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    Be Prepared to Be Without The System – Make It A Policy

    Mac Slavo
    November 4th, 2010
    Comments (35)
    Read by 365 people

    Neil Strauss, author of the book Emergency, joins Simon Black of Sovereign Man to discuss the many aspects of preparedness – why we should prepare, how to build preparedness skills, and a three part plan for getting ready.

    Everything we’re doing or talking about, to some degree, is what the government tells you. You should be prepared to go from seven to thirty days without services or help from the outside world. That’s something that every American is expected to do.

    If disaster strikes and you call 911 and they’ll tell you this – you can call 911 all you want – no one’s coming, because they’ve got bigger problems than one person’s individual emergency. Basically this part of the system is be prepared to be without the system…It isn’t some extreme philosophy, but policy.

    Strauss touches on something we’ve talked about before, and most recently when we pointed out that the US government is prepping for wide-scale disasters and is regionalizing supplies. The US taxpayer spends billions of dollars each year to fund organizations like FEMA, which are tasked with responding to national disasters and emergencies. One of the key missions of the FEMA web site is to provide information and resources so that each individual can prepare themselves and their family if the worst happens, because according to FEMA itself, they will be overwhelmed during an emergency and most likely unable to respond. So storing food, water and tools capable of sustaining you for a month is not extreme philosophy, it’s just good policy.

    I think you need three plans.

    If the shit hits the fan, and I’m here in Los Angeles where the shit can hit the fan…You’re first plan is to shelter in place – enough of what you need to stay in your own place for a minimum 30 days. You know, which is just your food, your water, battery powered radio, if you’ve a HAM radio that’s even better and all those things you need to shelter in place.

    The second thing is an exit plan…in other words, if something happens on a local level is there a safe place you can go to where you can survive. Is there a rally point for family members, is there a way for family members to communicate with each other, do you all know where you’re going, do you have what you need where you’re going, is it going to be a secure place, a place with access to food, access to water, a place with a lake or something where you can fish or get water or what have you? And do you have a way to get there?

    My third case, and this to me is the best case scenario and something that I really don’t talk about but I will with your audience because you guys know about this. The third thing is, in the best case scenario, when the shit hits the fan, you’re not going to be at home. You’re not going to be in a place when the shit is hitting because we’re generally people who are aware, who are watching the news looking for the signs that these things could happen.

    To me the best option is to have another life in another country where I can just step into. Have a bank account in another currency. Have a place to live where you have citizenship. Step out of this world and into that world.

    Depending on your financial and personal circumstances, you may be able to implement all three steps from Strauss’ plan. For most, the third option is difficult because of the costs involved, especially if you have a family that would require living accommodations and paperwork for multiple people.

    At a minimum, each American should implement a 30-day survival plan. Once that has been completed, and you feel comfortable about being able to shelter in place for 30 days completely off the grid, began exploring your exit plan, or bug out options. If you have family or close friends in the country, are they like minded and will they let you store supplies on their property and let you stay with them for an extended period of time if a wide scale disaster occurs? If not, perhaps you can look into purchasing a parcel of land with access to water and food sources (fish, small game, large game, good soil, etc.). For those on a budget, you may not even need a house on the land initially, and in a worst case you and your family can hunker down in the country with tents and camping gear (depending on what region of the country you are in) – it’s probably better than staying in the city if the SHTF. Whatever the case may be, explore your options and do the best you can with what you’ve got.

    Listen to Simon Black’s Interview with Neil Strauss:

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 365 people
    Date: November 4th, 2010

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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    1. wheedle says:

      Leaving the country is not an option for me. Therefore I will continue prepping for the worst with the hope my efforts will be enough. Good Luck To All

    2. Aozora says:

      I have to agree with Neil. I have been trying to be able to find work in another country. However, it is not easy for Americans to find work other than to teach and/or get into a program in order to find work. I may be able to go to one of the emerging economies since they have vast potential while America and other western countries are going down in stability. The US will definitely be the place to avoid when the Shtf. This is obvious. Most people where I live are out of a major city and this will not be the place to be when things go down hill. The problem with me is if I can possibly work in another country but I believe that other cultures make you realize that the US has problems with getting out of their superior mindset that the country is the greatest in the world.

