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“They Are Domestic Terrorists” Liberal Media Airs Segment Calling For The Entire Republican Party To Be Put In Jail

Alex Thomas
November 25th, 2017
Comments (89)


During a segment on Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” the liberal network allowed a Democratic pollster to call for his political enemies to be arrested and put in prison for failing to adhere to a variety of left-wing viewpoints.

The pollster, Fernand Amandi, made the comments during a discussion about what liberals see as Republican members refusing to push for a Children’s Health Insurance Program. (CHIP) Amandi also conflated the issue with actual left-wing causes like a psychotic fear of Russia and the 100% belief that Senate Candidate Roy Moore is guilty of numerous accusations.

Rather than actually discuss the issue, Amandi instead opted for a straw man attack, using multiple flat out lies to declare the entire Republican Party as a group of literal terrorists.

“I think it leads to the question, is it any surprise that the party that is pro-pay for play, pro-Putin, and now with Roy Moore, pro-pedophilia, the fact that they’re anti-children, is that any surprise?” Amandi shockingly claimed.

Consider for a moment the pure insanity of Amandi’s first statement. Hillary Clinton literally paid for disinformation on her election opponent that came directly from Russian sources but the Republican Party is somehow pro-Putin?

Roy Moore has been accused of a series of disgusting crimes against teenagers and because the entire Republican Party hasn’t immediately believed unproven allegations they are now pro-pedophilia? Keep in mind the Democratic Party itself has purposefully covered up rape allegations against Bill Clinton for over twenty years.

This is the insanity that is the liberal media.

Amandi continued, “And I think Joy, this is emblematic, this CHIP scenario, where you mentioned 9 million children, children, without health insurance. I think if you take a step back, one has to ask themselves, and I think the American people should ask themselves the broader question, what has the Republican Party, in the last 10 years, done to help the American people? What have they done? This is not a political party. This is a domestic terror group.”

So there you have it. Political opponents of the liberal establishment are now being labeled domestic terrorists on par with the likes of Timothy McVeigh.

After labeling any politician he disagreed with a terrorist, Amandi’s next logical step would be to call for them to be put in prison and that is exactly what he did.

“And what I think the American people should consider when they ask themselves that question, with a party that has done nothing to help the American people, is to vote them out and consider possibly afterwards locking them up, Joy,” he finished.

This is now the country we find ourselves in after the shocking election victory of Donald Trump. The entire liberal establishment is directly targeting the rightfully elected president and has now apparently moved on to any politician who is a Republican.

Sadly, the next step will most likely be declaring individual conservative Americans as full on terrorists themselves.

(The segment starts around the 1:07:50 mark)

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Author: Alex Thomas
Date: November 25th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. ChuckInBama says:

    Contrary to what theses useless eaters believe, healthcare, education food, and shelter are not “rights”.

  2. TEST says:

    The left MURDERED 100 freaking MILLION people last century, and this doofus comes up with this. Typical leftist.

  3. Braveheart1776 says:

    BlackMoe, the “useful idiots” as Vladimir Lenin calls them can go f#$% themselves. So they think we patriots ought to be locked up because we are opposed to their agenda? Let them bring it on! I’ll have libturds for breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, etc. My hatred of the left is so strong now I don’t know what else to do.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      BlackMoe, I just realized it was one year ago today that Fidel Castro died. I celebrated his death. I know what Christians would say about that but to hell with that. No way I could’ve shed tears for that butcher. My late wife lost part of her family to Castro’s butchers in Cuba when he first took over that country. Too bad she didn’t live long enough to see Fidel croak. She would’ve also celebrated and still expect me to do so. All of the exiles in Miami celebrated his death. They also lost families, homes, everything and everyone that meant anything to them. Most of all they lost their country. Unfortunately, Raul Castro is still alive and still running the show in Cuba. His time is also coming. Someday Cuba will finally be free of the Castro nightmare.

    • Daniel Michael Kovacevic says:

      It is good to try to hate actions / choices / beliefs rather than people. Even leftists can change. Nobody’s perfect; we all make bad calls sometimes. Let God have His vengeance. It is good to be grateful for everything God has done for us.

    • BlackMoe says:

      BH, I’m with you regarding hatred of liberals. I squeeze libturds out and flush them down, after which I then wipe my Feinstien/Pelozi/Boxer and follow that up with a second flush for courtesy.

