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    “Why Are They Still Here?”: FBI Agents Wonder Why Anti-Trump Clinton Operatives Within The Bureau Still Have A Job

    Alex Thomas
    January 24th, 2018
    Comments (34)
    Read by 4,997 people


    The recently revealed text messages from Clinton operatives within the FBI that spoke about a “secret society” within the agency that met to discuss ways to take out President Trump have led many to question how those involved still have a job at the agency despite the mounting evidence of widespread corruption.

    Keep in mind that it has already been revealed that top counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, along with his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, were directly involved in a conspiracy to protect their preferred presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton while doing everything in their power to hurt her opponent, Donald Trump.

    Now we know that those two, along with a slew of others within the federal government, actually continued their operation against Trump after he was democratically elected, even taking their conspiracy so far as to set up a sort of secret society which included the same key figures who helped jump start the sham Russian investigation in the first place.

    Amazingly, there are apparently agents with the FBI itself who are just as angry about said conspiracy as are the American people and are now telling reporters that they are concerned that those involved still work for the FBI in any capacity.

    According to a report from investigative journalist Sara Carter, agents within the FBI have told her that they question how anti-Trump operatives such as Strzok and Page even still have a job after all the shocking revelations surrounding their work to protect Clinton and hurt Trump.

    Real Clear Politics reports:

    Carter pointed out that previously revealed Strzok-Page texts alluded to an “insurance policy” that could be used if Trump won the presidency.

    “Their worst nightmare has come true, the president is elected. That is something they did not expect. FBI sources said from the very beginning that they didn’t want Trump to make it into office.”

    “I’m concerned that they’re still working at the FBI,” Carter said. “I’m hearing from my sources, too. FBI agents are saying, ‘Why are they still there?'”

    “The Lovebirds. They were having an affair, they were both married, they’re working counter-intelligence. That’s enough for blackmail,” Carter said. “Now they’re sending text messages on an unsecured phone. Believe me, the Germans, the Russians, the Israelis, everybody is going into those phones and trying to suck out all the information they have.”

    One has to wonder if they simply know too much and cannot be fully fired over fears that they may spill the beans on the entire conspiracy which many now believe to be worse than Watergate.

    Carter also touched on the laughable claim that the missing text messages (from a key point when those involved would actually be carrying out key parts of the conspiracy) were lost due to some sort of cellphone glitch.

    About the FBI’s claim that the Samsung phones are responsible for the 50,000 additional missing text messages, Carter says: “I can tell you this, a lot of people within the DOJ, possibly even the inspector general himself, a lot of people within these committees do not buy this.

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    Author: Alex Thomas
    Views: Read by 4,997 people
    Date: January 24th, 2018

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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    1. Genius says:

      I know 3 fbi agents. I trust none of them. They act like they are cool normal people but they are not. In shtf they might encounter problems.

      • TharSheBlows says:

        The NSA is a BlackMailing Agency as well. With dirt on politicians, they make sure their budgets are flush with cashola. Read this article.
        ht tps://

        Its a perpetual race to the bottom destroying America like a cancer. Time to cut the heads off the many poisonous snakes thst this country breads. Drain the Sawmp.

        • TharSheBlows says:

          I have known multiple FBI agents as well and we have discussed SHTF societial collapse, and their response was, they will not be sticking around and will be long gone. Meaning they have plans already in place to bug out too. So that should give you all a heads up, that they know our country is fragile and could collapse. Like the canary in a coal mine, take a cue!! If you are still living in a large city. LMFAO!!!! Bwhahahaha

          • Michigan Wolverine says:

            I wouldnt waste my breath on any FBI agent ,or believe a dam thing they tell you and sure as hell wouldnt associate with any of them …dam think about the security of your family, dam

            they aint part of the solution and thats for sure

    2. There is a movie with Comedien actor Jack Black that is based on actual events. This duo reminds me of the characters in it. I think it’s called “The Polka King”. LMAO


    3. Randy says:

      Gosh (Can I say that?!), nothing is changing because the only thing happening is more of the same talk we’ve heard for years now, over and over. Nothing else. This is classic “dumb-down” conditioning. I think we all drank the cool-aid a long time ago. And I can’t believe I’m posting anything. Sheesh! (Can I say that?)

    4. aljamo says:

      Seems that all of the past presidents are untouchable unless intelligence takes them out.

