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Motels Sharing “Daily Guest List with Police” and Aiding Warrant Checks on Every Guest

Mac Slavo
May 7th, 2015
Comments (140)


The motel and hotel industry is not only spying you, it is partnering with police.

This isn’t just routine cooperation when police request information for criminal investigations. Instead, it is apparently everyday data sharing on every guest.

It is a troubling private-public overlap where motel and hotel clerks are systematically sharing “do not rent” lists and helping police to run checks on guests daily for outstanding warrants. Staying at Motel 6, and other chains pursuing similar policies, now includes a hidden guilty-until-proven innocent background check that puts ordinary travelers one step away from a call to police. From the Providence Journal:

City police have arrested four people staying at the Motel 6 on Jefferson Boulevard as a result of the hotel chain’s agreement to provide police with a daily guest list, Mayor Scott Avedisian said Tuesday.

The names of Motel 6 guests, which police then check for outstanding warrants, is one of five steps Motel 6 corporate managers agreed to take in response to a string of high-profile incidents and concerns the establishment was becoming a haven for passing criminals.

The other measures listed in an agreement Motel 6 executives signed Tuesday include raising the minimum age to rent a room from 18 years old to 21, hiring a police detail every night, sharing their national “do not rent list” with police and conducting regular training, including on how to spot human trafficking.

“We know everyone who is staying in the hotel tonight,” Avedisian said in a phone interview after a meeting with Motel 6 executives that also included Warwick police chief Col. Stephen M. McCartney and Seekonk, Mass., Town Administrator Shawn E. Cadime.

CopBlock sums it up more bluntly:

The popular hotel chain, Motel 6, has recently decided to partner with the police to violate the rights of their guests. Without the consent of the guest, or even informing them whatsoever, Motel 6 employees will now turn over the guest information to the police, who will then run a background check on the subject.

And, as a policy, the motel chain is not even bothering to inform guests at check-in. They are not told about the hidden layer of screening – yet they are subjected to it.

As of now, guests who check-in at Warwick’s Motel 6 will not be told their names are on a list that goes to the police station every night.

Alerting motel guests that local police know their whereabouts “is not a normal process of our check-in,” said Victor Glover, a vice president of safety and security for G6 Hospitality, the parent company for Motel 6.

Cue the predictable excuses: “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide.”

Of course, virtually the same thing has been going on between the NSA and Internet/telecommunications companies, with the latter willingly handing over data on its customers for intelligence processing at the expense of individual civil rights and customer trust.

While this type of pre-crime screening for authorization may seem like a worthwhile way to flush out criminals, but the acceptance of the guilty-until-proven mindset is allowing this to pop up with lists operating throughout society as “do not fly” lists do with airports.

Then White House Chief-of-Staff and current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel argued for a “no buy” gun list that would operate similar to the “no fly list.” Other sectors of society are using credit reports and social media profiles to flag would-be suspects, risky lenders and consumers.

And despite what you may be thinking, not everyone on these lists is actually a criminal, potential terrorists or offender. In fact, there is way too much room for abuse and political tyranny. With enough time to blossom, these data lists will make second class citizens out of large sectors of the population.

In the decade following 9/11, countless news reports surfaced about people with clean records being barred from travel because their name matches or is similar to an actual suspect. Many such people were put on the list simply by mistake, or through ulterior motives by those working the system.

In any case, these people have little recourse for getting off the lists. Cases surrounding airport “no fly lists” have left many people frustrated at civil rights violations that judges have been unable or unwilling to strike down.

The police state is here, and it is growing darker every second through the vast accumulation of personal data. Is anyone willing to stand up and saying not to it?

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: May 7th, 2015
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Genius says:

    Holy Shit! Check out these robots they have made >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qCbCpMYAe4

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      Ancestry dot com sharing DNA info with COPS without a warrant.

      • Rodger says:

        How do you know this?

        • OutWest says:

          Reminiscent of Heidi Fleiss’s little black book.

        • Mountain Trekker says:

          Pigs, Sheep and Wolves!

          • US Centurion says:

            Cue the predictable excuses: “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide.”

            How about don’t stay at Motel 6, punish them by withholding your money. I don’t stay at Motel 6.

