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    School Shushed for Singing Anthem at 9/11 Memorial: “Obey Authority, Even if We Don’t Understand It”

    Melissa Dykes
    April 27th, 2016
    The Daily Sheeple
    Comments (49)
    Read by 4,522 people

    Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 5.01.44 PM

    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: This is outrageous. Everything this country stood for is being twisted into absurd and stupid blind obedience.

    The children here are actually getting a perfectly educational “lesson” the nature of power, witnessing first hand how they are being set up to conform to a system that has so many rules and petty laws, even if it is unjust or ridiculous. Worse, the 9/11 memorial has gone out of its way to prevent free speech at the solemn site – lest some ‘disrespectful’ protest voice controversy – that they are actually policing naive displays of patriotism.

    The take away, for anyone paying attention:

    The country isn’t really free; most of the people in charge are idiots; but you are expect to do whatever they say anyway, even if it turns you into an idiot, too.

    Any questions?


    Watch: Security Stops Middle Schoolers from Singing the National Anthem at 9/11 Memorial

    by Melissa Dykes

    This is the epitome of modern Orwellian America.

    A group of 51 middle schoolers from North Carolina traveled all the way to the 9/11 memorial and decided to sing the national anthem.

    They were stopped — from singing the national anthem at the 9/11 memorial — halfway through by 9/11 memorial security because, well, it seems they didn’t have the proper permit.

    “You have to stop. This is considered a public demonstration!” one of the guards of one of Disneyland of American false flag monuments with a $60 million/year operating budget shouted at kids who don’t understand how misplaced their patriotism has become in modern America.

    Even though the teacher had previously asked a security guard for verbal permission, that was not good enough. The teacher was supposed to apply for a permit, pay $35 in fees, and wait the requisite ten days so the kids would be granted the permission by the memorial staff to sing the national anthem.

    The punchline?

    Waynesville Middle School principal Trevor Putnam reportedly said the whole incident was a great lesson in civics, NOT because they could have discussed the First Amendment or destruction of the Bill of Rights, but then he could ask the kids “Why are there limits put in place in public forums?”

    Why indeed.

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    Author: Melissa Dykes
    Views: Read by 4,522 people
    Date: April 27th, 2016

    Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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    1. Genius says:

      Sounds like the cops and military lol.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Blindly obey? HELL NO. Never did and never will.

      • Mountain Trekker says:

        Edward Snowden is a hero! And may we never forget Lavoy Finicum!!! The secene at that Wildlife Refuge in Oregon when those people took over, and then were out front talking with the Feds and that agent asked one of them if he had a permit to have that gun, and the guy whimped out and show his submissiveness by showing his permit to that agent, still sticks in my mind. Even while resisting he “Blindly Obeyed” Trekker Out.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Anon, BRAVO! I never touch the stuff either.

    3. YeeHaa says:

      I read comments on another site about this…they pointed out that singing is allowed there if you pay for a $35 permit.

      At least the jerk guard could have let them finish before “just doing his job”

      • Anonymous says:

        Just doing his job is nothing but a flimsy excuse for an action that is morally and ethically wrong. The kids got a real learning experience, unfortunately. An apology wouldn’t begin to be good enough in this situation.

    4. Nobody says:

      Power tripping security guards just want to flex control and show those kids whos boss at a young impressionable age. Couldn’t resist the opportunity to leave their mark on patriotic young minds, let them know big brother will always tell you what you can and can’t do, even when and where you can honor your big brother. Oh btw, also you need to pay me for the right to honor me. Government has turned the site of a terror attack into a profit center.

    5. Jackson says:

      Were not there a few Air Command “drills” going on the morning of 9/11? Seems I recall there was some confusion about that. Kind of like the day of Sandy Hook, when they had “active shooter” drills going on around there. Strange coincidence.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Jackson, that’s correct, there were some Strategic Air Command drills taking place on 9/11 and they were ordered to ‘stand down’ when the first plane struck the WTC. There were also some ‘active shooter’ drills taking place at Sandy Hook on the day of that incident. Interesting how such drills can go ‘live’, isn’t it?

        • didndonuffin says:

          Never heard any more about the guy in camo pants face down on the ground with cops all around him in the woods behind Sandy Hoax. Bet THAT news chopper video has fallen into the great digital abyss.

    6. Anonymous says:

      When I was in grade school decades ago, I knew even at a young age it was a herd breeding ground.

      • apache54 says:

        you are correct, i was given tests that were suppose to assist the teacher in tailoring my studies in school. but in reality they were tests for the government and YES, i and one other sibling were approached later in life and offered jobs and yes those tests were on record. My parents were given the test results and I still have those. this scam on the American people has been going on for a long time!

