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“Tip Of The Iceberg”: Judge Jeanine Destroys The Left Over Harvey Weinstein Cover-up While Claiming “Its Not Over Yet”

Alex Thomas
October 15th, 2017
Comments (50)
Read by 10,005 people


Since the onset of the Harvey Weinstein blockbuster scandal, many former allies of the left-wing mega donor have attempted to distance themselves from him while at the same ludicrously trying to turn the sexual assault allegations into an attack on President Donald Trump himself.

This has predictably caused outrage in right-wing and alternative media circles while at the same time the the likes of The New York Times and CNN continue to downplay the possibility that this is only the beginning of a much larger scandal while somehow always finding a way to magically tie it to Trump.

Amazingly, during a segment on Fox New’s Justice with Judge Jeanine, the former judge not only took Hollywood and their left-wing pals to task, she also revealed her belief that this is indeed only the beginning of what will end up being a scandal that includes child sex trafficking and “real” pedophilia.

“Don’t you love it when those so-called social justice warriors, the ones that claim moral and ethical superiority over the rest of us, the ones who chastise us because of our core American values are hoisted on their own petard?” said Pirro in the opening minute of her show.

“This week a real blockbuster as the curtain goes up on those Trump hating, Soros loving, socialist, condescending Hollywood elite for their silence, acceptance, and cover-up of one of their own – serial super sexual predator Harvey Weinstein,” Pirro continued. “Another intersection of crime, money, power, and the Democrat Party.”

Judge Jeanine then details the astonishing amount of money Weinstein has given powerful liberals over the years (and this is only the numbers we are aware of) as well as the direct hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton and her pathetic response to the scandal.

“Weinstein gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party, nonstop donations to Hillary Clinton, hundreds of thousands to that Clinton Foundation and reports of almost a million and a half dollars to the Clintons themselves,” Pirro declared with an unmistakable glare of anger.

“And Hillary, the women who created her own war room to destroy the women who accused her husband Bill of rape and sexual assaults hides for five days before saying she is shocked… shocked.”

Pirro then goes full-scale savage, linking both the Clintons to convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein while noting that if Hillary had won the election she could help her friend Weinstein out just as Bill helped his friend in the past.

“Think of it Hillary. If you were elected president, you could have done for your friend Harvey what your husband Bill did for his friend, that Palm Beach billionaire, convicted serial pedophile predator Jefferey Epstein – By getting the DOJ, the feds to intercede, take those child rape charges from the Florida DA to federal easy street.”

Mic drop anyone?

At the end of her absolutely amazing opening segment, Pirro reveals a bombshell – her belief that the Weinstein scandal is only the beginning and that famous Hollywood stars will soon be exposed as pedophiles.

“Its not over yet folks, there is more coming, its not just adult women, its human trafficking, its child sex trafficking, its real pedophilia,” Pirro stunning finished.

While allegations of sex abuse, both adult and child, have long plagued Hollywood, one can’t help but wonder if this is actually the time where it is finally busted wide open and the sick predators, on both sides of the political aisle, are finally brought to justice.

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Author: Alex Thomas
Views: Read by 10,005 people
Date: October 15th, 2017

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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  1. Joe schmoe says:

    Confirms what we all know, dems are flith

  2. watching and waiting says:

    Not until the fat lady sings…

  3. Hey Willie.

    What did you go to that island for?

    Lotsa kids there huh!

  4. This site has a occult/conspiracy spinn to it, but it gives a good overview over the complete sex and pedophilia sickness of Hollywood.

  5. PO'd Patriot says:

    Can’t stand her big mouth. Just another old hack with a ton of bondo on her face.

    • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

      PO’d Patriot, regardless of that, she speaks the truth. I’d love to see the same effort made against Hollywood be applied against the Clintons.

