod. I’m down with leveling the playing field – as long as it’s across the board. This is more than that. Seems like a strategic move. I’ll put myself in the lurch – I don’t believe this was anything but freak convergences along with astronomical tides. Let’s stop a subsidy affecting 1/5 of the population that do NOT own homes, pay taxes, pay insurance, or have anything to lose. I do believe that’s been alluded to a few times here. P.S. I can’t believe how fun this is! Wish I hadn’t waited so long to participate.

      • Zoltanne says:

        Hi NautiGirl — Glad you jumped in and wrote such a compelling post. Some in my family are going through the Sandy flood problems like you are (from the Montauk region in NY) — but for them, it’s a vacation home they’re dealing with, not a primary residence. Still, the expense of gutting and then raising this place is astronomical. The insurance company settled for $30K — what an insult! After reading up on some of the legal stuff going on in NY, my advise was to do the bare minimum and sell it. In NY, there are some funds set aside for flood mitigation — maybe there are funds in NY (as in grants, not loans).

        Everywhere we look, the rules are changing and the laws are squeezing us tighter. Living in a flood zone anywhere at anytime is hazardous, but with more and more Federal clamp-down, are you willing to stick-it-out and stand your ground for the long haul? Most people can’t afford it. We’re being legislated and pin-holed everywhere.

        If you stand to lose it all and want to rebuild, perhaps there’s a way to turn the home into a business, take the losses/deductions and “invest” as a business to get those loopholes all the crooks use. 😉

        But seriously, ask yourself this question: Could there be an ulterior motive behind the expanse of the flood zones in and around the Jersey Shore area? Are you being played “by design”????

        • NautiGirl says:

          @Zoltanne – OMG did you nail it. Ulterior motives? Being played? Uh, yeah. I do know lots about this. Don’t want it to consume my initiation to SHTFplan with it a that’s pretty important to me and I’m tickled at my reception. But this is a world class hose-job in the works for a while. It WAS a special place. Many bent on destroying it. Why do you think they brought MTV there?

      • NautiGirl,

        First glad you decided to post, And don’t worry about so of the trolls that some times post. I still have a following, it means I must be doing something right. Sorry to hear about your loss in Jersey. I will keep you in my prayers.
        With that being said, Love your handle.


      • NG..first off welcome!…Second…ask any question you want to…theres no “gotta stick to the story” nonsense here…Mac doesnt try to control the flow too much(oh theres a few odd meatheads who’ll maybe gripe,just ignore em!
        Everyone has questions that pertain to they themselves and no question is stupid unless the questioner is asking it to be stupid,so from how to buy an M-60 to what type of tomatoe grows best in timbuktu…some one here knows…or at least has an opinion…again welcome!

    20. Peter parker says:

      hello all. Mr Snyder did not say the list was rank ordered. I went back and reread the article to be sure. he simply stated here are 50 sites he would recommend. as far as I am concerned, SHTF website and it’s regular posters are #1 on any rank ordered list!

    21. well..huh..I would have thought SHIT was #2…Hahahha just makin’ a funny..

      as far as Im concrened were #1!

      I come here fist, than move around after i have read what is movin and shakin here..
      For may reasons I feel this site has a lot to contribute, even if we get a few goofy stragglers every now and than, guess it adds color to the possibilities, or gives you the cance to see inside the minds of some of the trolls out there.

      But all in all, 99% of you all rock!

    22. JayJay says:

      Brought from last topic/Off topic, but will make you smile.

      How it should be handled…and it was!!

      CCW asked to leave council meeting…NOT!!

    23. Ready Nutrition is well-organized and extremely informative, particularly for newbie preppers – I think it really belongs on this list!

      • durango kidd says:

        And don’t forget Piers (I need a hole in my head) Morgan! Oh …. that’s the OTHER list. My bad.

        Just saying. 🙂

      • KY Mom says:


        I also like The Organic Prepper website. 🙂

      • TrailGuide says:

        Personally – I like The Organic Prepper…but I’m biased 😉

        Way to go Mac… it’s been a journey watching this site grow from sometimes less than 20 comments per article to … well, too many to read some days.

        I count myself among friends when I visit each day. In fact, I go into withdrawal if I have too many chores that limit my SHTFplan pulse-checking.

        Thanks for all you do!

        • Canada Canuk says:

          @ TrailGuide…have to agree with you on all points! and way off topic, but if you notice the price of mason jars going up, may be because a young restaurant owner has come up with a great idea of serving salad in mason jars…..he puts the oil and vinegar dressing in the bottom of the jar, then layers everything….but lettuce MUST go on the top, so that it doesn’t get “soggy”…….then all you do (with the lid and ring on) is tip it upside down… sure looked good!!

          Good way to use some of the empty jars and could do up a few and store in fridge……they look great, and took up much less space then all the plastic containers that are in mine!! Enjoy, and take care, CC.

        • Eisenkreutz says:




    24. Read the article

      Shock the system, written by Bob Owens

      Just one example of how the government could lose a civil conflict

      Progressives seeking to undermine the Constitution seem to think they hold all the cards. I would warn them that they are not remotely prepared for what will happen if they attempt to cross Constitutional boundaries and natural rights.

      • Anonymous says:

        True. but I seem to have lost my instructions on how to shrink heads, anyone got an old family recipe?

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree, have one problem; have lost my instructions for shrinking heads, anyone out there have an old family receipe?

      • VRF,

        Bob Owens site is great, it’s one of many I read every morning.But I always keep coming back to SHTF, One big disfuctional family.. LOL



        • I hear ya DPS, we do have the glue.

        • VRF,

          Did you catch what TxRNGR said in the last article??
          I sure like to talk with that man is what he said is true everyone should damn sure step up preps and LOTSSSS of ammo. I mean really a semi truck loaded with just signs stating ( Martial Law In Effect) now thats some wild stuff. If you catch him online we need more info about this..



      • TripodXL says:

        VRF; I read the blog and it is an eye opener. I would say though, that as much as one would root for that, the utilities, EXIST FOR THE CITIES…PERIOD. They don’t exist for anyone else. The only reason there is electricity in the hinterlands is because of the largesse of government. The hinterlands DON’T have the capacity to “load” the production facilities without the cities (we can’t use it all). Let me tell you a story. I live in the hinterlands. Some years ago (5-7) I had a friend that was the manager of a chain grocery store. I have been a prepper officially since 1997. Being a prepper and having my thoughts run that way I asked my grocery store manager friend “how would you order groceries if the power/computers went down”? His response was “we’ll wait until the power/computers come back up”! “Really” I said “what if they didn’t come up soon what manual system is in place to order replacement groceries?” The look was classic “deer in the head light” look. Then he goes “what do you mean”….short version is that there is NO MANUAL ORDER SYSTEM FOR BACK UP FOR GROCERY ORDERS IF THE POWER OR THE COMPUTERS ARE DOWN. THEY DON’T EVEN CONSIDER IT. Wow, you don’t care about the cities…well they don’t care about the hinterlands. THEY WILL COME CANNIBALIZE THE HINTERLANDS SO THAT THE CITIES CAN SURVIVE. THEY AREN’T GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH, YOU CAN. It is just a “lifeboat” issue, i.e. for the greater good. Just sayin’. If you are going to paralyze the cities they will fight back. If you attempt to “take out the repair people” they will send troops. Now I’m not saying it ISN’T what needs to be done….just don’t be surprise when the gubment fights back and basically tries to starve you to death. If you are not well prepared i.e. food, ammo and other resources, you will only shoot yourself in the foot. One tactic that I would suggest in conjunction with this disobedience is to take over the “distribution centers” since they tend to be in the “hinterlands”. Food for thought. Be Well.

      • Walt Kowalski says:

        The “progressives” will be hunted with dogs. The merely stupid and incompetent should be imprisoned. The truly evil…..I think you know the rest.

    25. peanut_gallery says:

      Thanks for the list. I had most of the sites saved as bookmarks, but I came on my computer one morning and all the survival bookmarks were gone, deleted. I couldn’t remember half of them. I had been trying to rebuild my list for the last two weeks. Don’t know if it was a virus or what. It just seems weird that those appeared to be the only bookmarks affected. Hmmm, government trying something different maybe?

    26. Interesting tid bit, list and wow, all democrats too..who’d a guessed it..

      Apparently it’s okay for Jews to possess guns, just not Goyim cattle. Oh yes, the greatest gun grabbers in US History are and have always been quite Jewish. “Gun control” in the United States is as Jewish as our liberal and self destructive immigration policies.

      U.S. Federal Gun Control Legislation, 1968 — present

      Emanuel Celler(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from New York(1923 — 1973)
      Howard M. Metzenbaum(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Ohio(1974, 1976 — 1995)
      Carl M. Levin(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Michigan(1979 — present)
      Thomas P. “Tom” Lantos(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from California(1981 — 2008)
      Arlen Specter(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania(1981 — present)
      Charles E. “Chuck” Schumer(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from New York(1999 — present), Democratic Represenative from New York(1981-1999)
      Frank R. Lautenberg(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from New Jersey(1982 — 2001, 2003 — present)
      Barbara L. Boxer(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from California(1993 — present), Democratic Representative from California(1983 — 1993)
      Herbert H. “Herb” Kohl(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Wisconsin(1989 — present)
      Dianne G. Feinstein(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from California(1992 — present)
      Jerrold L. Nadler(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from New York(1992 — present)
      Steven R. “Steve” Rothman(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from New Jersey(1997 — present)

    27. Prepared Pastor says:

      As much as they would like to include me I’m not a prepper, but I get a lot of opportunities to meet them given my areas of expertise and frankly I wouldn’t let 80% of them help me build a shed. Too many think online discussions and Internet purchases will save them, but one shouldn’t have to spend more than $1,000 on stuff for each year of practical experience.

      I believe rather than continuing to live an unsustainable lifestyle while preparing for it to drastically change, those who will succeed later live a sustainable lifestyle today. My home does not get cold when the power goes out, I don’t need public water or go to the store every month so when there is no more power, public water, or groceries it will only be an inconvenience.

      A few years ago actress Gina Davis announced she was trying out for the Olympic Archery Team. She prepped for it, but never made the team. She was a prepper not an Olympian. Don’t be Gina Davis. Become self-sufficient today.

    28. Anonymous says:

      I would also list: the woodpile report, zero hedge, grandpappys list and for a little lunatic site; James m Daiken

    29. Really? says:

      This list looks like the one from last year.
      Maybe just re-arranged.
      Daisy Luther shoud be on that list!
      The Organic Prepper – Go Daisy!

    30. Eisenkreutz says:

      They move like thieves in the night. You will Nazi it coming.

    31. Cairo presidential palace attacked

      A fire erupted at the entrance of Egypt’s presidential palace Friday night( its night there) as protesters hurled Molotov cocktails and rocks in a battle with security forces, who responded with tear gas and water cannon.