      I am still relatively young so I believe I can still find work in another country even as an American. Neil also writes about how men can have better relationships with women in America too.

      I believe that moving to another country is a better option. I rather be established in another culture than having to fend off people because most of ‘us’ have not been in a disaster situation and/or wartime situation as the Americans who lived during the Great Depression and World War II.

    3. Tina says:

      Please do not be fooled into thinking that by simply going to another country you can escape the turmoil. Things are hitting the fan all over the world. Although some countries are better off then others….This is a global crisis and not limited only to the USA. 

    4. Gods Creation says:

      Good advice, but I am sure most will not be able to establish a life in a foreign country.  I have considered it, but no longer see a need.

      Corp US will come down on those most easily gotten.  Those who have documented homes they can confiscate, registered property they can seize, etc. 

      A tent in the woods is the best place for most preppers to prepare to be.  When the SHTF, there will be a lot of room in the countryside to pitch a tent.  Just make sure it can’t be seen from the road and you can get you car/truck out of sight as well.   While it would be great to own the property, it would only serve to give them a place to look for you if they see fit to do so. 

      Think about it.  You cannot have a corporate address you can be found at by the criminals and useful idiots they employ.  That is  like giving them an invitation to take what you have.

      I am betting they will take it, and everything you have done in preparation will be for nothing.

      If you are mentally prepared for a non-corporate existence in the woods for 30 to 60  days while everyone else is killing each other for scraps, you will emerge as the victor and be even more mentally prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves.

    5. Sketch says:

      now – aside from people who live ON the border, how exactly does one expect to get to the other county when tshtf?? unless your last name is BinLaden and you have INs with the state department. If/When tshtf, this country will go into lock-down. the in-out door will stop unless you go rogue, which brings a whole different set of consequences.

    6. Anon says:

      I always get a laugh out of those advising one to simply expatriate to other countries.

      Duh … do they think those other countries just let anyone in, let them work?  Sure, just try showing up in New Zealand, Australia, etc  thinking you’ll relocate and start a new life. You’ll get about as far as a non-US citizen flying into LAX declaring they were relocating to Los Angeles.  HAHaHa..

      Nope, most of us are stuck in the good ‘ol US of A.
      And seeing as so many folks live paycheck to paycheck (if they even have a paycheck) …. buying land outside cities is but a dream.

      About the best I can suggest is get and old van or something and outfit it so that you can get to the boonies with some supplies.

    7. MiVidaLoca says:

      God’s Creation:  How do you deal with camping on another’s land?  If I found someone camping on my land, I’m not sure I would let them stay there, depending on the people.

      Are you saying to camp on state or government owned land (BLM, USFS)?  I would think that this may not be a good idea either – right in the lion’s den, so to speak.

      What are your thoughts on this?  Anyone else care to opine?

    8. Aozora says:

      I would think that although most of the world’s economy is based on US comsumption and there will be pain as the world currency is changed. I believe that having a back up strategy setup before shtf is better than waiting for other Americans to go after the few provisions that you have at your home.

    9. eagleclaw says:

      This is so crazy-over-the- top fear mongering.   Pretty much fiction.  Things will get very bad for some in real big cities in terms of inflation & the cost of food, but overall, things will not get bad enough to leave the country.  China & Japan own our debt, and even though  they have unloaded some over the year, neither can afford for the U.S. to completely fall apart like some articles are implying.  Why, because we are one of their primary customers supporting them, hence depending of the U.S. for their very econic survival… The discussions about stocking up is smart as it is better to prepare for disruptions in food/supplies coming in by truck/barge when oil hits $200 +/barrel, and having guns & ammo when crime does increase.  No doubt, that is realistic.   But come on, leaving the country?   Take a deep breathe &  relax… Being prepared is entirely different than being ridiculously loony overwhelmed with parnoia.  We have advanced a little more than that since the days of the caveman.  
      ** “Silver” will be a good f riend to have as we approach the difficult times & actually live through them… :)  Nearly $26/oz today thanks to helicopter Ben & his QE2.  QE3 coming to a printing press near you !