            • Anon 1970 says:

              Best way to send a message is to give them none of your money.

              Would be nice to see a list of businesses that violate our rights and are leftist.

              • TPSnodgrass says:

                You are absolutely correct. No one who values their privacy and especially personal safety should EVER stay at any Motel 6 property. That chain routinely rents about half of their complex out “by-the-week” to local low lifes, and the other half to travelers naive enough to believe that “keeping the light on for you” means a “clean” room. Not at all, most robberies, assault, rapes and homicides are conducted at or on Motel 6 properties nationwide according to the Uniform Crime Report, published annually by the FBI.
                Motel 6 properties are notorious hot beds of violent crime in ANY law enforcement jurisdiction.Don’t believe me? Just ask your local law enforcement agency.
                Hope this helps some person to not get victimized in more ways by staying at a Motel 6.

              • Anonymous says:

                At first they came for the gypsies and other “low lifes” and then they came for the jews… you now the rest.

              • nygrump says:

                partnering with the cops in the USA is about as far right as you can get. Anyway, they stopped doing that, supposedly.


          • apache54 says:

            well all i can say that the sheep out number us and thus they let the wolves in, now it will be up to us to eliminate those wolves for our own preservation not for theirs. sheep will have take care of themselves as they let in the pack!

            • Anonymous says:

              You’re right– the police state is here, little by little as Hitler suggested. And the idiots watching TV– Sheeple– have no clue what is happening!

              They will never come out and say, “you no longer have Constitutional rights”… they just show you, through actions that they no longer exist… like guns: they would never say you don’t have a right to own a gun. However, if you are just brandishing a toy gun, you can get shot and killed for it… bastards!

            • Mountain Trekker says:

              apache54, I agree, and as for the pigs, that is not refering to the police, but to international corporations and politicans and big banks. Trekker Out.

          • Anonymous says:

            I notice when I go to ANY motel, they want all this info and personal ID… crap! I hate all this red tape anyhow, about everything!! I just hate red tape!!

            Should be able to buy a gun with cash and shake hands and that’s it! Should be able to stay at a place, pay cash, and that’s it! Should be able to buy some land, no mortgage payments and no yearly taxes! Should be able to buy a car, screw car insurance and that’s it! I hate all the red tape, them taking more and more from us, including our privacy! We should put an end to it all and just tell them fuck you! We SUBMIT and THAT is the problem. Time to stand up and say, “fuck you!” If people will not deal with us in a private, responsible manner without giving all our information to some shugmug police state, then go some place else and barter.
            Enough is enough!

        • Wilson says:


          Source: http://www.voicesofliberty.com/article/ancestry-com-sharing-your-dna-with-police/

          Now let’s just see if Hannity, and other talk show hosts will drop this company as an advertiser.

      • Unreconstructed Southron says:

        Hotel 666

      • Gregory8 says:

        Did you read the fine print? No. What a dumbass! It’s pretty much like putting your garbage at the curb, you’ve given it away to anyone in the general public who wants it, and that includes the police. Lots of case law in support of that. You don’t have to like it, it just is. By the way, car rental companies have been doing this forever. Hell, even when riding the Greyhound Bus, they run your name before printing the ticket. If you’re wanted, they police know your itinerary and pick you up at any stop along the way.

    • JD Machine says:

      Pogo the robot has many flaws. The biggest is the lack of an adequate power supply.

  2. Them Hogs says:

    All of the people that I know of that should be locked up in jail either fly on Air Force One, or live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. !

    Long live the Republic! Death to all traitors! Watch out fur them Hogs!

    • TRUTH BE TOLD says:

      Stupid cop ONLY knows who signed in and Not who else is in the car and thus the room but watch they will change that to All the people provide IDs…. gotta fix those loopholes.

      just like with vaccines for all school kids unless your home schooled and when they cant jab that kid too they just make another law and close the loophole


  3. Genius says:

    Motel 6, We’ll leave the camera on for you.

    • Genius says:

      Whenever I travel for work I always stay at mom and pop motels. They are cheaper and not so many lowlifes there. Motel 6 is a shithole I have never stayed there.