      Egypt has been rocked by violence since last week’s two-year anniversary of its 2011 revolution. Protesters have fumed over the slow pace of change and recent edicts by President Mohammed Morsy, who imposed a 30-day curfew on areas engulfed by violence.

    32. Really? says:

      Does it say any where that these are in order of popularity?
      And if so, who decided?
      I think the order is random.

    33. Yes, it’s a very good place to hang out and plug into “real” news brought to us by “the Mac” and a skilled group of commenting correspondents.

      Ferreting out the “Real” from the unReal is no easy task.

      Even the trolls here seem mostly civil.

    34. God is coming says:

      I have went to a number of these sites. Few if any are as fun and zany as SHTF. The comments are no where near as entertaining.

    35. Now what bad could come out of this?

      “Indiana murderer mistakenly freed in Chicago”

      I mean with such strict gun cntrol laws in that state and all..oh and he’s loose on the streets of Shy town

      Authorities in Illinois and Indiana searched Friday for a convicted murderer who was mistakenly released from custody in Chicago, with the two sides differing over whether a paperwork error could be to blame.

      Steven L. Robbins, 44, was released Wednesday evening from a jail in Chicago, where he had been taken to answer to a drug charge in Cook County Circuit Court. That charge was dropped, and Robbins was freed instead of being sent back to Indiana to continue serving a 60-year murder sentence.


      • Kulafarmer says:

        And these are the people who are trying to enforce gun bans and who people are supposed to rely on to protect them, sheesh
        Might as well leave your doors unlocked with a sign that says do as you wish,

      • Paranoid says:

        If he’s in jail for 60 years on a murder charge can anyone explain why we are spending money worrying about Drugs? This guy isn’t supposed to get out till he’s 104. It’s no wonder we are broke.

    36. Billary resigns..finnaly!

      Hillary Rodham Clinton formally resigned Friday as America’s 67th secretary of state, capping a 4-year tenure in the office that saw her shatter previous records for the number of countries visited.


        Im thinking that big Thank you sign isnt for her service, but Thanks for her finally leaving

        • NMBC says:

          Hillary’s workers filed paper for her to run in the 2016 election. It is actually Chelsea Clinton that they are seeking after. 🙁

          Chelsea is married to a Goldman Sachs’s guy, he’s also an investment banker and so is Chelsea. They are building a new dynasty for Chelsea or for Goldman.

          Electronic voting system is very easily to temper with.
          Anyone can be a president. Anything dealing with electronics can be easily manipulated.

          The media outlets never tell you everything, only half truth, in that way they can control the outcome.

      • Timothy says:

        I get the that same feeling in my stomach when thinking about Hillary that I did with Bush, ya know that feeling, the one where you just want throw up your entire insides.

        • I can relate..Shes got an adgenda and its nothing we want any of..and ( no offence to the women on here) but a woman scorned is a bad recipe for disaster if shes looking for paybacks.
          My own Wife and Mother dont even want Hillary in any power position, saying ( from thier mouths) ” We dont need a woman like HER in the W.H.”

          dont shoot the messenger..some of the greatist people in my life are women, just not that woman

      • Walt Kowalski says:

        If she wants to do something useful, she should go build houses with Jimmy Carter…but unlike Carter, she should keep her big yap shut.

    37. have read your page over time and shared tons of information from your site, onto our site.thank you very much for the hard work, and the information your provide to both the old and the new, I put Homesteaders, self relying, preppers, off the grid people all the the same boat for they are all one in the same, at one time or another you fall into any of those categories and any and all information is useful. everyone who has visited your site, ours, or any other of the sites, knows deep down inside the right way to live life, knows the issues around and has opened their eyes and minds as to what to do about it. thanks again

    38. GEO-LITHIC says:

      CAUTION !! Next come the little sharks to feed on the frenzy! Move to the country while there is still time! Escape all cities! GO… GO NOW!

    39. SmokinOkie says:

      From the fly on the wall in DC…

      “Never mind him. He’s nothing but a semen stain on the blue dress of life..”

      “When they’re killing for us, they’re decorated vetrans. When they’re not, they’re just potential domestic terrorists.”

      “The senator is pissed! Somebody better find the blackberry with the madam’s numbers. And quick!”

      “No, we don’t ever show our true hand. The green scaly reptile skin would panic the masses.”

      “I don’t care if you buy paperclips at a thousand bucks each! Just make sure you spend the entire budget so we don’t get cut next year! Don’t you idiots know how things work around here?”

      “Ahem…ladies and gentlemen of the jury….(cough) ahem, ladies and gentlemen of the jury…Crap! This is no good! Where’s my damn voice coach? I can’t get the right emotion into it.”

    40. NautiGirl says:

      @NP Thanks! I was so afraid of a troll beat down!!
      I really didn’t wanna get into any personal aspects of the ongoing drama. The destruction of good people and communities – the ones who WERE prepared, rallied and helped their neighbors, paid for insurance, and are now actively being prevented from recovery – by FEMA no less! It’s all just too much to get into. For the conversation here, I was kinda wondering more about it on a macro- level. Could this be an impetus for partial collapse? It seems like it has to potential to be more than a small strain on the system. How many preppers live close to some kind of water?

    41. RickInOregon says:

      Congrats #2 hits the fan on being #4

    42. Kulafarmer says:

      Where oh wher are the preppppers at
      Oh where ohhhh where could they beee,

      Wish i could find a few closer to where i live, found 1 only who i can trust
      Found 1 other but the dude makes me sorta uneasy, get the feeling hes more the ill kill you and take your stuff kinda guy, arms length on that one,
      Its hard to connect, lots of oblivious peeps around here

      • JustOneGuy says:

        @ Kulafarmer,

        We feel for you Bro’, a warning though…

        MAYBE it’s better to be ALONE by YOURSELF,

        than it is to be ALONE W?ITH SOMEONE…


      • Paranoid says:

        Join a gun club, go to the local gun shows, be friendly but keep quiet, you’ll find out pretty soon. The locals know. They will take you in if you aren’t a loud mouth, takes a little while.

    43. Betty says:

      One of the best sites that I did not see listed(other than this one of course)is:
      She has a wealth of knowledge on there. Just type in her search bar what you are interested in and I bet it is there!

    44. clint hospo says:

      i think they will try and take them during traffic stops(30 round mags etc.) Someone is going to snap back and shoot/kill a police officer and it will be on. They are going full speed at trying to take our rights. Dont forget who the enemy is and continue to take care of yourself/spouce/parents. There favorite line, “do you have a firearm in the car’? you dont need to give consent to search but they still will. could this be a win in court for you over reasonable search and seizures. If it is I dont think you will get your gun or 30 round mags back. They are fuckers, they want to play the game do what you have to.

      • Eisenkreutz says:


      • Yup… they are pushing us to fire first.
        That’s what they want.
        I have now come to the opinion that DK is right, it doesn’t matter anymore. They have shown their true colors, and it is under ‘Color of Law’. It doesn’t matter anymore, they have stepped over the line when they arrested a guy for having EMPTY mags in his car, while tv hosts are complaining about emptying their mags to no more than 7 rounds in order to remain ‘legal’ wtf?(Sean Hannity). The ‘authorities’ know, not too many 7 round magazines around. (My 1911 excluded.)

        The important thing is, what are you NY’rs doing…? (We southerners are with you this time…)

    45. Timothy says:

      Energy depletion definitely needs to be added to the article as a motivation for prepping.

      • Timothy says:

        My guess is 2017 for total chaos, but it may be sooner with the droughts causing a food crisis.

        The recent bombing of Syria by Israel may well set it off even sooner.

        It all depends on how well the oil keeps flowing and at what price.

        • Walt Kowalski says:

          No disrespect intended, but I think you’re being overly optimistic.

          For one thing, TPTB know that people are starting to figure out what’s going on. Not everyone…but a lot. If they have any hope of winning, they are going to have to collapse the system soon. The longer they wait, the larger and stronger the opposition will grow. I do believe that’s why they are doing the full-court-press on guns.

          I think they could trigger this collapse at any time. All it would take would be one more false-flag terrorist attack….or something that would take down the power grid…or you name it. It would not take much.

          An extended time for this collapse works in our favor…not theirs.

    46. RICH99 says:

      so for the past 18 months when i stated that it would be years before we saw an economic collapse , im looking more and more correct in saying that !

      • Mal Reynolds says:


        Here’s a link to a t-shirt company so you can put that quote on display for all to see your awesome intellect:

        Also, please wear it to this site’s annual fan picnic so we all know who to hate.


      • John W. says:

        As long as they can print money and the dollar does not lose it’s petro dollar status this can go on for a long time. Not really a healthy economy but it will have to do.

        • Walt Kowalski says:

          And there’s the problem. How much longer do you suppose the rest of the world is going to allow us to print funny money with wild abandon?

          Ever read the story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”?

          At some point, someone is going to point out the true value of our currency, and it’s going to become very interesting, very quickly.

          • RICH99 says:

            the funny part is that this is exactly the same question that has been asked for quite some time and the answer is…..A VERY LONG TIME !
            As long as you cant pinpoint a date then YOU do not know that this cannot go on indefinately.

            • Walt Kowalski says:

              Sorry…but that’s just silly.

              You are ignoring the fact that the thing that is going to make this come about sooner, rather than later, is the exponential function.

              I’d suggest you check that out. I won’t do your homework for you.

              But you also ignore literally thousands of years of history where the results of debasement of currency results in a very rapid collapse.

              • Walt Kowalski says:

                A further thought….

                No one could predict exactly when the housing bubble would burst. But burst it did…and when it did, it happened pretty fast.

                I remember watching interviews with guys like Peter Schiff back around 2005, who were saying that the continued rise in real estate values could not continue. It was unsustainable. Guys like yourself were saying that there was nothing to keep real estate values from continuing to climb “indefinitely”.

                And like you, the people who dismissed Schiff as some sort of “chicken little” would press him for a definite date….as if he could not predict a date, then there was no validity to his point. His response was “sooner rather than later”. And guess what? Schiff was right. And all his detractors ended up with egg on their faces.

                The Fed is pumping somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 Billion dollars in funny money into the system every month. If you think that this can continued “indefinitely”, then I have some nice real estate in south Florida I’d like to sell you.

                The reality is, the economy is in much worse shape now than it was in 2008. And all it’s going to take to push it over the edge is just one little thing. What that “thing” is, I do not know. But it’s coming. And it’s not going to be years down the road.

            • Rick:) says:

              Rich99, Study up on the exponential function, and get back to us. I recommend Chris Martinsen.

      • Walt Kowalski says:

        The rate of decline of this country is approaching at an exponential rate.

        How do you figure it to be years? Even if the decline continued at a mere steady pace, we are approaching critical mass.

        The facts and figures coming out of D.C. regarding the state of the economy are totally bogus. The stock market is a facade…pumped up by continual infusion of fiat currency.

        The mid-east situation could go white-hot at any time….whether it be real or false-flag is irrelevant. the results will be the same.