    10. Tina says:


      WASHINGTON — U.S. Park Police say an Arizona man has been arrested after guns and ammunition were found inside a truck hauling a camper parked along the National Mall.
      The truck was parked along the National Mall near the National Air and Space Museum Wednesday afternoon, when an officer noticed something suspicious inside. A bomb disposal unit was called in. Sgt. David Schlosser says no explosives were found, but a handgun and more than one rifle were found inside.
      Schlosser says the unidentified man would be charged with “unregistered ammunition” and firearms offenses.

      QUESTION: What is unregistered ammunition?????

    11. eagleclaw says:

              Reposting w/ corrections.

      This is so crazy-over-the- top fear mongering.   Pretty much fiction.  Things will get very bad for some in real big cities in terms of inflation & the cost of food, but overall, things will not get bad enough to leave the country.  China & Japan own our debt, and even though they have unloaded some over the year, neither can afford for the U.S. to completely fall apart like some articles are implying.  Why, because we are one of their primary customers supporting them, hence depending on the U.S. for their very economic survival… The discussions about stocking up is smart as it is better to prepare for disruptions in food/supplies coming in by truck/barge when oil hits $200 +/barrel, and having guns & ammo when crime does increase.  No doubt, that is realistic.   But come on, leaving the country?   Take a deep breath &  relax… Being prepared is entirely different than being ridiculously loony overwhelmed with paranoia.  We have advanced a little more than that since the days of the caveman.  
      ** “Silver” will be a good friend to have as we approach the difficult times & actually live through them… :)  Nearly $26/oz today thanks to helicopter Ben & his QE2.  QE3 coming to a printing press near you !

    12. overtheedge says:

      Expatriation? Looks good on the surface, but …

      One thing to always remember, it is the run amok credit-based spending of the Euro-American block that is driving the world economy into the dumpster. So the idea that a developing nation will welcome us into thier economy is questionable at best.

      The developing countries will suffer the pain too. The locals at the bottom of the economic ladder will vent thier anger on these transplants. The only way to prevent this anger from getting you killed and your belongings redistributed is by long-term residency. With this long-term residency, you have the opportunity to add to the local economy and in doing so become a valued member of the community. This would up your odds of living through the mess, but just in my opinion it is too late.

      The whole premise of bug-outs is nonsense. Homo sapiens (man-wise) is a social animal and requires a group environment to survive. The reason: time. There are only so many hours in a day to secure the resources needed to survive. A few days, no problem for those who have experience camping. A few weeks is difficult. Months? Without a supporting community death is imminent.

      Here is where it gets really bad. Every day you go it alone removes by consumption the very resources needed to barter your way into a group. If you can’t bring anything of value to the survival of the group, you will be in the same category as a rabid dog.

      The grasshoppers will find that the ants have barred the door. The gaurds at the door will probably shoot first and redistribute what little you have after the noise ends.

      Will it get this bad? Unknown. Could it? Very possibly. Plans are nice, but unacted on plans accomplish nada. Do we have time to act on an individual basis? Again, unknown. The surest way to fail is by not acting in a timely manner. Success for humans requires networking. You are in the network aka community or you’re not.

      My thoughts. Convert everything of any value, but not needed for long-term survival to cash. Use the cash to secure what you will need. Gold and silver are nice, but … . Look at Maslow’s needs/wants hierarchy. Make informed decisions in a timely manner. Develop your network.

      My fear is mobs destroying infrastructure and these same mobs killing off the folks with the intelligence and skills needed to maintain the long-term basic survival needs of the community.

      Cautionary note: A viable community requires protection of property rights. Communism always fails, communitarianism is just repackaged communism. Management and managers grow, manufacture and repair nothing. A drone just hangs around and consumes produce. Managers not only consume, but they direct productivity and produce nothing. So just what does the M in FEMA stand for? Perhaps better than nothing. We just might find out shortly.