      Whats the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?
      Where you mount the dirtbag. 🙂

      • Unreconstructed Southron says:

        Motel 666

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        i almost always stay(ed) at motel 6 when i travel…i aint no prissyass that has to have a “nice” place…spartan? yup. dirty? i haven’t seen THAT. reasonably priced?….almost always…but i aint gonna stay there again! it sure as HELL matters to me whether someone is busted violating rights…and i betcha they go DOWN when the word gets out(hope so, anyway)…time to start making a stand with these bastards!

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          off topic, but i want to straighten out some people on the dead jellyfish washing up on pacific coast of oregon/washington…i DO think fukushima is killing the pacific, but these jellyfish washed ashore is because of a southwesterly WIND, blowing them onto the beaches…many in these stories are blaming them on fukushima, many saying “i’ve NEVER seen this before”…well they either aint lived at the beach very long, or they got short memories! i remember as a kid, back around 1973 we used to wade through these velella when the southwesters blew to collect the japanese floats that washed up WITH them….this is LIKELY nothing more than a winter storm with winds blowing from the southwest pushing them onto shore…i’ve seen many times since then velella on beaches, but i don’t remember AS MANY as i see in these photos, except back in 73….anyone ELSE spend a lot of time on oregon beaches? here’s the link http://enenews.com/tv-billions-mysterious-creatures-washing-along-west-coast-piles-dead-sea-animals-california-alaska-literally-covering-all-oregon-coast-expert-death-totals-staggering-be-billions-video

        • TPSnodgrass says:

          BCOD, all travelers considering staying at a motel6, should contact law enforcement in the area and ask them how many violent crimes are initiated on the local Motel6 properties. It’s an astounding number. Which is most likely WHY, Motel 6 has decided to “partner” with local law enforcement to run warrant checks on their “guests”. I’m betting they’ve lost their ability to get umbrella liability coverage from ANY carrier for any kind of a price. Check your local court listings(public record and free) to see how often Motel 6 properties are sued for various personal injury, and other heinous acts against their guests. It is truly a mind-boggling number.

      • Angryinadk says:

        The harley holds 2 dirtbags, thats the difference.

    • Johnathan Stiner says:

      Nothing new here, Cops have been checking the hotel registries since the 1920s. In our City Ordinance the hotels are required to produce the registry on demand of police and failure to maintain one is a crime.

      This is good police practice because a lot of fugitives use motels. They get the list, run warrant checks, then arrest the fugitives.

      Our town’s police also run the license plates of the cars in the parking lots checking for stolen cars.

      Motels attract bad sorts.

      • Rellik says:

        I think hotel/motel/flop house registries go way back in time. What I think is new is that the cops used to have to actively check, whereas now we have this national data base.
        you just pop up!

      • durangokidd says:

        “Motels attract bad sorts”. Yeah, like TOURISTS who spend their MONEY at your motel while traveling across country. 🙁

      • Hel Aviv says:

        When I visited Iraq and Syria years back, it was a cause of great scandal among westerners that the police would make the rounds of hotels nightly to get the names of those staying there.
        Nearly all barriers between those societies and ours’ are gone. Only difference is between tech capability

    • Arnold says:

      Genius…NICE ONE!! 🙂

  4. Everybody should start checking in under the same name.

    How about ‘Emmanual Goldstein’?


    • Anonymous says:

      they want to see your f– ID, AC, so it wouldn’t work! when they ask to see your ID we should refuse and ask what that has to do with renting a room… if they insist, leave.

  5. Paul Boyd says:

    it’s called fascism

  6. BJ's says:

    Buy guns, grow weed…[email protected]# the government.

  7. mc6809e says:

    This is why government regulation of the economy is such a danger.

    Does anyone really believe Motel 6 is happily doing this? Or has Motel 6 been made aware of how easily a “random” visit from OSHA might be ordered? Or how their hiring practices might be scrutinized by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights division?

    There are so many regulations that no one can conduct business without violating some obscure rule. And any of those violations can be used as a pretext for punishing a business that won’t cooperate with the authorities.

  8. Pawn shops, scrap yards and chemical suppliers have been an open book for awhile and most utilities will even ‘drop a dime’ to the local LEO when outsized useage or expansion pokes its head up, like electrical power consumption above the historical norm or average for the type of structure. I’d not even be surprised if UPS quietly shares ammo delivery recipients.