        Virtually every urban center in the country is a simmering pot, ready to boil over. Chicago, Detroit, L.A. They riot over the newest athletic shoes. Wait until the dollar tanks and their welfare checks and food stamps no longer make ends meet.

    47. I’d suggest a merger with preppers forum – FWIW they have a forum 🙂

    48. It would be nice if someday my site would make the list. Anyway, I can’t say that I comletely agree with the list either but maybe I’ve found some new and interesting sites to follow. Thanks!

    49. PrepperGal35 says:

      6.7 earthquake in Solomon Islands
      That’s six quakes in two days…

    50. coo joe says:

      So the little survey may give credence to the hunker down 6 mts then go see who you can have neighbor labor with…
      I’m shocked so many were honest in the survey surviving after a gird down event. Now if the survey could include what they are doing about that now.

      Thanks Mac for all your work.

      • TripodXL says:

        cj; There won’t be many after a grid down situation. If there is a significant North American grid down situation for any extended time, there would be anywhere from 60% (conservative) to 90% (more likely) mortality rates for any event that lasts over 2-3 months. How is that, you ask? The average grocery store has 3 days of food (at a normal draw down)and without power to the grid, they will not get any more. The average person has (75% of the population)less than 2 weeks worth of food. It takes 6 weeks to starve to death, and that doesn’t count those that die of thirst as they wait for the “water department” to get the water back on. By the time most in the cities realize that they have waited TOO LONG, they will be almost dead and most of them WILL DIE. ONLY THE WELL PREPARED AND THE VERY LUCKY WILL SURVIVE. I think cj, that after 6 months, if YOU are still alive, 1. I wouldn’t get too friendly with anyone and 2. there won’t be too many left…plenty of room. At that point someone needs to be a leader and gather power over some region for stability. Be careful who your friends are! Just sayin’. Be Well.

    51. Bill says:

      I have started going to too. They are growing but have a good mix of content.

      Congratulations Mac on your rating!

    52. Mac is always my lunchtime reading! 😉

      I appreciate Michael’s sites too!

      Everyday reads….


    53. .
      What about
      Prepper Chicks
      Surviving in Argentina
      The Modern Survivalist

    54. SmokinOkie says:

      Three people you really don’t want to hear say “Ooops”

      Your dentist
      Your surgeon
      The truck driver next to you in the parking lot

      What do you get when you cross a Lutheran with a libertarian? A Luthertarian. They believe everybody has the right to be baptised by age 12…in a vat of scotch!

      How do okies use the shine from their stills?
      Keepin the kids quiet
      Negotiation salve on a sticky tractor deal
      Rust remover
      Celebration libation (when one of the kids gets a diploma, married, or released on bail)
      The list is endless…

      What do you say when a jewish politician dies?
      Wow! A two-fer!

        • SmokinOkie says:

          I just like to stir the pot! To me, most politicians are godless slime, regardless of their ethnicity. But I must admit, you anti-zionists have given me lots to think about lately. Plus, I admire your tenacity. You keep posting even when everybody thumbs you down. (okie raises hand, guilty!)
          I’m not in agreement with much of what you say, but I hope you don’t stop! Who knows? I might even convert some day. Can good Baptists join the club? I already hate every movie producer in Hollywood, so maybe that’s half the journey… 🙂

          • Okie,

            On some of my darkess days you seem to post the right things, keep up the good work and send me some damn shine..LOL


          • JayJay says:

            ~~~To me, most politicians are godless slime, regardless of their ethnicity.~~~

            Ya know it’s always said–petty thieves go to jail; all others go to DC.

            • Thinker says:

              Jay Jay; I have a real bad taste for lawyers, bankers,insurance companies and politicians; so i hope this isn’t too offensive! A Dr. friend of mine told me that he had a young gal ask him today if its possible to get pregnant having anal sex, the Dr said heck yes where do you think lawyer come from!

              They all feed off each other,and take everything they can !

          • Eisenkreutz says:


            • SmokinOkie says:

              Thanks Eisen. I need all the help I can get! If I knew what geriatric or troglodyte meant, I might be insulted. Instead, I’ll consider it a compliment and remain cozy in my ignorance 🙂
              stay frosty, and keep after us oldsters, we may eventually come around…(thumbs up too)

            • Ahem, E – you’re missing some apostrophes.

              HAVEN’T, HAVEN’T, and YOU’RE


            • lastmanstanding says:

              Our parents grew up in the the “dark age” and passed it on to us…it is called real life experience.

              You were most likely just conceived in “the dark.”

              Give me real life experience over book knowledge 100×100.

              Are you a studious professor at a liberal arts university? I just went to college. Got a measly degree in materials science and paid for it out of my own pocket by getting my hands dirty. (literally)

              I know how picky you are about spelling so I double checked it…my punctuation skills have always been a problem.

              I bet you are shocked that I know the word “punctuation”

              But hey…thanks for your help…ever decide what you are going to do with all that farmland?

              If you worked it like you run your mouth, you could feed a 100 people and God would love you for it.

              • Eisenkreutz says:

                I was a materials science minor. Why do you think so lowly of material science? I thought it was realy cool.

                My farm is 1000 miles away from me. Its my BOL, but always I have to assume that I wont make it there. If I could live on farming I would do it.

                Feeding people during SHTF is a really bad idea. In addition, I am committed to population reduction.

                • lastmanstanding says:

                  no issue with material science…was a lifetime ago for me. Was just flipping you shit… university is a lib term in my world…college is a term used by the working class…moving on.

                  You had better be thinking about pulling the plug in rubioland soon.

                  I am working on becoming a farmer…the farmer has been shit on and he will soon return to the top of the food chain…not the bottom where he is now.

                  Feeding people with food you have grown with your own heart and labor is NEVER A BAD IDEA.

                  Don’t sweat the population reduction thing…The earth will take care of it just like in nature. All those who contribute less than nothing to humanity and the earth will be eliminated…as far as i can see, that is at least 50% of the US alone.

                  Get to the farm…it will save your life.

                • Fight the future says:

                  How far do you think you will get living on money when the balloon goes up?

                  The moment spring arrives, you need to be getting your farm operational. Come harvesting time, you could be sitting on produce worth their weight in gold.

                  Sure, the Gov will give you food. Just fill in a few forms, and get on that bus with the blacked out windows.

                • lastmanstanding says:

                  ftf…well said…thanks for the back up.

                  EK is a soft side with a hard ass…or vice versa.

                  Just needs some direction…

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s really good for snakebites. Just keep a bag of snakes handy or you could die of thirst.

    55. Mikey says:

      Been here for years, never post much more than a 10 word question or answer. What makes this site unique is the concern and care about your situation you get from the people here. Amazing, it really is. And it is practical like you heard from your mom in 1965. Guess I dated myself. Blessings all. We need them.

    56. Be informed says:

      I was surprised to see the one site that I was banned from up as high as it was, as it has some good articles, but the owner is a total psycho that won’t allow you to post a comment unless you highly praise every last bit of the articles written and even the owner also. If you criticize anything you get censored, as many other people have experienced the same treatment. This one site has also had some of the stupidest and worst articles imaginable. If you want some good information this site does have some good preparation ideas, but if you want to comment on ANYTHING, be prepare to be immediately censored if you are critical of anything.

      I will not mention the site because the owner is the type of imbecile that would sue anyone, including anywhere I would post it. All I can say is watch out for this site, if you visit it you will find out you cannot comment unless you are lollipop sickening sweet to the articles posted, no matter how good or awful they are.

      Anyway I am glad Mac got at least number 4, I would like to see next year, if the internet and our freedom is still around that number 1 rating for SHTFplan. Number 4 ain’t bad, but number 1 would be the best of course.

      • JustOneGuy says:

        Evening BI,

        Looks like another 6+ over near Lata, SI. Ol’ Mother Earth just keeps grinding them out doesn’t she?

        Little else noteable at present though the arctic mag seem a bit ‘squirrely’ tonight. Of note is the TWO GRB’s last night both were, however, of the lesser magnitude variety. Since I’m here I’ll give a quickie on the cureent solar; 11652 has returned as of this morning as s small, non-threatening region…however, 11654 is due to return immanently and still gives the appearance of having ‘some meat on it’s bones’ so to speak, we’ll soon see.

        Any new thoughts on the seismic side of life? Par the ‘sent’ article previous I am watching the GRB aspect of things religiously at present, I’d like to ‘see’ what going on with own eyes, as it were.

        On another note, I used to hang out over at Rawles place…quite some time ago, but over the course of time the quality of the postings deteriorated significantly and before you knew it 2/3 of the postings got more into the ‘touchy-feely’ side of it all so much that I lost interest. Don’t get me wrong here, the psychology of what happens when things ‘go bad’ is important bt not to the exclusion of nearly everything else…too many arm-chair psychologist…

        I SUUURE am Glad we’ve got Mac here at SHTFPlan!! …I can’t think of another such place, anywhere else I’d rather ‘hang-out’ in!!! A WHOLE lot of Good Folk here!


        • Kindle says:


          Totally agreee with you about Rawles site. I used to publish some articles there fairly regulary (different alias of course) but lost interest.

          I still cruise by there daily but find I only skim the articles anymore. It got too touchy-feely for me to.

          I also couldn’t stand his last book (really liked the first ones) and got put out by his rants that the bad reviews were all anti-Christian based. Seriously lame using that excuse for a book that was just not good.

          I have a lot of respect for the guy but he seems to have gotten off track lately. His archives are really useful though. Lots of good info in them.


        • Be informed says:

          @ JustOneGuy. You know with all this geo-activity and those apes trying to grab the firearms and the remaining freedoms we have, there is something that must not be forgotten, the coming new moon and Israel. Just a couple of days ago Israel had a bombing run in Syria unexpected to some degree. Each month the moon and the darkness of the sky makes an Israeli attack on Iran more likely. IF there is truth to Iran crossing the red line, then time is waning quickly. Personally I think Iran has 3-5 nukes like North Korea did before they first tested. What Israel wants is to prevent mass production of nuclear weapons like Pakistan has done. I can’t prove it, but this would make sense.

          The best times from Israel to attack Iran would be + or – 5 days of a new moon. The next new moon is February 10. So between February 5-15 is the danger period of an Israeli attack on Iran for this month. I can see the price of oil shooting up to $200 just on that news. IF Iran shoots missiles at Saudi oil reserves and other oil fields, I could see oil hit $300 the next day. IF Hezbollah really goes after Israel with the hundreds of thousands of rockets and missiles, the whole thing could could go nuts. IF Egypt decides to join in againt Israel, WW3 could get started at that point because Pakistan and other Muslim countries will and want to rid themselves of Israel.

          The real focus is Russia and China though. China won’t allow itself to lose 25% of their oil from Iran. Russia will never allow itself to be further encircled by western forces. The U.S. cannot totally stop Iran from firing missiles into the Persian Gulf without an invasion. An occupied Iran and the loss of the Caspian Sea, Russia won’t let happen. It would be almost like the U.S. losing the Gulf of Mexico. Russia will go to any means to stop this, including using their nuclear missiles.