    13. One factor not mentioned in re Katrina and New Orleans is that New Orleans is a predominantly black city. The MS Gulf coast was hit just as hard yet there was no widespread looting/raping/violence/anarchy. Reason? No concentrated black underclass. Very few people are willing to discuss this openly, but that doesn’t alter the reality. One of the major reasons this county is falling apart is that the violent underclass is growing by leaps and bounds, having been subsidized and encouraged to propagate for decades now. 
      In terms of personal survival if TSHTF, you want to be as far away from concentrations of blacks as possible.  



    14. GoneWithTheWind says:

      To god’s creation:   What is it with all this anti-corp pipe dream?  Could you be more paranoid?  Give it a break and get real.

      As for tenting in the woods that isn’t a pratical way to “survive”.  If you truely believe you have what it takes to live in a tent without anything from the outside world I suggest you give it try and don’t bother waiting until summer go for it right now.  Get beack to us in a few months and let us know how that all worked out.

      Any SHTF situation you can think of that makes the good ole US of A uninhabitable will affect every country in the world.  It is far more likely that no matter  what the SHTF situation is the U.S. will be a better place to live through it then almost anywhere else on earth. 

    15. eagleclaw says:

      To: GoneWithTheWind,

      Amen… Nicely stated. :)   Things will be challenging for all countries during Hyper-Inflation & high prices for food, and until the dollar completely falls apart & a new monetary system is restored.   You will always have law-breakers causing mayhem, while capitalizing on a good crisis.  They will be kept in check with law enforcement/military means and gun packing citizens for the transitional period….  I think it’s safe to say the US Dollar will be gone in the near future and another viable “means of exchange” will be implemented, whether a new currency (Amero, Bankor, etc…) or even a general debit swipe card for any/all transaction.  This type of card would have a specific number (just like a credit card attached to your SS#) it would be re-loaded by your employer each pay period for the hours worked/wages earned, and/or when you cashed in gold &  silver.  This would encourage people who invested in precious metals to redeem them for the NEW value determined on such a debit card.  All wealth would not be lost, it would simply be transferred into this exchange system.  A Win-Win for those in precious metals & for the Banksters preferring to have all gold & silver in their hands.   A civil society will remain. It will just be very bumpy during this transition.   Extremely bumpy & problamatic in certain “heavily populated areas”, where crime rates have always been a problem. Some things will never change in that regard.

    16. lostinmissouri says:

      Living in Missouri is like living in another country  already!  lol

      When the SHTF,  there will be a period of ciaos,  but I believe in rural America,  common sense will take over.

      Life will go on,  maybe better…….for one thing,  who will be paying any taxes?

      It may never be “normal” again, but  rural society, as a whole, will not go totally postal.   Too many of us are armed, and still believe in the rule of  law.

      I pity the city folks….there in those concrete jungles…it could go totally postal.     just saying….

    17. @Anon says:


      Actually squatting someone else’s land is a good idea, since the odds that the owner of the land will not make it to his property is quite good.  If (and that’s a big IF) the owner comes back. just migrate away to a nearby property, and hope there is nobody already there. By that point of time it would be obvious whether the owner will come back or not.

    18. sittinguy says:

      condorman, your right we are all thinking that, but everyone is afraid to say it.
      Black people show up just fine on night vision.

    19. Gods Creation says:


      I would not really recommend staying in a national park.  There are a lot of useful idiots working against you there.

      Take a ride out in the country one Sunday afternoon and find a few areas that you think would fit your needs.   When you find one, go back there a few more times to make sure there is nothing around.

      An honest (even if misinformed) landowner is far easier to deal with that a goon squad from the corporation.  I doubt anyone would want to throw my wife and two kids off the land.  The landowner is not a corporation and will have knowledge of right and wrong.

      So long as you do no damage to the property, you would most likely never be detected.  The owner will likely be more interested in protecting the house and his own family.

      If you find a spot, you can also find out who owns it and ask for permission to camp there from time to time before the SHTF.

      I think it is more valuable to be able to disappear entirely from the corporate map than to have a secondary house known by many.

      Nobody knows what is going to happen.  I wonder how many people have a retreat they will never get to?  I hope they don’t forget their tents.