    • Heartless says:

      PO’d P, I’m with TDBh on this one. Pirro uses her ‘ass’ets as she sees fit. I grant the plastic mods are a bit catty and all. But…. it’s her face. The deal is that she’s got good points and seemingly the same interest in bringing some judgement to bear on those responsible for the horrendous crimes she speaks of. So? If she wants to go under the knife for her own concept of looks, let her. Way I see it is that it’s given her a podium, a platform, to speak from and dare the powers that be to do something about it. We all should just wish her luck and maybe……. just not let our eyes drift above her neck while listening.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        Heartless, for now she’s the only one in the MSM speaking the truth on any subject. I’ve never heard of her having any plastic surgery; interesting. Even if she’s made of cardboard I’ll still listen as long as she speaks the truth.

  6. aljamo says:

    Everybody knows who runs Hollywood. Everybody knows you have to put out to advance in tinseltown. Everybody knows perversion goes right to the top of the power control structure. Everybody knows these people are untouchable. Everybody knows this distraction is to change the subject from the Las Vegas shooting. Everybody knows who has an iron fist clamp on mainstream media propaganda. Everybody knows the bankers manipulate all wars. Everybody sees the treasonous circle jerk that puts money above human lives. Everybody feels helpless and forced into a corner of insanity. Nobody can effect common sense change for the greater good.

  7. Beaumont says:

    In the illustration, the “judge’s” tits are hanging out of a pink blouse.

    “Don’t you love it when those so-called social justice warriors, the ones that claim moral and ethical superiority over the rest of us, the ones who chastise us because of our core American values are hoisted on their own petard?” said Pirro in the opening minute of her show.”

  8. Brian says:

    Unless you know something definite, you don’t accuse someone of pedophilia. If she did know something definite, why didn’t she go to the police with it?

  9. Wojo says:

    She calls it as she sees it. Maybe it is the shot heard around the world and the libs will be eating their young.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      Well dude they ain’t ate them yet. How does everyone know if she’s the pretty Washington head or the eagle on the flip side of the quarter. Beware of those who cozy up to you, their knives may have a keen edge.

  10. Anonymous says:

    While big mouth Jeannine is going on about the Clinton’s relationship with billionaire convicted serial pedophile predator Jeffrey Epstein (which is fact) Trump is also best friends with this guy. He has said so himself.

    Trump even admitted on Howard Sterns’ radio show in the 90’s that his best buddy Jeff hosted the best parties ever.

    This is because he supplied Trump with cocaine and underage girls, ages 12-15. As Trump himself stated on the air, “I like ’em young, real young.” Typically, the only people who are close friends with pedophiles are other pedophiles. Or hebephiles.

    Trump, the Clinton’s, the Kushner’s, The Bush Crime Family, they’re all scum, disgusting pos. All of them.

  11. the blame-e says:

    You don’t suppose the whole Harvey Weinstein Hollywood sex scandal is just a diversion from the failed Las Vegas “lone gunman” repeat, carried out by the biggest gun crazy out there . . . the U.S. government?

    Not that Harvey Weinstein isn’t what they are saying he is. People have been saying the same thing for years about all of Hollywood.

    I mean, why now? If reports are to be believed, Harvey Weinstein has been preying on young, juicy, starlets for over 30-years. So, why out this guy now?

    • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

      Blame-e, I believe someone just as powerful or more so than Weinstein has been out to get him for a long time and decided now is the right time. Weinstein is not the only one. Ben Affleck and a senior executive at Amazon have already been named. This is only the beginning. The left is going to eat a lot more of their own before the smoke clears in Hollywood. But Hollywood won’t be destroyed over it. The tribe won’t allow that considering it’s one of their major sources of income and they also use it to indoctrinate the masses.

  12. Jim in Va. says:

    Change of topic; Civil war reenactors and spectators evacuated from Cedar Creek battlefield in Middletown, Va. Saturday. Sunday’s event cancelled. 4,000 people affected by this. Pipe bombs were found Saturday on the battlefield. This event had been threatened by a letter to the Battlefield Foundation. State police,ATF and the FBI are now involved in an investigation. The left is at it again!