          If I was to put the highest flashpoints on regions to start WW3 I would say the Caspian Sea hands down. Then of course the Persian Gulf. Then Israel and the neighboring countries. Then I would say that disputed Island chain that is loaded with oil and natural gas that both China and Japan lay claim to. North and South Korea would be the next. New NATO membership that would push Russia into a box even more so. Taiwin and China. There is always India and Pakistan. The U.S. missile shield in Poland or other border nations with Russia. One other potential flash point few people think about is China and India.

          Out of all the mega SHTF with a thunderous thug, war still remains one of the top 3 most potential to occur. Still a super virus (natural and/or manmade)I would rank as number one. Number 2. I would say geophysical, including the Sun. What would you rank as the top 3 mega SHTF events most likely to occur.

          • JustOneGuy says:

            Evening BI,

            Too right Friend, there’s MORE at hand than what we’ve been focusing on just lately….still it’s HARD not to be distracted when the ASSHOLES running the show just won’t leave it alone. PLEASE note that I am generally LOATHE to stoop to the vernacular – English is a FINE language that serves us all too well – but lately it’s merited, I think.

            Some few days ago I heard that the latest IAEA report published indicates that there isn’t much doubt thar Iran istalling the new, next generation centrifuges can only be viewed as DISTICT step in same obtaining significant amounts of fissle uranium…BAD sign, that.
            Oh, BTW, did you here about the supposed monket the Iranians put ‘into space’….NOT, the photo’s show two utterly different monkeys in the before and after shots …nice TRY guys. But I concur on your estimation of thier actual nuclear capability…at least 2,but not more than 9…just a guess here….

            Gee, what’s up with that ‘weird’ cluster down around Lata, SI…two distinct opposing ‘center’s’ laying diagonally across the island, “Bi-Polar”, literally…
            another 5+ just a bit ago…on the northeastern side, I think.

            Per the question you pose above, stipulating the point; ‘Probaility’, I’d say…Hmmm, these

            1) Sudden World Financial Collapse
            2) Extensive Golbal War
            3) Tectonic Activity, Large

            As of tomorrow I’ll post something into the forums that will partially explain the selections I have here made. The single caveat I state here is this; We are long overdue – based on the levels of seismic seen of late for something out of the ordinary – in my humble estimation, and as such I actually don’t KNOW where to place the incident probability for that relative to the other two I listed…simply NOT sure. More thy endeavor than mine Friend….continue, PLEASE!! 🙂

            Some things are going on in the arena of World financial events that are ‘disturbing’ my basic calm in a way it hasn’t been in quite a while. Patience please, I WILL put forth that thought – in detail – no later than Sunday, perhaps sooner.

            Lastly: You GO Mac, doing a GREAT JOB…the numbers don’t lie afterall. 🙂


          • Anonymous says:

            Some people here may not agree but I spent years studying climate change– read eeverything I could get my hands on about the subject. Anyone who knows the facts about climate change are pretty pessimistic about our fate on the Earth. According to the best, most prominent scientists in the world, around the middle of this century, it will be like “Biblical scenario”. If you happen to be alive then, you will not be the lucky ones– you most likely wish you were not. It’s those exponentially occuring feedback loops that will do us in. That’s what keeps scientists up at night…The speed of the changes will NOT occur linearly! It will get faster and faster and faster. At some point in the near future, it doesn’t matter what we do- it will start to feed on itself and there will be no way we can stop it… so many feedback loops, so little time to stop it.

            • JustOneGuy says:

              Howdy Anon,

              The body of evidence to date is large but the problem lays in two distinct areas. Firstly, the scope of the data with which any analysis which we mihgt choose to place out fate into is woefully short in the sense of total time with precise instrumentally based observations. How long has mankind had modern electronics? A period of only say 50 years of such is a near infinitesimally thin slice from which to jufge such things as climactic changes actually tends to manifest over periods much longer thean such.

              I do not here say that such is not now possible but that the conjoined recordset and attendant analysis based thereon are simply too ‘thin’ to allow for anyone to come out pontificating on the “Truth” of the matter with any substantive and definitive authority.

              In the second case, we (in no small part due to the ‘thinness’ of said recordset have absolutely no clue as to the genitive processes invovled in some of the clearly noted cycles which have occureed in just the last few thoudand years or so. As an example of this consider the Maunder, Oort and other distincly identified quasi-periodic climatological minima that we are aware of. To be sure, we suspect that some of this may be solar in nature, but again we didn’t exactly have state-of-the-art recording of such several hundred years ago. Further, recent developments, suchb as the HINODE results obtained and published this spring pasr definitively point up something never before witnesseed in the modern age – the Sun assuming a ‘quadrupolar’ electrical distribution which as current acadmic speculation would have it was possibly the indication of the onset of the last minima witnessed, the Munder.

              Truly brother we just don’t know enough to come to conclusion…bt if another minima is commencing the other route might well be mankinds sole route to survival, that is, burning every molecule of green-house producing chemical in sight to attempt to forestall the expected 5 degree drop as was last seen from 1645-1715.

              Incidenrally, you give the impression of being of the ‘thinking sort’, if so hang around, take up a ‘handle’ and both ‘see and be seen’ here…always enjoy new fresh thought and though it may at times appear to get a little raucous here all the regulars are of the ‘better sort’ and as such usally the tenor is both affable and civil…at elast when the conversation is at this level.
              REST assured, I DON’T know all the answers…but I’d like to find as many as possible before I ‘shuffle off this mortal coil…” Well-Met, whoever you are…


      • TripodXL says:

        BI; I’ve left you alone out of respect, but your post is bullshit. YOU are the reason you got banned. You lorded your weight over the site sponsor and were a complete pain in the ass. YOU know me. I guess the fact that I write there and won one of the “Safecastle Freedom” awards last year is one of the “lame posts” on THAT SITE that you refer to. (if anyone wants references ask me) They have no problem with articulated disagreement, but they don’t put up with bullshit. While I do feel your frustration as the moderation is NOT like it is here, it is different and meant for LESS….vehement folks. Just a different environment. As a matter of fact this is one of the few sites that will, as far as I’ve seen, let you duke it out, ALTHOUGH Mac exercises some behind the scenes control that you may not realize is there. Not to say that is bad as complete anarchy is not civilized, but caveat emptor! The site BI insults is just a different and more genteel environment…those are the people that go there. They don’t like environments like this one. I’m fairly eclectic and can do most of the different sites and their personalities. It is the ODD person that can’t adapt. Be well.

        • Eisenkreutz says:

          Ive never seen such thin-skinned whiners and complainers as you old people. Toughen up, sissies.

        • Ugly says:

          TrilogXL….sorry for the name, but seems when you take dump it probably splits in three ways.

          Some folks just have diffent passions. BI passions appears to be earth related, specifically earthquakes.

          The one misnomer about college is that you are there to learn and to think. Actually, college teaches people what to think, it is controlled thinking. You think like your professor. When I finally got my Masters Degree, I was gone for good. I now think and study on my own.

          Thus, the ODD people are actually the ones that do adapt. It is the Mind Controlled Robots that cannot adapt nor think. When water does not come out of faucet or light does not go on with flip of switch, then panic will hit the streets.

          The problem with us Americans today is that we really don’t know how to think or adapt. That is why I am dedicating myself to learning such stuff from this day and forward. Hopefully, you are doing the same?

        • Tripod

          I’m not really sure why you seem to be targeting certain commenters. We tend to be rather accepting of others’ eccentricities here. It’s a great way to learn about other topics that might not normally be on our personal radars.

          But this is twice I’ve seen you go after someone. I’m kinda counting now. I hope you’ll stop.


          • Be informed says:

            @ Daisy and Ugly. I again and again gave much praise to TriPodXL, not once did I say any of his articles were anything than quite good. The censor king evidentally did not rely my compliments to TripodXL. His articles are quite good and as you can see what some owners of a site can do when they get a hair up their ass. I try very hard to give crediut when it is due. Daisy, when you write an article I enjoy them a lot. Do I seem like the type of person that would not praise a good article, or come down on someone that wrote a good article? All I can say is ask other people about how frustrating it is to have ALL comments deleted, even when they are trying to give praise to someone that deserves it for a good article. TripodXL and myself are not to blame, it is that peckerhead that wants everyone to french kiss his fat ass and all the articles ALWAYS. Then bans certain people from even giving clicking on the rating system for the article a low rating.

            • Ugly says:

              @BI….Not sure what is wrong with TriLog? He seems to be aggressive and spout stuff, and then says he is some big Christian. I haven’t seen anything biblical versus yet from his posts that would give some insight that he has any end-times knowledge.

              Oh well, I am sure he is a good guy and means well. You keep saying he has good articles. Where are those at? Mad Magazine?

              • Be informed says:

                @ Ugly. I always try to be fair, when someone writes something that is of good quality I have to be honest about it. TripodXL wrote one article about keeping yourself as clean as possible after SHTF, and it was quite informative and made you really think as this will be a major problem after society breaks down. I don’t enjoy being attacked like this however. I am trying to hold back because I think that TPXL thinks that I was condemning what he wrote, I was not, I do not when the articles are of quality.

                I wrote the owner of the site many times and said, I quote, “even though you have banned me from commenting on this site, I would like you to please tell TPXL as well as several other guest posters each time they posted an article that was good, which was almost always, that Be Informed really likes their article and they did a really nice job”, I used other words also. Evidentally this crap master did not even tell TPXL or the other people that posted articles that I was trying to compliment them. This is why I am not directing my disgust at TPXL, but that loser that runs the site.

                I cannot be sure that the owner did not send my praise to the many guest posters, but by Tripod’s reactions to me, it sure sounds like none of my praise went to any of these people that posted articles. There was some really excellent articles about canning and other survival orientated material and I just wanted them to know that I thought they did a good job. That weiner head I can assume did not send these compliments to any of these people. That would suck. It would be like Norse Prepper or Daisy or someone else writing a really good article and then never getting to hear that I thought it was top of the line.

                I blame the owner of the site way more than the people that frequent the site. They just have not found out yet that this site censors everyone that is critical of anything. I really need to let this go though and try to figure out what is happening with the planet as they had an earthquake in the Balleny Islands, only 4.8, but this could be the start of a new cycle or a continution of the present cycle. Isn’t it incredible how earthquakes have these signatures to them and sure enough Japan got hit today. I though China was a slightly more likely target than Japan, may still hit, I would say China is still in the zone until the following Monday.

                • Ugly says:

                  @BI….Don’t worry about Tripod or others, sometimes frustration brings out the worse in people because they are venting their anger. I don’t blame them, I am frustrated too….

                  BI. You be who you are. If you change the You, then you are no longer You. You then become someone else, and that is no good either.

                  If someone steals my silver; well then I hope they needed it. But if someone steals my running shoes, then I will head down the road to beat the shit out of them. You see, silver is just a hedge. Silver is what I prepare with. But my running shoes are a part of me. Silver is just my hedge, but running is me. Running is part of my soul.