      A good preparation is to get some camping experience.  There is no better way to learn what you need to do than to get out there and do it.  It will not take but two or three weekend trips to find out all you need to know.

      You can’t prepare for a SHTF scenario by typing on the keyboard.

    20. Gods Creation says:

      GoneWithTheWind To god’s creation:   What is it with all this anti-corp pipe dream?  Could you be more paranoid?  Give it a break and get real.
      read this link  and maybe you can begin to see how things are.  It is not government against people, it is corporations that control the government vs. the people.  And because of igits like you many people are fighting the wrong battle from within the corporations they seek to defeat, rather than getting out of the corporations and asserting their natural rights.   I don’t need to get real.  I already am.  Those who have a corporate existence are the ones who need to get “real”.
      You are nothing but a corporation within a corporation as far as the government is concerned.  And they own all of the corporations.  Thus, apparently, they own you.  If you can’t make the separation then you can certainly go on existing as a legal fiction without rights.  That’s exactly what they want, so by all means give them your body and soul.  I’ll keep mine, thank you.
      Tenting in the woods is a great way to ride out the storm.  It is temporary, just like the storm itself will be.   I do camp out regularly, and can get in my truck and take off in less than one minute with enough supplies to last my family for a month or more if that is necessary.
      If it goes out of control much beyond that, everybody will be starting over anyway.


    21. Comments…..My husband and I saw what was coming several years ago.  So, we bought and built our bol away from the cities and up in the mountains.  We have air, water, shelter, trees and wildlife in abundance.

      We have been prepping seriously for the past couple of years and have accumilated a lot of good provisions.

      We made sure to be in an area of like minded people.  Neighbors who help each other out without expecting a free ride from anyone.

      When the shtf…..we are so out of the way, a zombie would have better pickings in the city.  There they are either killed, die of dieseas, or rule the remaining zombies and lives like a king.

      If they escape the city life and head into the bedroom communities.  They will have to fight for the right to exist there, along with the few remaining suberbenites still able to eek out a existance.

      If they lose there too,  they will have been weakened again from the loss of battle and its rewards and struggle on out into the nearby rural areas.  There, they will be faced with well armed and hardend combatents of Mother Nature, farmers, ranchers and pot growers.  I don’t think the zombies will get very far. 

      However, if they sneak by, and with luck, make it to my mountain retreat, Daisy, the dog, will EAT them for dinner.  Thus saving me from wasting a bullet on them.

    22. Meat Eater says:

      I would never allow squatters on my property for 3 reasons.  Never.  #1 The sanitation/disease problems that would inevitably develop with people crapping in the woods and whizzing all over the place.  #2 It’s pretty darn near guaranteed they would eventually develop a real bad attitude toward me and my “things” when I was living up in the big house with lights on and they were down in the sticks trying to survive without decent heat on a cold rainy night.  #3 They would very likely set the woods on fire eventually while they were trying to barbeque rats on an old refrigerator grille.  Sorry….keep on moving, folks.  A failure to plan ahead on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

    23. Gods Creation says:

      Meat eater,  There is not a house anywhere around the three places I have designated.  They are literally in the middle of nowhere.  Of course if you put up a tent in someones yard or near their house, you should expect to get booted out.

      There is a lot of open county in the USA.  How many people will keep a check on every square foot of their 1,000 acre spread when their house and life is on five acres?

      There are plenty of places people can find that will not be an imposition or threat to anybody else.

      I can’t wait to try those rats you speak of.   Got any recipes?  I might need one a year or so after the SHTF if I can’t get back to my main supply store.