      • trumphony says:


    7. Vet1 says:

      amerika- what a wonderful, multicultural piss pot we have become…

      gonna stay out in the country as much as possible and just not participate…

      prep for the worst, because that’s a where we’re seem to be headed…

    8. Satori says:

      and people wonder how things like the Holocaust happened?


    9. Bush tells us 9/11 happened because

      “They hate us for our freedoms”

      If that’s the case, they must love us now.

    10. Now that is an opportunity. I would have given those kids a lesson in civil disobedience. You want to take this Country back. Set up a lemonade stand on every corner in America. Publicly burn the fines. Make a mockery out of these laws or we are all going to wind up in a Russian style gulag system. This is not aimed at seniors. Why can’t people get their kids away from the lying TV movie school of indoctrination. They want to destroy your kids. You are a fool if you turn your kids over to these brainwashed enemies of liberty for six hours a day. Why not just give them some drugs and let them sing about trading sex for drugs. You probably don’t need a permit.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        B from CA, good points. Set up a lemonade stand. If someone tries to write you a citation for it, refuse to accept the citation. If it’s laid down on the counter anyway, take a lighter and burn it. All of these draconian laws need to be undermined and made a mockery of. We’ve got to start somewhere. Get rid of the TV and even the TV service. The garbage that the schools put into the kids’ minds needs to be countered with the truth. Depend on independent media only for information. Avoid MSM sources altogether. We’ve got to get the kids to wake up and smell the coffee if they’re going to have any chance at all.

    11. Anonymous says:

      A group of school kids need to be screened by a committee because they just might engage in something inappropriate or maybe offensive. Not surprised. Hope the person that reprimanded those kids had a wonderful,
      fuc#### day and enjoys his pay.

    12. RobinHood says:

      We Bitch, We Complain, We Moan & Groan, but Nobody does anything else.
      Admit the ugly truth, folks.
      We have become a nation of Talkers, not Doers
      ‘We have met the enemy, and he is us’!

    13. martha conner says:

      iT WAS NOT the policemans place to complain about his gripes against people who have far more than he does and to preach to the Children about religion, of which I am not sure, he has a firm grip on. The children had a right to sing the national anthem and it was extremely crass and rude rude of this forlorn policeman to interrupt the choir in the middle of a performance. He was rude, and needs to be reprimanded and/or fired. He was very classless!!!

    14. Downhillfromhere08 says:

      Well if they hate us why are the news in mexico and further south telling the women that have children to come here that our government will take care of them. Its on youtube showing the news clips and conversations of women with children crossing the border and many have come they must not hate us anymore.

    15. eppe says:

      Interesting read on 9-11 and the petrodollar
      ht tp://

    16. Captain Hale says:

      I was watching Fox News with my sixth grader before he left for school when the follow up interview aired. When that crazy woman made the ” blindly follow commands from the overlord” comment. He yelled out “That’s bull$&!t”, then realizing he cursed he looked my way. I gave him a smile and a nod, because he was right to be pissed off and I was proud that he recognized the brainwashing… All’s not lost guys, my son is not the only one being raised by a patriot. There’s a whole bunch that post on this site all the time.

    17. Godsoldier says:

      Its happening this morning the gold back chinese moola is takeing off wont be long before these petro fiat greenbacks end up play money. When i was a kid my greatgrand parents had a small chest full of german marks from ww1 worthless but we played with them i even have a few of them still stuck away some place in the closet. I forgot im a millionaire but then again if you buy enough menopoly games we can all be millionaires when the day comes that i pay 100 dollar bill for a loaf of bread i hope i have enough to get a package of lunch meat to go with it

    18. Godsoldier says:

      When people cant get their psych meds or zanax even mild pain meds like Ultram they will come unglued bat shit crazy not haveing them to just deal with todays easy gravey train world but a world that will be falling apart all around them but thats ok cus all the people who run out of ciggaretts will just tell them to shut up and shoot them its my understanding that ciggaretts are more addictive than heroin

    19. Mr Smith says:

      Education is about teaching people to learn and the subject is not important it’s about having to lean useless shit so when you get a job flipping burgers then you are happy to learn in small detail about how to fry chips and dress a burger.

      Most kids today could not fit a door bell or fix a bike puncher so never mind fixing break pads in a car because it’s better to work 20 hours to pay someone to do it so the tax man can take his cut as you flip burgers and tell youeself you are happy.

      Godsoldier says

      We are all being fed meds in the water or food we eat and this is why men have become cowards, queers like bottoms and sperm counts are going down FAST.

      Was americans not one these drugs then GW-Bush would had been hung when people worked out it was an inside job but the drugs make it look just like watching a film.

    20. Satori says:

      live in the “hot zone” ?

      NASA maps Zika’s potential spread in the U.S.

    21. I would have told the kids to finish the anthem, and then I would have them laugh in unison at the FACIST BRAINWASHED PIG. I would have filmed it, and made sure it went viral on Utube. Exclaiming, what are you going to do now, arrest all the children for singing the Anthem.?