                  And earthquake and earth stuff is part of your soul. Don’t give it away.

                  If I get put into a FEMA Camp, they can take my silver, food, and home. But they can’t stop me from jogging in place. That is, until they finally do me in.

                  I prepare not for me, but for my wife and kids. I am looking out for them.

                  Life is good for most of us. Sometimes we forget that. How would you like to be a 14 year old bayonetted to death at Gettysburg during the Civil War? Or a family washed away by a tsunami? Keep up the good work.

                  Remember what the finish line is all about.

                • Be informed says:

                  @ Ugly. True wisdom you speak. The more you are you, the less you are someone else. This is what I like about this site, that the people here are their own person. They speak out and enjoy the freedom those radical extremists that want to take away all those freedoms, especially our right to defend ourselves. I think a sheeple can be defined as one that is not their own person, but the entire society. There is no uniquiness with a sheeple, they swim and do everything that school of other fish do. “IF you change the you, then you are no longer you”. That is a classic there.

          • Eisenkreutz says:

            What a nice person you are.

          • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

            Daisy: Hope he will Stop?!!! Good luck with that. Tripod is a typical complainer who refuses to look at or read links and proof when folks provide it after he rejects the facts etc that the others provide.

            He uses the tired old worn out sol alinsky method…”ok I read your links and all I can tell you is its All BS and None is fact or true”….Then rants and calls a poster vile names kinda like a liberal will do when they cant debate factually.

            These types will Never admit anyone else is correct if the info isn’t what they like or support or defend.

            he also Never aploigizes when shown hes wrong…Like when he falsey acused me of being that idiot poster yesterday.

            Thats ok though cause I know Mac can use IP address to verify whos posting here probobly(not sure as I dont know alot about computers and how they operate)..I think I’m correct on this IP thing though.

            I Pray for such idotic type folks who reject something purly because they refuse to even consider and research certain issues. They can be very well prepped and yet be done in for good, simply by rejecting that one single factor that can cause their downfall by trusting the Wrong people.

            I guess it really is when these types keep attacking someone, then that attacked person Must be hitting a nerve with truths or facts and the attacker believes they can shut down a poster by attacks. Not very likly when the truthfull poster knows they are right!

            I am willing to bet them down thumb folks that always do downs every time a certain issues posted never research it either…Same as tripod. Pure emotional based response from a lifetime of Brainwashings. Some awaken, others do not.

            PS: Daisy do you also make apple pies from Scratch?..Even the Pie Dough?! Mmmmmmmmm….Thats way better than cakes I think!!

            • Angelo ~

              I always try to ask nicely first. Sometimes it works, mostly it doesn’t, but at least I tried.

              I just went back and read that and it’s absolutely not you. Syntax is totally wrong and it’s not the kind of thing you would say, anyhow. Just not in your purview.

              And yes, I make apples pies, even the crust. I make everything from scratch. We recently even started making our own flour for all our baked goods. You wouldn’t believe how much tastier fresh flour is than the commercially ground stuff that sits there on the shelf for months. There is absolutely nothing better than bread made from freshly ground flour, hot from the oven. 🙂 (with butter from the local organic dairy, of course!)

        • Be informed says:

          @ TripodXL. You evidentally did not get all the praise I gave you for all the good articles you wrote because some idiot did not rely those compliments because that idiot has an attitude the size of of a giant rectum. Again and again I asked that even if I was censored that would someone please tell TripodXL what totally wonderful articles he wrote. Other people have had the same problem with this idiot, as he is the censor king. Put blame squarely where it should be on someone that is the biggest hypocrite alive. I gave you nothing but the highest approval, I am very sorry that these messages were not given you to.

          Your articles kick ass and I think you should have won a prize for it. I ALWAYS give credit where it is due. Everyone of your articles I would rate at least a 9, most 10. You are a very well astute author. This is the truth, and you should believe what I say because I mean it. Some of the other articles posted by the owner stink like garbage, most are pretty good. The censor crap is what sucks on a site where the owner preaches against government censorship, what a hypocrite.

      • John W. says:

        Too bad you can’t tell us the site name then we could all go over there and drive him crazy with nasty comments. Don’t see how he could sue anyone for a comment on a forum just because he did not like it.

        • Be informed says:

          @ John W. The censor king as I call him probably gets all sorts of terrible comments all the time. When someone like this character speaks out against the awful censorship of the government, then deletes and trashes anyone’s comments that in anyway is critical of the articles posted, you get plenty of enemies for the character being a classical hypocrite. I just don’t want to ever cause Mac and SHTFplan site any problems. Mac is so tolerate and allows all of us so much freedom, I never want that to be in anyway degraded.

          Let’s put it this way, there are plenty of people that have experienced what I have, being banned for speaking out against an article that was just plain dumb. Many know out there which site I am talking about. I tried to post what I feel about coconut oil and was NEVER allowed. I was trying to express myself with a differing opinion and trying to present some research done on from several health books.

          Just like I had a debate with Daisy, to allow people to make up their own minds on it. This is healthy and constructive to see differing viewpoints based on facts, logic, or just research done on both sides of the argument. The censor king didn’t like what I had to say about coconut oil, considered it “bashing”. Yet when I “bashed” BO and the gun grabbing creeps, that was okay and happily posted it. That was good, but if I posted something that he didn’t like it was trashed. Many others had the same problem and why this idiot has 3 or less comments on most articles. While this site has hundreds of comments and TRUE FREEDOM of speech and opinion.

          I have a big mouth, and I do ramble sometimes, but I deserve a chance to express my opinion on a subject. I really try to remain polite and present my argument so others might learn something or teach me something that I did not know. There is plenty that I don’t know. I throughly enjoyed talking over health issues with Daisy and the dynamics of what would happen after the canary Island chain went into the ocean with JustOneGuy. I have gotten into heated discussions over politics also. This is what makes a very good site like this one, allowing people to talk. Stupid that runs that site rather have everyone kiss each other’s butts so his sponsors think that everyone is happy and go lucky. Sponsors are not that stupid as SHTFplan is loaded with excellent sponsors because they know where the people are actaully coming to.

          To tell the truth I don’t want to bad mouth one single site of the 50 because they serve a purpose of making people more aware and helping them prepare. I just can’t stand government type censorship and then to be kicked off the site and not even allowed to participate in the rating of an article. You are not even allowed to rate an article with down thumbs without being signed in. Talk about a raging hypocrite. You can thumbs up any comment, but the jack ass doesn’t even allow you to thumbs down a comment without signing in to God knows what you are signing into. This site has some good articles, but easily the absolute worst comment section and regulations I have ever seen on ant web site. The owner is probably the most biased helmet head on any survival site.

          Thankfully we have this site, and that is more what I want to concentrate on, the excellent points of SHTFplan and the true freedom that every survival/prepper site should have to just be able to talk back and forth and give each other ideas on prepping and make each other think and enjoy each other’s comments and the articles also.

    57. Be informed says:

      6.3 in the Santa Cruz Islands. Like I said last night, there is a real danger when earthquake sizes grow in an area like this. That region is where a small plate called the Fiji Plate is. The western portion of the plate is a subduction zone and capable of 8+ quake and a decent size tsunami. The small plate moves towards the Australian plate and likely shows that the Australian plate is on the move colliding with it and causing these 6 point earthquakes. When the Australian plate moves very big events occur, like the Sumatra 9.1 quake 8 years ago, and the 8.6/8.7 mega strike slip quake last April. The Australian plate affects the Pacific plate in many ways, that is what to look for as this can be the catalyst for the west coast.

    58. Archivist says:

      I’m a prepper.

    59. Cindy says:

      Utah Sheriffs’ Association will not back down on gun control
      Jan 22, 2013 … Utah sheriffs warn Obama they’ll die to defend Second Amendment. 1/22/ … The organization urges the government to “make no mistake … we will enforce the rights to our citizens guaranteed by the … Jan 22, 2013 2:36PM …
      Utah Sheriffs Tell Obama The

    60. Biking Warrior says:

      Prepping – it’s not just for rural folks anymore!

      I got started hearing JWR (survivalblog) on the radio – coast to coast am. But I soon found out that I couldn’t afford his style of prepping, plus all the constant-contests and ads were a bother. (Them folks is rich!) Then I found bison survival blog (…changed to > He’s realistic!

      Got wheat and a grinder? CHEAP SURVIVAL CALORIES! 100 #’s = 100 days @ 1 person! Got a bike and a trailer?

      3 (5-gal) buckets will hold two (2) 50# bags of wheat from the feed store. (add a air activated hand warmer = dissication) Apx. $50 for 100#’s of food that will last 30-1000 years! It’s apx 1600 calories per pound! Beats the heck out of gmo corn (= poison) for food value! Who doesn’t love homemade bread?

      You can cold-soak ground wheat for four hours/overnight, for a “Taboli” salad. Add yard greens for flavor… You can sprout it for vitamins. You can eat it raw like sunflower seeds – if ya got the teeth for it! It’s only as bland as you want to make it! Got salt? Spices?

      In a hurry to eat? Grind up 50/50 dry beans and wheat, make a batter, and FRY IT! (thanks “Mohave Rat”) It’s really filling and yummy! Cold soak whole grains overnight for a odorless/fireless meal! Cook whole grains like rice = 45 minutes…

      BTW… Rice, while very cheap, is mostly just empty calories with arsenic! Yuck! Wheat is whole grain goodness!

      Add it to your pressure cooker with your beans! (= Fast Boil 10 minutes, then pressure 30 minutes, alllow it to slowly de-pressurize – about 20-30 minutes.) FAST Chili! (ALWAYS check your beans for ROCKS!) Yeah, it’s the most basic of food. But it’s very versatile.

      To cook a whole mouse or rat in the Original American style… Burn all the hair off it, until it “puffs up” then SQUEEZE the crap out it. Then dry it next to your fire. The just grind/mash/pound it and add to soups. You can and should eat the whole thing! (It’s better than NO MEAT and you have plenty of mouse traps, don’t you?) Once dried it stores for a long time… Yeah, it’s gross but it’s how they did it!

      Mouse and rat traps for trapping food! PAINT THEM FIRST! Seal that wood! It prevents old blood from scaring away your future meals!

      When cooking possum, crow, or coon, it’s best to pressure cook it 45 minutes, or cook it all night! It wiil be stringy, greasy, and tough! Possum and coon are so full of needed grease that it’s great to CAN it! (That way it’s pre-cooked)BBQoon! Simply cut it very small, add a LOT of sauce, and pressure can it for 45 minutes! It’s worth the hassle! Great on homemade bread!

      Crow tastes like “flying deer!” Really tough though…

      Get a bike and ride it!

      • JustOneGuy says:

        @ BW,

        T’anks Bro…looks rather tasty…Oh, BTW, “Welcome”! 😉

      • Interesting idea about sealing the mouse traps. I didn’t know that. The cats keep the population in check around here. Any recipies on BBQ pigeon? We got plenty of them around here. As a kid we would go around to the local barns and catch them and sell them for a few extra bucks but I never ate any. I suppose they are about the same as doves.