    24. 1diamondinvestor says:

      The financial markets of the world are all moving together for the first time in history. It seems to follow U.S. move up or down. So if there is turmoil here, the other countries may have it bad too. Countries like Canada? Australia? Switzerland? or Island Nations may potentially do better.  The Great Depression occur in the 1930’s, although I wasn’t around then and  grew up in the 80’s, I believe that people were more  polite and courteous  compared to what we are seeing now. Talking to or even taking care of any older folks you do realize that  they are hardier, resilent, not afraid of  hard work, and much more self reliant then this new younger generation. No wonder people consider them the “greatest generation” I second that.  I’ve talk to elderly people who made it through the Great Depression. The people who lived on the farms did ok. ie always had some food and not starved or beg for food like the city folks.  People today have a tendency, I believe,  to be more violent and certain individuals wouldn’t have a second thought about shooting you for even 5o bucks. The gentleman who mentioned to keep cash on hand is wrong. The dollar may rally some, but ultimately it’s going down and down. Holding  U.S. demonated dollars would be a mistake.  QUESTION? HELP?  How are people securing their homestead if  potential mobs or gangs decide to invade  and forcefully take your stash? I’m not just talking about AR-15, shotgun, 45 handgun, security system if the electricity still is working. How do you baracade doors or windows..bullet proof certain area(s)..saferooms  without spending a fortune or looking like a NUT case to the neighors. Thanks for any realistic input or even just silly ideas.

    25. digitalcommando says:

      i will pass to you my experience from the recent yugoslavia disaster. keep your entire stash aecret from everybody that’s not family.  nobody  talk about what you have.  play dummie all the time.  when the shtf  you have no friends. if you wany to survive remember this —YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS OUTSIDE OF FAMILY. when your neighbors get real hungry get even much more careful. in a crisis always always always have two well hidden guns on your person with both .38 cal.  or more powerful.  for zone protection a 12 ga. shotgun is mandatory. don’t fool around with light loads. always load with 1550 ft/sec OO buck. get a dog preferably a small doberman because they are  very intelligent about security matters and are greased lightening fast in an emergency. read about relationships between people in the bosnia disaster. it isn’t pleasant reading but you must do it.  

    26. Anonymous says:

      The US National Security Agency (NSA) is embarking on a secret domestic surveillance project dubbed “Perfect Citizen”, intended to monitor and protect important national infrastructure such as power grids and transport systems.
      The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed government and industry sources, says that the NSA has awarded a “black” (classified) $100m contract to defence contractor Raytheon which will see secret monitoring equipment installed within US networks deemed to be of national importance.

      Never underestimate what your neighbor will do for a loaf of bread. Most people can not be trusted.

    27. Tina says:

      The US National Security Agency (NSA) is embarking on a secret domestic surveillance project dubbed “Perfect Citizen”, intended to monitor and protect important national infrastructure such as power grids and transport systems.
      The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed government and industry sources, says that the NSA has awarded a “black” (classified) $100m contract to defence contractor Raytheon which will see secret monitoring equipment installed within US networks deemed to be of national importance.

      Never underestimate what your neighbor will do for a loaf of bread. Most can not be trusted.

    28. Viking says:

      “QUESTION? HELP?  How are people securing their homestead if  potential mobs or gangs decide to invade  and forcefully take your stash?”

      It does work best if you have sufficient manpower. You could organize a neighbourhood watch. Look if your neighbours are prepared. If not, it does mean that you may have to prep for your some of them too. If you have friends who are gun owners or veterans invite them over in a crisis. You might have to feed them as well, which means you might have to have more supplies stored. On the other hand, if you feed them when SHTF, you can employ them as well (food for labour). Barricading is easy. You need loads of planks, a saw, a hammer nails and sandbags (bullet protection).  Close all windows remember loopholes and built an inner refuge. Watch the end of the movie “The Outlaw Josey Wales” to get some inspiration.

      Now for the idea migrating abroad when SHTF. From my European viewpoint I would recommend that you stay at home, unless you have family or close friends in Europe. When you are hit, we will be hit. We might not be hit as strong, but it will get tougher over here as well. If my former classmate an American from Minneapolis would knock at my door in the event of a crisis I would let him and his family in. The same goes for my American relatives though I have never seen them. Total strangers I would not let in, especially if they are foreigners. I can tell if a Norwegian is a crook but I do not know how foreigners are.