      WE MUST NOT CONFORM, ON ANY LEVEL….or the final outcome will be non-conformists & dissenters will be in FEMA camps.!!!!

    22. spaceman says:

      Goodbye America, Goodbye……………

      Enough to make you sick.

      Will we ever get our Country, and our Pride back ??????

    23. Slayer of Sacred Cows says:

      The children singing the anthem of their oppressors is the real Orwellian aspect of this story.

    24. Illini Warrior says:

      How freaking stupid could a teacher be? …. you just pop into a 911 event and think that your group can just perform?

      What’s next the Macy’s Day Parade?

    25. aljamo says:

      No national anthem singing allowed unless it’s at a sporting event where you paid to sing it. Besides this song belongs to the establishment, “the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air”, a ditty for eternal warfare.

    26. aljamo says:

      Decades ago I once walked into the Tampa greyhound track just as the anthem was piped over the loudspeakers. Everybody stopped as if the earth stood still. I must of felt ornery because I kept walking only to have the rent a cop yell at me like I was being disrespectful. I kept walking. Really, a bunch of poor slobs betting on which dog finishes first, I guess that’s sports worthy of a national anthem.

    27. Jo Se says:

      Hmmm. Our Founders went to war – against what was at the time the most powerful military in history – over a small tax on a nonessential item – tea – yet we don’t even whimper as we are taxes and regulated to death.

    28. skeptic says:

      Just reflecting, but thinking back on all of the articles on Ebola and the convincing charts and graphs it is real easy to become complacent about all the new threats that are imminent. Eventually the s will htf but most of us that don’t live the prepper type life style by nature will have given up.
      I look back longingly on the days of one article a day on Mac’s web site. Meanwhile, back at the ranch every one of us willing to work is still making money. I also miss thumbs. It seemed to be replaced by ugly verbal attacks. Isn’t that the Jerry Springer way? Just thinking on the keyboard.

    29. James says:


      The flag and National Anthem belongs to the people, Not the Gov.

      Proper etiquette:(Pub. L. 105–225, Aug. 12, 1998, 112 Stat. 1263; Pub. L. 110–417, [div. A], title V, § 595, Oct. 14, 2008, 122 Stat. 4475.)

      On the first note of the Anthem folks in uniform turn and face the flag with a salute and hold that salute until the last note of the Anthem. Folks not in uniform place their right hand over their heart and face the flag if present.

      Never forget the stars and stripes belong to the people! The Government (gubment) steals this symbol and claim they represent us.. (true false flag waving at it’s worse… So disrespectful of our flag. As citizens we should fly our stars and stripes at half mast (as in mourning) and upside down (as in distress)

    30. James says:

      Please remember the national anthem and the stars and stripes belong to We the People. The Gov/gubmint/politicians steals these symbols just as a snake oil sales men would steal the good housekeeping seal. They use these to try and legitimize themselves to honest Americans. (Wave our flag sing our Anthem and then line their pockets.)

      In this case the guard was completely disrespectful and wrong… see National Anthem etiquette “(Pub. L. 105–225, Aug. 12, 1998, 112 Stat. 1263; Pub. L. 110–417, [div. A], title V, § 595, Oct. 14, 2008, 122 Stat. 4475.)” The guard disrespected the Anthem by not turning immediately to the stars and stripes and saluting and holding that salute until the last note of the Anthem was over.

      Our Flag etiquette tells us to fly the flag at half mast while in mourning and to fly it upside down when in distress… Thus aware citizens would be flying upside down stars and stripes at half mast. Me, rather than expose or have to explain my true feeling to the ignorant chose to not fly the stars and stripes at all. I do own several flags but choose to wait to fly them until I can put them right side up and at full mast.

      I love my country it’s the Government I can’t abide. Political correctness??

      I believe Ron Paul could have saved our Government a few years back but the vipers den is to large and dark now. Look at our choices today Hillary, or Trump… seriously either one will change the Government for the worse. Just as Bush and Obama have done. (could you imagine these choices 100 yrs ago?)
      Remember this is our Country, the stars and stripes are ours, the national anthem is ours and (like superman) stand for truth justice and the true American way. Most of us have fought for the flag or have family that has and for what it stands and sorry to say that is for Not for the US Government!

      Also please remember our pledge of allegiance is to the republic not the democracy for which our flag stands.

    31. swinging richard says:

      We do not always place the smartest people in the position of authority.

    32. Usta B Younger says:

      Check out “no one died at sandy hook” the school was ruled unsafe in 2008.the book is banned on because obama former press spokesman has some administrative powers there.

    33. World Trade Center’s Infamous 91st-Floor Israeli ‘Art Student’ Project
      save page and videos before you make it viral


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