        • Kevin2 says:

          My Grandmother ate pigeons. Actually immigrant Italians ate everything but insects. Olive oil, rosemary, red wine, garlic, salt and pepper pretty much went on all meat including turkey. Don’t use it on turkey. Omit the red wine with pork.

        • Paranoid says:

          Pigeon is all dark meat, tough and stringy, unless it’s caged, corn fed bird. then it’s not bad. Suppose you could use the meat with pasta all right.

      • Chef BoyAr'Dee says:

        Q: Do rats have dark meat and white meat?

        I’m a pretty picky eater.

        • JustOneGuy says:

          Hi Chef’

          Good one…thumbs-up!

        • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

          A Rat trap with a .22 cal size piece of a transistor radio aentenna can be used to fire a single .22 shell/bullet.

          But be very xtra carefull cause the antenna will fly out the hole carved into rat trap and the shell will fly Backwards at you. My pal did that when we was kids about 12 yrs old. And nearly got hit by the shell ejecting Bacwards!

          he carved a small size hole in rat trap, stuck antenna into it like a barrel, loaded the .22 shell and pried one side of the trap steel spring end to allow it to be pulled back and let go of so it acted like a pistol hammer.

          It took several trys, but all a sudden we heard a loud pop! and came running into the kitchen(2nd floor apt) where my pal Larry was scared shitless!

          The bullet fired out the open kitchen window, the antenna flew out following bullet and the fired .22 shell got stuck in the kitchen wall above the archway into the living room!..Larrys thumb that held the spring back was swolen and black as the ace of spades!…Took a week to return to normal!

          Nedless to say: DO NOT try that at home, or elsewheres for that matter!…It seemed kinda cool at age 12. Lucky nobody got harmed besides larrys sore thumb eh.

    61. Cindy says:

      also, there is a long list of sheriffs around the country who feel the same way as the above and have sworn they will not enforce Obama’s unconstitutional gun ban.

      also, over 1000 green barets have signed letter saying the same… they will not go along with Obama’s Hitler style power grab (first, ban guns, then become dictator).

      Also, on alex jones’ website (jan. 31, 2013) interview with near nobel prize winner in which he (Dr. Gallow) says there are military men resigning in droves because they refuse to shoot americans who will not disarm. (Obama’s litmus test).

      • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

        Cindy: When I went to read that website for a new book review that John Q Public posted yesterday, I also seen a side bar at that site with several updated news headlines and links to read them.

        I didn’t read the link, but one link says 17% of us marines say they are going to resign due to females on front lines in battle.

        Perhaps they will be freed up and join them sherrifs and all of us who reject hobammys and finsetiens bs.

        Also yesterday I heard on a tv news(not certain which I was fliping chanels fast) that joe biden made an anouncment that hes Changed his tune, after joeyboy learned of so much rejection of their antigun crap.

        I meant to tune back to it after their commercial break to hear/see exactly what biden said, but forgot when I found better stuf to view. Maybe someone here knows what biden said?

    62. Well, I guess I can add Sylvester Stallone to the list of Hypocrites..
      and aint spnding another dime on anything he ever produces..

      Sylvester Stallone says that despite his “Rambo” image and new shoot-em-up film “Bullet to the Head,” he’s in favor of new national gun control legislation.

      Stallone supported the 1994 “Brady bill” that included a now-expired ban on assault weapons, and hopes that ban can be reinstated.

      who the hell is educating these people to call a semi auto rifle an Assult Rifle”..fuck Hollywood

      these bastards have made millions off the blood and gore shoot em up movies and now they want to become activists on guns?..gimme a break , this jack ass must have been beat in the head once too many times

    63. braveheart says:

      Swami, if you don’t like our site, you can always go somewhere else; no trolls allowed here. Mac, congratulations on making the list; no. 4 isn’t bad at all. NautiGirl and Jay Arnold, welcome aboard and hope to hear more from you. JustOneGuy, I agree with your comment #1098439; the party is definitely on for 2013; I can feel it. Eisenkreutz, what you said about redistribution of wealth being capitalistic makes me wonder where you’ve been. It’s SOCIALISTIC, not capitalistic. To everyone: I’ve been coming to this site for almost a year now, but it was on 7-17-2012 when I made my commenting debut with #638162 in the article, “Very Real Danger Of Collapse: Could Be So Severe I Don’t Think Our Civilization Could Survive It”. I knew before I posted my first comment that I was joining some very interesting company. I come to this site almost every day religiously. I love the conversation that takes place here. People like Be Informed, Daisy, JustOneGuy, etc. really get my brain stimulated. there have been times when this site has been very good therapy for me. There’s only one thing I have slackened on in my prepping; I should visit some of the other sites just to see what they have to offer in the way of info, products, etc. But I must confess; is my FIRST LOVE when it comes to prepper websites. Thank you, Mac, for the outstanding service you provide to the prepper community. Thank you, Be Informed, Daisy, JustOneGuy, and everyone else for all the interesting and intelligent conversation you provide. Especially to BI and J1G for all the info they provide on seismic activity and solar flares respectively. While I’m thinking of him, has anyone heard from Copperhead, or even Manos? I hope they’re both OK. Also, I hope I’ve been providing stimulating conversation and food for thought as well. At least I give it my best shot. Best wishes to all. braveheart

      • HolyGuacamole says:

        This is your brain on preps!

      • JustOneGuy says:

        Howdy BraveHeart,

        Gee Bro, T’anks for the Kudos…we aim to please…you please to aim!!! YOU might have SEEN thsat ‘somewhere’, it just popped out while typing…I’ve got something of a ‘Robin Williams’ personality…’things’ just happen…..

        To be sure we’ve all got a lot to thank Mac for with respect to this place…I spoke my piece thereon earlier…and meant every word. BI and I have BOTH been ‘musing’ as to copperheads absence here….troubling, it is. As far ads Manos, I think it’s been some time since lst we got any word from him from out of that poor, miserable country. I FEEL for those people: they are PROUD, and they are a FEARSOME foe to contend with when angered (WWII). Such is the path of all the corruption we see about us, stay strong Bro…Oh and yes, I find all of your postings interesting enough to stop to read them (and contribute a slew of those green thumbs your always getting 🙂 )

        Oh, not to be forgotten here,


        Amen, JOG

      • Eisenkreutz says:


    64. Cindy says:

      This is one video– hope it comes out where you can click on it! It says– interview that Obama does not want you to see… tells about his new litmus test for leaders..”would you be willing to fire on U.S. citizens who refuse to disarm?” tons of military men resigning over this… they REFUSE!! All this from man who almost wont Noble Peace Prize! Great, extremely informative video!

      Interview with Dr. James Garrow that Obama does NOT … – YouTube
      34 min – Jan 23, 2013 – Uploaded by TheMattozzie

    65. Cindy says:

      Interview with Dr. James Garrow that Obama does NOT … – YouTube
      34 min – Jan 23, 2013 – Uploaded by TheMattozzie
      Interview from Alex Jones with Dr. James Garrow. Wake up. … Published on Jan 23, 2013 …

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, the Obama Frontmen obviously do NOT want anyone to see the above video!! I tried to copy it TWICE and something completely different appeared here on the screen! In order to see it, you need to type in: Alex Jones–Dr. James Garrow–youtube–Jan. 31, 2013. Everytime I try to send it to someone, AOL will not let me! It’s an EXCELLENT interview of this guy, who almost won the Noble Peace Prize– what he says, is mind blowing!

    66. braveheart says:

      BI, concerning the site at the top of that list you mentioned, I’ve previously downloaded an awful lot of articles from that site onto a 4GB flash drive. I had no idea that guy was the way you described him. Was that a wasted effort on my part? I do value your advice. Braveheart

      • Be informed says:

        @ braveheart. I think everyone of these 50 sites has good information on it, especially of course this one. What I could not and cannot stand is a hypocrite. This asinine character goes on and on about how terrible it is to censor people and the importance of the Constitution, yet has censored people more and more each month. If someone comes on to the site and offers a differing viewpoint that says the article posted is wrong and not accurate, it will likely get deleted and never posted under the terms of this retard’s rules, calling it bashing.

        When I got into a debate over coconut oil with Daisy I had a lot of fun, as I respect Daisy very much, and it got me to thinking about what she said. On this other site the mongoloid would stop such a debate or never allow it, unless his point of view was coming out on top of a debate. This is a whole wide variety of subjects also. Rather than look at an intelligent conversation going on, this owner would consider this a fight. Literally unless you are sickening sweet and hugging and kissing each others’ feet, you are viewed as disruptive.

        There are some good articles on this site, yet anyone that disagrees with anything is usually not allowed to be critical of the articles that may be excellent or may be pure manure. Not once did I see a guest post that was not at least marginally good, most of them are way far better than the owner puts out. TripodXL attacked me today, but I will say something, everyone of TripodXL’s articles are far better than what the owner of the site has ever put out. I have to be fair, TripodXL can write, his attitude needs something to be desired, but this guy can write well.

        I guess I should not be too petty about some jackass that can dish it out but can’t take it, and simply trashes everyone’s comments that he doesn’t like. My real point was to appreciate this site SHTFplan in comparison to a site that is more like some government site in North Korea that filters everything out to make the site look ever so rosy. Daisy brought up an excellent point, when people are allowed to talk, we all learn and our minds are far more stimulated.

    67. Kevin2 says:

      Support Tom Selleck, Bruce Willis, R Lee Ermey, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris just to name a few.

      Stallone is a fake “bad ass” anyway.

    68. Jerrytbg says:

      Quick tip… think faraday cage…for those sensitive needs in a modern world.
      Great site Mac… been a lurker for quitE some time.

    69. Eagle eye says:

      Mac, you might like to post this for your readers

      Loks llike that line in the sand is being ignored.

      Very best regards from somewhere south of Australia.

    70. Ted Baxter says:

      Instead of “SHTF” I typed mistakenly “DHS” — and some pretty scary results came up! Anyway…


      Alabama hostage situation update. Bad guy is a survivalist. A 4″ PVC tube is allowing authorities to communicate to underground bunker. Piers Morgan is being rushed to scene. DHS Plan is to install bigger 6″ PVC pipe during commercial break, drop a few Assault Weapons and a bunch of 30 round magazines down it, blow the crap out of everything, and have Piers do a 24/7 story all weekend about why America needs gun control.

    71. pale rider says:

      This bimbo in Alabama with that kidnaped little guy is going to be paraded around as a crazy PREPPER, and all of us other preppers will be made out the same, no dought in my mind. JUST A BUNCH OF CRAZYS THAT ARE A MENACE TO SOCIETY.

    72. pale rider says:

      Little Mikey
      A teacher goes around her class asking each of the kids what do they need
      at home?

      Joey says “A computer.”
      The teacher replies, “That would be very useful.”

      Kimmy says “A new lawn mower.”, and gets a similar response.