    5. S.Lynn says:

      Um, so why haven’t these FBI agents come out and spilled the beans about what goes on inside? Fearing “Arkancide”?

    6. john stiner says:

      Why Are They Still Here?

      The hack job is not done yet.

    7. swinging richard says:

      It is not what they know, it is who they blow.

    8. Bert says:

      I’m still holding my breath for the 40 million illegal aliens to be forcefully deported.

      • Heartless says:

        Bert – breathe. The entire system is presaged upon on lie on top of another. ‘We the People’ are just too stupid to be trusted by those overlords we’ve supposedly elected. Didn’t you know that? It – the government, the entire legal system, the media….. all a pack of lies inside another pack, inside another pack…. So please…. take a deep breath and enjoy the act of living as long as you can.

    9. Archivist says:

      I like how Rush pronounces Strzok’s name. He calls him “Struck-Stroke.”

      • TharSheBlows says:

        I like how Rush calls Debbie Blabermouth Schultz. The zio-ppo cancer commie politician in FL. Why is that Bwitch not in prison yet?

        • Ketchupondemand says:

          Why isn’t she in prison?
          Good question.
          Like we all know, rules for us, no rules for them.
          There is no Republic left, no representative democracy.
          The elites…hell, when was the last time one was charged and convicted? Blagovich? Low level.
          I want a lot of them perp walked.

    10. sabine river swamprat. says:

      The corrupted FBI agents are still there because if they fall a large part of the people running several important agencies might get dragged down with them. This is

      This is a lot bigger and dirtier than a few FBI people and includes important people from other agencies. They are trying to do damage control now but if it blows up on them people will have heart attacks left and right.

    11. Yahooie says:

      It seems like the least that would happen is that the personnel in question would be put on administrative leave so the mess can be sorted out.

    12. Carron says:

      We all know what needs to be done to traitors; these two plus HRC and her cronies.

    13. Wojo says:

      If they know too much…that’s easy. They where both sent on special assignments. If the Feds want someone to be gone…they will be gone.

    14. Hunter says:

      Because the whole thing is nothing but horseshit, and a huge distraction. so that those in power can manipulate dumb sheep US CITIZENS into a deeper slavery than they already are.

    15. Jim in Va. says:

      Time for Rotorooter!

    16. FLOWER CHILD says:






      • Stuart says:

        Therre’s no need to yell at us Flower Child.

        …and there’s no good FBI either. They all have an overlord thug mentality. They are Famous But Incompetent and have never stopped even one terrorist attack that they didn’t originate and promote.

    17. Jose Mexico says:

      Still waiting for anyone to be fired, anyone to be put in jail. Waiting….

    18. Bullshit, where have these straight shooters been all this time . They should have blown the whistle on corruption of the FBI years ago. What did they know and when did they know it.

    19. They are not in prison because they have stuff on people.Big People.

    20. Anonymous5 says:

      Watched the first episode of the “Waco” series last night.

      Brings back bitter memories of Ruby Ridge and the slaughter at Mt. Carmel.

      Between the two, there where lots of murdered Americans…….and I don’t think any of those responsible for it ever went to jail. In fact…..some got promotions.

      Lon Horiuchi….the FBI sniper who murdered Vicki Weaver is still walking around breathing free air. I hope he has to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life.

      The ATF goons got their butts handed to them in the initial assault on the Branch Davidians. It’s a shame more of them didn’t meet their Maker that day.

      Now the FBI is being exposed for the corrupt degenerate fags that they are. Probably 10% of them are decent people trying to do the right thing. The rest are worse than useless.

      There is a part of me that has hopes that at least some of them will face justice in this life. But realistically…I doubt it will ever happen.

      They WILL face the final judge however. And there will be no escape from Him. All their political connections and shyster lawyers won’t be able to help them then.

    21. CWTS says:

      I thank the Lord each day for the apocalypse.

      Looks like I might get it soon.

    22. Simple answer to the question posed by the article:

      The FBI can’t find any honorable people to hire, so they hire dishonorable people and keep them around after they get caught engaging in subterfuge, treason, and cheating.

      This is why the entire FBI needs to be permanently shut down. The U.S. doesn’t need this band of morons to oversee the rest of us. Personally, I would like to see them hanging at the end of a rope, but would settle for long prison sentences.

      • nabiru says:

        You Mr. Brent H said , ” the entire FBI needs to be permanently shut down.” The Congress and the President just voted for the extended spying on every one by the FBI and the NSA . Interesting.


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