    • sodbuster says:

      Hou TX electric utility, with there new fed gov provided smart meters, are identifying high kw consumption homes of weed growers and turning over to law.

  9. “Human trafficking”

    lol. Word salad to change the language and demonize the act. It’s called prostitution and it is another “victimless crime” since both participants consent.

    The police state thugs operate on a “presumptive criminal” agenda and smoking dope or consensual sex for money are not crimes since there is no victim. Most of these warrant calls are for “crimes” with no victims.

    Liberty would be better served if 90% of the blue mafia was disbanded and people took the means of self defense into their own hands via the bill of rights.

    No victim, No crime

    • Braveheart says:

      JRS, that ‘presumptive criminal’ concept has no legitimate basis whatsoever. The entire concept of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ is also illegtimate and can never be justified. It’s only one of the things recruits in police academies, from local to federal level, get brainwashed with. At least now I know to stay away from Motel 6. But how do we know other motel chains aren’t doing the same thing? The vast majority of what is called ‘police work’ today has no legitimate basis whatsoever. As Sgt. Dale himself once posted, 95% of the laws on the books today are BS. Of course LE will still use that old excuse, ‘if you’re doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear’. I say as long as LE still has the same anti-public mentality aka ‘federal attitude’ toward we the people, we do have something to fear. When we have to live in fear of law enforcement as much as we do real criminals, you know something is wrong in this country. If the cops were ONLY using this to target REAL CRIMINALS, it would be different. But as we all know, it’s only too easy for something like this to get out of control, and considering what the feds have been teaching local, county, and state LE since 9/11, we have a lot more to fear than we should have to. We should not have live in fear of law enforcement, but we do. After all, they serve government, not the people, and the federal and state supreme courts have ruled on that numerous times. Law enforcement has been totally brainwashed and manipulated to be against the public and they wonder why they are under so much fire. I don’t want any war between the public and LE anymore than anyone else here does. How can it be avoided? WHAT LE NEEDS TO DO IS STOP ACCEPTING FEDERAL GRANTS, STOP BUYING MILITARY HARDWARE THAT HAS NO PLACE ON OUR STREETS, ESPECIALLY STOP LISTENING TO THE ANTI-PUBLIC PROPAGANDA COMING FROM DHS, FBI, SPLC, NAACP, OR ANY OTHER SOURCE. STOP BEING AGAINST THE PUBLIC AND STOP HAVING DISHONORABLE INTENTIONS TOWARD THE PUBLIC. STOP STEALING FROM PEOPLE VIA THE ‘ASSET FORFEITURE’ LAWS WHICH IS JUST ANOTHER FORM OF POLICE THEFT AND CORRUPTION IN YOUR CHOSEN PROFESSION. STOP ALL OF THESE THINGS AND YOU’LL BE SURPRISED TO SEE A 180 DEGREE TURNAROUND IN THE PUBLIC’S ATTITUDE TOWARD YOU. HELL, YOU MIGHT EVEN START GETTING SOME HELP FROM US, BUT YOU’VE GOT TO RE-ESTABLISH A LEGITIMATE BASIS FOR ‘POLICE WORK’. PROVE YOURSELVES TO US AND WE’LL PROVE OURSELVES TO YOU IN RETURN. THAT’S ALL WE ASK. SURELY IT’S BETTER FOR US TO WORK TOGETHER THAN TO BE SHOOTING AT EACH OTHER, DON’T YOU THINK?

      • smokey says:

        BH, did you read and comprehend the article?

        The people being arrested are those with arrest warrants.

        They’re already tried and found guilty.

        They have done something wrong and they do have something to fear.

        Please tell us how many times you have been arrested at a Motel 6 with no outstanding warrants.

        • durangokidd says:

          “BH, did you read and comprehend the article? The people being arrested are those with arrest warrants.”

          Smokey, the point of the article is not that criminals are being arrested while staying at Motel 6. The point of the article is that the POLICE STATE is spying constantly upon the activities of the American people AND collecting databases of information: that are subsequently assembled in the CLOUD to track our every step, every day of our lives, forever.

          This must end.

          This activity evidences an America our Founding Fathers did not intend, nor is it the America that the American people want.