      Little Mikey pops up and says “At my house we don’t need anything!”

      The teacher asks him to think again carefully, as everybody needs

      Little Mikey replies, “No I’m sure. When Obama was re-elected, I
      remember my dad saying,
      ‘Well, that’s the last f-cking thing we needed’.

    73. pale rider says:

      Beer Math

      Lady: Do you drink?
      Man: Yes.
      Lady: How much a day?
      Man: Three 6 packs.
      Lady: How much per 6 pack?
      Man: About $10.00.
      Lady: And how long have you been drinking?
      Man: 15 years.
      Lady: So one 6 pack costs $10.00, and you have 3 packs a day which puts your spending each month at $900. In one year, it would be $10,800 correct?
      Man: Correct.
      Lady: If in 1 year you spend $10,800 not accounting for inflation, the past 15 years puts your spending at $162,000 correct?
      Man: Correct.
      Lady: Do you know that if you hadn’t drank, that money could have been put in a step-up interest savings account and after accounting for compound interest for the past 15 years, you could have now bought a Ferrari?
      Man: Do you drink?
      Lady: No.
      Man: So where’s your f-cking Ferrari then?

    74. 22winmag says:

      “…is currently the highest rated show on the National Geographic channel.”

      Are you serious? Yeah, preppers have really made the bigtime being #1 on an obscure, shit-and-piss channel like that.

    75. WhiskeyT.Foxtrot says:

      BTW, haven’t read all the comments yet ( although, scrolling down I noticed something about anal – weird, but I digress) – if you’re “preparing” for any ONE event, you’re retarded. With all the risks facing us these days, preparing only, for example, a tidal wave wipes out the grid is ridiculous. Anything can (and might) happen. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. But don’t get so specific in your preps that you lose sight of the ultimate goal: be prepared for anything and everything that might come your way.

    76. Walt Kowalski says:

      Way off-topic here…but I got an email from my Congressman today with the following link.

      God bless Texas.

    77. Welcome to CAMP FEMA

      Wednesday is Solvent Blue Day Yum Yum . ;0p

      You’re All Going To Die in CAMP FEMA NWO ZOG TRAITOR FREEMASON COMMIE re-education camps .

    78. Hey Just wanted to extend my thanks for putting my blog up there I am very honored that I am put in such great company! Thanks again!

    79. Aluminumati says:

      NatGeo and the History channels are both shills for the govt. They will never air a show that is not inline with govt orders and objectives.

      • Angelo Mysteriouso says:

        Yep all day today the Hitler, I mean Histroy chanel had reruns of the history of KKK, folowed by jonestown tragedy, followed by again KKK crap.

        Last week ir was reruns for the 18,000th time about hitler-nazis-holyhoaxes etc etc. I wonder if they pay Moris dees and mark potak(splc-kommies both) to add in their opinions.

        Maybe next week they will take a break and Rerun for the 20,000 time about civil rights marches with the always included massive Riots.

        All them chanels are run by cia-fedgov-hollywood Kommies aka khazers. Its how they got massive white guilt to be so accepted. When every group-org-race claims massive victim status non stop, who else is left to blame but the whiteys as the Victimizers group. Hard to believe there are still so many fool whiteys out there who aint figured it out as yet eh.

        • lastmanstanding says:

          The one on history about “the men that shaped america” can be shot so full of holes that that it could be called the men that fucked america out of all of its money the wants to enslave you.

          If they killed you, who would they have to enslave.

    80. clyde says:

      Of course there is no way to know exactly how events will play out that could affect the situation in the US. After nearly 30 years in the trucking industry let me give you my take on a scenario that could easily happen and really wouldn’t be anybody’s conspiracy or anything like that. The department of energy publishes a fuel surcharge every Monday. It is the one that almost all big trucking companies use to calculate the rates for that week. Example the rate is 2.00 per mile plus the fuel surcharge. This week it would be 2.60 per mile. If the price of oil jumps up suddenly, they cant re-adjust it until the next Monday. They can absorb some of the cost and often do. When the fuel is going down in price then you get the benefit of higher surcharges for the week while paying less for the fuel. Here is where it gets problematic. Lets say the oil does go to 300.00 per barrel pretty much overnight. The trucking companies cant loose 1000.00 per load to haul the food. They like everybody else are operating on a shoestring. So they don’t haul the loads at a loss. Food coming from the heartland where most of it is produced. cannot get to the cities in an orderly fashion. The shippers will be forced to seek independent contractors or anyone else they can get to haul it. After all, they have contracts that they have to fulfill. If they don’t fulfill the contracts companies like Wal Mart etc can hold the monies due them or charge off the amount over the contract price they had to pay on the spot market. So delivery’s are sporadic, and food is becoming in short supply. It will still get there but not on any kind of schedule. Woman goes in to buy sausage. None on the shelf. Comes back the next day, none on the shelf. Facebook friend says so-and-so has sausage, so they go and get some, but they don’t get the usual amount, since they don’t know when it will be available again. They buy “extra”. And the cycle repeats itself until it is panic buying all over. Prices rise drastically due to short supply and the gimmedats SNAP card is not keeping up. We have logistics software that can tell us exactly how much of a product a city uses in a day,week, month or year. The city of Chicago uses about 70 truck loads of meat per day. It goes up and down around the holiday’s, but you get a general idea. Lets just say only 20 get there today, and 20 tomorrow. Meat isle is empty, and panic buying will set in, so even if it gets back to 70 the next day, that will be gone in a matter of minutes. No shortage of food at the producers facility, just a supply chain disruption, that causes wide-spread problems. That is a best case scenario, if the fuel prices jump around alot then it only gets worse. This is just a price based scenario. If riots happen, then truck drivers wont go to the cities out of fear, then it starts to spiral out of control. This whole thing hangs by a thread. It would not take much to cut that tiny piece that holds it together. So maybe it will be Tsunamis or something else but I doubt it.

      • Satori says:

        great post Clyde

        a problem situation can be bad enough in and of itself

        its the publics reaction to it that can quickly make it a million times worse

        your post brings to mind this

        When Trucks Stop,America Stops

      • Live free or die says:


        Thank you for sharing this sobering information, yes it could be something that simple. You have enligntened me and hopefully others. Quite frankly your scenario is more frightening because it is real and you have shown that it certainly would not take much to cut that tiny piece.

        • JustOneGuy says:

          @ LFOD, clyde,

          Howdy guys, clyde’s observation is on track big-time …we’ve come to DEPEND on the JIT (Just-in-time) logistics system to flawlessly deliver everything needed, when we NEED it…that’s a big problem…when it don’t. To the both of you I recommend the following, it’s titled “Tradeoff.pdf” authored by David Korowicz, you can google it on the web. THIS is a long read I’m afraid at 77 pages but this guy – who was a ‘complex systems’ engineer before becoming an Economist – is plainly terrfying as to what it implies when the monetary system and the JIT combined fail over. IMHO, THIS is the exact desciption of how it will all happen, happy trails Guys…


        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry about thumbs down. hit wrong button oops.
          Thumbs up : )

      • Propagandacide says:

        The recent ammunition shortage is a very good example of just the effects of panic buying. There was/is nothing wrong with either the manufacturing or supply chain portions. There were one or two new/renewed threats by politicians to increase regulation of ammunition. There were probably increased demand associated with the contagion factor for the fast and furious threats to firearms and ammunition feeding devices.

        Regardless, when people start seeing shortages and bare shelves, this exasperates the issues. We are lucky to have relatively abundant supplies in stores and the occurrence of bare shelves pierces this veil.

        The ammo shortage has reinforced the intelligence of prepping. Better to acquire supplies systematically over a period of time, then be caught empty handed at the last minute. If people had bought ammo a box or two at a time over say two years, they would have had a supply buffer and would have had the opportunity to purchase it at reasonable prices.

      • Rick:) says:

        Governor Cuomo, his Attorney General, and all their compatriots in “leadership” roles, will insist the trucks keep moving, even at a loss. laws will be passed. Executive orders issued. Threats made.

        And the trucks will not move. And these brilliant masters of their own little universe won’t have a fucking clue. I’ll be surprised if most of these assholes don’t role up into fetal positions, and cry like infants.

        Great piece,Clyde.

        • Anonymous says:

          Laws will be passed.

          This is the same crowd that suggested that the laws of physics be repealed.

          They can pass all they want (even pass gas), keep on with their diarheaa at the mouth, but the trucks are stubborn. They just refuse to run without fuel.

    81. Canada Canuk says:

      @BI…you hit the nail on the head again! just heard that Japan has been hit with a 6.+ earthquake….not sure which part of Japan….just heard the tail end of the news clip!! Thanx for all your hard work! CC

      • JustOneGuy says:

        Howdy CC,

        How’s the Weather up near you? Daisy sats thier’s has been miserably cold of late. Gee, BI is SURE smokin’ lately, time after time the progonostication is spot-on …kind of eery, ain’t it?


        • Canada Canuk says:

          @JOG..The weather in “my neck of the woods” is just plain cold, however, last week it was a Heck of a lot colder…..but I know spring is coming…..soon, because 2 out of 4 groundhogs didn’t see their shadows today..(grin)

          I know that BI has probably been studying earthquakes and such for many years, but it’s pretty amazing that I can tell someone that “Beinformed” (one of the guys on the blog that I read daily)has predicted an earthquake in the near future, and then it happens the next day……well that is almost too much!! Other than the cold, everything is well, and thanx for asking …take care, CC

      • Be informed says:

        @ Canada Canuk. Yes as comment # 1091739 shows that those precursor quakes in the polar and sub polar regions can forecast future earthquakes. Those earthquakes even not polar on the plate boundaries show in which direction the energy is coming from. There was almost a dozen of these foreshock earthquakes and when I looked back where in the past they lead to large earthquakes, China and Japan came up a lot. So did central South America, northern Chile and Peru, and The area between New Guinea and Fiji. The past can help to predict the future. It always kind of overwhelms me to see how each different area of these plate boundaries seems to have its own special signature to where the next major earthquakes are coming.

    82. I wrote an article on my blog and linked this page to it.
      You can go read it at:

      Thank you for the good read!

    83. stacy says:

      I’m surprised you haven’t included the website. It’s been around for many years and is an excellent resource on prepping from a woman’s perspective.

    84. This is awesome!

      Piers Morgan decided to interview some ladies regarding gun ownership and the right to self defense. When they made him look like (more of) an idiot, he got mad and threw papers everywhere. Awwwwww, muffin.

    85. Be informed says:

      Some people doubt the validity of predicting earthquakes based on previous locations of polar and sub polar regions getting hit and then seeing where the future earthquakes hit. For the past 3 weeks or so, those locations were pointing directly at South America and Mexico, the line between New Guinea and Fiji, western Indonesia, China and Japan. Many previous posts before the fact have said this. Let’s see now, northern Chile hit with a 6.8, Santa Cruz Islands hit with several 6’s, and now Japan hit with a 6.9. Right where the locations said they were going to be.

