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    Invaded and Overrun: Is Putin “Weaponizing Refugees To Break Europe”?

    Tyler Durden
    March 4th, 2016
    Zero Hedge
    Comments (97)
    Read by 7,615 people


    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: The result of decades of imperial wars in the Middle East is causing spectacular blowback in Europe, who have been recently overwhelmed by the refugee migrants (and others who came with them) flooding out of Syria and the wider region. The clash of culture, the reports of rapes, assault and a disrespect for the native European cultures all amount to a crumbling sense of a Europe that is coming apart at the seams.

    Is the instability of Europe and NATO exactly what Putin has been betting on, or is it part of the larger plan to globalize us all into one world, like it or not?

    NATO Accuses Russia Of “Weaponizing Refugees” To “Break Europe”

    by Tyler Durden

    “Do not come to Europe. “Do not believe the smugglers. Do not risk your lives and your money. It is all for nothing.”

    That’s from Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, and as you can see, one Eurocrat after the other is now set to go full Viktor Orban in an effort to prove, once and for all that Berlin’s grand effort to construct Angela Merkel’s Multicultural utopia has failed. Miserably.

    In some areas, ashes of the bloc’s once beloved Schengen lay littered with the bodies of the cold, the hungry, and in far too many cases, the dead. That’s thanks in part to the bloc’s miserably uncoordinated effort to craft a coherent response to the region’s most horrific refugee crisis World War III. With each country along the route seeking to protect its own interests, values, and most importantly, borders, migrants are pushed and pulled in all directions with no place go.

    “Tusk’s comments came as a top U.N. official also warned Thursday that as many as 70,000 people could be “trapped” in Greece in the coming weeks because Macedonia and other European countries are shutting their borders, transforming Greece into a holding pen for migrants desperate to leave, The Washington Post notes.

    The Maceonia -Turkey border

    Essentially Tusk – and just about everyone else for that matter – is now pointing the finger at Athens and Ankara to decide how to manage a reduction in refugee numbers besieging Europe’s external border (maybe they could build a wall and make Syria pay for it).

    Meanwhile, Gen Philip Breedlove, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe and the head of the US European Command, is out accusing the Moscow of attempting to bring the bloc to its knees by “weaponizing migration.”

    “President Putin and Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad had ‘weaponised’ migration through a campaign of bombardment against civilian centers.” he said. Presumably, the civilians then flee into Europe, making the situation that much worse than it already was.

    Of course President Obama can say the exact same for his “highly” successful adventures in the Mid-East.

    For those who missed it, here’s the scene at what has become of the the chokepoints:

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    Author: Tyler Durden
    Views: Read by 7,615 people
    Date: March 4th, 2016

    Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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    1. eppe says:

      Could this become the USA soon???

      • Philosopher says:

        Yes. Happening now.

      • Billy Hill says:

        I don’t think enough Americans have the nads to prevent it, eppe. Sure was a good run though, wasn’t it?

        On another note, guess what I just found at


        A bulletin from 1965 describing the weather modification programs they were performing in California in 1963 and 1964.

        Contrails indeed! Chemtrails more likely!

      • Acid Etch says:

        Tip: you should always use merino wool as a baselayer because it is much less clammy than polyester. Patagonia Air is a great product line.

        You should always run with barefoot running shoes. Merrell makes a great line.

        You body is one of the most important preps. Fat people can’t be preppers.

        There will be no doctor. And if there is, he wont have any equipment.

        • brendan says:

          im fat due to a medicine i took i gained 100 pounds,i was also an army ranger with the 75th when i was a mere 17 years old,at 21 i became a green beret,i have 6 years combat experance and will go up agenst you any day acid etch

        • laeagle says:


          You make some excellent points. Look up ‘obesity paradox’. Very interesting studies on the subject of obesity. It turns out overweight people fare much better than their much skinnier cohorts in dealing with many chronic diseases. I wouldn’t get too snobbish about being really thin. Some food for thought. Being fit is of course the goal but many top athletes suffer from chronic injuries requiring unending medical attention. Your genes are probably the most important factor. Risky behavior always puts you at risk for debilitating consequences. Be safe, eat healthy, opsec at all times, don’t let your guard down. Seek God’s blessings.