  13. Darkwing says:

    NO one talks about the pedophiles that were in the Reagan White House, why because they are republicans. No one talks about the sex scandals at Fox news, why because they are republicans. No one talks about the sex scandals and pedophiles in Wall street because they are republicans

    • HMULLER says:

      Pedophilia among the power elite is a bi-partisan phenomenon. Ever hear of pedophile Dennis Hastert, former Republican Speaker of the House? Ever hear of the Franklin Credit Union/Boystown pedophilia scandal circa 1991? The Nebraska Republicans were heavily involved. People who have read up on this topic know about the Bush family’s involvement in ritual pedophilia.

      This article focuses on the Democrats, and you sound like one very pised-off partisan person, “my party, right or wrong”. But you’re incorrect about “NO ONE” ever mentioning Republican involvement.

      And you can label me bug-eyed crazy, but I think there’s a Satanist, globalist connection here. The partisans of globalism include most Democrats and Republicans in Washington. It’s a big swamp to drain.

    • HMULLER says:

      Oh yeah, and those “Republicans” on Wall Street gave $100 to Hillary for every $1 they gave to Trump. You are caught in a delusion: that there are two parties called Democrat and Republican fighting for control. Maybe you believe professional wrestling is real? Wake up, both parties are globalist controlled.
      The fact that the elite of both parties hate Trump so much should be a clue that there’s something going on which doesn’t fit your outdated paradigm.

  14. Kay123 says:

    One thing about Judge Jannine, she really should speak up a bit more…./s
    Way to go, Judge!
    It is time to clean up that liberal pig sty in the entertainment field. Most of the
    shows they produce depict their bed-hopping lifestyles. People are
    sick of porn, T&A, jealousy, corruption, violence, potty-mouths,
    “f-words” repeatedly.. (Kirk Douglas never needed “f” any where in movies.)
    They use jokes promoting drugs, infidelity, ho’s, addictions and anything nasty.
    Comedies without any humor, mainly political bashing, man bashing, and
    sexual diverse perverts…of every kind.
    Then they wonder why people would rather watch movies from the ’50-’60s.
    Even the worst were family shows, you could watch with your kids.
    Little did we know that Disney hired Communists workers, Bill Cosby was a rapist,
    Lucille Ball was asked to be a Communist spy, (Desi was Cuban)
    and Frank Sinatra, Sammy, Peter, and others belonged to the Mafia….and on and on…

  15. Barry says:

    Great job Jeanine. It’s about time these D.C. and HOLLYWOOD so called elite are exposed publicly for the lowlife heathens that they are. I find it amazing that people idolize these politicians, actors, late night talk show hosts, national felony league players and comedians. Most of them would be on food stamps right now if they weren’t scamming the gullible public. I’m sure they are useless in doing anything constructive with their miserable lives.

  16. Kay123 says:

    Dark wing;
    Don’t ever believe that. True Republicans tend to destroy those kind of
    people quietly, so they either resign or be disgraced.
    Today we have RINO’s….. they don’t count. They do stupid things.

  17. Vet1 says:

    D.W. you piece of sh*t…own it!!!

  18. Heresy is Herstory says:

    On topic: An Open Secret, the documentary is on Youtube
    Off topic, but pertinent to the above posts: Conspiracy of Silence, which is also on Youtube. And I believe somewhere online is the entire text of John De Camp’s The Franklin Coverup. Well worth the time and effort to watch and read. Peace.

  19. Jim in Va. says:

    You’re right Darkwing…the press doesn’t talk about it. The democrat controlled leftist press doesn’t cover it until its too late. There are pervs in both parties…been that way for centuries. Feel better now?

  20. aljamo says:

    Cory Feldman spoke of the Hollywood perverts years ago in his childhood actor days. There was talk that Charlie Sheen raped him. He was on the View with Barbara Walters when she was there talking about the perversion. Her response was something like.. you are damaging the industry by saying that. Barbara the constant hollyweird shill.

