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    Sovieta RX: If You Or A Loved One Is Suffering From “Russian Hysteria”

    Mac Slavo
    September 5th, 2017
    Comments (19)
    Read by 2,179 people


    Are those pesky Russians causing mass hysteria in your life? Is every aspect of your day consumed by thoughts of Russian hacking and election meddling? Well now, there’s a prescription for you!

    YouTuber “Red Pill Black” uploaded a video to the channel detailing the ways that one could overcome the Russian hysteria.  Putin has been known to call it “political schizophrenia,” but either way, we are sure you know what we’re talking about.

    If you or a loved one is suffering from”Russian Hysteria,” Red Pill Black has the solution.

    So try Sovieta RX today!  It has been known to reduce the word “Russia” from your vocabulary by 73%. Don’t believe us, watch the video and try it yourself!

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    Gas Masks, Filters, Body Suits, Anti Radiation Pills
    Please Spread The Word And Share This Post

    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 2,179 people
    Date: September 5th, 2017

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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    1. PO'd Patriot says:

      Huh? Is that it? I never really even think of Russia so ya lost me.

    2. Well this site went from actual prepper info to a political site to a point of sale site and now we are going to attempt satire in just a few years. Not the time nor the place

    3. KY Mom says:

      Hurricane Irma has now been updated to a Cat5 as it nears the Caribbean.

      “Residents on the U.S. East Coast were urged to monitor the storm’s progress in case it should turn northward toward Florida, Georgia or the Carolinas. … This hurricane has the potential to be a major event for the East Coast.”

      Yesterday, the governor of Florida has declared a state of emergency to give local governments time and resources to prepare.

      Please share with anyone whom this might help.

      The Essential Guide to Preparing for a Hurricane
      (with Free PDF Checklist)

      50 Last Minute Ways to Prepare for an Emergency

    4. Nailbanger says:

      Im far more concerned with idiot dumocrats and rinos and those who elect them than Russian anything,,,

    5. tazweiss says:

      Guys, no it’s not real. It’s a tongue-in-cheek video, spoofing the medication adds that are all over TV. It is also meant to poke fun at all those who think that the Russians are to blame for everything.

    6. Jim in Va. says:

      I’m too busy laughing about it…..laughing is good for you!

    7. aljamo says:

      Sure Russia is real scary, so scary that the US has military bases all around its borders. Prevention from Russian expansion it appears. China being encircled also. American government protecting the American people spending untold trillions to benefit who? Slow kill too damn slow, time to kick it up a few notches. When does hyperinflation kick in? Surely I jest.

    8. Old Guy says:

      Well Putin is the wealthiest man in the world. He didn’t get rich by being stupid. Now Putin has agreed to sell oil to China for Yuan. And that Yuan can now be exchanged for gold. That might be the death blow for the USA Petro dollar? The USA tried to keep Russia from having a sea port to ship oil. So now it will be sold to China and piped there. And then shipped world wide from China’s sea ports. Trumps squabble with north Korea apparently has made China and Russia Partners. Wait until the Saudi oil is also sold to China for gold backed Yuan! 1929 will look like prosperity in comparison.

    9. Zlatko says:

      A poor attempt at humor.
      “Is every aspect of your day consumed by thoughts of making weak excuses for treasonous collusion with Russian hacking and election meddling? Well now, there’s a prescription for you!
      Read propaganda on SHTF!” There, I fixed it for you.
      The Russians are our enemies, always have been. Collusion is treason. Quit making excuses for that traitor in the White House, the orange shitgibbon.

    10. Anon says:

      Quit making excuses for that Muslim Traitor BO selling arms to ISIS through Benghazi, and our Ambassador and his staffer, and two more brave former SEALs had to die because they got in the way, thanks to Hillary! Or making excuses for Hillary selling our uranium to Moscow. There’s your collusion, snowflakes. Not a word on MSM! Where are they on that hysteria! Hmmmmmm?

    11. Beaumont says:

      The Hegelian dialectic, Delphi method, triangulation, etc, etc, assumes that they collude with both sides, of any major controversy.

      So, who is right. Where to place blame.

      Generally, any argument, which assumes that you are not self-empowered and self-reliant, results in a fall from grace. It’s lose-lose. Both alternatives are wrong.

      You are not being given any good will or peace offerings, with no strings attached. Noone deserves your loyalty. It is a choice you make, not something which can be bought.

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