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Fusion Centers, FEMA Camps and Martial Law: Conspiracy Fact or Theory?

Posted By Mac Slavo On December 4, 2010 @ 2:01 pm In Alex Jones,Emergency Preparedness | Comments Disabled

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura recently created an episode to investigate the existence of FEMA camps and Fusion centers throughout the United States. The episode has reportedly been banned for public broadcasting by TruTV without any reason or explanation. It seems some unknown power intervened and has refused to allow the episode from airing.

Watch Conspiracy Theory: FEMA Camps with Jesse Ventura and special guest Alex Jones:

Jesse Ventura Show on Fema Camps [1] by TATS-2-MIN-NEWS [2]

While some, like Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) suggest that FEMA camps are nothing but a figment of our imaginations, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones [3] make a strong case that they do, in fact, exist and that they are pervasive, with hundreds of centers and camps already built and operational.

Using a play from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, Rep. Cohen attacks would-be conspiracy ‘theorists’ claiming that only those who believe in little green men and interstellar war would believe such things as the existence of FEMA camps. Most curious, however, is that Rep. Cohen is a co-sponsor of HR bill 645 [4], which clearly mandates that creation of such camps, yet he completely denies their existence.

To give the government the benefit of the doubt, which we think is only fair, one could argue that any country that has an interest in maintaining law and order would take steps to prepare for disasters and emergencies. What we should have learned from events like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Asian Tsunami, and the Haitian earthquake is that sometimes bad things happen and those affected would benefit from some level of government preparedness. Having stores of food, water, medical supplies, emergency chain of command, and even refugee centers in place is not exactly a bad thing. It’s proactive.

However, it is only prudent to look at the flip side of the coin and consider whether or not those in our government have ulterior motives.

How else can one explain programs like Fusion centers located in major metropolitan areas and tasked with collecting information on all aspect of the lives of Americans, be it shopping habits, political beliefs, social networks and location information? These centers are specifically designed to identify threats, whatever that means, and either take action if necessary or categorize, itemize and save that information for a later date. It is not out of the question that in the event of a declared “emergency” Fusion center databases could be immediately utilized to generate lists of those who may be a danger to society, national security or themselves.

Or what about government mandated residential centers (aka FEMA camps) that are designed like prisons with double fencing and inward facing barbed wire? Are we really to believe these are going to house illegal immigrants and their families like one spokesperson indicated – and if so, exactly which enforcement agencies will be handling the rounding up of these illegal aliens considering that any such actions by state law enforcement agencies have led to mass protests not just from immigrants, but government officials who cosponsored legislation to build the centers in the first place. Even if they were designed as emergency refugee centers, it is difficult to imagine this being the case when those in charge refuse to speak about the purpose of the centers and explain why people displaced in the event of an emergency would require being locked inside against their will.

As usual, the “official” story simply does not add up.

Combined with emergency powers executive orders, Congressional legislation, and recent actions by emergency services departments operating under DHS and the military, one can only imagine what these camps are for.

Whether it is conspiracy fact or theory will be left to our readers, but consider that the camps and Fusion centers are only part of a very large equation.

As we reported previously, the Pentagon and US Military Actively War Gaming Large Scale Economic Breakdown and Civil Unrest [5]. These exercises specifically deal with protests, riots and even violent confrontations. Those who are detained during such engagements will need to be housed somewhere. If government agencies were to detain thousands of people, the “residential centers” seem to be one place where they might end up, and considering many are built in close proximity to railroads, it seems suspiciously convenient. Be assured that our government is preparing for just this scenario, as evidenced by regular National Guard Training For Riot Control and Mass Detentions [6].

The detention camps, Fusions centers, Congressional legislation, executive orders, anti-extremist administrative directives [7], preparedness programs [8] and regionalization initiatives [9] are real – there is simply no denying this fact.

The question is: what is their purpose?

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