          • laeagle says:


            We need to choose our friends wisely, for we become the company we keep. Choose wisely what you eat, for we become what we eat. Choose wisely what you read and listen to, for your thoughts will guided to conform accordingly. What goes around comes around. Do unto others ehat you would have them do unto you.

            I personally think that as important as those things are that are listed above, the most important thing is our attitude, that inner strength, exprience, and knowledge that gives us confidence in the face of adversity and helps us to become overcomers.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • laeagle says:

              Correction:Choose wisely what you read and listen to, for your thoughts will BE guided/directed to conform accordingly (to what you are feeding your mind, your soul). You become what you eat!

              Louisiana Eagle

      • Acid Etch says:

        Teach your boys to look people straight in the eye and not to be afraid to touch women on the arms and shoulders.

      • Acid Etch says:

        Have you ever wanted to check out of society?

        Awesome dude fucking did it! Sailed for 20 years on a 40 ft. boat. Died at sea and the salt air mummified him. What a fucking awesome way to die!

        Manfred Fritz Bajorat, may your soul fly true. You lived the dream for many of us who were always with you in spirit.

      • charlie2dogs says:

        where the hell have you been, forced immigration has been used for over 50 years in this country, or do you believe the little piddling numbers that are put out by the news media about how many illegals from all over the world, muslims, refugees that have been brought here? the same thing is happening here except it hasnt grown to that level yet, the crime is here, the diseases are here, the drug and crime gangs are here, and americans are nothing more than walking dead, counting on a stupid vote that never counted for anything to solve their problems, americans dont deserve a country, let the illegals, refugees and islam have it.

        • PO'd Patriot says:

          I agree with 95% of what you wrote, but I ain’t ready to turn it all over to the mongrel hoard just yet. Also included are the “dying with the stars” and “Honey poo poo” crowd.

    2. apache54 says:

      If the people here in the US don’t get their act together and get our govies reined into OUR control!! you can expect to see those refugees here soon and we will be even more toast!

      • Caucasian says:

        If I ever see a line of the savages walking down the damn road like I’ve seen them do in Europe I’m going to just start shooting them. I bet we do have enough ammo to kill them all.

        • Acid Etch says:

          A viral video came out months ago.

          A Hungarian trucker was attacked by the savages. He fought them off and was subsequently fired.

          Put the children of the shipping company’s CEO in the trucks.

          I’m fucking sick of this shit.

        • didndonuffin says:

          I’ve seen pictures of “refugees” holding signs in English “Open or Die”. They break down gates and throw rocks trying to force people to let them into their country. Kind of like saying “Give me one of your bedrooms, feed me, and let me rape your daughter or I will break in and kill you”. And the Europeans are the savages?

    3. Philosopher says:

      Stop the free money to the gimmigrants and they will stop showing up. When you feed stray cats and dogs it is only a matter of time until your property is infested and you have to start shooting them. Or just wait until you run out of money for free food and watch them starve or leave to find another food source.

      • Nels says:

        Exactly! But here in the good ol USA you are not required to show proof for eligibility for food stamps! Its specifically overt, in almost every language! So there is no fear in applying for food stamps! Also, a single person gets about 190 a month, add kids let’s say 3, probably 600 a month!

      • Acid Etch says:

        That’s right, Phil. When you subsidize something you get more of it.

        Just like every year, $100 billion is stolen from taxpayers and given to single moms on welfare.

        Stop paying those useless cunts and the divorce rate will go back down.

        Stop subsidizing college and tuition will go back down.

        Stop subsidizing healthcare and the costs will go back down.

        Stop giving out community development block grants and black undertow will slow down. City managers will be forced to take better care of the city and crackdown on crime.

    4. geez says:

      when they left turkey it was soros advertising. Now it’s russia?