          Cops should get a clue, that the men in blue who we hire to protect our communities are not our babysitters or Overlords, but our EMPLOYEES and SERVANTS.

          Overall, they are doing a piss-poor job that infringes upon American rights to privacy, life, liberty, and property. 🙁

          • buttcrackofdoom says:

            i think what brave is trying to say is something like…”if it’s ok for them to spy on motel 6 guests….why not people on “D” street, or main street…or coming out of a Bar….or parked in a grocery store parking lot….where does the SPYING END?”….the supremes just RULED it illegal for the nsa to collect all THEIR data,….yet we still sit on our hands, instead of picking up our pitchforks and torches…

          • smokey says:

            OK, show me the database of Motel 6 registers that track YOUR movements across country.

            Where is the proof that our movements are being tracked by police looking through hotel/motel records?

            Answer : Unless they are looking for you, by name, they’re not looking for you and could care less where you are or what you are doing, unless you’re breaking laws.

            Lots of hyperbole in this set of claims.

        • Legion7 says:

          What happens when YOU become an enemy of the state for reading blogs like this one? Its a fine line befween who they target. Im breaking a law right now because I dont have a”state certified” garbage bag Iin my vehicles. It needs to have a state approval stickef. Its reason enough to pull me over, then disappear me because of my libertarian views that dont include embracing fascism. Slippery slope.

        • TPSnodgrass says:

          Smokey, when your name is run consistently FOR a warrant check, even that shows up in the national crime information center database. Yeah, it’s that bad. Merely being “innocent” means nothing, the fact is that your name shouldn’t have to be run in the first place for merely checking into the wrong type of lodging.
          In every law enforcement agency jurisdiction, I can guarantee that the local Motel 6 property, WILL BE one of if not the most active law enforcement response in that agency’s area.
          This new procedure for Motel 6 (it’s been on-going for a few years actually) is due to the high number of law suits against Motel 6 and its franchisees for Negligent Security, personal injuries and attacks sustained by the unsuspecting traveling public on its properties.
          This IS the only way, Motel 6 corporate can get ANY insurance coverage especially liability coverages for their properties.

        • DaisyD says:

          We’re back to the Inquisition days. Anything goes to incriminate and criminalize. This is not good.

      • mc6809e says:

        “Stop taking the money” only works if you also are allowed to stop giving the money.

      • Anonymous says:

        You forgot to mention the NSA, that just steals your info and data with out a warrant.

    • mark says:

      You are not aware of the children being sold around the world, including in the US as sex slaves? Not all prostitution is above board. No where near victimless.

      • Anon 1970 says:

        Some people say things that are so stoopid, you question your hearing and wonder if they are speaking another languag. There is such a thing as human trafficing. Sometimes the human is a child and sometimes the human is an adult, usually of the female variety.

        Men can be such f*cking pigs sometimes I wonder how I am not a man-hater/eater. It sickens me that a human being could be so screwed up in the head.

        I tell my children on rare occasion, when they really piss me off, “Some animals eat their young”, that conveys my utter disgust quite well. So, I say to JR, Stewed man doesn’t sound half bad right now.

    • Rebel in Idaho says:

      JRS I agree 100%.

    • Prep says:

      Strap your pistol on the outside. Begin in the police state that is Dodge, and when confronted with “seigen Sie mir ihre Papiere”

      Shoot him

      That is, if you live in Gestapo country, and who doesn’t.

      Will I begin it? Hell, no. I’m a prepper.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Seems to me that if this ever results in a false arrest for any reason Motel 6 would be facing a rather large civil liability issue.

    IMO, they’re the epitome of stupid for doing this, there would be no legal protection at all for them.

    • smokey says:

      If the Motel 6 called the police and told them Joe Schmidlap was John Dillinger, it won’t matter, if the police arrested you and charged you with bank robbery, without first confirming you actually were Dillinger. But the police are going to bear the liability, they’re the ones making arrests and are supposed to be doing their due diligence.

      Motel 6 doesn’t have that requirement. They can tell a cop you’re from Mars and it won’t ever come back on them, it’s the cops duty to confirm your identity.

