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Southern Poverty Law Center Designates #Christmas As A Sign Of Far-Right Extremism On Its “Hate Tracker”

Alex Thomas
December 27th, 2017
Comments (84)
Read by 6,139 people


The hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center is at it again, this time going as far as to designate anyone that used the hashtag #Christmas over the holidays as a possible right-wing extremist.

That’s right, according to the SPLC and its “hate tracker”, those that used #MerryChristmas, #ChristmasEve, #Christmas, and #Jesus represented a range of extremists “from ‘conspiratorial fringes of mainstream conservatism to outright white supremacists.”

Breitbart reports:

The hate tracker notes that #Christmas is the second highest trending hashtag it tracked on Christmas Eve, with @whitehouse and @potus being among the four top Twitter handles mentioned with the hashtag.

For #MerryChristmas, the U.S. Marine Corps’ band at @marineband was one of the top mentioned, according to the hate tracker on Christmas Eve. One of the SPLC’s “top image” associated with #MerryChristmas is a photoshopped picture of marines hoisting a Christmas tree, instead of a flag, as depicted in the famous Iwo Jima picture.

The SPLC includes disclaimers, however, such as that the accounts “are not necessarily part of the far-right population of accounts we monitor.” It also claims these “extremists” also participate in many “conversations and topics that are popular among more ‘mainstream’ communities.”

So there you have it. In the sick minds of the liberals who run the SPLC, U.S. Marines celebrating Christmas could be a sign of white supremacist.

In the past the SPLC has done everything in its power to label legitimate Americans as racists while soliciting donations from scared liberals who truly believe that there is a right-wing extremist around every corner.

From listing alternative news outlets as anti-government groups to now apparently attacking the very idea of saying Merry Christmas, the Southern Poverty Law Center is the perfect example of liberal insanity on steroids.

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Author: Alex Thomas
Views: Read by 6,139 people
Date: December 27th, 2017

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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  1. gandhi says:

    well since Jesus hates evil and hates moneychangers then they are right, Jesus cant be happy with those cowards.

  2. rellik says:

    “the Southern Poverty Law Center is the perfect example of liberal insanity on steroids.”

    Here in Hawaii our version of the SPLC is the local Democratic party.

    • Genius says:

      Ha ha ha, the commies have formed a militia! Check these idiots out…

      ht tp://

      • Genius says:

        In fact here’s some video of them lol ……

        • Genius says:

          These vids are hiarious!

        • Ketchupondemand says:

          Genius, good video, thanks for the laugh. Unbelievable how stupid some people (actually many) can be.
          Have you ever had an AD?
          I have had only one AD (accidental discharge) in many years of shooting and came away lucky. Went to shoot a buzzard flying and thought, naw, too far away.
          Put the .357 down and started walking and it discharged into the ground, a couple inches from my foot.
          I still walk ok. 🙂

          • Genius says:

            I had one many years ago as a kid. Me and a friend were goose hunting and we were in this little honda coupe. We returned to the car and got in ( I was usinig an old turn of the century winchester pump 12 ga. with external hammer) I went to saddle the gun between the seats and it went off blowing a hole in the back of the roof. We just sat there for like a minute silent. Then it was like “Oh shit, how are we going to fix this?” It was his stepdads car! We got back home and bent it back as much as we could and bondo’d it up. We gave him some BS story and it was ok (the car was a cheap pos anyway). A little spray paint and wallah!

            • Kevin2 says:

              Model 97s and 12s had no disconnector.

              • Genius says:

                K2, ya I don’t remember what model it was but it was an oldie. I borrowed it from my grandpa.

                • rellik says:

                  Model 97 had an external hammer, model 12 did not. My older brother has a model 97. It is known to fire on its own, when you chamber a shell( it is a pump)! It is a wear issue. I think he finally paid a gunsmith to custom make a part to fix it.

                • Kevin2 says:

                  If you hold the trigger and pump the round goes off on chambering on both of them and the older Ithaca Model 37s. If the sear is worn and slips on a jar that slamming home the pump could fire the shotgun. Product liability wasn’t an issue back then.

            • Braveheart1776 says:

              Genius, LOL. When I was 13, my next door neighbor was supposedly cleaning his .410 shotgun and it went off shooting a hole through his roof. He had another neighbor who was a roofer, so problem solved. Whenever I finish with target shooting, I eject the mag from my weapon and clear the chamber; firearm safety. Same thing when I get up in the morning. The Taurus 9mm I have locked-and-loaded at my bedside every night gets the mag ejected and the chamber cleared. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut none of the people in that video ever attended a gun course. It proves that some [maybe a bunch] people have no business handling guns.

          • Bildew says:

            I had an AD on a date once…many years ago ?

        • Kevin2 says:

          A Police Officer down here held a civilian training class. Simulating a shoot / don’t shoot situation he, “the expert” shot and killed a 70+ year old woman with a “blank”. In reality it was a wadcutter and this self appointed “expert”, no doubt ignorant of revolvers, but an “expert” none the less, mistook the round for a blank. Apparently the weight of the cartridge didn’t ring a bell in the old noggin and signal that something ain’t right.