      • smokey says:

        It’s nonsense. Russia was controlled by Tartars and Mongols for a couple of hundred years. They have no interest in getting hostile muslim states, with weapons technology and modern arms, on their western frontier, they got out of the Islamic southern SSRs for good reason, they’re uncontrollable.

        • nexusxyz says:

          Good comment…this new lying narrative is to try and blame someone (the Russians) for the failed US and European policies that have created the crisis and the blowback in terms of the invasion of Europe.

        • Justice says:

          Smokey I agree this mass invasion is part of the larger plan to globalize us all into one world, like it or not?

          • smokey says:

            Sure seems like it, doesn’t it?

            They can’t be so corrupt to just want ‘cheap labor’, uneducated and poorly skilled Third World peasants are pretty useless to a First World high-technology society, except for manual labor.

            It’s about votes. Once they get the vote, it’s over.

            The Democrats would lose about a dozen seats in the House if illegals weren’t counted for representation.

    5. Mike in VA says:

      Maybe we should also build a huge wall around D.C. We will turn it into a holding pen.

    6. Anonymous says:

      Blaming Europe’s “migrant” problem on Putin?

      Nonsense, it’s their own fault.

      Time they face up to it and start doing something to correct it for themselves.

    7. Surveyor59 says:

      Disinfo article. Merkel and the other leaders want them
      or are being forced to accept them

    8. If any of this propaganda were true then why has Angela Merkel been forcing immigrant quotas on European countries, threatening Austria about shutting its borders, ISI publicly stating they were going to “flood Europe with immigrants”, and ordering a cover up of the rape epidemic caused by these migrants for more than 2 years? Only now, when the narrative for war needs a villain does the concept of Putin weaponizing them come into the story. Sounds more like a feeble attempt to hide that she is the one behind the fall of Europe to the Muslim hoards she invited.

    9. anomouse says:

      The rapefuges arent from Putin they are from turkey and NATO cant belive ya posted an artical that is this lame…

    10. John_Allen says:

      This article is poppycock.

      But for an unfortunate interlude from 1917 to 1991, Russia has been Eastern Orthodox Christian for a thousand years. As are many European Russians. As is Putin.

      In the Seventh Century, Islam boiling out of Medina overran then-Christian Syria. There might be a few Christian Syrians among those refugees. Inconvenient fact: four-fifths of the “Syrian” refugees aren’t Syrian.

      The “refugees” are a threat to European Western Civilization. The Sira, Muhammad’s biography, details his expulsion from Mecca and EMIGRATION to Media. Where he invented Jihad and Islam took off as a geopolitical power.

      It isn’t about the “Kafir lifestyle” or even socialist europe’s welfare largesse. They are going there to conquer. The influx itself combined with the fecundity of Muslim wombs equals defeat for Western civilization.

      What is bat shit crazy is to suppose Orthodox Christian Putin would make common cause
      with emigrating Muslims, or they with him. Russia’s biggest security problem is with Islamic former Soviet Republics on its border. To them, he is just another Kafir, which has a much more derogatory connotation than simply “non-Muslim.”

      If Putin had any intention of “invading Europe” he has enough of a military to do it the old fashioned way.

      The article is more neocon bullshit written by someone who knows as little of political Islam as he does of Russian History.

      But it will have Russophobes as uninformed as he is in a lather.


      Ibn Warraq, Scots scholar, graduate degrees in both Arabic and Farsi, converted to and out of Islam, his site.

      Raymond Ibrahim, born Egyptian Coptic Christian (Egypt was Coptic Christian before Islam conquered it). Graduate degree in Islamic History. Bi-lingual Arabic, English. His site. Middle East Media Research Institute. Translates 100
      Arabic and Farsi television broadcasts every day. Close captioned in English.

      If you have any doubt what Islam intends, you get over it fast listening to Muslims speaking to other Muslims on media based in Muslim nations.

    11. Kevin2 says:

      TPTB through the US fund and arm the terrorists that attack Syria. Putin protects Syria. People flee to Europe and are let in and its spun as Russia’s fault.