  11. Kevin2 says:

    Every day we become more and more like the USSR. Sometimes its codified and advanced in leaps and bounds, sometimes its subtle and hidden, but it always advances.

    “When you least expect it, your detected, your the star today”. “Smile, your on Candid Camera”.

    Unfortunately its no longer a comedy.

  12. I miss America says:

    I will never stay at another Motel 6 and I decided that in 1977.

    Since most people have nothing to hide, will in-room cameras be next?

  13. Sgt. Dale says:

    When you stay at a motel. Use a different name and pay with cash. Don’t forget to cover you face with something. This is you don’t want them to know how you are.
    Better yet don’t stay at Motel 6.

  14. Ass hat says:

    Ok people I live the next town over from where this motel 6 is. The warwick police are a corrupt bunch. As a younger lad we would go to the night club then people would get a room at motel6 after and party some more it’s right next to I 95 it is a spot where drugs come into state and prostitutes there is a huge parking area where truckers spend the night. I know how the criminal element works here I’ve lived here my whole life. This is not a hotel to take your family that’s for sure. I won’t go there 5 mins up the road is providence. This is my stomping grounds and I can tell you I wouldn’t go into manton Hartford or chad brown projects there is shootings every night. I was a heating oil man for a few years and I’ve seen many bullet holes in houses which is scary I’m not saying there are not harder places but it’s no joke. It’s bad there are a lot of hurting people. There is a huge drug problem in this state. I drive for work so I’ve seen the streets its fucking downright depressing down there. I avoid it at all costs. Warwick police are the worst bunch in the state IMHO. This hotel has problems though I think they need to do something.

  15. the Lone Ranger says:

    Hi MAC,

    I wrote a post last night and it did not get posted.

    I tried again and it said I had already posted it.

    Tonight, I tried it again and it would not take.

    What gives?

    – the Lone Ranger

    • The filter must be mad at you.

      I have this happen when I post stuff with a link in it.

      There is usually just a delay between when you post something, and when it shows up. Presumably somebody has to check and ok it, to make sure it’s not spam or whatever.

  16. Fallen Ascension says:

    Absolutely everything you do is data logged, everything you purchase, everything you say, all your activities online (like being on this site) is logged to your identity, e-mail, cell phone… NSA has been very busy. This will be the information they use to decide in the future whether your a ‘terrorist’ by your profile. Most people have no clue to the horror that is coming. You can see it all around, pure evil is taking over because evil is power and money and control, always has been. People have lost faith in God on the eve they will need it the most.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop using the little store cards which Identify you. Use cash for payments, or money order. Use Passport (which does not require your address on it or other info like a drivers license does). Use post office box, with any name you choose. Use different name for home post box, never stay at motels which require ID or cards, work as self employed person with no links to Big Brother and hook up with others who are awake. Use bikes for many purposes and use car only when necessary and not necessary to have insurance. Keep low profile as much as possible. Don’t submit to the beast.

  17. Archivist says:

    I stayed in a Motel 6 once about 30 years ago. They wanted to charge extra to turn on the cable to the black & white TV. They didn’t even have color. They also wanted extra to turn on the telephone. The carpet was worn through to the concrete in the middle of the room. The mattress had a deep hole in the middle. There was a huge hole in the wall near the bed, maybe from a wild time. And to top it off, there was a biker gang having a barbecue party in the parking lot out back. This was on I-85 at Durham, NC. Never again.

    I usually stay at medium to low price motels and try to blend in, shopping bag luggage, etc. We’re just poor country yahoos visiting the big city for the first time.

  18. swinging richard says:

    No point in leaving the light on for me Tom, I believe I’ll stay elsewhere.


    I guess they will be filming in the hotels rooms too.

    So much for getting it on with your wife or mistress.

    or both 🙂

  20. Dirk Williams says:

    I’m confused, how is it Law enforcement can run wants/warrants on citizens without probable cause to believe a crime is , or has been committed. SCOTUS, has clearly stated that criminal histories CAN NOT be ran without a reason. IE a crime committed.