          You can’t fix stupid and mixed with ego the cocktail mix is sometimes deadly.

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            Kevin2, you nailed it again. Damn, you’re really good.

          • Genius says:

            K2, was it this idiot lol?

          • Plan twice, prep once says:

            In the last twenty years I’ve had two Polish cleaning ladies take care of my home.

            After a reasonable breakin time I have always had the birds and the bees talk with them.

            Yes I’m a gun owner, I know you’ve vacuumed my closet and have seen lots of ammo cans. Now to the point, I’m very safety conscious. And I want you to be safe,

            I explain these are my regular home protection arms and where I normally leave them for fast access. When I lease they are locked up. If I am sufficiently distracted I could forget to put them away. Here’s how I would like you to handle it.

            Incredible, both cleanining ladies spoke of how their dads taught them to use firearms! They had no fear, they both stood fast and listened carefully to my safety lesson. How many Ametican women would have freaked and run screaming.

            Both of these women grew up under the Soviet system, and saw their nation become free.

            My first cleaning lady went to school and became a nurse. My current cleaning lady just needs a bit more confidence and she can do anything.

            Damn these. Polish women are awesome.

    • Historian says:

      Scroll down to “Hate Pimps”:

      judaism DOT is/perpetrators.html

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Rellik, in Memphis our version of SPLC is our own local govt.

      • Genius says:

        Affermative action in action? Do they get extra votes to make it fair? White imbiciles voting for people cause they’re black? Chemtrails over the area with stupid dust? Could be a lot of reasons for it lol.

    • durangokidd says:

      I hate the SPLC !!! Track that you marxist pieces of shit !!! 🙂

    • lauraann says:

      rellik: One of the reasons this country is in decline is this law center promoting anarchy and Marxism. Patriots are listed along with nut cases on their list, making patriots look bad. They are lined up with the radical left movement and view them as in line with ISIS as they bash Pamela Geller and others like her trying to expose the dangers we face.

  3. Land Air Sea (Retired) says:

    ///Sound like those SOB’s could use a good dose of right foot up the azz //that should take care of the problems////

  4. Eisenkreutz says:






  5. watching and waiting says:

    And who cares?

  6. Kevin2 says:

    The “progressives” are going out of their way to alienate as many as possible coddling a relatively small number of social outcasts at the political mathematical loss of a far greater amount of middle class. Its a recipe for disaster. One would have to assume that while funded by TPTB they are either being set up for political extermination or they and their backers are blinded by their goals and dumb as a rock. Its difficult for me to accept the former or the latter but TPTB have been anything but stupid. They’re cunning, utterly dishonest, backstabbing and have no loyalty except to themselves. With that the former theory wins.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Kevin2, I believe you’ll be proven right with the former theory. All throughout history revolutions have devoured some of their own children. I think the oldest groups and activists on the left who have been at it or the longest will be the first to go. Antifa will also be dumped. If they’re a threat to us they would be no less of a threat to their mentors. You nailed it about TPTB; “cunning, utterly dishonest, backstabbing and have no loyalty except to themselves.”

  7. Asshat says:

    Surprised the snows not rayciss after all it’s white.

  8. Braveheart1776 says:


    • Kevin2 says:

      Their titles are so misleading. If no one ever heard of them or was ignorant to their actions the Southern (sounds very earthy, traditional) Poverty (composed of the underclass) Law (justice). If asked you would think that they are Christian, love Christmas, and just want a fair shot at life. This misnaming, so outrageously deceptive that a slick attorney could find substance in a law suit comes from the same think tank that conjured up “Democratic Republic Of The Congo”, “Democratic Peoples Republic (watch out any time they use the word Peoples) of Korea.

      While this is a generalization, the better it sounds, the worse it likely is.

  9. Vet1 says:

    Ha Ha Ha -screw you and put something behind what ya say…

    Friggin’ igits….

  10. Stormy says:

    hashtag Kiss my Butt, Southern Perverted Jew Center!

  11. Wonderful!! The more outrageous the nonsense, the stupider they look. Merry Christmas!

  12. Lytn says:

    I STAND for the FLAG
    I KNEEL at the CROSS
    I am caretaker of a PIT BULL

    WHAT ABOUT IT. !!!!!

  13. Jim in Va. says:

    Another leftist organization to look out for. Getting old looking over my shoulder…..

  14. two2wisper says:

    He is a Jew so wouldn’t expect anything less from this cancer on white people .

  15. TEST says:

    Southern Prevaricating Lawless Center. What utterly evil people.

    Check out what BIG BUCKS their leader, Morris Dees makes. See or just google “Morris Dees, House Beautiful” and then click images to check out his uberluxe digs.

  16. Concerned Citizen says:

    these liberal fools are so sick in their jeww loving minds – HANG them ALL period!!

  17. The leftists are losing it because they know the days of the”in your face” freak are numbered.

  18. Chunk says:

    The SPLC is so full of liberal crap, designating #Christmas as a sign of far-right extremism.