      Simple solution, stop supporting and using Islamic Fanatics to overthrow stable governments that are not following the globalist business model.

    12. Jim in Va. says:

      Better buck up folks before prayer rugs become mandatory. Its coming across our southern border(Cubans,Mexicans,all other south of the border countries and terrorists.) Quit promising free stuff and they’ll go home. Close the border so we can vette who is coming in and give jobs to American citizens first.

    13. rellik says:

      I somehow find it hard to believe that the Russians want lots of Moslem’s on their borders. They can barely deal with the ones they are presently “stuck” with, in places like Chechnya. I agree de-stabilizing NATO is something they want, but NATO is so weak now they don’t constitute a very big threat and aren’t likely to be a threat in the near future.
      As far as America is concerned, I don’t think radical Moslem’s will do very well here, Our cops here kill you if you look the least bit of a threat. Just ask the ladies delivering news papers(they got lucky). Our cops kill barking dogs if the dog irritates them.
      Most cops in Europe don’t have guns, so the women get raped. and the cops can’t interfere when they are outnumbered.

      • Kulafarmer says:

        Can you picture a bunch of these rug prayers trying to make trouble in Keaukaha? Kona? I grew up over there, i know the locals, i know some of the worst of them and know they have gotten meaner and higher and care even less than they did years ago, the rag heads will grab the wrong guys girl and it will turn into a war like not seen since the days of Kamehameha 1. Ige thinks he can just welcome anybody into the state, he and the rest of these arsehole polititians dont realize just how wrong they are. Can you picture these muzzies in Waianae,,,

        • rellik says:

          I hear you. I’m Hamakua side, but I’m tolerated. I also know what happens to people that aren’t Ohana and shit in the crib. We are also Hanai Uncle and Auntie of sorts, so if we need help we will find it, someone asks for help , we give it.

          • Philosopher says:

            Great post. When SHTF people go tribal. Who counts? People you are related to or are from the area. Outsiders are shunned. I am looking to move back to Maine. I know how tough they are on outsiders. But I have people buried in the ground there. When it comes time to pick sides people with family and people with skills will be picked. Everyone else will be cast off.

          • Acid Etch says:

            Why don’t you just cede the fucking islands to Japan?

            They run the government and those fucking chinks are just as racist as I am.


            Cant make money selling pineapples now anyway.

    14. Slingshot says:

      The space rock will solve our problems.

    15. MidWesterner says:

      “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”

      James Warburg, 1950, Before the Subcommittee on Revision of the United Nations Charter

    16. Emmy C says:

      I bet this is a similar plan of the DC federal shadow government plans to arm illegal aliens and what they are calling syrian refugees.

      Think about it, the barry and the DC IA cabal is transplanting the middle east battlefield here on to US soil by attempting to bring gitmo detainees of whom are typically the commanders and the enemy combatants they are calling refugees.

      The DC federal cabal want and need the chaos and mayhem so they can attempt to steal more rights, private property, and try to further lock us down and pretend to save the day. Think about jade helm 15 and the movement of weaponry into position all over the USA.

      They gettin ready fo summtin on US soil.

    17. Cellar Spider says:

      “NATO SAYS”……

      Anything that organization says is an outright lie. It’s on it’s last legs. We the people don’t want to fund it anymore.

      They’ll say anything to stir up the fear porn to secure funding.

      Once NATO is gone, good ole Europe will start having to buy guns and fund a military….Bye bye cushy socialistic, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM work day lifestyles. Bye bye health care for all.

    18. Nels says:

      It’s more like the USA has weapon sized these refugees, since weapons from Lybia went there to overthrow Assad, just ask Hillary where the weapons cache went! Oh, that doesn’t matter, or that the government is supporting AlQueda, an enemy. So by supporting them, our leaders are abetting the enemy: sounds a bit like treason.

    19. smokey says:

      Putin doesn’t have to do a damn thing, Merkel, Tusk, and the rest of the EU leaders seem to be perfectly happy with inviting this invasion.