  21. Rellik says:

    I used to design databases. I am an electrical engineer. Thankfully, I never worked for the government or more of their systems would “interconnect” seamlessly. What actually saves us is it takes a lot of effort to interconnect and evaluate all the data that is collected, so we are safe for now. When AI gets going(remember how you hated “set theory” in math, that is what AI is) then we need to worry. Like face recognition in your local Walmart(it is comming soon) unless you disconnect from the “Matrix”, you will be found and they will anally insert the blue pill. Sorry about the pun on cops.

    • Agent Smith says:

      Yes A.I removes man from the top of the food chain and you can see why when people think it’s all BS when we try to warn them.

      Google is the worse and has A.I thats know what time you will get out of bed before you do.

  22. southside says:

    How about listing the States they have an agreement. I’m in Arizona and would like to check into a different hotel/motel

  23. Joe in JT says:

    Do you think this is bad? Imagine how it would be if we turn to a cashless society and everyone is assigned a certain amount of digits. Now imagine your digit account being turned off. Now what.

    • Anonymous says:


      You do whatever they say to get it turned back on or you become an outlaw and probably end up dead for it.

    • GrandpaSpeaks says:

      How much did you say you had? I see your name on several lists here, we have no record of your money, blame the EMP. It wouldn’t surprise me if some gold hoards get accidentally irradiated. “They must have docked in Japan”.
      The SDR by default and Joe can feel its embrace. Around his neck. Good call Joe. Call it accidental transparency.

  24. Agent Smith says:

    What you have today in the USA is worse than anything Hitler could had dreamed up.

    Google Gmail all gets read but most americans are too darn stupid to move to another provider so they bring this on themselves and put others at risk who send them emails.

    • apache54 says:

      agent smith
      YUP, our once great country is NOT such a great place anymore, the saddest part about the whole thing is that WE the people (not all of us did) just sat on the couch and watched the brainwashing tube until we said NO they would not do such a thing you must be nuts to think that! NOW it is probably to late to undo what they have done unless we go into civil unrest for a LONG time until enough time has passed to undo the brainwashing!

      • slingshot says:


        Civil Unrest is the only way to clear the bullshit from the country. Too many laws that makes it possible to ruin our standard of living and take away our Freedom..
        It appears the country is out of control because of all the government lies, immoral compass, greed, laziness combined with disrespect, no responsibility, arrogance and I’m Not Going To Do That attitude.
        These kind of people need to twist in the wind where their asses are such in a bind, they rethink life and their actions.

        In the long run there are many good people and preppers and after this is all over I WILL NOT judge them for what they have done.

        Those that Rape, Murder, Steal, and Pillage deserve what they get. On the Spot Justice.

        Oh and we will not forget those who brought us into this mess either.

  25. Joe in JT says:

    When I check into a Motel 6 I use the name Barry Obama and my drooling retarded wives name is Moochelle. By the time the motel clerk stops laughing I’m sleeping in our car.

  26. B-17 says:

    Changing the subject.
    Today marks the ending of WW2 in Europe.
    To those alive and have past on.

    I was in D.C. to pay respects to those who are still alive who stormed the beaches of NORMANDY last year.

    Many of the VETS that were there expressed there anger, and appointment on how there COUNTRY has gone to SHIT.

  27. Copperhead says:

    They all do it every motel no matter who it is. Shit they are all run by HOOGIE’S, Gov’ment will bring their families here for free. America the melting pot of the world, has been turned into the slop jar (thunder mug) by the side of the bed!!

  28. Johnny Boy says:

    Let’s send a message:

  29. Ass hat says:

    When I travel with the wife and kids by car I always careful where I stay I’d rather pay more$ for a nicer hotel I feel there is less criminals there as they just want a place to base their crime out of. Last time staying in Kissimmee on the 192 strip at a ramada my wife was at the pool with the kids I was in the room sleeping cause I wasn’t feeling good. Some strange guy was trying to talk to my wife and daughter she said she got creeped out by him and decided to come back to the room. I said stay in here we are leaving in the morning. I’m telling you hotels are shady places don’t try to save a buck here get the most expensive hotel. When I go to florida I just stay at a disney hotel they are better than anything else around there. Ya $200 a night is more than you should have to pay for a room. The rooms are like new and family’s stay there not drug dealers and pimps. Traveling is expensive so don’t do it if you can’t afford it. I spend $3000 min every vacation between planes renting cars fuel food entertainment. It not cheap or for poor people.