    Also, I’d like to thank Santa for bringing me that cherry H&K VP70Z I’ve been asking for.

  19. Beaumont says:

    Genius says, “Ha ha ha, the commies have formed a militia!”

    When there is civil unrest, in other countries, they have no idea which side the gunshots come from.

    Also, liberal interests, here, ask where so many guns came from.

    Were they being destabilized.

  20. OK. Let’s get this right. The SPLC is not liberal. It is not far left. The SPLC is communist. They are anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Christian, and anti-White. Any questions?

    • Stuart says:

      Yep, and their founder Morris Dees is a real piece of hypocritical work. He’s made untold millions through SPLC and lives in a veritable palace. Gaudy and ostentatious. No taste whatsoever. Just what you’d expect.

  21. aljamo says:

    Remember that comedy schtick… If you’re white you’re alright, if you’re black get back, if you’re brown you better not even come around. The melting pot.

    • cranerigger says:

      Hauoli Makahiki Hou (Hawaiian for HAPPY NEW YEAR) Aljamo. I’m a Heinz 57 mutt with ancestry from Northern Europe (Viking) and 1/8 Cherokee Indian. Some people say I look oriental, some say I look white, and others have come out of nowhere asking if I have Cherokee ancestry. Who cares? Most folks that do a DNA ancestry analysis find many unknown contributors to their DNA. I have experienced bias and degradation from all races. I think most people experience the same thing. Please don’t fall into the liberal trap of defining your life by the slights we all experience. This American experiment is a challenge to each of us to find a way forward among all our fellow Americans.

      • Beaumont says:

        The racists will credit your ability, to speak and act normally, to being 7/8 white or acculturated. Just saying.

        Except for some orphan, maybe, the tests do not surprise most anyone, when the margin of error is conservative, and not into the speculative range.

  22. Richard says:

    SPLC or more correctly – Southern Poverty jewish Money Laundering Center.

    ZERO credibility……

  23. Bill says:

    Go screw yourselves at that rot guy lying communist khazarianJew run terrorrist grpup, This group must be put on the terrorist watch list and there assets seized. We Americans are sick and tired of this lunatic racist pig groups

  24. Bill says:

    This is a terrorist run group

  25. Not So Free says:

    Don’t forget what SPLC stands for.
    – Southern Preposterous Lie Center

  26. SPQR70AD says:

    this is just more of the 2000 year old jewish war on white Christian society. I say in 7-8 years Christmas will be replaced by Chanukah and the menora the devils pitchfork. they are 60% there now being I see the devils pitchfork more the xmas trees

  27. JennyG says:

    SPLC hates anyone who doesn’t give them a donation.

    Is that on the hate tracker?

    See, if you really want to end hate, you have to find a hate expert to give money to, like me.

    SPLC hates everyone, including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Blacks, Whites, Browns, and Transgendered PEOPLES. Why?

    Because they target vulnerable communiteees for donations by exploiting their fears and promising to let them know when more money is needed, to fight hate against their communitees.

    SPLC is a hate group, that identifies as an anti-hate charity, to trick the vulnerable into funding hate. You can’t get more hateful then that.

    Send your blank check to:

    C/O Chelsea @ CGI
    P.O. Box Uranium-1
    Shanty Town, Haiti


  28. angus says:

    According to the ACLU, SPLC & ADL an organization is a “HATE GROUP” if it has
    “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people”.
    By their own definition the SPLC & ADL are HATE GROUPS.
    During the Trump “transition” following the 2016 election, following their usual modus operandi, the SPLC & ADL have been running around to the MSM giving hysterical, frightening, interviews about an IMAGINED “wave of Trump induced HATE CRIMES(TIHC)” The SPLC & ADL have been absolutely silent about the ACTUAL, RECORDED HATE CRIMES committed by Blacks on White Trump voters , or about how MOST of the CLAIMED TIHC are actually FALSE FLAG events staged by the supposed victims.
    The SPLC, ACLU & ADl are HATE GROUPS spewing venom and INSTIGATING VIOLENCE toward any White, CHRISTian Citizens that they can.
    Forty-Five Years of White Supremacy at the Southern Poverty Law Center Where the highly-paid executive staff has been all white for all 45 years of its existence. Apparently, no black leftists need apply for one of these plumb jobs at the Left’s preeminent hate group. The median family income in Montgomery, Alabama (where the SPLC is located) is about $44,500, so “these cats are living high on the hog.” It was also recently reported in The Weekly Standard that, according to their 2015 IRS 990 form, the SPLC’s total salary bill was around $20 million, but they only spent a measly $60,000 (in a year) or so on “law.” So these turkeys hate the South, do nothing about poverty, and rarely practice law. h/t Thomas DiLorenzo –honoring fraud
    worth a repeat
    In this classic episode on The Corbett Report from 2010, James peeks behind the facade of the Southern Poverty Law Center and find poverty pimping, race baiting and much, much worse.

  29. Anonymous says:

    bordering on fake-news. the splc doesn’t claim to be tracking #hatehashtags only trending #tags. this article is specious at best.


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