  4. TEST says:

    Perhaps the most interesting thing you will read this month. At least it was when I read it:

    There are two major traditions in Western political thought. The first is Aristotelian, logical, rational, centrist, mechanistic. You concentrate power and truth in the centre and apply it outward, shaping the world according to plan.
    This was the guiding principle of the Roman Empire. It evolved into the Holy Roman Empire and the Church of Rome. Except for Switzerland, it has dominated politics on the continent ever since. Most recently, it has morphed into the European Union.
    The principle is simple – smart people can figure out how to run things, and should be allowed to do so. This was the idea behind Hillary Clinton’s health care task force (and now ObamaCare), as well as Japan, Inc. and even Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. It has animated nearly every politician (each one of whom, as Garrison Keilor notes about Lake Woebegone children, are above average) in this century.
    But there is another tradition that is much less well understood. It is the tradition of the Roman Republic… of English common law… of Adam Smith and Emmanuel Kant… of Austrian School economists such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek and of pre-Rooseveltian American. It is organic, rather than mechanistic – the tradition of tradition, based on the recognition that people, no matter how smart, cannot replace thousands of years of accumulated experience (remember the “best and the brightest” who led the Vietnam war? Or, wonder where the radical homosexual power move is going to end?)

    Experience is embodied in the evolved systems of values, customs, rules and traditions that people use to order and give meaning to their lives. A free market and a free society allow people to express these preferences, as well as allowing the process of social and civil evolution to continue. This tradition, in other words, is neither liberal nor conservative in the modern sense, but anti-political. Indeed, it is often seen as “anti-intellectual” because it denies the authority of intellectuals to tell the rest of us what to do (through the political process).

    Fleet Street Letter, page 6, date unknown as I lost that!)

  5. swinging richard says:

    Let’s be honest , sometimes the silly sticks. Sad but true.

  6. aljamo says:

    Both sides are the same as the lies are piled high. Convincing enough lies to remain unchallenged. Now free speech of the wrong variety will be weeded out on the internet. That free speech which is dissent is a problem for those controlling the narrative. I have no interest in a Internet without free speech and exchange of public opinion.

  7. Mark says:

    More sick a$$holes on parade.

  8. Braveheart1776 says:

    Aljamo, IF the internet gets totally censored I’ll also turn away from it. Censorship HAS to be challenged, fought and defeated.

  9. Kevin2 says:


    Be concerned when the far left proposes viable (if naive) solutions that the general public may subscribe to. Their calling for mass arrests is great. Maybe some drawn and quartered too. They only converse with the like minded and “debate” these ideas in an echo chamber which the net result being unsaleable to the general public. The voice of reason requires reasonable voices.

    • rrrr says:

      It isn’t necessary to convince the general public, if you have the power to do what you want. These people –the American Left– what they are saying now, they will do. All they need is to get to the top, and then nobody can touch them, and that’s when they would do what they’re saying. That’s all that’s required. The general public don’t have to approve.

      • rrrr says:

        Additionally, that is why the time to act was day before yesterday. It might already be too late to stop them. And even now nobody is doing what is required to stop them.

      • Menzoberranzan says:

        Oh yes we must approve. The M4 I have with me right now says I have a choice. Millions more like me will say no. Enslaving us will not work out the way it has in other places.

      • Kevin2 says:

        In the long run the public has to approve. This is accomplished by doing nothing (not voting out those behind it) or just doing nothing which is most common. The public wanted social security, entitlements and the like. If what you say was true “Shall Issue” would not be where it is today. At a minimum they need the publics silence.

        • Menzoberranzan says:

          I guess the sheeple will approve Kevin, but this is different than what you speak of. This is about locking us away. Silence will not be our answer on this.

          • Kevin2 says:

            I don’t know if they will approve or not but it won’t happen without at a minimum the greatest amount of people doing nothing which is approval by inaction. Its the “As long as they leave me alone”. I see this as far too much for the public to accept passively. Now toss in an economic collapse, fear of an enemy and all bets are off as what was seen in Russia / USSRs formation, NAZI Germany and countless others. Regardless all totalitarian regimes had significant popular political support at least for the start.

            • Menzoberranzan says:

              It’s not looking good for us.

            • Nailbanger says:

              They already theoreticly have the approval of close to half of the people,

              • Kevin2 says:

                A lot of people vote democrat out of tradition, “I’m a union man so I vote Democrat” type of thing. Corner them and they tend to agree more with Republicans. My own father, 96 years old voted for Democrats because of FDR until this last election.