  21. TEST says:

    Hollywierd Learjet leftists and limousine liberals of the world, UNITE! You have noting to lose but your fans, your money and your integrity (re. the latter, IF you had any to begin with)

  22. TEST says:

    Weinstein… Bill and his “Bimbogate eruptions” manager Hilary made him look like an amateur

  23. skihellwhenitfreezes says:

    Amazing how many Hollywood celebrities say they have known about Harvey Weinstein for 30 years, but never said anything. Some say everybody knew, but no one said anything. Shame on all of them. Hillary knew her husband sexually assaulted and women, but she chose to defend him. Now she says the nation elected a sexual predator by electing Trump. At least the nation didn’t elect an enabler of a sexual predator. Karma is a bitch!

    • Anonymous says:

      skihell, No, but they voted in a man whose best friend is a Tier 3 registered sex offender/pedophile billionaire who owns a private island aptly nicknamed Pedophile Island.

      They’re all in on it in some way; Soros, Epstein, the Clinton’s, and yes, Trump too.

      • jimbo says:

        False. Thr FBI looked into Trump when they were investigating Epstein. Result? Trump was not invoved. In fact, Trump kicked him out of his golf club for bringing underaged girls in. Nice try.

        • Anonymous says:

          jimbo – Wrong! Trump has announced many times “Jeff Epstein and I are best friends. He hosts the best parties. He’s my best buddy, love the guy” many times. It’s no secret. Do your homework before defending a man who supports pedophiles. He has openly admitted to being best friends with this pedophile. And the Clinton’s are no better.

          In the 80’s and 90’s when I was certainly old enough to know what was going on Trump had a modeling agency called Trump Models, Inc. It was well known here in NYC. The girls parents apparently thought highly of Trump who had promised the girls a promising career in modeling. After all, he was a wealthy real estate mogul who was married to a model. So they trusted him with their 13-16 yr old daughters. He filtered them through this bogus agency. He promised young girls modeling gigs and then sexually assaulted some of them. He’s a hebephile.

          Believe what you want. The shit you read is fake news. I have seen Trump talk about the Modeling agency on TV here in NYC in the 90’s and heard him talk about his best buddy Jeff many times, a few times on Howard Stern’s show in the 90’s. That actually happened — facts. So I am not reading fake news like you are. Your source of news is 2nd-hand distorted news. My source is from the source.

  24. Anonymous says:

    If Trump didn’t work for the elites and support Big Pharma and NWO agenda he would not be president. That’s why those of you who continue to believe in him are going to end up sadly disappointed and shocked one day. Hillary is worse but he’s not much better.

    The Clinton’s are involved in pedophile rings but Trump is a hebephile. The fact that he’s not a pedophile and doesn’t have a sexual fetish for young children, and the girls Jeff Epstein supplied him with (12-16 yr olds) as well as the girls Trump himself processed through his Trump Modeling Agency in the 80’s and 90’s, doesn’t make it okay.

    Yes, I’ve given up on Trump and I do regret putting my trust and faith in him. At least I am aware now and not still believing a big lie. Believing in a lie always leads to struggle and nowhere positive. No getting around that, it’s just the way it is.

    Realistically, he’s not going to MAGA. He said what he said to get voted in and he certainly would not be in the Oval Office if he really were “for the people” and not “for TPTB” because plain everyday common sense tells us that TPTB would never have let that happen.

    • The Deplorable Bravehear says:

      Anonymous, agreed about Trump. I’ve already been disappointed by him but didn’t dwell on it. I knew that was possible so I bounced right back and just continued on. Life still goes on regardless. One big difference between Trump and Hillary, however. Hillary would’ve already pushed the button for WW3 and we would be nothing but ‘dust in the wind’ as that old Kansas song goes. At least with Trump we’ve got some more time before anything happens. So Trump had a modeling agency once? Interesting; never knew that about him. I don’t think anyone can MAGA now. We’re past that point.

  25. Cricket says:

    It is no wonder people call them Demoncraps.

  26. Traitor Hator says:

    The Germans were the last people to try and get rid of them. Before that Jesus tried. Look what happened to them both. What will happen to us? Rev. 2:9 3:9 John 8:44 .

  27. Traitor Hator says:

    This is not over? This has been going on since Jesus. The children of Satan are suicidal. They will not stop. They know their time is short. They want more souls for entertainment. Jail bait? Greed, lust , riches. They will have them in this world. But not the next.


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