  30. TEST says:

    Well, ok to share my info, as long as they don’t get in the SHOWER with me.

    WAIT! What’s the tiny camera doing embedded there in the showerhead????

  31. TEST says:

    EXACTLY why I never use gmail, run by that DESPICABLE leftist Eric Schmidt. Try using unseen.is, out of Iceland. Great service, Iceland has great privacy laws.

  32. Woogie says:

    Like flying, I quit using motels and hotels many years ago. Its the invasion of privacy I hate and I saved thousands of $$ camping or sleeping in my truck instead.

  33. aljamo says:

    Motel 6 is just garbage for the lower monied riffraff. Yeah I’ve stayed there before back decades, so I fit that description then. It was filthy and teeming with various lowlifes. I have read about people pissing in the ice machines in these low cost hovels. Only they are not low cost anymore, every business is in on the gouging bandwagon that has become predatory capitalism run amok. No thanks, one might catch an incurable disease in those dives.

  34. confederate says:

    This “Minority Report” crap has to cease.

  35. Angry Old White Guy says:

    I only rent hotel rooms by the hour, so I’ll be gone by the time the police get there.

  36. Mountain says:

    This is what a camper is for. Unless the camp grounds are reporting too.

  37. The Prophet says:

    Bored late shift police are running license plates in motel parking lots all the time. In my town, they’re just starting to run plates in late night taverns and having good luck with it. I was driving on a busy local street the other day and spotted a car with 2 license plate readers mounted on the rear fenders. Repo company. Their scans go into a computer accessible by police. My local police and repo companies are scanning the big mall parking lots every day. Sky net.

  38. Here’s to seeing their spouse’s name show up on the list.

  39. The Prophet says:

    Ian, good one.

  40. The Prophet says:

    We are actually under much worse surveillance here in the US today, than the poor East Germans were under the communist Stasi. Read that again and let it sink in. Land of the free and home of the brave? I think not.

  41. Hout/Cypress/Katy/shtf says:

    I just heard some really bad info bewteen yesterday and today. We are going to get attacked by the jade Helm soldiers and foreign elements, and other mercenaries. I listen the Hawk yesterday, and Greg Everson is saying exaclty what i am hearing.. Listen to the new Hawk.


    I saw it coming. Its finally here. I am not going to any camps. I die here right in my city. You soldiers can dump my carcas in to a mass grave.

    You f….ks think that you can take me to kneel in front of a guilotine, or stand and wait on 50 rounds of .50 cal ripping into me at your camps, while your soldiers are runing around into our neighbourhoods, killing adjucting, raping women, etc. You think that the Ameircan White man is going to put up with this crap.

    You chinese, nato, and other countries, think that some general jackazz can talk to you in your army and tell you about the American terrain. You sons of bitches have no earthly idea what you are stiring up. You dont know who you are screwing with.

    Go ahead, test the white mans resolve. You tested our cops in Dallas and got you azz shot. Good job and thumbs up to the Dallas cop. Our citizens are going to skin you jihadist bastards, chi-comp, Un, bastards alive and our cops will light your azzes up.

    Go ahead cabalist bastards, try to Master us in the Human domain. Lets see you try it. It now obvious that the American white man, is the new Indian.

    The American white man is the new indian, this is how i look at it.

    We are like Indians that were wiped out by the euro british forces that took over our government in the late 1800’s. you are the sons of bithes who killed out the American indians. We are a different kind of indian.

    Welcome to Texas., There is a saying, Dont mess with Texas.



  42. RU Ready says:

    The Hilton hotel chain started asking for the names of the other people in the room when you make a reservation on-line. Disney has been doing so for many, many years.

  43. D. Bertrand says:

    The problem THEY have with millions of Americans is the simple fact, before social media and social networking, the main activists were easily targeted and the freedom/civil rights movement was easily located and infiltrated. Today, the movement is basically leaderless and reproduces at an astonishing rate everyday as more people get the message of truth. AND…that is the target, the “needle in the haystack” is NOT really there, but is everywhere. Now it’s going to require an army to be raised for this techno-resurrection as Lincoln did when he raised 75,000 volunteers to invade the south. WE ARE THERE AGAIN !! (See Jade Helm 15)