                Democrats are continuing to alienate themselves from a core that they need and congeal around groups of freaks that despite being very vocal are far too few in number. Quite literally the lunatics have taken control of the asylum.

            • Nailbanger says:

              So heres food for thought, i actually already know a few so called highly educated, wealthy, liberals who buy into this crap and the ones i know are not the only ones, these people seem incapable of looking at an opposing view from a rational angle, wearing a pink vagaina hat to a protest against a legitimately elected president doesnt strike me as too terribly bright.

              • Kevin2 says:

                “wearing a pink vagaina hat to a protest against a legitimately elected president”

                Their flamboyant word and deed are counterproductive to furthering their agenda. It does occupy their small minds with fruitless gain that only they can see. For that we should be grateful. Be concerned if they are less dramatic and more substantive. While that may be a failure its far more salable to the public. At present they’re only entertaining their kook companions.

            • JustMe says:

              “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
              ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

              Don’t think it can’t happen here. They want you dead, or, in chains, then dead.

  10. conservative old man says:

    would like him to face me and state his stupid ideology of sending me to jail. most of these blowhards do not have the nerve or intelligence to face a conservative who is not afraid of not being politically correct.all you have to do is look at his picture and look at his name to realize the ignorant pile of crap that he is! would love to meet anytime and anyplace to set him straight. WHAT A BUMB!

  11. Truth says:

    I got a bullet for their assholes…and it’s a little different than the one they’re used to.

  12. Nailbanger says:

    Bring it ya stupid azz libtards,,, hope your feelin lucky cause your going to need it

  13. Braveheart1776 says:

    Nailbanger, damn right. As long as we’re armed and willing and capable of resistance, we still have a chance. Bullets will do wonders on libturds.

  14. Liberty556 says:

    Well, at least the Progressives are now showing us their hand. Should they win another Presidential election, it will be open season on anyone who identifies as “conservative” or as a “Trump supporter”. In fact, as many of you already know, Trump supporters are already being targeted across the nation by left wing loons, thugs, Antifa, assorted BLM ‘groups’ and many more. They’ve basically declared war on anyone who doesn’t agree with their Marxist/Socialist/Progressive ideology. I’ve got this to say, BRING IT. My family will NOT be a target and should they EVER target me or mine, well it’s not going to go well for them. Trust me……

  15. Another useless mouthpiece making money spewing garbage, using it’s about the children, don’t you love children”, crap.

    If these people get into power and into full power. They will use cps to take the children of political opponents. Just like the Stasi in East Germany.

    CPS= Child Procurement Services

  16. TallMan says:

    Nobody on the right seems to be getting this through their head, this soon is going to be a fight were blood will flow. Listen to what these people are telling you, THEY HATE YOU!!! and everything you stand for!!!! So its not hard to see that this will soon become a conflict were people will end up dead. So the question for people on the right is this, are you going to sit back, and wait till they start killing your friends, and family, or are you going to be proactive, and go after them first? Tic, Tock people, the clocks running, and time is short, so what are you going to do?

    • JustMe says:

      Most “conservatives” are only interested in comfort, money, and the appearance of normalcy. They will look the other way, as their family and friends are murdered, and scream for the police to save them. Most of them are no more your allies than the leftards. They would throw you under the bus, to save their miserable hides for one more day.

      Yes, the clock is ticking. And, no, most people do not really get just how serious it all is.

  17. Simmon says:

    Do as I say…..HAHAHA

  18. Jim in Va. says:

    Let these idiots keep talking. Every time they open their yaps they lose support and voters. They would also throw moderate democrats under the bus too.

  19. Chris Bridges says:

    Peoplelike this foreign interloper “Fernand” are why we have guns. And they know it. Any time, “Fernand”. Just drop on by and try to put us in jail.