    29. 1diamondinvestor says:

      Thanks for the responses given above.  There are really smart and experience people on this board.  Brainstorming and coming up with ideas about how to protect yourself and your family, I believe is important to think about ahead of time. Too bad everybody  is so geographically separated. It would be nice to have a large group of people working together with the same goals in mind and for protection .  I have a large family, but I’m the only one who has made any  preps.  I suspose they will crash here and I have made some provisions for that too!  I believe in safety in numbers, but having enough food/water, sanitation, and shelter for longterm is a much harder issue.  I live near a large interstate highway and worry about the massive influx of people who have no resources once there vehicle breaks down or run out of gas come knocking on our door. I suppose I would like to help, especially if there is any children, but its such a double edge sword. God hope society doesn’t start falling apart. I think it may get ugly.  Survival Rule of 10:80:10
      Ten percent of people take action if that; 80 % are clueless; and 10% of people cause mass hysteria lowering their chances of survival.

    30. Durango Kidd says:

      Leaving the country AFTER the SHTF is not likely let alone feasible. If you believe you should live somewhere else, do it now. After the SHTF it will be too late to travel or relocate. 30 to 60 days is not survival. Its an extended vacation, before reality envelopes you. 

      That video was just a sales pitch. People trying to flee will be stuck in transportation facilities that will be JAMMED and they will be among the first casualties.

      SHTF Teotwawki has identified four levels of SHTF. Prepare for the worse, pray for the best. Mona has the best idea for SURVIVAL. The mountains hold the best hope for that. The Rockies in particular. But it will be cold. Very cold. Even summer nights can be chilly depending upon your elevation. Winters could be a nightmare if you are not fully prepared for it.

      A van is not a bad idea if you also have a trailer attached with your preps and you have identified a really good place to go with water and shelter. Unfortunately others will have the same idea. BLM and Nat’l Forest land is not a bad idea, if you have identified a really good place to go…. a cave and a spring or an old mine might work. Don’t forget your tools.

      Most people with RV’s and campers will wind up at a WalMart parking lot, standing in line for the toilet, until the shelves are empty. Then they will be pissing into the wind, literally and figuratively. lol

    31. Durango Kidd says:

      GWTW: Have to disagree with you. Tenting in the woods can be a good strategy for those with the skills. It worked for the Indians and frontiersmen before US, and it can work for US too. For some of US anyway.

      I spent one year living off of the land at my bug out location (Mine) to get the necessary skills I wanted. Sure, I went into town now and then because I wanted too, but I didn’t have too.

      If you are going to prep get the skills too or you are just avoiding the inevitable.

    32. Willie Wonka says:

      Digital Commando….are there any books you recommend with real ilfe accounts of living through  that civil war?  A good one about what happened in Argentina is this one

    33. First of all condorman if and when disaster strikes there is no time for immature discrimination against anyone. People need to work together to help one another out. Pretty much the reason for disasters from the start is from people discriminating against people for whatever ridiculous reason and usually it is against people they don’t even know.
      Second of all as a response to this article after surviving for 30 or however many days then what? Maybe it is better to just succumb to death then die slowly.

    34. Thirdly my husband and I live in a small apartment complex for people with disabilities. I am a full time caregiver to my husband who has a severe disability. Those of us in this community like myself who are not as severely disabled as others are always glad to help severely disabled residents in need. If and when shtf I am going to help my husband and any residents who may be left behind by caregivers or whoever helps them. As somebody fortunate enough to be able to walk thanks to various surgeries and doctors I owe it to others who are not as fortunate to do whatever I can to help because if I were in their situation I would hope that someone would do the same for me. However like I mentioned above I would still be worried about what happens when food water and medications run out. the best thing to do is pray for survival in desperate times.

    35. SwampRat says:

      Comments….. Squatting on another person property is NOT a good idea…I don’t care how remote the property looks! I have my place in the country (large!) and I do check it a few times a week. Where you set up your camp will change wildlife patterns that I have included in my plans. People in the country know every square inch of their property and will not even THINK about allowing you to stay! I don’t care about you or your starving family!!! You weren’t here when I made the investment in the land, you weren’t here when I hunted and worked the land, and you WILL move on when TSHTF! I am a vet of Iraq, I have killed in the past and I am not above it now to protect whats mine now! If you think you can just set of a tent in the boonies you are mistaken!


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