      This is what the left does, destroy what they control.

    20. Rockmanr says:

      I have read rt is Soros who is behind all this con6uciveness Saudi Arab5ia has set up tent villages to house 3,000,000 people but they are empty. they did not do this because they like tents. the whole invasion thing is being run by Soros. A Jew setting moslems on Christians A hummm moment to think about that. Soros stated that not helping the Saracens would not be European values. A few weeks later Obama said not helping would not be American values. A connection exists in view of the similar wording of the pitch to the public So far the US is only taking on a small number of Saracens that they tell us about. In Austria Saracens chase young girls in malls like wolves after deer in large packs of men One arrest Shariah police beat Austrians in6 the street with no arrests to intimidate the Austrians It will come here if we let it. Your women6 will be chased and raped. When you object you will be severely b5eaten and then the govt will arrest you for hate crimes as in Britain6 America must become one people united and stron6, One nation not a mix of hyphenated people (file in the blank)/-American And America must face the world with one will, the will to stren6th and victory over the new world order mafia

    21. nexusxyz says:

      The mental midgets that write these dumb articles are taking us for morons. Given many of the comments here we are not.

    22. Frank Thoughts says:

      Russians do not like Muslims and so I do not believe they want to turn Europe into a Sharia-compliant s-hole on their borders. The only thing I can see that this may be is a temporary destabilization exercise in order to tie up European governments so that Russia can, when the moment is right, move in and grab back parts of Europe it wants (the Baltics, Nordics, Germany). I think many Europeans would cheer them on too, rather having white Russians running the show than being in some Islamic hell-hole.

      • OUT, OUT, OUT. says:

        Well said Frankie, would rather have Russia as part of the EU than the stinking Turks.

        Go home you filthy Muslim beggars, you’re not welcome.

        • Frank Thoughts says:

          I have long dreamed of Russia joining the EU. They are the natural allies of Europe. The Muslims?, no. The Muslims, at a minimum, want a free lunch; at the maximum, they want a Caliphate in Europe.

          Russian culture is amazing (Chekhov, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, etc.). The vodka is sublime and the food, when well prepared, amazing. And the women, oh, the women: the best you can find in the world. They are smart, they can fight, and they are white: what’s not to like?

        • Anonymous says:

          OUT, OUT etc., The Turks are not in the European Union. If brains were coin you’d get 99 cents change from a dollar.

    23. Source: Eurostat says:

      EU figures reveal number of people claiming asylum in Europe doubled in 2015 to 1.25 MILLION.

      Some of the countries where they’re from…

      Afghanistan 178,230.
      Albania 65,935.
      Eritrea 33,095.
      Iran 25,360.
      Iraq 121,535.
      Kosovo 66,885.
      Nigeria 29,915.
      Pakistan 46,400.
      Syria 362,775.
      OTHER 325,510.

      The Top Ten European Destinations

      2015 2014 increase

      Austria 85,505. 25,695. 233%
      Belgium 38,990. 14,045. 178%
      Finland 32,150. 3,490. 822%
      France 70,570. 58,845. 20%
      Germany 441,800. 172,945. 155%
      Hungary 174,435. 41,215. 323%
      Italy 83,245. 63,655. 31%
      Netherlands 43,035. 21,780. 98%
      Sweden 156,110. 74,980. 108%
      UK 38,370. 32,120. 19%

      total: 225,640. 562,680. 123%

      All sorts of shenanigans are being employed by TPTB in an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of concerned indigenous peoples who are becoming more and more vocal in their disapproval of this invasion.

    24. JIMMY JAM says:

      In the meantime Iraq is BROKE, all those lives that we wasted there in my opinion was for nothing.


      THANKS TO US ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

      But you know skippy that the ELITES there have there money while the rest of the populations are in EUROPE as refugees BREAKING the ECONOMIES THERE.


      WE THE U.S. IS BANKRUPT OR CLOSE TO IT ???????????????????

      There is no end to all this terrorism shit ??????????