      To all those doubting Toms out there. What are the odds of getting those correct locations by pure chance? This system works, pinpointing it down will take time just like back in the early days of weather forecasting, but it can be done. Check out post # 1091739 on Jan. 30, 2013 at 11:03 PM on the Rust to Safety article as I gave China and Japan a 75-80% chance of getting hit with a major eathquake by Feb.11. This again shows that earthquakes can be forecasted using distant foreshocks on the plate boundaries. I hope this helps to quell those that doubt the earthquakes can be accurately predicted and one day used to save lives.

    86. JustOneGuy says:

      Howdy BI,

      Repost here, first didn’t make it….

      Friend, why trouble yourself to defend against the lesser here? Your track record is clear…I kknow, I’ve WATCHED. Be not troubled with fleas, tis easy enough to scrath!!! 🙂

      How about that 6.9 earlier in Japan, (Hokaido, I think, Northerm Island)? Incidentally, I’m beginning to get that ‘itchy’ feeling I usually get just before something ‘New’ happens…You?

    87. Here’s an article about moving to a little hideaway in the mountains of Panama. If you’re interested, you can read it at

      • Eisenkreutz says:

        America is better off in collapse than those countries are normally.

        • oUCH says:

          I’ve been to Panama many, many times. Wonderful country.. and incredible food. Once our kids get the hell out of our house, if ever, we will likely relocate to Panama. At one time, not sure if it is still in effect or not, but if you built a new house in Panama, you paid no property taxes for 20 years. Try that here and see how it works out ?

          Been to lots of countries south of the border.. and whether people like it or not or believe it or not, a lot of those countries learned freedom from us.. while we were still free. They, unlike us, have not forgotten what it actually means. If the SHTF, people who live south of the border will be FAR better off than almost anyone up here. They still live close to their food and close to the land. They are generous and kind.. I have actually had a Mexican friend of mine literally give me the shirt off his back simply because I admired it. He took it right off, handed it to me and said it was just washed and I just put it on right after my shower.. I still have that shirt and wear it with heartfelt gratitude. The man gave me the shirt off his back.. just because I liked it….

          Sometimes different isn’t worse.. it can, in fact, be better… but it is NEVER inferior.. just different.
          Sort of like you..

    88. Satori says:

      6.1 in the Solomons

    89. Gonetoolong says:

      Are all these mid size quakes just relieving pressure or they setting mother earth up for a big one?

      • JustOneGuy says:

        3rd Attempt to respond

        Howdy Gonetoolong,

        I’m not sure where BI is this evening, truly…I hope alright…his absence is puzzling (insamch as your comment has been up for some time), if I may until our ‘expert-in-residence’ has the opprtunity to weigh in…

        We are seing an uncommon rash of ‘mid-sized’ and increasingly larger tremors in a variety of locations at present, as you noted. Typically, in any region subject to stress/strain the action of an earth tremor is to RELEASE stored energy, as such it follows that – excepting that additional SS be created thereabouts – that broadly, a decrease in activity should be observed.

        Over the last 10 days roughly there has been s low trend to increase in the number of mif sized tremors, as noted, but also an increase in the number of larger tremors recorded, to it: some Several mid 6’s and even a couple of 7+ worldwide. This does not suggest that the ‘system’ which is the Earth is at present ‘relaxing’ overall. The possible reasons for this are many and at present it would be difficult to say which of these are primarily resonsible. We will wait on BI for any further insight herein.

        Please note that, Yes, more is occuring than should be

        • Be informed says:

          @ JustOneGuy. Sometimes I will bypass a post because there are so many of them. Also tonight I was fixing a broken window, that is a lot of fun always. Anyway I did some calculations and found the new Balleny Islands earthquake has a signature to it. 11 out of 12 times after this exact location has been hit a series of big earthquakes has followed. Sumatra and the western most of Indonesia came up several times. Also a very narrow band from New Guinea to Vanuatu also a few times. Mexico was hit 4 times, including one on the California border. The South Sandwich Islands twice, China and India border twice and Peru once.

          Pretty specific this time. The smaller size of this one in the Balleny Islands probably does not mean much. Look for these areas to get hit by Feb.17 with a moderate to large earthquake. Will better be able to narrow down the size with more outer plate boundary earthquakes in the coming days.

          • JustOneGuy says:

            Howdy BI,

            Whew, glad to know it wasn’t something else Friend…I actually interacted with your posting in the next forum up so yes, I’m aware of your being ‘All Right’, good to know. My thanks for the latest ‘read’ on things, I was simply here trying to get a little feedback to ‘gonetoolong’ in your absence. I have a question Friend; The Lata Island thing seems a little strange…TWO distinct groupings ‘loci’ of activity, one southwest of the island (in that DEEP, DARK trench located there whilst the other (antipodal) is located exactly acoss the body of the island on the far side in a much shallower zone. Please tell me that there’s NO possibility of the emergence of something ‘unexpected’ in that vicinity…it all seems a little too ‘odd’ as it sits. Hope the window repairs went well, too cold now to not have that done!!! 🙂 Well, G’Night Friend, till tomorrow…


    90. Emily says:

      @ CLYDE ~~ Thank you for your informative post about the
      trucking industry. I had the basic understandings of
      what would happen if the trucking industry broke down
      and how it would impact the U.S. from coast to coast.
      You explained much more in detail that the average joe would not know.
      I have 2 family members that drive 18 wheelers.
      I give you 18 wheelers alot of respect and courtesy out
      there on the roads. You guys go through alot, I certainly couldn’t do it. Your work is appreciated.

    91. Satori says:

      5.1 in the Solomons

      they’re quite busy down there today

    92. Cindy says:

      Since AOL refuses to let me copy and paste info. about Dr. Gallow (who was interviewed by a bunch of people, including Alex Jones), please just go there yourself if you will–It’s a great interview! It’s called the video Obama does NOT want you to see..(extremely informative!)

      Dr. Gallow–Alex jones Interview–Jan. 31, 2013–Youtube.

    93. NOT ONE SINGLE COMMENT about the picture at the top of this article?

      Turns me on — every bit as hot as Miss February!

    94. oUCH says:

      FYI folks.. It pays to shop around. I received an email from a company I’ve done biz with a lot tooting special sale prices on something I’ve been wanting. I compared to another site I’ve also done a lot of biz with, Safe Castle, and Vic was almost exactly 35% cheaper for the precise same product, with free shipping.

      B.I. – question.. do you have any explanation for why the USGS rarely reports EQ’s in Mexico ? I’ve sent them an email 3 times, no reply. Mexico has had almost 100 EQ’s per week over the last several months, all well over 3.0 yet rarely a peep from USGS.. any thoughts on why ?

    95. ImFree says:

      Before Its News is also a good resource for prepping information.


    96. Phil in PA. says:

      To my fellow land beavers, muskrats, chipmunks and secret squirrels…


    97. PresObamaSupporter says:

      What is wrong with you all. Pres. Obama is our Savior and he will bring complete peace to this world. He is the Messiah we have all been looking for.You should bow down to him and do whatever he demands. /s

    98. Anonymous says:

      @ Obummer worshipper. Obvious butt licking troll, don’t let this piece of crap bother any of you out there.

    99. cjmartel says:

      Thank you for an incredible gift, I have checked out and bookmarked a number of sites, these are wonderful. SHTF is only number 4? Naw, you’re number one on my list.

    100. badpuppydog says:

      BI once again correct with the japan prediction…nice work yet again BI

    101. Shocked! I cannot believe my site did not make the list!

    102. tayronachan says:

      “Americans bought enough guns during the last two months of 2012 alone to supply the entire armies of China and India.”

      What’s not to like about the Constitution?

    103. DungeonMaster says:

      I’m a prepper, you’re a prepper, he’s a prepper, she’s a prepper….wouldn’t you like to be a prepper too?

    104. ReadyMom says: -a card catalog style of information gathered from across the net for preparedness

    105. I love your site! but I do feel that Modern Homesteaders should have been on that list. Their site is fantastic, informative and enaging. You really should check it out.

    106. this list seems great, but I think you forgot one great site that shouldbe in the top 10 or even top 5, that is

      just sayin’

      very best

    107. Looking for Preppers in Texas. Meet us at See Ya There!

    108. WaroftheRoses says:

      I like WhenSHTF, lots of info.

    109. I am a prepper and cannot understand how someone can have only 2-3 days of food in their home? So that means that the average American goes grocery shopping 2-3 times a week? No chance. Most people go 1-2 times a month and get their large shopping out of the way, usually near pay day. Then go a couple times in between to pick up little things – milk, etc.
      Even without my prepper food, I would have at least 2 weeks worth in the kitchen. Soups, ramon noodles, pasta, rice, not to mention your frozen foods, meats, pizzas, etc. which if something happened you would eat first. I have at least 90 days worth of food stored, not including what is in the kitchen. Believe it or not, it is actually pretty easy to get that much food stored. Every time you go to the store, pick up a 2lb bag of rice and a can of soup. It adds up quick.

      • I have to agree with you. Even if you are not into prepping what would happen if you were suddenly stranded for a week during a winter storm or other disaster. I hope these people have come up with a plan to ration food.

        Our society is to used to the convenience of the local store. Getting back to basics would help many appreciate where we have come from and what it has taken to get to where we are today.

    110. All,

      Here’s a link to our newly launched portable renewable energy system. It’s a great solution for powering basic electrical/electronic equipment in the event of a widespread outage. Best of all it never needs fuel !

      • Thanks for this resource. I just got into being a prepper, and I had no idea the movement had gained this much momentum already. It makes it a lot easier if I don’t have to “invent the wheel” myself.

    111. Check out a new book “Sensible Preparedness”. The focus is on simple things you can do to be prepared. It seems that there is to much emphasis on bugging out, these books target the Shelter-in-place prepper, which in turn helps out in everyday life.

    112. Chibi says:

      My husband and I are extremely new to this, and we think it’s amazing that there are so many sources to look to. We wish we could find some local preppers to help us along the way and ask advice and tips, that would be awesome.

    113. Ann Marie says:

      In response to are there really people in this world that have less than 3 days worth the food in their house, the answer is YES, when we took in foster kids, we went to one kids house for them to have visitation with their parents. Someone opened the fridge and the ONLY thing in it was a half bottle of ketchup and one bottle of water. That was IT!!! None of the kitchen cabinets had doors on them, and they only thing in them was ONE plate, One glass and ONE fork. That was it for a home that had 6 people living in it. These people live off of fast food and convenience stores for every piece of food and every drop of drink they consume. These are the ones we will have to worry about when SHTF.

    114. try this one, and BexarPrepper too!

    115. Ultimate prepper says:

      Nobody is submitting comments worth reading. I am putting together a 40 man prepper team. i have 16 preppers so far and we take tactical gun training classes. i have contractors building a secure fortress in a disclosed location. i have 15 years worth of MRE’S and enough ammo and guns to last 6 years. all other necessary supplies included. if you are intersted in joining my team, CONTACT ME AT ASAP


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