  20. who cares? says:

    what a load of crap

  21. helmuth faulkner says:

    Mc Viegh is often used as a convenient thing to bring up and that is what Oklahoma City was all about Mc Viegh was special forces before he left the Army. he was a Fed not a terrorist in the classical sense of the word. When you play for vast wealth and unlimited power 166 commoners are only dust under the feet of the elite. meaningless dross to be used to keep real power. It was a black ops to cower the right into silence and guilt. At least so a green beret friend says

  22. Kmack says:

    This guy is a parrot with no original thought. What this ass clown proclaims as his own ideas has been perpetrated the Obama administration for the 8 years he was in office. The libs finally neutered Fox News and they’ve been working on head shooting the last vestige of conservative conversation, talk radio and the internet. Don’t forget it was Obama and his minions who wanted to group Christian, 2nd Ammendment adhering, Tea Party backing, bitter gun clinging, patriotic military veterans as domestic terrorist. This thought process is nothing new and what we are seeing manifested with ass hat’s BS statements is not the beginning but the continuation of stepped up attacks against those of us who believe the Constitution is still a viable and valuable document. Make no mistake, the elite who think they should rule our lives for their benefit have their fingers on the brass ring of total control and will do everything they can to obtain that control come hell or high water.

  23. the blame-e says:

    This guy, Fernand Amandi, makes sense. Those FEMA camps can only stand empty for so long.

    Gee. What other country and political regime had camps that housed pedophiles, sexual deviants, intellectuals, inferior and sub-human races, political opponents, believers in the non-government authorized religion, the “deplorables” and the “despicables?”

    The only things lacking in this Fernand Amandi’s world view are ovens and gas chambers.

  24. Come-On-People says:

    LeftWingers need to seek serious mental health care, as they are severely damaged in their heads. And yes, it is Great being White!

  25. Come-On-People says:

    Would logic no tell you, if you cannot take care of your child and pay and provide for that damn rat, then you should not have anymore “keeds” or that one at all. This country promotes and we pay for this outrageous bullshit nonsense. The Left loves it though because it increases their body count of D voting fools. This country is going to fail if we do NOT stop all of this socialist, handing out money types of foolish policies. Liberals have serious issues and are screwed in their simples heads.

  26. DMONIC says:

    All liberals should be rounded up and put in concentration camps. There is no rehabilitating them, they are too far gone.

  27. Old Guy says:

    If those parasite liberals jail all of the producing conservitives just who is going to perforn the necessary task to keep everything going?-

    The socialist ideal eventually goes viral, and the majority learns to game the system. Everyone is trying to live at the expense of everyone else. In the terminal phase, the failure of the system is disguised under a mountain of lies, hollow promises, and debts. When the stream of other people’s money runs out, the system collapses.
    Kevin Brekke

  28. Mart says:

    They should test every politician for drugs regularly and kick out the ones that are off their heads and turning the country into a toilet.

    Unfortunately for society is that they are making drugs legal and covering themselves!

  29. Plan twice, prep once says:

    I read a story like this and see it as the left trying to bate someone on the right into going violent.

    Their majority audience is liberals however who are joining the likes of ISIS, BLM and ANTIFA in record numbers.

    I suppose we should be expecting another Las Vagas or Texas Church being shot up by a triggered leftist. The left produces way to much of this rhetoric to insight murder and mass killings.

  30. TimeToWakeUPAmerica says:

    Leftist LIB-TARDS and ZION-IST “Christians” are the two most mis-directed, and deceived groups of Americans alive, today.
    But, DO YOU KNOW WHY? Think about it. Which tribe was behind the establishment of COMMUNISM in Russia, in 1917? Which tribe is behind ZION-ism?

  31. Philosopher Deplorabilis says:

    Vid was taken down. Go figure.

  32. Upstate New Yorker says:

    He looks like he needs a bath and a shave and a haircut too. Who would pay attention and listen to this idiot? Of course, he has to be on t.v. to shoot off his dumb ass mouth. Keep it up, you look and are acting like a horses ass.

  33. Beowulf says:

    to bad the video link doesn’t work…

  34. Cricket says:

    LOL! Remember the liberal conundrum. They ALWAYS call YOU what THEY are.

    Too funny these mindless jerks!

  35. Sophie says:

    The Democrats are the instigators of Abortion and its Pro-Death agenda. They need to back off. This is a propangandist’s effort to jack up the fight to a full blown war and I am guessing Conservatives have more guns than Democrats. The Deep State probably has more than anyone.

  36. “…That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving
    their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

    Governments are not instituted to take care of the children. That is Mommy’s & Daddy’s job.

  37. Anonymous says:

    That would mean that the cops, agents and military that the Democrats would have enforcing their agendas are “ISIS” and Taliban, and whoever complies with them are treasonous Quislings and Fifth Columnists against the free people, “adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort”.