      I am horrified but not surprised if this escalates 🙁

      Everyone is jockeying for position CHINA, RUSSIA, ISLAM ??????????

      THINK WAR IS COMING, OR IS HERE NOW ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      So just keep running your political mouths you CORRUPT POLITICIANS while you HEAD TO YOUR ELITE BUNKERS.

      Let the toilet flush………….


      JESUS 911 I hope I do not get a recording.

      GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY……………………..

    25. Bevin says:

      Russia “weaponizing migration”?

      The Islamization of Western Europe is a self-inflicted wound.

      Want to ID the culprit responsible?

      Uncle Sammy, NATO, and the EU.

    26. charlie2dogs says:

      none of you here on this board is going to do jack shit about anything, you need to stop flapping your gums.

    27. Enemy of the State says:

      All I know is , I’m a small cog in all of this
      So .. When the war comes to my people and my door
      I will fight to the last drop of their blood or die trying

    28. Seminole Wind says:

      As usual the “Putin Poodles/NeoCommies” i.e. Russian trolls are jumping to Mad Vlad’s defense.

      Vlad and Donald sitting in a tree

    29. Billy the Truth says:

      Russia fought Muslim invaders for hundreds of years. They know what Muslims are, all they accomplished was mass murder, rape, destruction, all in the name of their religion. Like today they have absolutely nothing constructive to offer. They will not integrate, and are not peaceful. When they are in an area with sufficient numbers their only goal is to destroy the local customs, traditions, religion and gene pool by any means. Our officials say that Russia is weaponizing migration, how utterly silly, it the TPTB in the West that has brought chaos and turmoil in the Arab countries and it’s accompanying results.
      I’ve been to Russia, all over the country and in many cities. I have met many people including business people, a few retired military officers, and local important people, but mostly everyday people. They all knew I was an Amer. but treated me genuinely kindly and hospitable. None of them had any animosity towards America, and wanted only a good life for themselves (they are even allowing Amer. Christian missionaries to come in their country).
      We Amer.’s are being lied to by our own officials. When the political leaders have sinister plans, wherever distraction is needed a bogeyman must be found, a scapegoat must be fabricated to place blame on. It’s an old technique. Everyone writing posts on this site knows we are going down the toilet.
      My wife has friends and relatives living in Germany. The Amer. Public is not allowed to know what is actually happening there. They are being overran, vast hordes of new “refugees” arrive by the countless thousands everyday. They have openly stated they will not abide by the laws, nor to work or to integrate; only to take and destroy. They have even said because they are Muslim they can do whatever they want without consequence. None of this is being reported in the news. The average Germ. hates what is happening. Go there and see for yourself. And it’s coming here.
      A main reason third world people are being facilitated to flood Amer. Is to change the demographics. Most have no culture or history of individual freedoms and liberties. When a large enough section of society consists of those who originate elsewhere those rights and freedoms will be gone-that is the plan.
      TPTB are responsible for a lousy economy (all the reporting of a surging and thriving economy of course is BS but the succesfully propagandized believe the news medias). They don’t want native citizens to marry, or to have children (except outside of marriage), they don’t want us to have the standard of living or to function and live with the liberties our parents had. The family structure and community must collapse, government must be all controlling, all powerful. Many of our own politicians have said we have too many rights, and must be curtailed. The foreigners don’t hate our freedoms and way of life, the vile coordinators of the mess we are in hate hate our freedoms and way of life.

    30. Wishmaster Demon Reaper says:

      I summon the real Wishmaster to deliver gifts in return for all your great works (WORLDS WORKS). Cannot wait.
      Fuck them all I wish the world for the dead. Aliens and Gods make it happen by sending 10 big asteroids targeting planet Earth and that it won’t even hurt if you destroy the Sun too.

      Go to war against Russia!!!

    31. Wishmaster Demon Reaper says:

      Go fight Russia now!!

    32. desertspeaks says:

      what a load of crap, the Russians were in Syria 5 mths.. the US/NATO has been fomenting this shit for 5 years!


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